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Fedders Y Chassis Window Air Conditioner Review

By Manpreet Sidhu

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This summer broke all records with temperatures going above the limits, and our office has a direct light window in the ceiling and the sides which made it more unbearable but luckily we got a Fedders AC to review at the right time. This Is a Fedders Y Chassis Heat Cool AC (Model No. AEY08F2F-A) This AC Has modes for both cooling as well as heating isn't it cool, my heater is now fitted in the wall so I don't need any more space occupied in my room in winters by the heater. This is good functionality. This model is available in different ratings depending on the size of the room. It comes with a filler panel, expandable side panel which can be used to fit it into different window sizes. It has rating of 8000 BTU for Cooling and 3500 BTU for Heating and is effective enough for room sizes unto 340 Sq ft. It works on 125Volts, 15 Amp power supply.

Installation:  I had questions in my mind about trying to install it myself but when we received it , through the installation manual, I figured out I had all the necessary tools and these were simple day to day tools so I though I would give it a try. You put in the frame first , Drill in some holes put in the screws and that's it once the frame is fit most of the work is done because its a slide in thing, So you slide in the unit put in the front grill you are all set. Luckily we had a high power point near the window so we did not have to worry much about the wiring.

Features: It comes with an Electronic touch control panel, which really feels good to touch and change the mode, change the temperature, change the fan speeds .It display the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The fan speed can be adjusted in 3 speeds medium low and high. I decided to try this other cool feature of this ac the Timer. You can set the ac start up after a no of hours when it is off so you can set it up so that it starts one hour before you reach home so your room is cool when you come. And there is an off timer which can be set while the ac is on so we put in the no of hours after which the ac should go off, good for nights when you want the ac to go off after some hours and it does not get too cold in the early morning.

It has an economy mode which works while cooling and helps to save power. It has 4 way adjustable air direction but does not have motorized air swing's filter is easy to access and clean. The cabinet is strong and sturdy and looks as if it is built to last for years & years to come actually it has a Painted galvanized steel cabinet which resists corrosion. It has an in built air exchange feature which circulates fresh air from outside .It comes with a five years warranty on all the parts and repair which is really cool.

The remote is another cool feature of this unit it is sleek smart and has all the features that the unit offers so you can control the fan speed the modes the temperature the timer all of it from the remote. It uses 2 AAA batteries. Luckily this thing feels economical as well because even after using it 5 days a week 8 hours everyday and sometimes more we could not find any significant increase in our power bill so this thing was low on power consumption.

Availability: this unit is available through fodders dealers and over the internet as well in a price range of $275-$285. If you are buying it from a dealer you can even get a free installation. For more information about the specifications of this product please Click Here.

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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