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Sunlawn Push Mowers

Manual Reel MM-2

Sunlawn has developed alternatives to the heavy, loud and dangerous lawn mowers being sold today with their new battery-powered Rechargeable Electric EM-2 mowers and Manual Reel LMM and MM-2 push mowers. Without a combustion motor, maneuverability is easy and children and pets can play freely without the risks of burns, flying rocks, and other hazards. Sunlawn mowers feature flame-hardened blades, which don't require sharpening for 7-10 years, and have excellent height range. In addition, Sunlawn's scissor-like cutting effect slices grass into small pieces that emit nitrogen and organically fertilize soil when left behind. No bagging required! Using a push mower helps Dad burn 100 calories in 12-15 minutes. Dad can also tend to his gardening needs any time without disturbing neighbors. Sunlawn is truly the leader in Conscientious Gardening Solutions.



Giorgio Fedon Briefcase

Briefcase The best of style and design come together in this luxurious leather briefcase from Giorgio Fedon 1919. The briefcase features a leather handle and long strap for his convenience and an additional outside pocket for extra carrying room. The aluminum frame makes it light so there's no extra weight. Invest in a classic leather briefcase and be the envy of the office. $490

BlueMax HD 70w Dimmable Desk Lamp from Full Spectrum Solutions

The coolest gadget for the modern father, BlueMax mimics the sun's natural full spectrum light at noon, thereby reducing the strain on the eyes and lowering common fatigue associated with lower-grade lighting. With the highest Color Rendering Index of 96 +, detailed tasks are easier and less demanding on the eyes. This light has been proven to stimulate the eyes photoreceptors increasing visual acuity making this light more comfortable to use while lowering melatonin levels that directly affect energy levels in the body. These lamps are fully dimmable from 100% to 20%, and come in white, black, brass, and nickel, and range in price from $159 to $189.

Website: www.bluemaxlighting.com

Golfer Lounge Sign


Golfers Lounge Sign. Lounge around and talk shop. This Golfers Lounge Sign makes the perfect gift for the golfer in your life! The vintage poster has been transferred to metal for durability. Dad will love having this vintage print in his office as he dreams about tee time! It is available in four different sizes, ranging from 14x24 to 28x48.

Website: www.SusanFredmanAtHome.com






Whirlpool Gold Ice Maker

Whirlpool Gold Ice Maker. Help dad beat the heat this Father™ Day with the Whirlpool Gold® ice maker, which provides fresh, clear ice in no time. The Whirlpool Gold® ice maker will keep him (and the entire family) cool and refreshed all summer long, with the ability to make up to 50 pounds of ice per day and store up to 25 pounds at once. The ice maker also features a control lockout, service indicator, Clean Cycle indicator, interior light and ice scoop. Outdoor summer parties and barbecues will be a breeze without the worry of where when how to get ice, and the ice maker™ formed door and reach-through bow handle adds a stylish look to your kitchen!

Website: www.whirlpool.com


New Propane Tank Scale.

New Electronic Propane Tank Scale

New Propane Tank Scale. Thanks to a newly developed electronic propane tank scale, running out of gas during a backyard barbecue is now obsolete. Designed by the Northern California-based specialty weighing company named Gagetek, the new propane tank scale is small in size, affordable and easy to use. Using a simple, one-button design with LED lights that alert the user to the amount of propane left in the tank and, most importantly, when its time to refill, the new electronic propane tank scale is designed for standard 20 and 30 lb. propane tanks commonly used on most barbecues, outdoor heaters and RVs. Powered by two AA batteries, the lightweight device (which weighs less than two pounds) is highly accurate as the LED set points are adjusted within 1/2 lb. In addition, the new propane tank scale is designed and durable for outdoor conditions. The propane tank scale is available for $29.95 at www.gagetek.com.



DreamAuthentics (www.DreamAuthentics.com) lets dads everywhere turn their homes into entertainment destinations. The Katana, Dream Authentics™ newest addition to their lineup of the completely customizable arcade cabinets, is an arcade cabinet, jukebox, computer and DVD player in one! Loaded with nearly 200 video games, the Katana will make Dad feel like he™ in an authentic arcade from the 80™s. The Katana fits on a table top, allowing Dad to enjoy arcade classics without dedicating an entire room to a full-size cabinet. The Katana is customizable inside and out just use DreamAuthentics online configurator to create Dad™ personal Katana. DreamAuthentics™ exclusive jukebox feature comes standard, replicating the look and feel of a commercial music jukebox while incorporating the technology of MP3 software. The Katana features a PC based game engine so you can play any PC game. Plus, Dad can surf the net or watch a DVD. This is Dad™ ultimate gadget!

