Mother’s Day Health & Beauty Gifts Over $25 – Mother’s Day Over $25 Health & Beauty Gift Guide 2011

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New F1 Smart Home Treadmill From Life Fitness

F1 Smart Home Treadmill from Life Fitness

Description: As we near Mother's Day, keep her health at heart by giving the gift of home fitness. Life Fitness has released its newest consumer treadmill, the foldable F1 Smart™, perfect for those looking to step up home fitness routines. The F1 Smart features iPod® compatibility so you can exercise and charge your listening device while enjoying your favorite music. Users can also create, save and track personalized workouts using the treadmill’s USB port and the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer website. The new treadmill even includes an energy-saving feature that automatically puts the treadmill into energy-saver mode after workouts, lowering energy use by 90 percent. For more information on the new F1 Smart home treadmill from Life Fitness, visit To access the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer website, visit

Price: $2,499.00 Visit the Website

Wellbox Body Optimizer

Wellbox Body Optimizer

Description: The Wellbox® is a home use professional beauty care device. It is a smaller version of the famous LPG professional equipment and their patented technologies - Lipomassage™ for the body, and Endermo®Lift for the face. The Wellbox® offers at home beauty treatments and unprecedented results, without surgery. A technology built on precision, Wellbox® comes with five interchangeable treatment heads for the body and face. Designed for all skin types and levels of sensitivity, these treatment heads deliver nearly limitless results for beauty, slimming, health, sports, and wellness. • In Self-Lipomassage™ mode: the Wellbox® smooths cellulite, firms the skin, and helps to release localized fat that is resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. • In Self-Endermo®Lift mode: the Wellbox® efficiently helps to fight against sagging skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and provides a healthy glow on the face, neck and décolleté. For more detailed information regarding this wonderful device please visit Give the gift that keeps on giving... To purchase your own Wellbox now, please visit! Follow WELLBOX USA on Facebook for monthly specials!

Price: $1,499.00 Visit the Website

StreetStrider - The World’s First Elliptical Cross-trainer On Wheels

The StreetStrider offers users a fun, effective outdoor workout.

Description: This year, shoppers looking to break the mold while keeping their loved ones healthy have a great option – a StreetStrider – the world’s first elliptical cross-trainer on wheels, designed to give users a full body workout outdoors. The StreetStrider is easy and fun to use; its three-wheel platform makes it simple to balance while riding, and the intuitive lean-to-steer system works with the body’s natural movements to provide complete rider control. Exercising on a StreetStrider offers the combined benefits of jogging, skiing and cycling - a total body workout, high calorie burn rate, adjustable resistance and low joint impact – without the physical stresses of those other exercises. The StreetStrider also serves as a great means of green transportation. The StreetStrider is available at

Price: $899.00 to $1,799.00 Visit the Website

CosmaLite Smile

Dr. Roth Inventor of 48 Hour Smile

Description: Test-drive a new smile by Manhattan's celebrity dentist, Dr. Steven Roth: INVENTOR OF THE 48 HR DREAM SMILE  Dr. Steven E. Roth is at the forefront of cosmetic and implant dentistry, creating “New York’s most beautiful smiles” for 20 years. He focuses on aesthetics, youthful appearances and oral health. Dr. Roth applies his patient-friendly philosophy to discerning New Yorkers, celebrities, professional athletes and international business executives. Dr. Roth invented CosmaLite™, a new procedure that gives patients the smiles they have always dreamed of in just 48 hours. “All too often, patients come into my office looking for a fast solution to their smile woes, in preparation for a big event. That is why I came up with CosmaLite. The procedure is the application of thin temporary veneers, designed to allow for an instantaneous perfect smile. CosmaLite is affordable and good for many but not all dental problems. The procedure lasts around one week and costs approximately $700. If the patient chooses a more permanent solution, this money is put toward a future purchase. Dr. Steven E. Roth graduated from Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He is on staff at Beth Israel Medical Center, has lectured on Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ, headaches and Bruxism. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Equilibration Society, and American Dental Association. Dr. Roth consults for Web MD.

