Make Online Video Work for Your Business

Tips to making an inexpensive and professional online sales video that works.
It sounds like a myth: A hired sales person you pay only once, works for your business around the clock and is completely consistent with their sales delivery. This salesperson is not a human, but a virtual sales professional used in online video marketing. Businesses can use virtual sales professionals to work 24/7- 365 days a year without break, to spread their sales message online.


According to “ The Apple GuyTim Hagen, a certified trainer for Apple and partner at eMotion Picture Studios, there are a number of things businesses should consider in order to make effective online marketing videos.
“Online marketing videos are a cost effective way to generate new business,” says Hagen. “Businesses can make successful videos themselves if they follow a few rules.”        

Hagen suggests the following tips to help businesses create their own successful online marketing videos:
1.    Appear Professional:

Have a clear background for your video without clutter or pictures. Keep the background consistent with the lifestyle your business is promoting. For example, a recreational business could shoot their video on the beach, at the slopes or on a golf course.

2.    Virtual Sales Professional Delivery:

Make sure the sales professional is speaking directly into the camera as if they were speaking to a person. They need to convey a strong sense of confidence to be viewed as credible.

3.    Sounds Good:

Many online videos were shot using the built in camera microphone. This can lead to bad audio which is a leading factor in high video bounce rates. Invest in good audio by purchasing a lavaliere microphone and wire up the talent four to five inches under their chin.

4.    Keep it Short:

 Don’t make your marketing video too long. It should be 2-3 minutes max and the shorter, the better. Only 36% of viewers watch online videos longer than 2 minutes. Training videos should be in the 20 minute range per topic.

5.    Naming the video:

It is important to find the right keywords to use in the video’s name in order to receive the most hits possible. Go to Google Keyword tool (  and paste the URL of a competitor’s video page or your own product page. The tool will then suggest the best keywords for the title and video description in order to gain more viewers.

About Tim Hagen

Tim is a certified trainer for Apple in a wide variety of production applications including Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Server, DVD Studio Pro and more. Tim has trained editors across Canada at Global Television, CBC, and numerous Colleges. Tim’s hobbies include wildlife photography and videography. 

Based out of Burlington, Ontario,  is a firm of 30 who writes, shoots edits and outputs training and marketing videos to DVD, websites and mobile devices. eMotion provides a wide range of other new era internet marketing and training services for clients like Apple, Pepsi, Heart and Stroke Foundation and Siemens.


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