The Royal Platinum Series PX1000 Crosscut Shredder Review - It Slices, Dices, and Shreds CD's


It slices, it dices, it shred's CD's. This office dreamboat, known only as the Royal PX1000MX, shreds up to ten sheets of paper in a single pass without any problems.  Dropping the jaws of all the men and women standing at that malfunctioning piece of office equipment that is part of our everyday struggle, this brilliantly crafted machine brings joy back into the cubicles of your office or even your home.


The Royal PX1000MX is a vertical feed crosscut shredder, that also features a separate slot for destroying CD's, DVD's , 3 1/2  floppy disks and credit cards. I have been using the Royal PX1000MX, or as I like to call her, 'The Royal piece of goodness', for about three weeks now, faithfully destroying all of the paper documents or computer files on disk, that I don't want the big man to see.


The PX1000 has a very calm and quiet shredding process compared to other shredders. It is also very accessible. By simply pressing the on switch and sliding in up to one to ten pieces of paper, and watch within seconds your confidential papers are forever hidden. By the end of the day your cheekbones will start to swell due to an over abundance of happiness that this beauty gives. The PX1000 has a large pull out drawer that makes it very easy to dump your shredded waste. With Royals patented safety bar, the PX shuts itself down if the drawer is open. Keep in mind that the PX1000 has a space saving design that allows you to easily place the shredder under a desk or next to a copier or in any convenient space.


Here is a typical office conversation at the water cooler. 'Hey Frank.' 'Oh hey Ted, how's Karen and the kids.' 'Oh, they're doing great. I on the other hand, had a close one the other day though.' 'Really, what happened?' 'Well I finally got the pictures developed from the office party three weeks ago.' 'The one where you were running around the office naked?' 'Yeah, so I was in my office at home looking through the pictures when I heard my wife coming downstairs. So hurryingly I just slipped the pictures into Betty.' 'Betty?' 'Yeah my new love, the Royal PX1000MX shredder.' 'Oh yeah she's great huh?' 'Yeah, and after disposing of the developed pictures I took the CD with the photos on it and shredded that as well. By the time Karen came downstairs, I was on the opposite side of the room on the couch reading the paper. I kept the negatives though.' 'Whoa, you're a brave man.' 'No, just a smart one.'


At a suggested retail price of one hundred and forty nine dollars and ninety-nine cents, you can have this beautiful, versatile shredder for your office or for your home. Just make sure to keep long hair, hands, and of course your favorite Flintstones tie away from the mouth of the PX1000. You don't want any of that to get shredded, especially that Flintstones tie.


For more information on The Royal Platinum Series PX1000MX or any other Royal products, visit

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