5 Important Goals for Your Weekend Corporate Retreat

You have the feeling that holding a retreat for your employees would help with some of the issues happening around the office. It’s true that team building Toronto is an ongoing task that happens in the workplace every day. Even so, choosing to plan for everyone to spend a weekend together away from the office can do wonders for morale. It may also recharge employees who are feeling a little stale or inspire some ideas that make the workplace better than ever. Here are five goals to keep in mind as you plan for the event.

A Venue That’s Comfortable for Everyone

Planning this type of corporate event takes more than choosing a place with a large meeting area. There is the matter of comfortable places for people to sleep and rest in between sessions. You also want a venue that allows access to a commercial kitchen. Considering all these elements will go a long way toward ensuring everyone has what they need for the event.

Compelling Topics for Workshops and Breakout Sessions

Choose a theme and topics for the retreat wisely. Ideally, they should all track back to concepts that promote more communication and harmony among your employees. When you select speakers or other professionals to facilitate the workshops and sessions, go with those who have a proven tract record in those areas. Your employees will get more from the sessions and you wil find the money spent is worth every penny.

Time for Personal Reflection

Time spent in the workshops and breakout sessions does matter, but you also need to build in time for each employee to spend alone and mull over what they have absorbed during those meetings. A professional can help you come up with a schedule that allows for breaks and an hour here and there for people to spend alone or with one or two others to talk about what they have learned in the previous meeting. You’ll be surprised how those times help to reinforce what everyone has learned and inspire ideas of how to incorporate those ideas into the workday.

Meals as Bonding Time

Don’t treat the meals as something that has to be worked into the retreat time. They provide the chance for people who rarely speak to one another at the office to chat, laugh, and in general get to know one another a little better. The result of that bonding over a meal will lead to closer ties in the office and a level of communication that was not happening before. Make sure the meals include selections that are right for those who are watching their weight, have to keep carbohydrate intake under control, or need something to enjoy that does not contain a lot of cholesterol. Allowing for different dietary preferences or needs is another way you send the subtle message that all your employees matter.

A Party at the End

No retreat should end without a proper party. You’ll find that professionals who put together all sorts of PopEvents.ca Toronto event planning for corporate affairs will know exactly how to come up with an idea that is perfect for ending the retreat. From food to entertainment, the planner will craft a party that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

If you think a retreat is in order, call on professionals today to help with the planning. In less time than you thought possible, everything will be arranged and you employees can look forward to a time that’s informative, enjoyable, and goes a long way toward making the team more cohesive than ever.

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