The UPS Store Sunset - Review - Mail With a Smile!

On the corner of Sunset and Laurel

I recently closed a business location I had occupied for over 25 years and dreaded the mail hassle I imagined would accompany that closure.
Luckily I set up an account at the UPS Store at 8033 Sunset, a location I have been driving past for years, every time I take Laurel Canyon Blvd. I have been using their service for over 2 months now and can give you this seasoned review.

Office and mailing supplies, copy & print, packing, laminating, binding, notary

The initial application process was simple. Just fill out the forms with the names of the persons or businesses that may be receiving mail, pay your fees, get your keys and you are all set.

Mail boxes come in small, medium &corporate

The employees are very helpful and the access terrific. During their generous 7 day a week open hours, the friendly staff is available to help you with your questions, packing, shipping, etc.

Turn in your pink slip to get oversize packages

They are also able to get you the large packages that do not fit in your mail box. You are alerted to the fact that you have an oversized package when you find a pink slip in your mailbox. As soon as you walk to the counter, one of the helpful staff takes your slip and quickly returns with a smile and your package. Since I have been going there for over 2 months, I often don't even need to show my slips, they know me and have retrieved my packages before I need to ask for them. Boy could the US Postal service learn from these folks! One of the great advantages, is the 24/7 access. You are given a key to not only your own mailbox but to the store itself so you can pick up whatever will fit into your mailbox anytime!

Never crowded

The UPS Store offers small medium and large boxes. If your box is for a business, you need at least a medium box. The rentals are for 3, 6 or 12 month periods with monthly rental charges reduced for longer terms. There is a refundable security deposit and a one time $25 set-up fee. The monthly prices range from only $17.50 for a small box for personal use to $51.75 for a short term rental of a large corporate box.

  Here is a recap of the things I found most important:

  • Helpful friendly staff important when you are going to a location several times a week!
  • Great access The staff is there to help you 7 days a week
    • 8:30a -7p Monday Friday
    • 9a 6p Saturday
    • 10a -5p Sunday
  • 24/7 access with a key to the front door
  • You are given a private mailing address, no PO Box address
  • Free parking in back of the store
  • Extras services offered
  • Copy and print 
  • Passport photos 
  • Rubber stamps
  • Office and mailing supplies
  • Packing and shipping
  • Notary
  • Laminating 
  • Binding 
  • Mail forwarding if you are out of town

Your helpful customer service reps

To give you some background, Mail Boxes Etc. and UPS joined together creating the worlds largest retail shipping, postal and business services with 5,600 locations worldwide. Their customer service is outstanding, always with a friendly smile and great customer service.

Packages won't be left at your doorstep anymore for the possibility to be stolen; Mail Boxes Etc. hold customers' packages in a secure place for them to pick up at their leisure. Sales representatives get to know you day by day, and begin knowing your name. Most stores are still locally owned and operated with the same great service.

Mail Boxes Etc. was introduced in 1980 in addition to the post office. Today, there are dozens of mail box facilities. But in 2001, UPS took in Mail Boxes Etc and in 2003, created the 'The UPS Store' program to increase customer ratings and set lower retail prices for shipping services. In Entrepreneur® magazine, their annual 'Franchise 500' section ranked them #1 in the postal and business service category for the 15th consecutive year. Their highly recognized customer service can answer any and all customer's questions and can help to their best abilities. Mail Boxes Etc. customer service representatives use the most respect and best judgment in every situation given. Now, you don't hear that everyday.

For those with relatives that live outside the United States or just love to travel, Mail Boxes Etc. are located globally and transferring mail is not a problem. Some locations also offer computer time rental complete with scanning and printing capabilities.

Mail Boxes Etc. website offers the same information with options to track a package, locate local stores, or fill out their customer survey with five simple questions to help better their service personally and via the web.  Many customers benefit by having a separate and personal mailbox away from home to keep their lives private.

You can learn more at 

The UPS Store is located at
8033 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA  90046

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