FX Luminaire and Flower to the People Create Clean, Well-Lit Places in Santa Monica

The eerie HBO series "Six Feet Under" follows the lives of the Fishers - a family of morticians living in Los Angeles. But the Fishers' L.A. is marked by a mysterious quality that borders on the supernatural - the ghosts of the dead seem to be imprinted upon the city's ubiquitous art deco design. While not the postmodern L.A. sprawl you may inhabit, the show offers a stylized alternative - a cinematic world where lighting turns an otherwise banal mortuary into a space of intrigue.

Last week, FX Luminaire teamed with Flower to the People to hold a forum for designers that focused on creating stunning, well-lit landscapes for clients who seek just that kind of reprieve from the real world.

To contrast the more starkly-lit realities we face daily - the fluorescents of the office, the market, and the mall, to name a few - FX Luminaire specializes in the kind of landscape lighting options that can give any space a kind of otherworldly respite. Offering quality lighting for exterior design projects, FXL provides a number of options for architects, distributors, installers, and homeowners seeking to add a dreamlike touch of warmth and style to their landscape designs.

Based in San Diego, FX Luminaire began manufacturing lighting several years ago using aerospace grade materials: aluminum alloy that resists corrosion. Today, FXL offers its high-quality products to everyone from professional designers to do-it-yourself homeowners, and in a variety of styles, placements, and light spill options.

And while any local Home Depot, Lowe's, or even Wal-Mart may carry landscape lighting - some of them even boasting energy-efficient solar power - George Huerta of FXL will assure you that these alternatives cannot simulate the high-quality, architectural-grade lighting that consumers are guaranteed when they invest in FXL products. With lower-end substitutes, do-it-yourself designers often find that the illumination is either too dim to provide quality ambient lighting, or that the excessive light spill turns their home into a glittery Vegas casino. Typically, homeowners are not looking for these extremes, but they may not be educated enough in the nuances of what quality lighting can do to turn an otherwise banal setting into something more pleasant, inviting, even useful.

FXL provides literature and demonstrations to address just these kinds of issues. Last week, FXL representative Huerta, along with Arnold Flores and Ray Gonzalez, came to the home of Pamela Berstler and Alex Stevens to give local contractors, designers, and homeowners a forum in which to discuss how FXL products can enhance creative designs using quality exterior lighting.


Berstler and Stevens, who own the exterior design firm Flower to the People, have transformed their own home using FXL products and, in the process, turned a rather modest space (comparable to many homes in Los Angeles) into an indoor-outdoor dwelling. A look over the fence into their neighbors' yards reveals how much space many of these homeowners are challenged with - and how Berstler and Stevens have faced that challenge; their well-designed landscaping and lighting scheme turns their otherwise undersized backyard into a charming haven.

And because everyone's conception of L.A. is unique and always personal, FXL's line of exterior lighting offers diversity, flexibility, and, yes, a touch of stylish mystery.

For more information about FX Luminaire products, contact George Huerta at 888-865-5576 or at [email protected]. FX Luminaire is located at 6118 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92121 and at www.fxl.com. For more information about Flower to the People, a Santa Monica-based company, contact Pamela Berstler or Alex Stevens at 310-312-5076 or at [email protected]. Or visit them on the web at www.flowertothepeople.com.

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