Website: http://www.dreamauthentics.com/product_page_1_ka.html


Portable Room Air Conditoner

Portable Room Air Conditioner. This Father's Day, give dad a break from installing those cumbersome, bulky air conditioners- by giving him Whirlpool brand™ Portable Room Air Conditioner. This electronic air conditioner comes with a remote control and can be easily moved from room to room. It provides cool refreshment for up to 450 sq. ft., simply by being plugged into an outlet and vented out of a window. Sleep mode, an Auto Cool feature, temperature display, and a timer make the Portable Room Air Conditioner convenient to use. Whirlpool portable air conditioners are also available with a heating capacity.

For more information visit www.whirlpool.com 




Whirlpool Fabric Freshener

The Whirlpool Fabric Freshener. Moms can save themselves that trip to the dry cleaners- the Whirlpool® Fabric Freshener is the only portable appliance that releases odors and relaxes wrinkles from fabrics in about 30 minutes with the power of immersive steam. The Fabric Freshener does the work of a steamer and traditional clothesline without the manual labor. Consumers simply place up to two clothing items inside the appliance's garment bag, fill the reservoir with water, zip the bag, press the button and then get on with life. The Fabric Freshener is compact and portable so it's an ideal fit for every living situation.

Website: www.whirlpool.com






The Pop Art Creativity Kit Toaster.

Kit Toaster Pop Art

The Pop Art Creativity Kit Toaster This is a high quality retro style every day toaster. Toaster has 7 heat settings and 3 function settings and can toast frozen French toast, bagels, English muffins, pop tarts, all flat pastry products, different toasts, etc. And as if that were not enough toaster can brand images words right onto your toast, sandwiches, pop tarts, hamburger buns, etc. What a great way to make a simple breakfast fun OR a great way to entertain the kids for a party, play date, celebration or special occasion. And if that is not enough, our creativity kit includes 5 flavored edible markers that color the toasted products after the images are made. In other words, the toasted product becomes a coloring book. We also include a coloring book that has corresponding pictures to those in the toaster. This book can be colored with the markers or with crayons and is a great learning experience for the kid's ma! tching up pictures and concepts. Who says you can't play with your food?

Website: www.poparttoaster.com

The Factor Racket From Wilson.

The Factor Racket From Wilson

The Factor Racket From Wilson. The newly launched [K]Factor tennis rackets from Wilson are in stores right now and the technology is being used by multiple Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, who also helped design the racket. The Wilson rackets feature the latest technology (lighter and stronger with design innovations which provide more control). The rackets, available in different weights and sizes for all skill levels, are comprised of innovative technology which gives players more control than ever before. The rackets retail for $189-$350. These are the exact same rackets used by the pros!


Reel Deal Card Games

Over 75 Classic Card Games. Does your dad love to play poker or other card games with his buddies? Phantom EFX, the #1 publisher of PC casino games, has just released Reel Deal Card Games. It's a computer game featuring over 75 classic card games, including men's favorites like Poker, Euchre, Gin, Rummy 500, and over 40 variations of Solitaire. Each game holds a unique Prize Vault and Mall where players can unlock hundreds of items and surprises- making the experience of winning more rewarding and exciting. Card Games is the only card-game only title to offer a free online play option, which allows dads to virtually play against their poker buddies who can't always meet for a face-to-face game. At $19.95, Reel Deal Card Games is the perfect gift for dads who can't get enough of their favorite card games but want to still be able to spend time at home with their families.

