Dyson Vacuum - Spring Cleaning This Fall.

A portrait of the newest Dyson DC14.

In Today's exciting new world where people everywhere are still engrossed in phones that take pictures and cars that search for Chinese food restaurants at your audible command, it is not at all surprising to find technological advances in other sectors of the production world that are not receiving the attention and exposure they deserve. Now, for most inquisitors the subject of vacuum cleaner evolution may not exactly provoke thoughts of hundreds of highly trained scientists and physicists bustling about in interminable states of excitement as they pursue the next profound breakthrough in floor care, however, this is exactly what one dedicated company has been up to since its incarnation. Dyson, Inc. headed by its founder James Dyson has been selling the most advanced vacuum cleaners in the world throughout the UK now for around a decade; his revolution? After 15 years and 5,000 prototypes later James Dyson created the world's only vacuum that does not lose suction after prolonged use. If this doesn't immediately appeal to you gadget junkies and housekeepers alike, then I beseech you, read on.

Dyson's revolutionary Root Cyclone technology.

Here is the scoop. Standard bag vacuums lose their ability to collect dirt, hair and debris as they collect more and more of it. This is a result of poor air flow through the vacuum as dirt and particles collect and clog up the bag. Bag-less vacuums do not circumvent this problem as they still use filters that clog up and restrict air flow with the same result of a lost suction. James Dyson proposed a radical new design for vacuums after running into the same type of problem with other filtration systems. He soon realized that he could use centrifugal forces that far exceed that of gravity to spin dirt and particles out of a vacuum's air stream and thus eliminate the need for a dirt trapping filter. Just how much force you ask? How does 100,000 times that of gravity do for an awe inspiring figure?

DC14 Profile view.

The result that follows, that of unparalleled performance, should be scientific, and indeed the response from Dyson owners has been a resounding sigh of reverence and relief, especially among the many hairy pet owners who made the purchase after being fed up with other vacuums that couldn't get the job done. Dyson's first series of cyclone vacuums are still relatively new to the US market and I have yet to encounter one face to face. Dyson Inc. hopes to receive a much more than lukewarm reception this October by offering up a brand new series of vacuums. Four models of the new Dyson DC14, will make their showing in stores like Best Buy, Sears, Target and other home appliance retailers. Expect that they will be boasting various must have features like Root Cyclone technology, an extendable telescopic wand, brush control options, bacteria killing air screens, and more.

Here at L.A. Splash we know that everyone can appreciate the magic of modern science; especially when it's harnessed to transform a machine as underrated, overlooked and ill-appreciated as a vacuum cleaner into something we can all gape at and ogle over. That is why we are prepared to grovel at the Feet of Dyson, Inc. until they agree to relinquish one of these ground breaking dust busters into our dirty little paws and allow us to do a full test on it. If we succeed in this acquisition you can bet that you will be getting a full technical review and comparison shortly afterwards.

Make sure to check back in the near future for a full review on the DC14. Until then you can inquire further by visiting Dyson, Inc. at http://www.dyson.com/homepage.asp


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