Electrical Systems and Services Launch Review - Turning the Landscape Green

Electrical Systems and Services with it new addition

The two of us chose to take advantage of a beautiful summer day and drive from Evanston, Illinois to Sturtevant, Wisconsin to be present at the installation of Wisconsin’s first Windspire.  Barbara, having seen six Windspires when touring the Devon Bank branch in Wheeling, Illinois, happily accompanied Dorothie who wanted to attend this event, being a friend of Electrical Services and Systems president, Jay Datt.  An hours’ drive found us in Sturtevant where preparations were underway for the launch.

The Devon Bank's impressive Windspires (Photo-Pam Stavignona)

Earlier, a tour of the Devon Bank, the only green bank in the Chicagoland area (and one of two in Illinois) inspired Jay Datt to “jump on the bandwagon” and this celebratory event resulted.  When Happie and Jay Datt saw the six Windspires twirling, they knew they needed to have one in place to demonstrate to their potential customers. In addition, they were impressed by what they saw and what they learned about the Windspire manufacturers, Mariah Power in Reno, Nevada.

Before the formal installation

Back to the bank, Dan Loundy, VP of Devon Bank and project manager was the force behind the “green” bank and shared, “The Windspires are a great attraction at the Wheeling branch and really show customers that we are serious about being green.” The Windspires offset the bank’s energy costs.

Happie Datt at work

Intrigued by this visit to the Devon Bank, Jay Datt, President of Electrical Systems and Services (ESS) contacted the manufacturer of Windspires and decided to add this product to the renewable energy option of solar powered LED lamps.  Wisconsin politicians eager to promote the green energy revolution joined residents of  Sturtevant on August 14 to  witness the establishment of a Windspire at.  There was a balmy breeze that immediately set the gleaming blades of the Windpire spinning.

A captive audience

The Windspires that generate renewable energy for the Devon Bank branch in Wheeling, Illinois are produced by factory workers in Manistee, Michigan.  These small wind turbines are assembled in a former auto plant. Electrical Systems and Services in Sturtevant, Wisconsin was very impressed that this plant in Manistee which was an auto plant was in place with trained workers and only needed to switch products to go into action.

On the ground, ready to go

Windspires, designed and managed by Mariah Power, Reno, Nevada, have been manufactured in Michigan beginning in April 2009 and are suitable for residential backyards or small businesses.  Only four feet wide and thirty feet tall, they are much smaller and quieter than propeller type turbines, which need spacious locations in the countryside, and unlike those giants, Windspires turn regardless of the wind direction.   In addition, there is no maintenance required and any repair work can be done by easily when the spire is placed on the ground so that large equipment is not required. The Windspire has been featured in Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and on "20/20", CNN and NPR.

Entirely designed and manufactured in the USA, Windspires generate electricity with vertical airfoils that rotate around a center shaft.  With average 12 mile per hour winds, a Windspire can generate about 1.2 kilowatts per year or 10 to 20 per cent of power utilized in an average home.  In addition, a thirty percent government tax credit on the $11,000 to $13,000 installation cost enhances appeal to green enthusiasts who will also benefit from reduced utility bills.  The Windspire turbine is a radically designed, low-cost, low-noise, attractive wind power turbine for use in urban, surburban, rural and remote locations.

Almost up

With blessings from Wisconsin State Senator John Lehman and State Representative Cory Mason, Racine Mayor John Dickert, Mark Thomas - President NECA (National Electrical Contractor's Association), and Chris Gulbrandon Business Manager - IBEW Local 430, a bright future of renewable energy sources illuminated by LED lights and powered by Windspires is assured.

It is up and Jay Datt is delighted

Electrical Systems and Services is the exclusive dealer/installer of Windspires in Illinois’ Northen neighbor state, Wisconsin. Electrical Systems is an electrical design, engineering and installation company serving Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Customers in SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois since  1977. ESS focus is on design, engineering & installation of electrical systems and renewable projects for industrial and commercial customers. Viewing the Windspires, whether at the Devon Bank (561 North Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling) or at Electrical Systems and Services (9180 Charles Street, Sturtevant, WI) may inspire you, too, to invest in renewable energy made possible by Mariah Power.  

Devon Bank

Electrical Systems and Services, Inc

Mariah Power

Photos: Barbara Keer and Electrical Systems and Services



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