Website: www.phantomefx.com


A Swinging Relaxation Leather Recliner

A Swinging Relaxation Leather Recliner

A Swinging Relaxation Leather Recliner. The Comfort Swing is a luxurious, unique relaxation recliner by leather furniture manufacturer, American Leather that produces the motion of a swing hanging from a tree. The patented Comfort Swing technology differentiates itself because the device creates the same arc as a swing hanging from a 10-foot rope yet this device is buried within the chair. In addition, the Comfort Swing generates a repetitive swinging movement timed to the human heartbeat at rest which studies show reduces stress and promotes relaxation. The Comfort Swing allows the occupant to experience the swinging motion when fully reclined. This is made possible by aesthetically designed handles which are placed on the inside arms of the chair. The mechanism itself utilizes over 30 precision bearings to provide a virtually frictionless motion, therefore, a gentle push or pull with either hand is all that is required to maintain a gentle, restful swinging motion.
Website: http://www.americanleather.com/Products/Recliners-Contemporary.asp


Financial Planning Book For New Dads

Financial Planning Book Fo News Dads. Michael B. Rubin's new book, "Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck," which will be released this month, will help new dads get on track financially and take the steps they need to build wealth and prepare for their new child's future. "Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck" provides the tools any parent will need to start investing in an IRA choose a financial advisor and take advantage of the benefits and matches made available by employers.
Website: www.beyondpaychecktopaycheck.com








Flood Protection For The home

Flood Protection Fot The Home. DoorDam is a revolutionary new flood barrier designed for homes and smalls businesses in floodplains. Available exclusively from Presray Corporation, an industry leader in industrial and commercial flood protection, DoorDam is an adjustable, off-the-shelf flood barrier that provides a cost-efficient replacement for sandbags and plywood which have been the primary flood protection tools for consumers and small businesses up until now. So if you're looking for a Father's Day gift that is new on the market and will protect Dad from floods, DoorDam is the answer this year.

Website : www.doordam.com 


The About Golf Simulators

About Golf Simulators

The About Golf Simulators, available at PGA TOUR Superstore, are the best way to improve any golfer's game. The simulators analyze swing speed, ball trajectory, launch angle and impact zone. The $45,000 simulators also allow golfers to play their favorite courses without leaving the comfort of their home! For those of us on a budget, PGA TOUR Superstore also offers the Dancin Dogg Simulator, a club head reader that hooks up to a laptop computer and gives out data based on your swing over the top of the unit. These retail for $399 (computer not included). Both of these golf simulators make the perfect gift for any dad who loves golf.
Website: www.pgatoursuperstore.com

The Dyson Root 6

The Dyson 6

The Dyson Root 6 is the only handheld vacuum that never clogs and never loses suction. With patented Root Cyclone technology, the Dyson Root 6 separates dirt, fine dust and debris from the air, making it the most effective way to handle quick clean-up jobs. It uses lithium ion battery technology and charges up to three times faster than others. The Dyson Root 6 is available at select retailers with a suggested retail price of $149.99.

Website: http://www.dyson.com/range/feature_frame.asp?model=DC16-SY-STD&sinavtype=pagelink




The InSinkErator Evolution Excel food waste disposer was recently named one of Business 2.0™ 11 Coolest new products in the Planet. Unlike standard disposers, the Evolution Excel has state-of-the-art technology that grinds normally taboo food waste like corn cobs, potato peels and artichokes at 60 percent quieter noise levels than other disposers. With BBQ season in full-swing, go ahead and throw chicken, rib bones you name it all right down the Excel, without disturbing the party. This powerful 1.0 horsepower food waste disposer is the first and only disposer with a Jam-Sensor, which senses a jam and instantly engages, increasing the motor torque up to 500 percent. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel is available in sleek, stainless steel and retails for around $300.

Website: www.insinkerator.com




J-400 Collection Reinventing the portable acrylic spa on the inside and out, the quartet of new Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J-400 collection models break out of the stereotypical box with impressive styling that goes beyond flat, ordinary lines. For 2007, all J-400 models include an auxiliary MP3 plug in addition to an AquaSound Docking Station, the industry™ first and only authorized port made for iPod®. It integrates with the stereo while simultaneously charging most iPod® brand media devices. An upgraded audio system produces incredibly clear sound through four waterproof micro speakers mounted discreetly in the sidewall of each spa. For added impact, an optional subwoofer mounted deep inside the spa delivers a rumbling, intense bass effect and can handle 100 watt amplifiers. The lighting, stereo, hydrotherapy pumps and a consumer™ iPod® brand portable media device can be controlled by the optional deluxe floating remote control.

Website: www.hottubs.jacuzzi.com



1-800 Got A Junk?

