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The wall outside the kitchen before the repiping

My tenants were complaining about the hot water in the kitchen,  it was really only a dribble. I did everything I could, I took off the fixture, I tried to clean out the hot water inlet- I did all I could but it was obvious that the pipes were going to need to be replaced.  In shopping around to find out who would be the best piping experts I found Henrik Plumbing, Inc. who are experts in the copper repipeing field. I called them and was very happy that I was able to schedule an appointment for repair the same week.

They got right to work and broke the outside wall to reach the pipes. They came back and repaired the wall when the job was done

The service I asked to have done is called re-piping which is where they take the old galvanized pipe out and put in the new copper pipe.  Galvanized pipes get all calcified and filled with minerals and slow down the water flow.  Because this process doesn’t happen with the copper, it will last a lot longer and allow the water to flow at a greatly higher rate.

It took two men to manipulate the pipes

I was happy to see the two plumbers showed up right on time. They got right to their work and worked very hard. When they left the water pressure was great. One thing that Henrik Plumbing does that most companies don’t is to come back and repair the damage that had been done to the wall as a result of the repair.  I was impressed with this service where as most companies would only break out the walls, change the piping and leave the homeowner to fix the holes.

Getting to the pipes was no easy chore

Based on other price comparisons of several other re-piping companies Henrik Plumbing was as good, or better than any of the others. Whenever I called in to Henrik Plumbing not only did live people answer, but were very friendly and very customer service oriented.  They called me to let me know every time they were arriving and with enough time before their arrival so they could make sure I was there. 

The pipes ran underneath the house in a small dirty crawl space

The people at Henrik Plumbing were friendly, clean, efficient, honest and fast to say the least and I was very happy with the results.  Although the only service I had done was the re-piping, they are a full service plumbing company and I look forward to having them come out and do other types of plumbing chores at my various properties and I will report back. Henrik Plumbing has been in business since 1985 serving residential and commercial properties all over the south land. No project is too small or too big for them. They do everything from mobile homes to amusement parks like Magic Mountain, faucet repair to complete re-pipe and drain system installation. They do it all. They are the copper re-piping specialists with full service and repair capabilities. So if you’re in need of a plumbing expert, check out their web site www.repiping.com or call them today at (323)258-5858 for a free estimate!

They replaced the hot water pipe leading to the kitchen sink

Other services Henrik Plumbing provides are:
·    Water Lines
·    Water Heaters / Tankless water heaters/ Commercial Boilers
·    Any kind of water leaks
·    Sewer Lines replacement/repair
·    Drain cleaning
·    Kitchen Fixtures
·    Bathroom Fixtures
·    Slab Leaks
·    Earthquake valves
·    Ice Makers
·    Lateral Lines
·    Garbage Disposals
·    Gas Lines

After they replaced the pipe they returned to make the wall look good as new!

Installing the new copper pipe

Copper Repiping Specialists

For more about the great service from Henrik Plumbing, please click here.

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