WhiteyBoard Review - Making a Work Space Workable

Things were picking up in the small home office and it was time for a better organization system. I had papers and notepads, and computer programs, but nothing seemed to be working for me to keep everything organized efficiently. The wall next to my computer desk was unadorned by any pictures. New projects and things to do later always came up and I thought it would be helpful to have a big place to display them instead of going back and forth from notes. It seemed like a hassle to figure out how to put a chalk board in the space, and we thought there must be something better than buying a bunch of those small white boards you can hang on the wall.

Office space before and installing

Office space after

One day, we received in the office a portable pocket white board by WhiteyBoard.  Intriguing as it was I didn’t want it to look like there were a bunch of 3x5 cards taped to the wall.  Great for on the go, but it didn’t seem right for the home office.  After some research we found out that WhiteyBoard also makes white board paint and they make custom size whiteboards that stick to your walls like wall paper.

Didn't take long to fill up, don't know how I lived without it.

With the different options to choose from, paint, wall paper, chalk board, white, clear, matte, black, ghost, it was hard to come to a final decision.  In the end we decided to go with the wall paper type in the classic white. We also decided to have them make us custom size boards instead of getting one of their standard sizes that wouldn’t quite fit in our spaces.  They were very helpful and even though we had many back and forth emails they patiently helped us through the process.

Hallway desk space before and steps 1 & 2

Hallway space step 3 and after

We sent them pictures of the wall spaces we were planning on putting the whiteboards, and they gave us their suggestions. They even helped us figure out a solution to put a WhiteyBoard on one of our textured walls.  Because the whiteboard wall paper is so thin and the paint is well paint, we didn’t want to have to sand down our wall. Instead they suggested we get thin foam board to put on the wall and then they would put the whiteboard wall paper on that.  It worked great.  They also told us they are now in the process of making a thicker whiteboard paper so that you won’t have to sand down the textured walls or get foam board on your own.

2nd office before and Foam board used to cover textured wall

Putting together the foam boards and adding the WhiteyBoard surface

Once the custom boards were manufactured they were ready to be installed.  Since we live in L.A., where they are located, they offered to come over and install the boards for us.  Which was great! They were very nice and did a really great job at putting the WhiteyBoard up. It was actually quite simple to put up, but I’m glad they came and installed them, because they were pros and it would have taken me forever to get it just right.

Smoothing out the WhiteyBoard paper on the foam board

WhiteyBoard was started by a college student, Saachi Cywinski, because he had a need and found a way to fill it.  Whiteboards have numerous benefits, from keeping things organized, to saving paper, to letting your kids draw on the walls, to just having a big space to think. Their slogan “THINK OUT LOUD” really says it all.  For me it has definitely made my work flow much more efficient and easier to handle.  I often think “how did I get along without the board before?” 

WhiteyBoard markers, highlighter, and wipe off cloth

WhiteyBoard is definitely the way to go when you’re looking for a big space to keep track of your life, or to just “THINK OUT LOUD”.  Visit WhiteyBoard online to order your product today, and see what others have to say.


WhiteyBoard "Think Out Loud"

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