Skoy Cloth - A Green Solution

Developed by two visionary stay-at-home mothers, Skoy Cloth turned out as a user and environment friendly product. It received first place in America’s Test Kitchen by Cook's Illustrated in the August 2009 edition. Skoy Cloth combines stylish design with utility and is made of cotton and cellulose which are eco-friendly materials.

M i chelle Lundqvist and Karen Petersen, co-founders of Skoy Enterprises, started up their company in 2007. The idea for the product originated in Europe. Michelle Lundqvist ran into a product similar to Skoy in Europe but failed to find a cloth with the same quality in the United States. Subsequently, Lundqvist and Petersen decided to develop their own high-quality and environment friendly cloth.

Michelle Lundqvist and Karen Petersen, co-founders of Skoy Cloth

The name “Skoy” is derived from the Swedish word Skoj which signifies “just for fun”. The meaning of the name corresponds with the motto of Skoy Enterprises. Both founders are stay-at-home moms and they started up the company as a fun and useful way to spend their free time during school hours.

Lundqvist and Petersen devoted a year to research and develop their product. In order to make Skoy Cloth eco-friendly, the factory solely uses reusable raw materials as well as recycles by-products and implements a production process that handles the use of energy and water in an economical fashion.

Statistics show us that American households use 2.5 million tons of paper towels. Skoy Cloth is fully compostable and one sheet of Skoy lasts longer than 15 rolls of paper towel. The cloths dry quickly to prevent extensive breeding of bacteria and absorps 15 times its own weight.

Skoy Cloth is available in seven colors and can be purchased online as a 4-pack for $5.99 at or at smaller retailers and e-tailers in USA.

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