Hoover WindTunnel 2 Review: For a Cleaner Carpet

WindTunnel 2

The WindTunnel 2 from Hoover packs more suction power than nearly any other vacuum I've ever used. Engineered to lift dirt, dust, and the smallest of fibers out of any carpet, the WindTunnel 2 proves to be the vacuum for the mom who needs that extra kick for those extra tough cleaning projects.

Hoover's patented WindTunnel 2 technology features not one, but two air tunnels that lift, trap and channel dirt away. Other vacuums are designed to lift dirt, but do not possess the sophistication in engineering to keep dirt from scattering back onto the floor once uprooted from the carpet. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has ever been frustrated with a crappy vacuum that seems to blow as much dirt out of it than it sucks up. Apparently, this is why Hoover claims the WindTunnel 2 cleans carpets better than any other brand, because it actually sucks its dirt into a 'vacuum' as oppose to just blowing it around the room like some of its competition. In addition, the WindTunnel 2 also comes with a patent-pending, self-cleaning HEPA filter that automatically cleans itself every six seconds to retain a powerful suction and clean flowing air from the start of the job to its finish. The filter never needs to be replaced and traps 100 percent of dust mites, ragweed and pollen.

WindTunnel 2

The WindTunnel 2 comes with a whole list of new features that most other vacuums just can't compete with. The one I found to be most exciting is the new electronic dirt-finder system. This red-to-green light system tells the user when the carpet is sufficiently clean, or if there is still dirt to be removed, by changing colors. There is also an automatic brush shut-off system that stops the brush from rotating when the vacuum is in upright position to focus all the cleaning power on your hose. Not to mention: lifetime guaranteed belts; power assist steering; pet hair cleaning tools; telescopic quick-release wands; bag-less dirt removal; height-adjustable handle, and hard-floor brushes to clean your wood surfaces safely and effectively.

WindTunnel 2

There does seem to be one little draw back about the WindTunnel 2. Even though there are no bags to deal with when emptying your waste, this process can get a little messy. Dirt can sometimes get trapped behind the HEPA filter and spill back onto the floor or onto the vacuum when opening the dirt receptacle. There is a little pocket behind the filter that doesn't seem to have any type of guard to keep dirt from being trapped inside. Once the receptacle is removed, the dirt starts to drizzle out of this pocket onto whatever is around the area. I would suggest either empting the dirt-cup outdoors or over a trash can.

WindTunnel 2

Hoover's WindTunnel 2 certainly provides its owner with a wide array of functions and tools to simplify the cleaning process of any homeowner. By designing the WindTunnel 2 to allow its brushes and airflow to work in harmony, Hoover has created a vacuum that actually does what it should- remove and trap dirt from your carpet- permanently. With a double air-duct system adding double the power to your suction, it's good to know that your carpets, for once, will actually be clean after cleaning them. For more information or to purchase the WindTunnel 2, you may visit their website at www.hoover.com.

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