The Shark Infinity Vacuum Review: A Vacuum to be Envied

The Infinity - Pet Care System

From the second I took it out the box I was impressed. I have never seen a vacuum with such attention to style! The New Shark Infinity Vacuum has just created the perfect blend between household cleaning appliances and stylish home decor.

One look at the sparkling scarlet appliance and I felt as though I should place it in the corner of my living room for decoration as oppose to actually using it to clean my house. This baby is beautiful. Its state-of-the-art cyclone system looks like a manufactured beehive and its body sports a ruby paint job that could match that of most corvettes. When it comes to appearance, the Infinity tramples over its competition in the cleaning appliance world.

However, many of us have had to find out the hard way that appearance does not make an appliance practical. So it's good to know that the Shark Infinity is actually a damn good vacuum as well.  This special tailored vacuum may be upgraded to the 'Pet Care System', which includes numerous attachments to simplify the cleaning process for pet owners. With a telescopic tube to provide enhanced reach and mobility and several specialized brush accessories to uplift and remove pet hair from any carpeted, cloth or bare surface, this vacuum totally reduces the downside of having pets- fur!

The Infinity does more than just removing fur from the floor. In my experience with The Infinity it seems to solve most if not all of your vacuuming needs.  With a revolutionary 24 cyclones per appliance, The Shark boasts that it has created a vacuum that will never loose suction Never again will you have to retire an old vacuum because it has simply out-lived its prime. The Infinity's high-tech, no clog, micro-cyclonic chamber is said to keep its intensely powerful suction for life (of course, I haven't quite had the vacuum long enough to test this theory).

The Infinity - Upright System

The power of this vacuum truly does out-perform any vacuum I have tried. You can feel the suction power vibrate your arm from the moment you turn it on and it clings to the underlying carpet. The suck is so powerful that on some of the attachments it lifted dirt and trash off the carpet from several inches away. This is not your grandma's vacuum; suction this powerful should almost be restricted to professional use. No need for the customary 2nd or 3rd cleaning with The Infinity, in just one trial all that dirt, pet hair, grime, and whatever else your old vacuums left behind, is no longer in sight.

The state-of-the-art True HEPA filter also keeps your vacuum pumping out clean air at all times. The filter is washable and has a lifetime life expectancy. Although, I thought it was a nice touch to provide a spare filter anyhow, just in case you need to clean something while your original filter is in the wash. There are no bags to deal with; the 5 height adjustments makes it perfect for cleaning any level flooring, and  bright headlights provides extra visibility when cleaning under beds or in dark closeted areas.

At a suggested retail price of $249.99 for the specialized Pet Care System and $199.99 for the standard upright- with an extended 2-year warranty- the Shark Infinity certainly knocks its competition out of the park. It is totally stylish, relatively compact and packs a hell of a suck! The Shark Infinity is easily the Rolls Royce of vacuums. For more information or to purchase this product, you may visit their website at

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