Price: $699.00 to $700.00 Visit the Website

ArqueDerma, Artistic Restoration Lift


Description: ArqueDerma™, Artistic Restoration Lift™ is ‘The Filler Lift’. Utilizing current FDA approved dermal fillers, the ArqueDerma™ procedure uses principles found in physics and architectural engineering to artistically reconstruct the face to reflect its greatest potential for natural beauty. ArqueDerma™ trained practitioners collect excess facial volume that has dropped, and redirect it upward to its original, or most aesthetically appealing position. The ArqueDerma™ Technique: · Utilizes 40% less filler to achieve unprecedented results · Provides longer lasting results- up to 6 months longer than traditional methods of filling · Provides a natural, yet dramatic result not achievable using conventional methods ArqueDerma™ is a patent-pending methodology created by Leslie Fletcher, R.N., MEP-C. Find licensed practitioners nationwide, in Canada, or schedule with Leslie in Los Angeles.

Price: $500.00 to $4,000.00 Visit the Website


SpaHalekulani's Signature Foot Pounding Ritual begins the Waianuhea experience

Description: SpaHalekulani, an innovative spa that has long been celebrated for transporting guests through a cultural journey to uncover the mystical cultures of Asia, Hawaii and the South Pacific, has unveiled Waianuhea. The unique treatment draws upon the healing waters of Gray’s Beach which fronts Halekulani, and has served as a place of spiritual and physical healing to Hawaiian culture through the generations. Guests are invited to experience two-and-a-half hours of restoration by utilizing the distinct properties of the ocean to cleanse the body and soul. Individuals can also take Waianuhea home with them in the form of a token of appreciation from SpaHalekulani. Waianuhea is available as an a la carte experience for $420 at SpaHalekulani.

Price: $420.00 Visit the Website

Freedom Laser Therapy- Quit Smoking Laser Treatment

Freedom's Quit Smoking Laser Treatment

Description: Low-level laser therapy for smoking cessation operates on principles similar to the 5,000 year old ancient Asian healing art of Acupuncture. Acupuncture is known to reduce tension, increase circulation, and enable the body to relax more deeply. Freedom uses a low-powered (soft) laser no more powerful than a light bulb. Laser is applied to energy points related to addiction. The Laser Therapy procedure is external, non-invasive, drug free, and non-thermal.

Price: $349.00 Visit the Website

Formaldehyde Free Sustainable Keratin Straightening System

product logo

Description: ~ Beverly Hills Brazilian Hair ~ ~ Frizz & curl reduction ~ Easy to manage hair ~ Does not leave hair flat or stick straight ~ Formaldehyde free ~ Environmentally sustainable ~ Natural, Non toxic active ingredients ~ Plant-derived preservatives ~ Paraben & Sulfate free ~ Boutique style hair products Beverly Hills Brazilian Hair is a safer alternative to Brazilian hair straightening. By now everyone has probably heard all the controversy regarding Brazilian hair straightening, and as a Beverly Hills Colorist I decided to create a safer alternative. We have been working over the last two years to create a safe Keratin treatment. After many tests in our lab, we are proud to present our version of Brazilian frizz free hair. Our product will leave your hair shiny and vibrant with a child like quality. In fact, it will be in better condition than before. It is safe on all hair types bleached; colored, permed, or natural chemically untreated hair. It will cut your styling time down to just minutes, for on the go people. It's so safe that even children & pregnant women can use it. Ask your stylist!

Price: $300.00 to $500.00 Visit the Website

1 Year Of Unlimited Tanning $299.99* level 5 sunboard tanning bed

Description: is offering unlimited tanning from just $299* a year in our $30,000 level 2 lotus beds,and hex stand up booths as well with every purchase you get access to our facilities that our open from 7am-midnight with free parking on the famous sunset blvd, in hollywood. Our salon has been seen on such shows as the best of LA show on ABC (best tanning salon in Hollywood 2010), as well as on such networks as E and Fox. Come to one of the highest and most reviewed tanning salons in all of Hollywood, and get the real hollywood tan of your dreams. Plus get this after 1 year you can renew your level 2 membership month to month for just $10 a month*.some restrictions apply see store for detail

Price: $300.00 to $1,000.00 Visit the Website

Lumixyl Brightening System - Erasing Sun Damage Without The Use Of Lasers Or Needles

