Ergotron Mounting Desk Arm Review - Leading in Digital Mounting Technology

Make your workplace adapt to you and not the other way around. Wanting to have a more adaptive workspace Splash investigated ergonomic workplace companies. We learned that author and visionary Harry Sweere, founded Ergotron in the early 1980’s when ergonomics & wellness were new concepts in the workplace. 

At their heart Ergotron products are adaptive technologies to help people work. They adapt to the physical needs of each individual. Over time America has seen the rise of injury due to reparative and hard to see computers. There are many organizations that advocate for worker health, International Association for Worksite Health Promotion and or are just some of those resources.

The human-centered design in each Ergotron product creates an environment that promotes wellness while improving productivity and efficiency. If you spend a lot of time at your computer it is imperative to have a space and thus a work-life as comfortable as possible. When technology adapts to the varying physical needs of individuals, less fatigue and injury happen.

With over 70 patents Ergotron’s growing portfolio of mounting and mobility products for computer monitors, notebooks, tablets and other devices, flat panel displays and TVs are as easy to use and mount.

Splash looked at Ergotron’s mounting solutions include wall, ceiling and desk mounts, desk stands, office and tech furniture, sit-stand workstations, device charging stations, carts and vertical lifts. We decided that a mounting desk arm would meet our needs. This arm creates a work environment that promotes wellness while improving productivity.

High-quality products with exceptional value add workstation flexibility to promote healthy computing. The durable polished aluminum construction is tested to perform 10 times the expected life-cycle of other competitors at half the price.

Of course, Ergotron devices do cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease. But they cause less disease and that is important to someone who spends hours at a desk. Basically they enhance computing wellness and improve workplace productivity creating new business process efficiencies. They literally position your digital world. Ergotron’s award winning brands include; OmniMount®, StyleView®, TeachWell® and LearnFit™, WorkFit and Neo-Flex®.  Resources from theErgotron website:

Tools to Plan for Workplace Wellness


The Workspace Assessment tool will evaluate the basic ergonomic layout of your desk work area.

The Workspace Planner finds the right height for workstation components. Create an ergonomic workspace following three easy steps.

The Payback Calculator figures the ROI in productivity from an ergonomic workspace. It’s personalized to your situation.

The Calorie-Burn Calculator shows the difference that intermittent standing can make to promote fitness. See how many calories you burn.

The Sitting-Time Calculator lets you evaluate your risk of too much sitting, aka “sitting disease.”

Follow these Ergonomic Tips when working at a computer to improve comfort and reduce injury risk.

Ergotron is headquartered in the US and is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, dedicated to increasing workplace wellness by researching  ergonomics.


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