Allegro 500 Saunas Feature More Space And Glass For Greater Natural Light & Style

Sussman Lifestyle Group?s Latest Freestanding Sauna Provides Homeowners The Ultimate In Luxury And Comfort

Allegro 500 Sauna

Sussman Lifestyle Group? (SLG), a leading manufacturer and supplier of sauna rooms and heaters, steam baths and towel warmers, recently unveiled its latest addition to the Allegro? Contemporary Collection of elegant and freestanding saunas. 

With enough room for two people to comfortably lie down, the Allegro A500 features the largest width of all Allegro units at 4 1/2?.  Additionally, twice the amount of glass covering the front of the sauna -- floor to ceiling -- offers an even more relaxing sauna experience.  The extended glass allows for additional natural light to enter the sauna creating a feeling of openness, comfort and ambiance. ?We are offering the Allegro A500 to provide home spa owners the ultimate experience in luxury sauna bathing.  With more natural light added to the sauna?s internal soft-glow lighting, enthusiasts can truly enjoy the luxury of a relaxing sauna in the comfort of their own home,? said Charles Monteverdi, president of Sussman Lifestyle Group. 

Priced at $12,690, the Allegro A500 is modular in construction and self-contained, allowing for easy installation in less than an afternoon. 

Dealers can be located throughout the United States by visiting Pre-assembled elements include ceiling panels, vertical walls, benches, supports, trimming and lighting.

The Allegro A500 joins the Allegro Contemporary Collection of elegant freestanding sauna units, including the A200 and A300 units.  Allegro saunas range in size to accommodate two people for flexible positioning in almost any room of the home.  The A200 Allegro is designed to neatly fit into corner locations.

State-of-the-Art Controls and Ergonomic Seating and Accessories. Every Allegro sauna contains a pre-mounted and wired heating unit, (rated from 3KW to 4.5KW, 240V/1PH, depending on the model) with adjustable time and temperature controls. All Allegro saunas have hinged, wide entrance, low-emission curved glass doors, soft-glow interior lighting, ergonomically designed seating and shelving, external towel bar, shelves and magnifying mirrors.

Other standard accessories include a lined bucket and ladle, and hourglass. An adjustable upper bench and slanted backrest further define the Allegro line, contributing balance and contentment to a relaxing experience.

About Sussman Lifestyle Group 

Sussman Lifestyle Group (SLG), a division of Sussman-Automatic Corporation, manufactures and markets the finest quality steambath generators, sauna rooms
and sauna heaters and towel warmers for residential and commercial use.

The company?s innovative products, MrSteam?, MrSauna? and WarmaTowel? help promote an upscale lifestyle for people around the world. SLG products are designed to meet and exceed established industry safety standards and are recognized for their quality and reliability.

For more information on the Allegro 500, visit or call 1-800-76-STEAM.

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