Lumixyl Brightening System

Description: Forget about wrinkles -- today more and more women are entering derm offices to treat hyperpigmentation. A life-long sentence on your face, hyperpigmentation, also known as age spots, sun-spots or melasma, is a daily unwanted reminder of your skins’ unevenness and dark patches. Luckily, there are products available to help erase the sun's damage and clear skin, and with novel solutions from companies like Envy Medical, the war against hyperpigmentation can be won in eight weeks. Enter The Lumixyl Brightening System. Just think, eight weeks to brighter skin! "Lumixyl helps reduce hyperpigmentation without using hydroquinone, so it is non-irritating and can be applied regularly in your own home," says Skin Care Authority and Celebrity Dermatologist, David J. Goldberg, MD ( "It is a daily skin care system which anyone can use to achieve a healthy and youthful looking glow." Safe for all skin types, Lumixyl is an effective four-part system which will brighten and protect skin while removing sun damage, black heads and acne. Included in this easy daily skincare regimen is an anti-oxidant cleanser, the brightening crème (the real hero product), and a great glycolic exfoliating lotion, followed up with an elegant sunscreen (SPF30). All products work synergistically to give amazing looking skin, clearing away old damaged skin and promoting healthier skin with one even skin-tone. Visit to see before and after photos. Cost: System is $270 in physician offices and at

Price: $270.00 Visit the Website

Love And Gratitude Medallion

18K Gold over Bronze Love + Gratitude Medallion

Description: The Love and Gratitude Medallion collection, designed by Liz Alpert, is inspired by Dr. Emoto for his work with the water crystal and how the words such as "LOVE" and "GRATITUDE" actually change the properties of water perfecting the structure of the water crystal. Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, therefore by wearing this beautiful medallion, you can help heal yourself! Made in solid Sterling Silver or 18K Gold over Bronze. $250 includes metal chain and leather cord.

Price: $250.00 Visit the Website

Brazilian Blowout And Color Special!

Brazilian Blowout, Fabulous Frizz Free and Shiny Hair!

Description: Fabulous Color and a Brazilian Blowout! Give the gift of beauty and luxurious hair from a hairstylist trained by Celebrity stylists. Receive hair color to change your look and have frizz free, shiny, smooth hair with a Brazilian Blowout that will last up to 12 weeks! Two treatments to glam up in 2011! All at a special price! Actual value is over $425! All for $245! Space is limited, please contact Arpie at Hair by Arpie at (818)572-5939 to book your appointment.

Price: $245.00 Visit the Website

New Quick And Comfortable Laser Hair Removal

LightSheer Duet

Description: Rethink hair removal! Getting rid of excessive and unwanted body hair with exciting speed and amazing comfort is now a reality with the LightSheer Duet. Treatment times can now be reduced up to 75% with little or no discomfort. A single treatment on a large surface area, such as the legs or back used to take more than an hour. Now, thanks to new technology, these areas only take 15-20 minutes to treat. Visit to find out more about the LightSheer Duet for permanent hair reduction and to find a physician near you.

Price: $200.00 to $1,000.00 Visit the Website

Spa Luce Japan Ritual

Description: A five-part ritual massage treatment, layering the therapeutic properties of flower oils and fruit essences with rich minerals from the earth and sea. You will be purified with yuzu mimosa sea algae, deeply scrubbed with gingergrass, polished with nutrient rich rice bran, and hydrated with rose, camellia and plum. The treatment closes with a shiatsu massage using kinmoxei wild lime silk oil to energize and restore the whole body. 80 min. $180

Price: $180.00

Sensé™ Deluxe Pack With Perfecting Essence

Deluxe Pack with Perfecting Essence

Description: A perfect way to begin your journey to beautiful skin and a more natural, radiant you. USANA's Sensé™ Deluxe Pack with Perfecting Essence provides the essential combination of products for healthier, more beautiful looking skin. Sensé is clinically proven to increase skin elasticity, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture, and boost skin’s moisture content. In as little as two weeks, you could experience dramatically visible results! Pack includes: Nutritious Crème Masque Perfecting Essence Rice Bran Polisher Eye Nourisher Gentle Daily Cleanser Hydrating Toner Daytime Protective Emulsion Night Renewal Crème

Price: $179.94 Visit the Website

Essence Bracelets - Handmade Healing Jewelry

Essence Bracelets gemstone healing jewelry

Description: Discover Essence Bracelets™ healing jewelry - created by the founders and practitioners of Living Your Essence Healing Centre. Using only the finest faceted gemstones and sterling silver, Essence Bracelets are handmade in studio and individually blessed. Each bracelet is infused with the vibration of Essence – Love, Grace, Compassion, Faith, Courage, etc. When worn upon the wrist, bracelets hold a field of consciousness that reinforces the unique energy signature being carried. By aligning to Essence, we are able to encourage and awaken our natural healing abilities. From our hearts to yours, made with love and sincerity, Essence Bracelets encourage the return to naturalness and the remembrance of light and goodness as our inherent qualities of Essence.

