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For many years I have had the same company remove old wax from my kitchen floor and then apply new wax.  This procedure has worked well and the floor has been preserved in good condition and was easy to maintain.  This year when it was time for this work, I learned that the company I used was no longer in business.  In addition, I learned that finding a service that still does this work is not so easy.  So I was very pleased to be referred to Anna at A Reliable Professional Cleaning Service, Inc.  I was even more pleased when I called (312.437.2747) and the companies’ owner, Anna, offered to come out to give me an estimate that same day.

Getting ready

Below is information from their website:
“With a strong reputation for thoroughness, A Cleaning Services provides the highest quality of professional cleaning and customer service. Serving the cleaning needs of Chicago, Illinois. A Cleaning Service will impress you with their attention to detail and areas covered. Our dedication to quality services, coupled with professional care, ensures that your home or office impresses your family and guests from the minute they walk through your doors. Locally owned and operated, A Cleaning Service will provide personalized service to your home or office. Call for your free consultation today!”

Dirt is removed from corners

I handed one of the A Reliable Professional Cleaning Service, Inc. cards to a friend and also observed that another service they provide is organizing cupboards in kitchens and bathrooms.

Speaking with Anna, I learned that she began A Reliable Professional Cleaning  five years ago when she observed that services that offered residential and commercial cleaning service often left customers disatisfied. She believes in hiring highly qualified, professional workers, using the best products on the market and maintaining satisfies customers.

Making an old painted floor look new

Jerry and Vladimir, the men who came to work on my floors, arrived punctually, and efficiently moved their equipment into the house.  They worked with skill and care.  I had arranged for the floors to be done in my kitchen and basement; three floors-one twenty years old asbestos, one fifty years old asbestos and one painted.

Removing old wax from a fifty year old floor

Jerry explained that thry use only top quality products.  A non-buffing wax was applied after the old wax was removed and it dried protective and shiny.  I was told my floor would not need treatment again for many years.  Jerry is very experienced in making floors look like new, having done this work for fifteen years.

Applying wax, making an old floor bright

Work was completed with care and precision.  A wire brush was used to clean the area near the baseboards and any areas that needed extra cleaning.  Furniture that needed to be moved was handled with care as was the equipment and materials that needed to be taken into and out of the house.  No drips, no banging into walls, no left over mess.

It looks wet but it is just shiny

When the work was complete, wax removed and then three new coats applied, the floors were clean, bright and very shiny.  They really almost look like new floors.  It was interesting to see the wax applied, looking opaque and then turn clear and shiny as it dried. It is very pleasant to see and walk on our “new” floors.

A Reliable Professional Cleaning Service, Inc.

Photos: B. Keer

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