4 Harmful Contaminants That Water Filters Remove

If you have been toying with the idea of installing a home water filtration system but wonder if you really need one, rest assured that you do. Even with the efforts made by the local municipality to remove contaminants from the water supply, there are still plenty of things in your water that would be best avoided. Here are four examples of what the right type of filter will remove from your water and allow it to taste better as well as be better for your body.




Chlorine is often used by local municipalities to remove other types of contaminants from the water supply. While it is effective, excessive chlorine can trigger health issues in many people. Think of how pool water with a little too much chlorine in it stings your eyes. Now consider what drinking water with chlorine could be doing to your vital organs.


The right types of water filters get rid of any lingering traces of the chlorine used to treat the water supply. As a result, you can drink water straight from the tap with confidence.


Rust and Dirt


How many years has your home plumbing system been in place? Can you remember the last time a professional flushed those lines? If not, there is a good chance that tiny amounts of dirt and rust come out of the tap along with the water you are drinking. By choosing to install a home filtration system, those tiny amounts are removed before the water ever gets into your drinking glass.


Algae and Mold


That same plumbing system that contains rust and dirt in the pipes could also be a breeding ground for different types of mold and algae. Even if the water seems to be clear, there can still be traces of mold that are hard to see. Remember that if the water has a noticeable scent, it is likely from those tiny mold spores. Your best bet is to have the system flushed and then invest in a home filtration system. You’ll be surprised how much it helps with the taste.




Lead is still found in many residential plumbing systems. If you happen to live in a home that is several decades old, it’s a safe bet that lead pipe is used somewhere in the system. Given the evidence of the detrimental effects of lead on the human body, it makes sense to remove any traces of lead from the water supply. When you decide to install a purification system and purchase water filters from Cedar Springs, you can be sure that there is no lead in the water emerging from the kitchen tap.


There are many other contaminants that the right home filtration system will remove from your water. Call a professional today and arrange to have your water tested. Get a quote for under the sink filters as well as whole house filtration systems. In the long run, it will be money well invested.

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