Price: $159.00 Visit the Website

Lose 6 Inches Guaranteed With The Universal Contour Wrap!

Universal Contour Wrap ~ Your Home Inch Loss Kit

Description: Now you can lose inches effortlessly with our At Home Wrap Kit. The Universal Contour Wrap is a scientifically proven detoxification system that works to remove toxin build up from your body resulting in unbelievable inch loss. Get that slim, toned look you've always wanted just in time for Mother's Day, your Wedding, Vacation or just simply because.. Please visit or call 1-877-298-1117 for more information today!

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

MIO Triumph

MIO Triumph

Description: MIO Triumph: Original Strapless Heart Rate Watch with Patented Calorie Management System. The MIO Triumph lets you track how many calories you’ve taken in and how much you’ve burned off during exercise. It even sets off an alarm when you’ve gone over your allotted calories for the day. All you need to do is set your target calorie goal in the morning, and the alarm works as a built in exercise buddy telling you when you’ve hit your limit. When you know you’re doing well calorie-wise for the day, you get the motivation to stick to your fitness goals! The MIO brand empowers you to live a healthier life! The MIO Triumph also features a strapless heart rate monitor system. Simply touch the sides of the watch and stainless steel sensors will provide your heart rate on-demand! The instant feedback during your workout helps you train more efficiently and helps you set new challenges for yourself. It’s Time to TRIUMPH!

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

Reflections Limited Edition Natural Parfum

Reflections Hand Blown Glass Perfume Bottle

Description: Exclusive Reflections Parfum is the perfect gift. An exquisite, hand blown glass perfume bottle with the colors of a sunset over the ocean, houses this enchanting perfume. The Reflections parfum bottle started with a sunset over the Pacific Ocean. The pinks, reds, blues, purples, and yellows merge together to become a reflection on the ocean. Reflections natural perfume is created from the finest materials available. Fabulous centifolia rose otto, expensive and rare oud, exotic and costly boronia, tuberose, neroli (orange blossoms), vanilla absolute, vintage Mysore sandalwood and many other citrus and floral notes. A hint of spice tops this exclusive essence. This natural perfume is 36% fragrance strength in an organic base of golden jojoba oil. This precious hand blown glass bottle includes a lovely dauber to apply the perfume. This fabulous bottle holds 1/2 ounce - 15 mls of natural perfume. No synthetics or man made fragrance oils in this exotic perfume.

Price: $125.00 to $350.00 Visit the Website

Koh Gen Do Holiday Gift Sets

Koh Gen Do Makeup Gift Set

Description: Give the Gift of Beauty KOH GEN DO Holiday Gift Sets Koh Gen Do has combined the best of skincare and makeup into two luxurious gift sets this holiday season. Packaged in a chic black travel case, your choice of the makeup or skincare set gives skin a healthy glow, despite the chilly temperatures. Koh Gen Do’s Moisture and Aqua Foundations fully moisturize and cover any imperfections while the Macro Vintage line is multi-functional providing anti-aging benefits while hydrating the skin. Makeup Gift Set Includes: • Choice of one: o Maifanshi Moisture Foundation o Aqua Foundation • Maifanshi Sheer Berry Lip Gloss • Moisture Concealer With a purchase you receive: • Multi Pouch • Blotting Papers • Sample size Face Powder • Sample size Natural Lighting Powder • Sample size Pure Cotton • Sample size of Cleansing Spa Water Skincare Gift Set Includes: • Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk With purchase you receive: • Macro Vintage Essence Mask two-piece set • Macro Vintage Stretch Eye Street two-piece set • Multi Pouch Available at Barneys New York & Beverly Hills Available online at and

