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Hoover sent us a Spin Scrub recently here at LA Splash Magazine along with a new Savvy upright which I reviewed as well. I started with the Spin Scrub because it just seamed like it had more going on. What can I say; I'm a guy so that means the more parts moving around and water squirting going on, means I am there. This devise has an ingenious design that combines dry vacuuming, wet scrubbing, and wet pick up in a single machine. It comes requiring minor (and easy I had it put together and running out of the box in 5 minutes) assembly. It is attractively styled in granite gray and teal. It is as easy to operate as a vacuum cleaner. It comes with a full one year warranty.

Lookin good

There are two liquid receptacles on the front of the machine. The top receptacle is for the cleaning solution and it locks into place with a push button closure. The lid to the top container doubles as a handy solution measurement cup. The bottom receptacle is to store the dirty water sucked up, and believe me, you will be amazed by the dirt you have on your floor after only several days of kids and pets running in and out of the house. The waste container has a filter, and a handy water level detector to keep the receptacle from over filling. Once the water reached a certain point, the machine won't pick up any more water and the sound of the motor changes to indicate that the bottom container needs to be emptied.

Takes up no space at all.

To use the machine for the 'dry pickup' function, simply set a switch on the front of the handle to 'Wet/Dry Pickup' and use the floor pedal to select 'Dry pickup'. Then turn on the machine and vacuum all your hard surfaces as it you were using a regular vacuum cleaner.

To use the machine for 'wet scrubbing', set the switch on the front of the handle to 'wet scrub' and use the floor pedal to select 'Wet pickup/scrub'. When the machine is turned on, a row of six rotating scrub brushes start to whirl around, scrubbing away all the dirt on your floor. A push lever in the handle can be depressed to expel cleaning solution onto the floor while the scrubbers do their thing.

After you have scrubbed a small area, you can flip the switch on the handle 'wet/dry pickup' without turning the machine off, and the scrubbers will stop scrubbing. Then the dirty water on the floor is sucked back up into the machine just as if you were using a shop vac.

This design is so much better than traditional mopping. Think about it. After you put your clean mop into your soapy water and swish it around on the floor, all that dirty water is now on the mop. Then you stick the mop back into the bucket of water, and now all that dirt is floating around in the water. This machine completely eliminates that problem.

One full container of water and cleaning solution is enough to completely clean an 8 x 10 area. If there is little built up grime, you can clean a larger area. I have found that it's a good idea to scrub a small area at a time so that the dirty water can be sucked up quickly. If you spend too much time scrubbing, by the time you go back to the area, some of the water will already have dried, leaving dried cleaner as well as dried dirty water on the floor- exactly what you were trying to get rid of to start with!

Sallie who tried these out for us here at LA Splash, in real world conditions said she was very impressed with the ease of use with the Spin Scrub and how well it actually worked.
Sallie said she gives the Spin Scrub good all around marks, and likes the fact that clean up is a cinch as well.

The machine comes with two small bottles of cleaning solution, one for hard wood floors and the other for tile and laminate flooring. I was not able to find either item anywhere in a store near me when we first got the machine (although I only checked on the internet and called 4 stores, but were able to buy another brand of no-mop floor cleaner. I have not found any of the wood floor cleaner or an acceptable substitute at any of my local stores yet.

The clean up is relatively simple. Both containers are completely removable, and can be rinsed easily. Both the scrubbing brushes and the suction area are also completely removable at the touch of the button. It's great! The only thing that might have been nice would be that if a combing devise of some sort was included with the machine, as hair does get wound around the scrubbing brushes regularly. Once these four basic pieces have been rinsed off, you snap them back onto the machine and store it until the next time. This item truly does eliminate the majority of work from the task of mopping floors.

For the cost (I have seen it anywhere from $122-$192 on the net) I think it would be a great item for those that have a good deal of hard floors tile, hardwood and linoleum. If you have just a kitchen and few bathrooms I would stick with a good old fashion mop or smaller floor cleaner.

If you would like to find out more information about this and other great Hoover products you can visit thier website at: http://hoover.com 


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