Before There Was Fire, There Were Xela Aromasticks

With all of the spa treatments, feng shui services, and yoga techniques out there to make your life stress-free, you would think that there's not much else that can bring a calming atmosphere to your home. Xela Aromasticks may be the newest product in a world jam-packed with relaxing treatments, but it offers up something more sophisticated than typical incense. After all, as Xela's site declares, 'Before there was fire, there were two sticks.'

Uplifting Floral

Xela promises that their bottles of essential oils, along with the thin bamboo Aromasticks that absorb and release the fragrance, will 'create a gentle aroma that calms the mind and spirit with the power of aromatherapy.' They are easy to use: just open the bottle, attach the wooden lid provided, and insert the reeds through the opening.

Invigorating Citrus

Xela, which means 'wooden sticks' in Greek, offers five unique scents that are full of organic spices to suit your mood and refresh your senses. Soothing Nursery, the newest addition to the Aromsticks family, includes chamomile, patchouli, cyclamen, jasmine, violet and musk to cleanse, calm, offer tranquility, and promote feelings of love in  your surroundings, all while conjuring up memories of your childhood.

Uplifting Floral contains jasmine, honeysuckle, rose and violet, a combination known to awaken the senses, lift the spirits, and invoke harmony and feelings of springtime, which can be vital during the harsh winter days.

Coming home to an energetic family after an exhausting day of work can be wearisome, but Calming Woods guarantees to bring tranquility to the household entire. Notes of healing amber, sandalwood, cedar and musk will nurture and cool everyone's senses.

Invigorating Citrus, one I personally tested, offers a surprisingly delicious scent of lemon, lime, orange and jasmine. The citrus promotes well-being and energy, and can alleviate cold, asthma and fever symptoms. They also benefit your skin and mind, while the jasmine single-handedly attracts spiritual love.

For days that seem to be endless, open a bottle of Stimulating Spice. A mixture of cinnamon, vanilla and ginger will warm the heart and mind, while pure clove rejuvenates and stimulates to keep you alert and energized into the wee hours.

Xela Aromsticks is available in a 16 ounce bottle for $60 and an 8 ounce bottle is $35. They last up to six months and four months, respectively.

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