Price: $124.00 to $160.00 Visit the Website

Wai Hope Organic Skincare - Quintessential Balm

Quintessential Balm from Wai Hope

Description: Wai Hope Quintessential Repairing Balm™ “reinspires skin” with our exclusive Wai IRC ™ (intensive recovery complex). This complex contains potent marine actives in a micro–encapsulated delivery system. Tropical skin nourishing and intensively hydrating butters such as Olive, Mango, Cupuacu, Ilipe, Kokum, Cocoa and Shea are infused with vegetal DNA to help restore damaged skin cells. The butters are slowly churned while adding the Red Callaphycus Serratus Seaweed and treasured Amazonian fruits, herbs, and flowers such as Acai, Goji, Camu-Camu, Mangosteen, Bacaba, Jaca, Jambu, Caju, Carambola, Cereja, Dende and the Victoria Amazonica flower (water lilly) the national flower of Brazil. The end result produces a potent, smooth balm, enriched with powerful catachins, polyphenols, antioxidants, resveratrol, biopeptides, minerals, and natural skin enzymes. Highly recommended by radiation oncologists, oncologists, and surgeons and naturopathic skin professionals to “naturally” care for compromised skin. Also recommended for preventing stretch marks and reducing the appearance of scars (in early stages), replenish aging skin, enhance skin clarity to “reform the behavior” of aging cells. This balm naturally protects the skin from sun damaging DNA/RNA. Highlighted Ingredients: Red Fijian Seaweed (Callophycus Serratus)- BioMarine Seaweed Complex- exclusive blend of cell recharging seaweeds in addition to the Callophycus Serratus, such as Wakame, Nori, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Irish Moss, Sea Lettuce, Spirulina and Red Marine Algae

Price: $120.00 Visit the Website

TrekSta Women's Evolution II

Women's Evolution II

Description: Built for unparalleled support and fit, the Evolution II will change your whole experience on the trail. You'll have a hard time telling where the shoe ends and you begin. Updated and improved for 2011, the revised midsole offers more support than ever. Each shoe includes two pairs of colored laces - make a statement, or, tone it down. Features the NestFIT system and the IceLock/HyperGrip sole.

Price: $115.00 Visit the Website

The No OM Zone Yoga Starter Kit

The No OM Zone Yoga Starter Kit

Description: The No OM Zone Yoga Starter Kit is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to delve into the world of yoga or those looking for a natural approach to ease common ailments using the power of yoga. Complete with everything you need to get your yoga on, the No OM Zone Yoga Starter Kit includes a No OM Zone Book, No OM Zone DVD, YAS Yoga Mat & YAS Yoga Mat Towel. The No OM Zone book and companion workout DVD take the mystery and intimidation out of yoga for those still apprehensive of the practice and welcomes newcomers, introducing them to a fun and fulfilling practice. It combines strength, flexibility, and stress-reducing benefits of yoga with take-no-prisoners cardio workouts. The No Om Zone will teach you how yoga can naturally help ease common disorders, such as headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety and frequent colds or flu. Providing you with a natural alternative, these healing yoga poses relieve stress and leave you with more energy.

Price: $100.00 Visit the Website

Online Workout Videos

Franklin, founder of

Description: Enjoy a free year of Online Workouts from! This Basic online account allows you to watch exercises, workouts and yoga videos online. You can also track your health statistics like weight, blood pressure, etc. All videos can be watched online, on mobile phones and are available for free iPod downloads. In addition, daily fitness and motivation tips are sure to keep you fit and motivated!

Price: $100.00 to $250.00 Visit the Website

Facial Magic Starter Kit

Facial Magic Starter Kit

Description: Facial Magic is a comprehensive exercise program that goes much deeper than just skin care. Just as exercise shapes and contours the body, exercise for the face can shape and contour the face. What happens when specific exercises are used for the face? The muscles become stronger and the skin becomes resilient. The user looks refreshed because the droopy skin has been revitalized. For serious beginners. The Starter Kit includes the 60-minute training DVD, the 64-page Success Booklet with your progress chart and written instruction, the Counting CD with Cynthia's voice that positions your thumbs and fingers correctly each time. She also counts the 35 seconds required for each exercise! Also included are 3 pair exercise gloves, 2 jars of our signature DailyLift that lifts dead, gray skin cells and tightens facial skin. A $140 value.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website


NATUREBEE™ Potentiated Bee Pollen

Description: Bee pollen (powerful plant pollen collected by bees) is one of the original truly natural health foods! Used by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese in ancient times for energy, immune system and joint support, weight loss, strength, endurance, and more…it is one of the world’s great SuperFoods! For over 14 years, thousands worldwide, young and old alike, have benefited from our potentiated bee pollen. Unlike conventional bee pollen that has a hard cell wall that makes it only partially absorbable, Nature Bee Potentiated Pollen features our proprietary ‘broken cell wall’ pollen. This makes it easy to digest and highly bio-available. You see and feel quick and sustainable results that enhance your health at a foundational level and produces an amazing sense of well-being. We are so sure you will benefit from Nature Bee that we offer a money back guarantee. Find our special Splash promotion: or call New Zealand 1-866-834-8355.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website



