The Hoover Z Review - The Newest Thing In Clean

The Hoover Z bagless upright vacuum is the world's first sports utility vacuum designed to seamlessly conquer any surface.  The Hoover Z bagless upright is a first-of-its-kind cleaner that comes fully loaded.

The Z comes in white or blue/grey

I have tried many vacuums over the years and with pets and small children it has been difficult to find one that can handle it all.  That is until now.  This vacuum has proven to easily handle everything from that hard to get dog hair and tracked in dirt to spilt coffee grinds and crushed chips in the sofa.

Today's homes require a vacuum that can adjust to different carpet levels and transition from hard to delicate surfaces, both on and above the floor.  For several years I had to have 2 vacuums in my house because one was better on hard floors and one better on carpet.  The Hoover Z bagless upright has solved that problem for me so now I only need to use one unit for my whole house.  The Hoover Z truly provides a satisfying cleaning experience.

Folded / canister position

Although the unit is quite large and heavy, it's mobility seems to negate the downside to the size.  The only time it becomes an issue is when you need to move it from one level of the house to another and need to pick up the whole unit. 

'This new addition answers the call of consumers looking for seamless
cleaning without interruption," said Dave Baker, vice president and general manager, Hoover.  "The Hoover Z bagless upright allows users to move from cleaning hard floors to carpet, and then vacuum draperies and extend to the top of a flight of stairs, all without the need to switch to different vacuums or stop the cleaning process.  The Hoover Z bagless upright makes cleaning easy as it does most of the bending, stooping, stretching and twisting for you.'

Upright position

Features of the new vacuum include a DigiTouch(TM) control pad allowing for an automatic adjustment between surfaces and settings without the need to bend over the vacuum, and a self-cleaning HEPA filter that automatically cleans itself every six seconds and never needs replacing.  Its super-stretch hose extends 20 feet for convenient above the floor cleaning of curtains, drapes, molding and tops of stairs.  The collapsible Z-Fold design offers the performance and convenience of an upright with the flexibility and stability of a canister vacuum.

This new, flagship product of the Hoover line of high-performance cleaning appliances is available for ($499)  and is available nationwide at Sears or through the Hoover Web Site.

Stairs are a sinch

Hoover Z 700 comes standard with the following features:

Patent-Pending Self-Cleaning HEPA Filter: The self-cleaning HEPA
filter cleans itself every six seconds, which helps maintain a high level of cleaning and eliminates the need for users to ever have t touch or replace the filter.*

Patent-Pending Z-Fold(TM) Design: The design combines the performance and convenience of an upright with the flexibility and stability of a canister.

DigiTouch(TM) Control Pad: Fingertip controls allow seamless adjustment between height and surface settings such as hard floor surfaces, plush carpet and delicate surfaces without the need for bending over or stopping the vacuum.

Diagnostic Indicators: In the event of a problem, visual alerts indicate where the trouble is on the unit so adjustments can be made easily.

Virtually Maintenance-Free Design: With the virtually maintenance-free
design, you'll never replace belts, bulbs, bags or the main filter.

Extra-Long Power Cord: Ample length power cord (31 feet on Z 400,
35 feet on Z 700) lets you vacuum several rooms without having to
reposition the plug.

Telescoping Quick-Release Wand and Super-Stretch Hose: Telescoping
wand and integrated super-stretch hose releases with one easy touch to allow for above-floor cleaning.  Super-stretch hose extends 20 feet so
you can clean stairs from bottom to top.  The self-retracting hose
swivels 360 degrees at the handle grip and is positioned in the front
so you can go after dirt without kinking the hose or toppling the

Low-Profile Design with 15-inch Nozzle: Low-profile hood features a
wide footprint that allows the Hoover Z bagless upright to reach under
low-to-the-ground furniture with ease.  Unique motor placement allows
the Hoover Z bagless upright to "lay down" in upright mode to clean
underneath beds so you don't have to rearrange furniture to clean
thoroughly.  Nearly two in three U.S. adults who vacuum (63%) have
some complaint about their current vacuum, most commonly that it does
not clean under low furniture (33%).

Bagless Design: Integrated dirt cup eliminates the need to replace or
change bags after cleaning.

Lifetime LED Headlights: Six LED lights are positioned on the Hoover Z
bagless upright to illuminate under furniture and dark corners in the
home and will never need replacing.

Wand and Brush Attachments: Additional 16-inch wand and 14-inch brush extensions provide additional reach to clean in tight places.

Gentle Brush Setting: Lets you vacuum special surfaces -- like rugs
and draperies -- without stopping or bending down to reset the vacuum.

Pet Hair Cleaning Tool: Attachment features powerful suction and
rotating brushes for the removal of pet hair and dirt from stairs and
upholstery.  Features an antimicrobial coating to prevent the growth
of bacteria and mold on the brush rolls.


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