L.L. Bean Bedding Review - The Company Every American Family Needs

If you are looking for bedding that will have you hitting the snooze button five or ten times a morning, look no further L.L. Bean has your answer no matter what temperate zone of the country you live in.

Here at LA Splash we tried and tested the "Ultrasoft Flannel Sheets" $29 (the things we do for our readers!) putting them through rigorous tasks such as sleeping on them (they were heavenly) and laundering them which were passed with flying colors.

Get a great nights sleep

The sheets themselves looked fabulous, and you will see from your first look that they are good quality and long-lasting. They had a great fit that seemed like they were custom made for our bed; as I'm sure everyone hates that stretched look you get when your sheets are just a tad too small for your bed. You won't have that problem with these sheets, thats for sure. 

Flag Blue Ultrasoft Flannel Sheets

We washed the sheets half a dozen times and were amazed by how well they came out. The sheets were still unbeliveably fluffy still. The colors were as bright as new, no fading was seen and they dried wrinkle-free!

Box Goose Down Comforter

The comforter a queen size "Permabaffle Box Goose Down Comforter, warm" that goes for around $200 is light and soft, and after laundering the comforter remained just as dense and padded as the day we received it.  Many comforters have a problem with becoming flat and bobbly inside or having loose threads but this is the exact opposite of what we found with this comforter. It was fluffy and cozy and our tester had a great nights sleep. Even if you're just looking at the comforter the detail and time put into the finishing touches really stands out. The sewing is perfect and the piped effect gives important elegance and style to the comforter as well as guaranteeing that you won't need to buy a replacement for years. Both the comforter and the sheets are designed for a Southern Californian atmosphere, being just heavy enough to keep you warm on those cool L.A nights we sometimes get but you don't get baked on an ordinary evening.

L.L. Bean is the ultimate outlet for American families to shop at, stocking an huge array of products. The website is easy to use and there is a wide range of choice not only in the types of products available but also a large selection of colors, styles and designs within each product. For example if you required some bed sheets you then have the choice between flannel sheets and ordinary sheets and then even more subdivisions of color and thread-count.

They also threw a couple of shirts in the package that were very nice as well. L.L.Bean offers clothing and outerwear for outdoor sports and activities of all kind. Keep an eye out for future reviews on these too.

Today the L.L. Bean Company employs over 4,000 people and has annual sales of over $1 billion. The clothes and equipment are extremely good quality, but more importantly EVERYTHING that is sold from L.L. Bean is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with every aspect of your item, then you can return it with no questions asked. LL Bean (the company) is considered one of the top most companies in customer satisfaction, if not number one, which in today's age is really something to be said.

There are a couple of different venues that LL Bean sells goods--first off there are stores scattered primarily through New England, but the flagship store is in Freeport Maine and of course you can visit their website at: www.llbean.com or by phone at 1.800.441.5713 (US/CAN).



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