Description: Fitbit is a little thing you can do for yourself to make health and fitness part of your daily life, rather than something that you have to make extra time to do. This small wearable 24/7 activity monitor tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and activity level throughout the day. Your Fitbit wirelessly syncs with an online profile where you can log nutrition, sleep and other activities to get a complete picture of your health. Walking around the block with a stroller, playing in the park with the kids, chasing after dropped shoes, hunting down missing sippy cups, tossing the football around in the backyard these are all day-to-day things that you do, and with Fitbit they become part of your workout. A more active you is a more active family!

Price: $99.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Luxtural™ When Luxury Meets Nature At Your Skin

Using Luxtural is a rich and heavenly experience, leaving your skin feeling moist, refreshed and renewed

Description: Luxtural’s  unique approach to skin care is a return to true luxury-by combining the best aspects of high-end ingredients and formulations,  natural skin care that works and cutting-edge science. Luxtural’s primary concern is a green approach to anti-aging. The powerful elements contained in each of the three skin care products are clinically tested, hypoallergenic, free of parabens and synthetic fragrances, and are created using sustainable ingredients like Pure Pacific Ocean Rainwater. Luxtural is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols in the UK, Henri Bendel in the US, as well as online at

Price: $93.00 to $489.00 Visit the Website

Arbonne RE9 Advanced™ Be Pampered Duo

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque

Description: Spoil her with this pairing of Arbonne RE9 Advanced products for smooth, radiant-looking skin. This anti-aging duo includes the RE9 Advanced Age-Defying Neck Cream and Cellular Renewal Masque. The groundbreaking RE9 system of products, which synergizes nine major age-defying elements and botanicals, is clinically proven to start working within 24 hours. When tested in clinical trials, 89 percent of participants reported an immediately smoother, softer texture to their skin after just one use of the Renewal Masque. The products are botanically based, vegan, dermatologist tested, and never tested on animals. Free Gift! Receive a free mini FC5™ Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème and Cooling Foot Crème with every qualifying Mother's Day purchase!

Price: $88.00 to $88.01 Visit the Website

Sensé Hair And Body Pack

Hair and Body Pack

Description: Leave your hair and skin glowing while invigorating all of your senses with this one convenient pack of Splash products. USANA's Sensé Hair And Body Pack is the optimal assembly of products to keep your hair and skin healthy and clean. The package contains one of each of the following products: Energizing Shower Gel Revitalizing Shampoo Nourishing Conditioner Firming Body Nourisher Intensive Hand Therapy

Price: $79.14 Visit the Website



Description: WaterWorks is the first FDA-cleared feminine cleansing system, which safely and effectively eliminates feminine odor. Its medical grade, lightweight stainless steel nozzle which releases low-pressure water is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable reusable use in the shower as part of a daily routine. The secret is in the combination of stainless steel and running tap water that eliminates the volatile sulfur compounds that cause odor.

Price: $69.90 Visit the Website

Spoonk Space Acupressure Mats

Spoonk Space Acupressure Mat

Description: Spoonk Space Acupressure Mats, available in a variety of colors, are Sweden’s biggest hit brought to America. These acupressure mats are based on the principles of the Indian bed of nails and Japanese shiatsu massage, and stimulate specific reflex points throughout the body to release blocked energy, ease tense muscles and create deep mental and physical relaxation. Spoonk mats feature 6,210 small, firm points that provide equal pressure on the body. You simply lay on it, ensuring that your “trouble areas” are covered by the mat’s spikes, and the mat does the rest! The plastic points stimulate blood circulation, relax tense muscles and induce "feel good" hormones (endorphins and oxytocin) that release feelings of wellbeing and calm. All Spoonk mats are completely natural, made of 100 percent cotton, recyclable non-toxic plastic points, and natural foam created without the use of chemicals. For more information, please visit