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the World's Largest junk removal service located across the US, Canada, Australia and the U.K. With just one phone call, professional uniformed drivers will arrive on time and do all the loading and lifting. From a full Garage Clean out to single items such as a couch or mattress, the 1-800-GOT-JUNK team will get it done for you. Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? or book a junk removal job online at www.1800gotjunk.com

Website: www.1800gotjunk.com


The new Craftsman Digital LaserTrac Level

Craftsman Digital LaserTrac Level

The new Craftsman Digital LaserTrac Level uses new digital technology to clearly read the angle of the tool to 110 of a degree when either right side up or down. An audible tone identifies the angle in 45-degree increments from 0 to 90 degrees. In addition, the level recalls the last nine measurements, calculates degrees between two angles, and projects a bright red laser dot accurately to 14 inch at 100 feet. Available in both 24 inch and 10 inch sizes. Model Number: 48292 48293; Regular Price: $49.99 $69.99; Availability: Sears and Craftsman.com, June 2007.

DB Dealer

The DB Dealer

DB Dealer. All of the coolest Father™ are playing Texas Hold poker and the DB Dealer solves the challenges of poker tournament play by serving as a combined dealer button, blind timer and bet clock. For any given round of play, the DB Dealer marks the dealer, times the minimum bets ("blinds") for the play period and puts a 30-second clock on slow players (whose hand is dead after the time elapses). Versions range in price from $12.95 to $24.95, including special, limited chrome and World Poker Tour editions. Cut cards and fun Deal With It tee shirts also available.

Website: www.DBdealer.com

The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond Ion headlamp is perfect for Fathers as it extends their busy days with hands free lighting. Whether used by a dimly lit BBQ grill on a summer's eve or for personal or pet exercise at dawn or dusk, the Ion is ideal for an active father. The Ion is smaller than a matchbook and weighs an ounce, while providing 2 Super bright LEDs for any situation requiring proximity lighting. $19.95

Website: www.bdel.com





The Aero® Sport All-Terrain Bed

The Aerosport All Terrain Bed

The Aero® Sport All-Terrain Bed with Dual Power Pump is the perfect addition to any camping trip, road trip or weekend getaway. The coil construction and built-in pillow add superior comfort and support. The bed inflates in less than 60 seconds and rolls up and stores compactly in a durable carry bag for easy transport and storage. The mattress is made of puncture-resistant, heavy-gauge PVC vinyl featuring electronically welded seams for durability. The bed features a plush, velvety sleep surface and fits standard size sheets. The bed is available in twin and queen sizes.

Website: www.aerobed.com

Celestron SkyScout

Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium

Celestron SkyScout. About the size of a camcorder and weighing less than 16 ounces, the Celestron SkyScout utilizes a consumer-friendly point and shoot GPS technology that enables stargazers to instantly identify andor locate over 6,000 celestial objects in the sky with the press of a button and listen to commentary on the object and its history. The SkyScout also has a locate feature that allows users to select an object they wish to view (i.e. Mars) and the SkyScout, using illuminated arrows in the viewfinder, will point the user to the object. A first of its kind product, SkyScout utilizes patented technology that combines data from sensors measuring both the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth, along with internal GPS and a substantial celestial database to dramatically improve how people learn about astronomy, making it much easier and more entertaining.

Zippo BLU The Newest Flame

Zippo BLU. Since 1932, Zippo has produced reliable, durable pocket lighters backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.  Zippo is evolving and proudly introduces its newest product, Zippo BLU butane lighter as the next step in the evolution of the perfect flame.
The new lighter is manufactured in the United States and includes the flint wheel ignition system that is a Zippo trademark.  It delivers a consistent, clean-burning blue flame with no odor or aftertaste.  Butane fuel offers quick refilling options as well as a hot, clean-burning flame.
Zippo BLU can be recognized from its distinctive features including the patented two-stage burner technology; signature patterned chimney, large fuel tank and elegant designs.  Each unit is enhanced by a smooth, comfortable shape that is registered and makes each lighter pure Zippo.

