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After six years of intense development and testing, LaserShield has delivered the world's first retail Plug n Go security system with professional grade monitoring.  Simple, effective, and inexpensive, this is a product with break out potential that's sure to do wonders for reducing break ins. 

Believe it or not, each year 3 million American households report burglaries.  An estimated additional 2 million go unreported.  In fact, burglaries account for nearly 20% of all crimes, accounting for a whopping $3.3 billion in homeowner losses.  If you're considering investing in home security, but have been putting it off, here's another statistic -- homes without security systems are about three times more likely to be burglarized. 

The knock on home security has always been the price, the installation, the wires, the wasted money when you move.  Not anymore.  The LaserShield requires no salesmen, no installers, no assembly, no wires, and no holes in the wall.  Best of all, the LaserShield eliminates the hassle and long term commitment of most security services.  Register online or by fax in five minutes, and you're protected.  The Starter Kit retails for an affordable $199.95, with a competitive monthly monitoring charge of $19.95.  Home security is now available to everyone.   

As Anthony Dohrmann, founder and CEO of LaserShield told us, 'There are whole segments of society that have not been served by either the smaller local independent alarm companies or giant protection services -- renters, single moms, students, condos, small homes and businesses, among others.  LaserShield Instant Security System was conceived to protect those who fall into that void.  It's an affordable, effective, and easy solution for people's peace of mind.'

LaserShield monitoring and response is handled by Rapid Response Monitoring Service, one of America's largest and most respected.  RRMS is licensed in 50 states and certified by the US Government.  In LaserShield tests, RRMS responded to security breaches in less than one minute thanks to the sophisticated automation built into the system. 

LaserShield works through infra-red motion detection and wireless technology.  When an intrusion is detected, a 100+ decibel siren goes off to frighten the average burglar, while LaserShield automatically dials RRMS.  They call back in under one minute, and if necessary, contact local law enforcement. 

The two units in the Starter Kit look like silver bookshelf speakers simple, space efficient, and attractive.  The Master Alarm Unit holds the siren, the dialer, and a voice annunciator to denote the system's status.  Another great feature allows the user to control the system not only from a keychain remote (includes panic button for emergencies), but from any touch-tone phone anywhere in the world.   

The Wireless Detection Unit houses the infra-red motion detector and connects wirelessly with the Master Alarm Unit.  Each Wireless Detection Unit can protect a room up to 1,100 feet square.  As many as 12 Wireless Detection Units can be linked to the Master Unit for $59.95 each. 

If you've been thinking about a home security system, don't wait until it's too late.  LaserShield delivers Instant Security. 

This product is available in selected Southern California Staples stores.

For more information about LaserShield, click here


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