Sussman Lifestyle Group turns your bath into a spa with their "MrSteam Butler".

Sussman Lifestyle Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of steam baths, towel warmers, sauna rooms and heaters, is making it easy to bring luxury home by transforming the bath into a spa with its "MrSteam Butler" package and WarmaTowel.  

A Steam Room Package And Towel Warmer

Priced from $2,290, the "MrSteam Butler" package combines all the best features and accessories available from MrSteam, in addition to offering convenience and savings.  The Butler package allows for a more personalized and elegant steambathing experience, with features such as programmable, dual time and temperature controls, aromatherapy and remote activation.  Adding a towel warmer or two completes the transformation, providing the comfort of warm, dry towels after showering. 

"Discriminating homeowners are looking for ways to relax and bring the spa experience home," says Charles Monteverdi, president of Sussman Lifestyle Group.  "In today's home, the bathroom really can be a refuge from the busy world simply by adding a few spa-related amenity upgrades."

Pricing for the package is dependent on the size generator needed.  Each series comes complete with state-of-the-art TEMPO/PLUS? controls that allow bathers to customize their steambathing experience with in-shower time and temperature control; TEMPO/REMOTE?, which controls the functions of TEMPO/PLUS from inside the shower enclosure; TEMPO/EXT? outside-the-shower control, which permits the bather to remotely activate the steambath generator; an AROMASTEAM? steamhead and AUTOFLUSH?, automatic drain system.

After transforming a shower into a dual-purpose steamroom/shower, the next step in creating a home spa is the addition of a towel warmer unit, which provides bathers a fresh, warm towel after each shower or bath. 

Sussman Lifestyle Group's WarmaTowel towel warmer collection features a variety of electric and hydronic heated, wall, floor and pivoting models, available in designer finishes, including polished chrome, polished brass, polished nickel, satin nickel, polished gold, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and pewter.

Each electric heated WarmaTowel operates on 120v household power and offers a stainless steel built-in heater for controlled quiet heat. Hydronic heated models operate on hot water systems, and are plumbed to the home's hot water closed-loop heating system, resulting in quick heat-up and efficient use of space.

 Pricing for the WarmaTowel units starts at $599 for an electric unit and $679 for a hydronic unit. 
All SLG products are backed by a consumer-friendly, limited warranty
that exemplifies the company's total commitment to customer satisfaction,
providing exclusive remedy to the purchasers of MrSteam, MrSauna and
WarmaTowel products.

About Sussman Lifestyle Group 
Sussman Lifestyle Group (SLG), a division of Sussman-Automatic Corporation, manufactures and markets the finest quality steambath generators, sauna rooms
and sauna heaters and towel warmers for residential and commercial use.
The company's innovative products, MrSteam?, MrSauna? and WarmaTowel? help promote an upscale lifestyle for people around the world. SLG products are designed to meet and exceed established industry safety standards and are recognized for their quality and reliability.
For more information on the "MrSteam Butler" package and the complete WarmaTowel line, visit or call 1-800-76-STEAM.



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