Bissell Velocity Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum 3950 Review - This Vacuum Sucks in a GOOD Way!

The Bissell Vacuum 3950

Having just moved into my apartment, the need for a vacuum was obvious in my now dirt, cardboard, and paper encrusted carpet.  As I searched through the home appliance aisle at my local Target, I came across the perfectly priced ($129.99 plus tax), aesthetically pleasing, purple Bissell Velocity Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum 3950. 

Since this bagless masterpiece came complete with onboard tools such as a the dirt lifter brush and corner attachment, I decided to give it a try.  I was not disappointed.  As soon as I got home, I began putting the pieces together and found my first pleasant surprise: it only took me 15 breezy minutes to put the whole vacuum together, screws and all. It was the most uncomplicated process I have experienced from home assembly appliances. 

The extra long cord, lightweight maneuverability, and seven height adjustment settings made for a very pleasurable vacuuming experience.  I was able to adjust the vacuum handle to a very comfortable height instead

of having to hunch over it, as is usually typical of other vacuums.  While the Bissell is not self-propelling, it glides very easily over thick carpet without much effort.  The cord was long enough that I never had to unplug it and move it to another outlet.  I loved being able to vacuum continuously without that annoying interruption.  The device was also relatively quiet and the front headlight provided that much needed extra light in those corner spaces and closets.  The Bissell will now also replace my old broom and dustpan as it glides across linoleum, picking up everything in its path. 

The rotating turbo brush combined with this vacuum’s strong suction power leaves no dirt, crumb, or scrap of paper behind.  Since this vacuum is bagless, the removable canister needs to be emptied frequently but this is just another testament to its cleaning abilities and suction power.   It literally picks up every visible and seemingly non-visible particle.  I felt such a sense of accomplishment as I dumped one full canister after another of hairy dirt balls into the garbage.  As long as the user keeps an eye on the dirt level of the canister and empties it before it gets too full, emptying the canister is easy and mess free. 

The dirt lifter brush and corner attachment also worked wonders.  The dirt lifter brush lived up to its name and easily sucked up crumbs and unseen dirt from my couch cushions.  The extra long stretchy hose possessed the same powerful suction and by the time I was done frisking the couch, it looked as good as new.  The corner attachment meticulously sucked up dirt and particles in the impossible-to-reach-with-a-vacuum corners and, if I had stairs, I’m sure it would work perfectly on those as well. 

The Bissell Velocity Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum 3950 is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned and I would certainly recommend it to anyone in need of a vacuum or dissatisfied with their current device. 

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