The Magic Bullet Review -- A Time-Saver and Lifesaver

The Magic Bullet may not actually be magic, but it works almost as miraculously. Equipped with a strong motor for blending, juicing, chopping, pureeing, grinding, mixing and all other food processing jobs, the Magic Bullet set features parts to meet every need. Whether you want to use fruits and vegetables to make sweet, concentrated and nutrient-filled juice or you just need to chop garlic for pasta sauce, you are assured ease and speed.

Using things I found around the kitchen, I juiced carrots and apples and ended up with a small amount of rich orange, sweet-smelling juice. The Magic Bullet worked quickly as I introduced the fruit to the Extractor and used the Plunger to press it into the blade. Because the Magic Bullet Juice Extractor Kit is designed to catch all pulp and only strain pure juice through the mesh sides, if you plan on using low juice fruits and veggies, you will need a lot. A large carrot and small apple rewarded me with only the tiniest bit of juice, but plenty of pulp and fruit remains that could be blended into a smoothie.

The Magic Bullet is a great tool for mixing protein shakes or morning fruit smoothies. Splash Magazines' Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Davis claims the Magic Bullet has kept him fed and maybe saved his life, due to the ease and speed with which he can make his daily protein shake. He simply pours milk and protein powder into one of the so-called party and screws on the cross blade, one of two included in the set. With the high-torque power base plugged in and ready to blend, it is so easy to press the blade end of the cup into the base and within a few seconds have a ready-to-drink shake.

With a strong warning not to run the motor for more than one minute, the promise of 10-second meals is sweet and seemingly valid. From 'Seven-Second Salsa' to 'It's Ready Already Alfredo' to 'Millisecond Muffins,' the accompanying cookbook provides the perfect, easy, Bullet-tested recipes for every occasion. Margaritas and smoothies are standby favorites, and several variations are included amongst other delicious frozen cocktails and various summer refreshments.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you can use to create a smoothie, shake, soup or party dip. Unlike many weak blenders that cannot chop ice sufficiently, the Magic Bullet tears it up in seconds a feature that helps to create even better frozen drinks. A great party tool, you can blend individual, customized drink portions quickly, and with the different colored cup rings, remember which cup is yours.

Since this kit does the job of blender, food processor, knife and cutting board, juicer and hand mixer, it is very easy to imagine a less-cluttered kitchen featuring the Magic Bullet only. The cups provided are also microwave-safe, so they can be essentially cooked in, and the added lids can keep creations fresh and ready to be heated for later meals. Another nice feature is the ability to make single serving concoctions, due to the small cups, leaving you without a huge amount of leftovers or waste. The power base is also capable of grinding coffee beans and spices, as well as frozen meats and fruits. The pieces are all dishwasher-safe and easy to clean by hand.

Great for saving time, or simply to make cooking easier, the Magic Bullet is ideal for anyone looking for a new and inexpensive kitchen system. The 21-piece set comes with a cookbook full of specific and quick recipes that can be made just using the Magic Bullet and that can be easily adapted and used as a guide to creating new meals and drinks. The Magic Bullet is distributed by Homeland Housewares, sold online at for $99.99 and includes a one-year warranty on all parts.

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