The DeLonghi BG35 Indoor Grill Will Heat Up Father's Day This Year

If you do not have a backyard with a patio and a barbeque, the De'Longhi Indoor Grill can help! With 6 pieces to assemble and a detailed instruction manual, you can have a whole pack of grilled hot dogs in less than 10 minutes! It was easy to open up the box, assemble the grill, plug it in and get the party started.


The Perfect Father's Day Gift!

Prior to cooking your desired meats, the grill needs a good 10 minutes to pre heat. While waiting, you can browse the instruction manual that includes a grill menu. This menu describes typical grilling times, thermostat positions and meat categories. The tempered glass lid retains moisture for juicier, succulent food. The clear lid is easy to monitor the cooking foods without lifting and letting out moisture. In addition, keeps food warm after preparation. The cool grip handles are great for easy removal and transporting to the sink or countertop.


De'Longhi BG35 Indoor Grill

When grilling, it is best to use only silicon or wood utensils, as metal may ruin the non-stick surface of the grill. Always marinate the meat before grilling, to make it tender and tasty. Even before grilling vegetables, fish or meat on the bone, grease the grill. If they are fatty or marinated meats, the grill does not have to be greased. If grilling fatty meats like beef, pork, sausages or chicken with the skin, it is best to use the lid for reassurance that the inside will be thoroughly cooked.


14" x 10" Cooking Surface

The adjustable thermostat gives options from low to max and includes an 'Aroma Scenter'. This is located underneath and in the middle of the grill to add herbs, spices or even flavored wood chips to infuse foods. Not only is this grill for a bachelor, the 14'' by 10'' cooking surface is big enough to cook for the entire family!

I grilled a pack of hot dogs, horizontally for distinct grilling marks. And for a quick warm up, I placed the hot dog buns side by side with the meat. No one wants cold buns! I realized that this grill could be great for the dorm life. College students will be fleeing from the cafeteria dinner just to have an outdoor experience in their confined living space. It is also great for those that live in apartments that are not equipped with backyards or balconies. The De'Longhi grill can spice up any small dinner party, football or baseball game! Especially with the June gloom, no one needs to grill outside anymore!


Nothing like a Ball Park Frank!

Clean up is easy with its non-stick aluminum grill plate and washed in warm, soapy water after grill has cooled off. A soft sponge would be best and the lid is dishwasher safe. The De'Longhi Indoor Grill comes with a 1 year warranty and can be found in Williams-Sonoma stores starting May 2006. I walked by the store and saw the grill tied with a big red bow and a grilling book to match for the perfect Father's Day gift. I had asked a sales clerk inside if the grill was a popular seller and she said, 'Yes, more people have bought it because of our display.' The suggested retail price: $99.95.

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