Finding Serenity in Your Own Space

For those who yearn for serenity in their home or office, a Buddha or a Guanyin placed in an area of a room can immediately transform it and create a feeling of peaceful tranquility.   In these hectic times it is nice to have a physical reminder to relax.   Guanyin is the Goddess of compassion and the Deity who hears people's cries in the Buddhist religion.

Wooden Ming Dynasty Guanyin in Royal Ease (Lalitsana) Position

And the Buddha is the embodiment of enlightenment.  

19th Century Burmese Lacquered Alabaster Buddha in Earth Witnessing Position

You don't need to be Buddhist to appreciate what these figures represent in today's world. 

SILK ROADS DESIGN GALLERY in Los Angeles is the place to go and find the real thing.   I was impressed to find one of the world's largest collections of Buddhist art from China and other areas of Asia that reach back to the 16th century and beyond. 

Ming Dynasty Buddha in Supreme Enlightenment Mudra

Jon and Cari Markell, the owners, have been working with Asian art for twenty some years, and the pieces they offer in their gallery are museum quality and exquisite originals. 

When walking in, you will be immediately affected and moved by these ancient deities poised on various stands throughout this serene haven.   Pieces from Silk Roads' collection are regularly found at LACMA and the Pacific Asia Museum, as well as other museums and private homes all over the globe.   In the gallery, they also offer various choices of original Asian furniture as well as some more contemporary pieces to show off the statuary in your home.   

19th Century Gilded Bronze Burmese Buddha Head

In 2002, China stopped permitting the export of Buddhist art that was made before 1912.   Having known the law was going into effect, Jon and Cari bought the last big permissible shipment from their sources.   This offered them the exclusive collection of temple and home shrine Buddhist art from China that ranges from the 16th through the 19th centuries. 

'We will never be able to get this again', says Cari Markell.    'We are lucky to have these pieces available for the public to see before they are acquired.'   Silk Roads Design Gallery is basically a museum from which you can buy extraordinary pieces.  

More and more frequently you can find art that was originally found at Silk Roads, presented in books and displayed in museum exhibits.    Most recently, thirty items were on exhibit at the Craft and Folk Museum in Los Angeles.   As well, this past year, they supplied the designers of Pasadena Showcase House, The Greystone Mansion Design House, and the Metropolitan Home Showcase House with their antiques and accessories.

19th Century Laotian Wood Buddha Calling for Rain Mudra

Originally located on Melrose Avenue for several years, SILK ROADS DESIGN GALLERY moved to La Brea Avenue in the design district where they now reside in their much larger location.   The main reason for the move was the ability to present their vast collection of Buddhist and Asian art in a way that clients can view the design as though it were in a home setting.   

19-20th Century Bronze Burmese Buddha in Teaching Mudra

A unique feature of this gallery is the passion and knowledge that Cari and Jon have about these extraordinary pieces of art, which they are always at the ready to share with the public. 

18-19th Century Burmese Carved Wood Peacock with Glass and Pigment

 'The more you understand about the history and culture of these pieces, the more significant they become in your life,' offers Jon Markell.  


145 N. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA   90036
323 857-5588
[email protected]

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