Price: $69.00 Visit the Website

Chic Jewelry Organizer

Onmii showcases your jewelry

Description: If you’ve been planning on organizing the clutter in your jewelry box but didn’t know how, than the Onmii jewelry organizer is your chic answer. The patented acrylic peg board and flower buttons allows you to safely showcase your favorite possessions simply and beautifully. You’ll never have to dig around in a tangled heap of jewelry again! The Onmii comes in two sizes. Small set is 12.5 X 12.5 inches and includes six Flower Buttons for $69.00. The large set 30.5 X 11 inches that ships with twelve Flower Buttons for $100.00, available at

Price: $69.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

BED OF NAILS - Acupressure Treatment At Home

Bed of Nails comes in green and pink

Description: Bed of Nails not only helps the body rid itself of toxins by stimulating energy and therefore triggers the body's innate way of healing itself but also releases oxytocin and endorphins to relieve pain and induce a state of well being. The 6000 acupressure points make the Bed of Nails a very effective tool as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system to inducing a state of deep relaxation. While revitalizing and rejuvenating, it may: - Relieve chronic neck and back pain - Reduce stress and anxiety - Improve sleep and relieve insomnia - Increase energy level - Reduce blood pressure - Improve Heart Rate Variability - Improve circulation - Improve skin complexion - Relieve constipation - Cellulite treatment Bed of Nails is used by people who are interested in their wellbeing and want to feel better and more relaxed in their every day life. It may be used to warm up muscles and joints before a workout, or after exercise to wind down/meditate/relax, or anytime during the day in order to alleviate stress, back pains, tensions, sleeping problems or increase energy and focus. Due to its circulation benefits it is also widely used by people who sit on the job

Price: $65.00 Visit the Website

Healing Anthropology Gift Set For Body

Healing Anthropology Body Gift Set

Description: Healing Anthropology’s Body Care Gift Set includes our delicious Nourishing Body Cream that is a vitamin rich blend of pure essential oils and butters as well as fruit and floral extracts, our Rejuvenating Face Mist which invigorates skin with antioxidants and offers aromatherapy benefits of lavender and rosemary extract and our Soothing Calendula Salve that has amazing curative properties and dramatically helps heal dry skin, lips and cuticles. Healing Anthropology, a completely eco-friendly company, offers 100% natural skin care products - wonderfully rich, effective and completely free of toxins. Products are blended in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and the use of solely natural ingredients such as cold-pressed essential oils, organic herbal extracts and reparative nutriceuticals makes the products as luxurious as they are safe. Products so pure they are like food for your skin. Healing Anthropology does not test on animals and has won a Beauty With A Conscience Award for its Eco-Friendly Practices

Price: $62.50 Visit the Website

Intimia Breast Pillow

The Intimia Breast Pillow

Description: The Intimia breast pillow is the first pillow designed for your breasts! Intimia is worn between your breasts during sleep to prevent wrinkles from forming on the chest. Intimia also provides comfort to women who have tender breasts during and after pregnancy, it supports large breasts that may cause irritation when sleeping on your side, and it is proven to reduce discomfort during sleep for post breast augmentation/reduction, cancer, mastectomy, and cardiac surgery patients

Price: $59.95 Visit the Website

Mom With An Attitube

Attitube Dumbbells

Description: Water… fitness… fluid resistance, ATTITUBE the workout with an Attitude. Using water motion as resistance provides an intense full body and core workout like never before! Designed with a variable weight system which you control, makes it easy for you to take your workout to the next level by just adding more water. This Mother’s Day give your mom an Attitube which is the the only exercise device that effectively enables Top-Down Conditioning, or Evolution Training, using WATER MOTION as resistance. When working out with the Attitube you are training your entire body as it was meant to be trained – as a whole! Benefits include…. balance, strength, stability, and focusing skills (including visual and auditory). Available in 2 sizes, Dumbbells (18” in length, 2 for $59.95) and the Original (60” in length, $99.95) Easy to fill and change the weight, the Attitube is portable and perfect for travel.

Price: $59.95 to $99.95 Visit the Website

Luscious Lips Deluxe Kit

Luscious Lips Deluxe Kit

Description: Full, pouty, more kissable lips without gooey chemical topical preparations, surgery, or injections are possible using this specially designed device that gently brings back the fullness of your lips. No lump or bumps, just smooth, full lips that keep you looking younger. This device is for both men and women and includes a one ounce pot of Therapeutic Lip Creme. Luscious Lips has been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors Tv, and The Rachael Ray Show.

