5 Tips for a High Tech House - Get the Smart Home of Your Dreams

We have all dreamed of having a modern, fully integrated smart home. It’s something that was once confined to the annuls of science fiction, before becoming something that only the rich could gain access to.  

These days smart homes are more accessible than ever. You don’t need a big budget, you don’t need all the latest high-end tech. You just need a home, a few dollars in your bank and knowledge of the best products on the market, which is where this short guide comes into play.

These are the best products to turn your house into a smart home, focusing on the ones that are easy to find and install, as well as the ones that won’t break the bank.

Philips Hue

This is smart lighting that works with with number of devices to give you a feel of a modern, smart home. It’s a top brand, so it offers the best tech and the best spec, but it’s also more affordable than ever.

With Hue you can pick an exact shade and intensity of light. You can control it via a number of means and you can even customize your lighting to flash and alert you when you get a new email. That’s the sort of feature that sounds impressive but would get very annoying very quickly, but it’s a sure-fire way to impress your friends, so it’s a winner for us. 


This is where most smart homes should begin. As investigated by The Smart Future, the best products are the ones that got there first and have remained at the forefront of this technology. Nest is one that is frequently mentioned on lists of must-have smart home tech, and not without reason.

Nest is easy to install and it offers you the chance to completely smarten up the heating in your home. It can connect to your smartphone or your Google Home drive and allow you to set the temperature wherever you are. You can heat the house up on those cold days when you’re stuck outside and looking forward to going back to a warm home. You can also monitor how much you’re using, which allows you to keep an eye on those energy bills.

Smart Security 

Nest gets a mention here as well, as they offer a smart alarm that really is a step into the world of science fiction. It is a fire alarm that can actually detect when there is a real fire, and not just another one of your attempts to cook dinner. It also does a bunch of other neat things and essentially acts as your own safety advisor. 

And then you have electronic doorbells from Ring. They are intercoms and telecoms, and they can be accessed from your phone wherever you are. So, if an opportunistic burglar happens by in the hope you’re out, you can pretend to be in. If a friend drops by, you can let them know where you are. Also, there’s no longer any need to wait in all day for the delivery driver. You’ll get an alert when they’re at the door and you can tell them to leave the parcel in a safe place.

This is a brilliant device for anyone worried about safety and anyone who struggles with mobility and can’t get to the door quickly. What’s more, you can get a top of the range kit for less than $100, with the basics coming in at less than $30.

You can also go the whole hog with a home security system from Samsung’s Smartthing. This is affordable and it offers complete peace of mind, with built-in sensors, security cameras and more to give you the full package.

Voice Control

Finally, don't forget to integrate al of your smart products with a smart home device. Google Home and Amazon Echo are the biggest two and cost between $100 and $200, but if that’s too much then there are alternatives. There is a more affordable device from Lenova that does many of the same things for a lot less money. 

These devices can search the web, answer questions about the weather and whatever else you want to ask. They can connect to media in your home to play music, films and TV shows. They can connect to smart lighting, security and heating to allow you to control everything with your voice.

A smart home isn’t a smart home without one of these bad boys.

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