Website: www.zippo.com

D-Box Home Theater Seating Options

D-Box Home T heater Seating Options. Re-vamp Dad favorite chair with the D-BOX Integrated Motion System (IMS) allowing him to feel ALL of the action he sees on the screen! D-BOX offers a variety of seating options fully equipped with IMS, including Quest, a stylish luxury home theater seat with built in motion actuators (beginning at $10,000) or the Universal Motion Platform, a home theater add-on that easily fits underneath your own furniture (single seat) providing a fully immersive home theater experience (beginning at $3,500).  Over 650 movie and TV titles have been encoded with IMS motion codes providing perfectly synchronized motion with on-screen action and sound.
D-BOX IMS and home theater seating options are available at select resellers world-wide.

Website: www.d-box.com


Don't Bug Me! Patch

The Don't Bug Me! Patch is an all-natural bug repelling patch.  A welcome alternative to traditional insect repellents, the patch is DEET free, waterproof and protects for up to 36 hours. The patch's active ingredients are Vitamin B1 and aloe.  Individuals just apply the patch two hours prior to exposure to biting insects for a virtually bite-free summer. The patch protects against mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, chiggers and sand fleas. Don't Bug Me! Patches are available in a 5-pack box for a suggested retail price of $4.99 or a 10-pack box for a suggested retail price of $7.99.  

Website: www.dontbugmepatch.com



Zippo BLU

Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter. Zippo Manufacturing Company, maker of the iconic windproof pocket lighter and the elegant MPL® multi-purpose lighter, has extended its line of multi-use lighters with the refillable butane Zippo OUL outdoor utility lighter. The 8-inch lighter is windproof and features a built-in LED light. Additional product benefits include a water-resistant cap, a rugged ergonomic rubber grip, a fuel level indicator, an adjustable flame, a patented child-safety button and a handy clip and strap. The design of the Zippo OUL separates it from other utility lighters because the OUL incorporates advanced-burn technology to produce an extra-strong flame actually two flames. The flames meld to create a fire that withstands harsh wind conditions. The suggested retail price is $30.95. For optimum performance, Zippo recommends using genuine Zippo premium butane fuel. As with all Zippo products, the OUL is backed by Zippo world-famous lifetime guarantee: It works, or we fix it free! TM  

Website: www.zippo.com

Photo Desk Calendar

Photo Desk Calendar

Photo Desk Calendar. VistaPrint has just the gift that kids can make for their dad online and will be something he will be able to use at home or in his office. One gift that is sure to keep his kids on his mind is a desk calendar, starting at just $6.99, and each month is able to show dad a different picture of his loved ones. These desk centerpieces are something that dad will actually enjoy getting and they are much more personal than another tie, coffee mug or plaque that read World Greatest Dad.

Website: www.vistaprint.com



The NO-Crank Hose Reel

The NO-CRANK HOSE REELS are all based on the HYDRO-PRO System. The system is built on a water-piston engine that utilizes the water pressure in the garden hose to turn the reel and automatically rewind the hose with a simple push of a lever. This hands-free rewinding eliminates the tedious and often difficult manual cranking associated with other hose reels.



Be The Ball Linen Golf Towels

Be The Ball Linen Golf Towels. Peking Handicraft's new collection of linen towels feature the Be the Ball golf ball characters.  These characters, from award-winning illustrator Bob Commander, showcase little golf ball guys with arms and legs -- and charming personality.  "Dressed" in hats, sunglasses, golf shoes and gloves, these little characters are featured in humorous images that have charmed golfers and non-golfers alike.
Website: www.pkhc.com



Weber Summit S-650 Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-650 Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-650 Gas Grill: Aside from this grill's six traditional burners, it also includes a side burner and rotisserie cooker, and two work stations. All this wrapped in a simple, stainless steel package that is classic and elegant, yet durable. Because of its versatility this is the ideal barbeque for any outdoor setting or home. Only the best from Weber. To purchase or for more information please visit www.homeclick.com

Website: www.homeclick.com




  Jig-A-Loo Lubripellent Jig-A-Loo is the world's first "lubripellent" - a combination of a dry lubricant and water-repellent. It was named for the Canadian phrase "Ti-gi-dou" when it was invented in Quebec in 1958. Jig-A-Loo spray lubricates, inhibits rust and freezing, waterproofs, smoothens, de-squeaks and helps just about everything work better. With so many uses, we think it's a great gift for Dad this Father's Day!

Website: www.jigaloo.com





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