Hoover Savvy

Hoover was nice enough to send us the Hoover Savvy and the Hoover Spin Scrub for us to review here at LA Splash Magazine. We reviewed the Spin Scrub as well if you would like to read about that click here. Most of the Hoover vacuums are virtually identical with a few minor differences. Out of the bagless models there are a few generations. I believe this is the second generation. I've only used it a handful of times so far.

Goes from hardfloors to carpet with the flip of a switch

Assembly was incredibly (it took about 5 minutes to assemble out of the box) easy. The hose, accessories, and filters needed to be assembled. That only takes a couple of minutes and is very easy to do.

Hoover Savvy

It is just like any other vacuum. You turn it on, release the handle lever button, and start cleaning your carpet. The on button is on the handle itself and it is just a sliding switch. These need to be used when the vacuum is in the upright position. The carpet height doesn't seem to work all that well. For me the high setting worked the best, otherwise the brush bristles would slide across the carpet and not agitate it. And our carpet is at a low height around our office. The hard/carpet floor switch just turns the brush off when you are vacuuming your hard floor. Also, the switch to turn on, change to bare floor or carpet is right on the handle. No bending to change it. The dual roller seems to help pick up more dirt, plus the brush roller isn't round so it allows more dirt to be sucked up. It feels heavy when you're vacuuming, but that's because it's literally sucked to the floor....good workout!

Available in three colors

It stays upright while using the extension tools up high and locks very well. I was used to a vacuum that constantly fell over.

The accessories it comes with are the standard accessories most vacuums have. It has a mini-roller bar attachment (power hand tool), a wide mouth attachment (furniture nozzle), a circular mouth attachment with bristles on the end (Dusting brush), and a thin wand attachment.

Power hand tool- not really powered. The suction causes the brush bar to spin and it is not that fast or effective. I never used this because I felt the other attachments were better. This is just a selling point, nothing more.

Furniture nozzle- This attachment works fine for upholstery and other fabrics. The entire thing is one piece of plastic, but it does the job. The mouth has little rectangular teeth that help agitate the cloth.

Dusting brush- This is the typical dusting brush and it works find. It does a good job of agitating the surface and the suction is adequate.

The wand- Another typical accessory. Works fine for getting into hard to reach areas.

The unit worked surprisingly well on hard floors. I have no real complaints about its performance on my tile floor. It even works much better than the Dyson. But the Dyson hard floor attachment works better than the Hoover hard floor setting and Hoover does not have a hard floor accessory.  All the hard floor setting switch does is turns off the brush. So all it does is suck, in this case it is a good thing.

Cleaning out the unit is a pain. In order to dump out the canister you need to detach it (and that is not always the easiest of task) from the unit and take it to a wide trash can (I say this for a reason it will get all over you and believe me if you have allergies you will a miserable person). Lift the top of the lid and dump out the contents. Then you take out the main filter and shake it inside the trash can to get rid of any dust particles (or do this in the middle of your yard.) You can do the same with the canister. Every time I do this I always get dust on my clothes, even if only a little. Had I been allergic to dust, I would be in real trouble. 

Another couple of things on the negative side we noticed, was that no matter how much you banged or shook the filter after emptying (which you soon lean needs to be each time you vacuum) it never really got clean. After the first use of the filter the suction seriously diminishes in this vacuum.

Also there is a down side to it being a belt less vacuum, because when it grabs on to the edge of your carpet of that delicate fringe on your lovely throw rug it has no belt that slips with increased pressure on the brushes therefore it just snatches it off. This is great if you were planning on taking up sewing classes. Lastly it is kind of cumbersome and has no assisted drive which I know is a big favorite for a lot of people out there.

For the cost ($208-$289 on the net) of this vacuum I would have to say there are probably better choices but it is a Hoover.

If you would like to find out more about this and other Hoover products you can visit thier website at: hoover.com



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