UPrinting.com Review – UPrinting the Affordable Online Printers Who Place Customer Service and Quality Printing First

UPrinting.com is the place to go for all your online printing. They have been in the business since 1985 and produce on gang-run printing, which is printing many projects at once on the same paper. It is known for reducing costs and low quality; however, with their amazing experience, skill, and extra effort they are able to provide professional printing quality and still pass along the savings to you. UPrinting.com typically caters to small and medium sized businesses, always providing free 1on1 technical help and press-ready proofs before you commit to any order.

UPrinting.com is basedin West Los Angeles; they offer various products on their gang-run printing such as brochures, business cards, calendars, envelops, greeting cards, and posters. Also offered are large format printing like large scale posters, artist canvas, vinyl printing, and window clings. A new service they are offering for the printing of business cards is very exciting to me, it is die cut business cards which they call ‘Rounded Corner Business Cards.’ For the reprinting of my cards, I choose the rounded corner style but there are many styles to choose from. 

You can select how fast of a turn around you want

UPrinting.com’s website is simple to navigate and has tons of products available for your printing needs. You can simply go online, select the product you want, fill in the “get instant quote” box, and you’ll see how much your project will cost. After that just upload the files, secure payment, check the proofs, and they are ready to print.

The UPrinting.com mainpage

You can select the turnaround time on your project and see when your job will be finished. Even though they use gang-run printing you still have full selection of what type of paper, gloss, if you want the die cuts and images for all your needs. You won’t find the same options with other gang-run printers. They provide a lot of flexibility and options while keeping prices low.

UPrinting.com’s customer service was amazing. I know from my personal experiences that they have a high standard of quality and great quality control for all their jobs. I submitted my custom business card to them last minute and needed them printed before leaving on a trip to Canada. They refused to do a poor job so they called requesting more information and higher quality graphics. Because I was so busy with other things I wasn't always available. They took the time to call eight times for what they needed to ensure a nice business card. At the end they even hunted down the special font I was using to make sure the job was done in time for my trip. They really helped me in a bind. For an internet company to maintain customer service at the top is an amazing feat. Thanks UPrinting.com.

Using the UDesign Tools to design your own business card

250 business cards start as low as $16! They come in three various finishes; include free technical help, free PDF proof, and a real person managing your project. You can even design your business cards using their awesome UDesign Tools. It’s very easy and intuitive to use. It lets you pick a color template, upload your own photos, and move and place the text anywhere you want. They have over 150 categories of templates to choose from. There is an option to design the rear of the card as well.

A sample business card using their UDesign

Because they check everything before printing they caught my poor image quality and missing font. They immediately called me to get higher quality images and found the font. All their printing goes through a pre-press file check that includes checking image print resolution, color space conversion, missing fonts, document size and bleeds, folded panel sizes, and more. After the file check they prepare a press-ready proof. Their electronic proofs include trim marks, bleed marks, registration marks, and color bars. They always have 1on1 Technical Assistance for any problems and will always be there to guide you through the whole process.

You always get a pdf sample before you pay and print

For your emergencies they also offer rush services by calling in. You can trust them to ensure a good job even when your in a bind. They are also verified by the BBB Online Reliability Program and SiteSafe by Network Solutions. They have been members of the BBB since November 2006

My Business Card Design

As my business grew, it was time for a new look so where to go? Of course back to uprinting.com to make the high end cards that go with my high end business. So often when I give out my card I am told "nice card" and that makes me feel great about the printer who was able to make my design into a exclent calling card. I choose rounded corners and UV.

Front of new card

You can learn more about UPrinting on their website and even pick up your order at their Los Angeles office 

Customer Service Hours

24 Hours Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun 8a-5p

(888) 888-4211

Store Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm


Corporate Headquarters

8000 Haskell Ave.,

Van Nuys CA 91406


Los Angeles Pick-up Location
10932 Santa Monica Blvd.,
West Los Angeles CA 90025  See Map


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