Last Minute Card Kit - Ensuring You Always Have the Perfect Greeting Card to Give

Remembering someone’s birthday or anniversary is part of your obligation as a good child, relative or friend. Finding the perfect greeting card and sending it when that special day arrives is never easy. The Last Minute Card Kit is the perfect solution to this problem. With six card “kits” to choose from, you will be fully stocked with a variety of funny and hip greeting cards that are suitable for anyone from a grandparent to a college buddy or girlfriend. If you’re a last minute-type person, this box of greeting cards is perfect for you. I found and bought a Last Minute Card Kit after visiting the company’s website which was on the back of a birthday card someone sent me.

Check out the boxes in the back

The Last Minute Card Kit includes a Kit for Him, a Kit for Her, and a Kooky Kit. Each contains 10 greeted, photographic greeting cards with envelopes and comes in a minimal brown recycled cardboard box (shown above). The Kit for Him contains a bunch of funny greeting cards that a guy generally might send. It would be my first choice. My favorite card in this kit is shown below and depicts a monkey sitting at a lavishly set dinner table holding up a goblet of wine. The greeting inside reads, “Happy Birthday to someone who is highly evolved.” My kind of humor. There are more serious cards in here as well for other events and you can check them all out here.

Greeting: "Happy Birthday to someone who is highly evolved."

The Kit for Her contains cards perfect for most women (in my skewed male view) and are funny, cute and sentimental, seemingly all at once. The card I like most in this kit is one that even gets me a little teary-eyed. It shows two girls holding hands as they stomp through the mud in their over sized rubber boots. The greeting inside says, “We’ve shared a lot of dirt.” If you have a lot of female friends and family who like receiving greeting cards, this might be a good kit to stock up on. Check out the rest of the kit here.

Greeting: "We've shared a lot of dirt!"

The last kit, the Kooky Kit contains some pretty hilarious greeting cards. There are a couple repeats from the Kit for Him but for the most part, they are edgy, funny and yet still meaningful and sweet. My favorite one of the bunch shows a chicken wearing a helmet, standing on a meatpacking assembling, passing a stunned butcher (check out the picture below). The line inside reads, “You made it through another year! Happy Birthday.” Check out the other cards in this kit here.

Greeting: "You made it through another year! Happy Birthday."

Greeting: "Live dangerously on your Birthday."

Whether you are a procrastinator or an avid scheduler, the Last Minute Card Kits are handy to have around. These kits are also perfect for students that are going off to college and don’t have a lot of spare time to shop for cards. Also, if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, I can tell you from experience that it pays to have a few Valentine’s Day, birthday and thank you cards handy just in case. Each kit costs 25 dollars, which isn't too bad for 10 cards these days. They are sold by the company that prints the cards, Palm Press. Palm Press also sells three other assorted card kits on their website and has a whole line of other greeting cards for every occasion. I would definitely recommend checking out their holiday line if you’re an avid greeting card-sender.

Greeting: "I'm glad I got tangled up with you! Happy Valentine's Day."

Check out the Last Minute Card Kit website here.

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