Melrose Carpet Review - Right On Time Even In A Bind

Finding myself in a bind, I had next to no time left before a tenant was moving into my boss’ cottage, and the carpet needed to be replaced ASAP.  Feeling the pressure, I felt to find a carpet company that would not only give me a good selection, but get it installed in my short time frame and at a bargain was going to be near impossible.  In researching a few other carpet installers, I came across Melrose Carpet located at 7951 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.  I gave them a call and they asked me to come in to discuss my needs and to take a look at the selection to see if the job to be done could be done like, yesterday.

Right on time

Skeptical that anyone would be able to help us beat the clock, my boss and I decided to pay them a visit.  When we arrived, the receptionist welcomed with a warm greeting and a smile asking how she could help.  We told her we had spoken with Isac over the phone and were here to look at the selection of carpet and discuss a time frame for installation.   In no time at all, Isac’s smiling face turned the corner and I thought to myself “He won’t be smiling when he realizes what we need done and how much time we’re working with!”

The home in need of carpet

To my surprise, Isac had already had a few choices selected from our conversation over the phone, and escorted us straight away.  What a time-saver, and totally appropriate for our situation!  Although there was a vast selection to choose, I mean rolls on top of rolls, we were able to look through, and choose something in almost no time at all!  We were able to find a carpet that met the exact criteria we were looking for as far as the texture and color.  It was perfect!  But would Isac be able to come through in a bind and get the carpet installed?

Not an easy job

The answer?  Yes!  After letting him know the tenant was to move in within the next 48-72 hours, Isac promised his men would be at the cottage the next day.  And they were!  Everything was working out.  But then we hit another bump in the road.  We had mistakenly left out the measurements for the closets, and realized we needed another six yards of carpeting.  But the day was already half over!

That was fast

I’ll admit I started to panic, but I got it together, called Melrose Carpet up, and  this time I got a hold of Jun.  To my surprise, he knew exactly who I was.  I explained yet another dilemma I needed their help with.  Paul got in touch with Isac immediately and without hesitation, and knowing we only had less than a day left to work with, Isac had the men out to the cottage again the next day- carpet and all.  I was so grateful that Melrose Carpet came through for us.   They made a difficult job easy, and smiled the whole way through.

So careful

The carpet was installed quickly, and accurately.  There was no mess, no muss no fuss!  What more could you ask for?  And carpet isn’t the only thing Melrose specializes in.  They are a one-stop-shop for your flooring and window covering needs.  Family owned and operated since 1965, Melrose has its’ own warehouse with low and high-end closeouts enabling them to provide their customer with quality carpeting, floor and window coverings services at an affordable price.

Not one detail missed

Melrose Carpet is not your typical carpet supplier.  They install carpet, hardwood, tiles, and linoleum. Not expected from a carpet company.  I’m so glad I stopped by.  The service was really above and beyond what I expected.  Next time I’m in the market for fast reliable service, I know who I’ll be calling!

Half-way there

Visit the Melrose Carpet web site and find out how they can service your needs by clicking here.

Teamwork is key

To go directly to their contact information page, click here.  The Toll Free Number is (800)887-8822.

Everything was kept tidy and clean

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