Price: $59.95 Visit the Website


PureSleep Anti-Snore Device

Description: Give the gift of a good night's sleep with PureSleep®. PureSleep® is a dental device cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of snoring. PureSleep® works by a technique called ‘mandibular repositioning’, and has been used by dentists for decades for the treatment of snoring. The device gently holds the jaw forward, creating an open airway through the throat, eliminating the vibrations that cause snoring. PureSleep® is intended only for the treatment of snoring. It is not intended to treat any other medical conditions (e.g., obstructive sleep apnea, TMJ, etc). Available only by prescription, unlike many other competitive products. PureSleep® works with a network of dentists to facilitate a prescription so that the product can be obtained quickly and conveniently without an office visit. PureSleep® is also sold directly to consumers by many participating dentists across the country.

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Kinoko AHCC ®

Description: AHCC® is Japan's #1 top-selling immune support dietary supplement, now available in the United States. AHCC® (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is an extract obtained from the roots of Japanese medicinal mushrooms. In studies, AHCC® was shown to help support normal immune function and may improve the number and functions of immune system cells. Studies also show this safe, natural immunonutrient can make the annual flu shot more effective.

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Dr. James L. D'Adamo Revitalizing Face Cream

Dr. D'Adamo's Revitalizing Face Cream is pictured on the right

Description: Dr. James L. D’Adamo Revitalizing Facial Cream is ideal as a day and night cream. The all-natural ingredients help repair and treat signs of aging while fortifying the skin's natural moisture barrier to maximize moisture-retention capacity for healthy, soft, smooth skin. The high quality formula includes such ingredients as: Emu oil, Shea and coco butters, Vitamin E, rosemary, mandarin orange, aloe, witch hazel and other natural ingredients. All ingredients have been infused with Ozone which carries oxygen to the skin , thereby giving the skin a supple feel. Wonderful for all skin types. None of our products have been tested on animals.

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Andis SpeedDry™ Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Andis SpeedDry™ Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Description: The Andis SpeedDry™ Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer is equipped with a hyper DC motor that generates 40% more airflow to dry hair faster than ever. SpeedDry™ also sports state-of-the-art dryer technologies to accelerate drying with ionic technology, eliminate frizz with tourmaline crystals, and lock in style through ceramic heat. Now, everyone can dry their hair quickly at home without sacrificing healthy hair. The SpeedDry™ Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer has a cool shot button to lock in style, three heat and two speed settings and a removable filter cap for easy cleaning. A powerful performance is assured with its quiet, long life DC motor. The dryer comes with a five year warranty.

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BEX Runner - A Better Exercise EXperience

BEX Runner - a Better Exercise eXperience by Cool Palms LLC

Description: BEX Runner is the first ever wearable, hand-held core cooling device that works before, during and even after exercise. The new BEX Runner from Cool Palms, LLC is a thin, light-weight cooling gel-pack that fits comfortably and effortlessly in the palm of the hand. The patent-pending BEX Runner is filled with a proprietary gel designed to stay cool for up to a full hour in use. This cooling helps lead to a longer workout, tolerance for a heavier workload, a shorter recovery time and an overall better exercise experience.

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Kettlebell Kit

Kettlebell Kit For Dummies

Description: Looking for a workout that will work all your muscle groups at once; burn fat, build lean muscle, and achieve core strength; as well as boost your metabolism and help you lose weight? Then get moving with kettlebells. According to Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Sarah Lurie, a Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor (RKC), “A kettlebell exercise program can be done in half the time of a regular workout with twice the results. No matter where you fall on the fitness spectrum, kettlebells can help you achieve your fitness, health, and wellness goals. Your skin will feel firmer, your body will be stronger, your posture will improve, and you’ll have more energy for life’s everyday challenges.” Lurie has created an all-in-one kit to get started – the KETTLEBELL KIT FOR DUMMIES ( – which includes one military grade RKC kettlebell; a 32-page Quick Start Kettlebells For Dummies guide, based on her popular book Kettlebells for Dummies; and a 20-minute Quick Start Kettlebells Workout For Dummies DVD. The KETTLEBELL KIT FOR DUMMIES will help users improve strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, and body alignment; master the fundamental kettlebell exercises; and burn up to 1200 calories in a single workout.

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SilverSport SilverMat

SilverSport SilverMat

Description: Are you sick of that funky yoga mat smell? Keep your yoga workout cleaner with the SilverSport SilverMat. The SilverMat features the revolutionary new Terra Silver antimicrobial technology. It's activated by moisture to immediately eliminate odor-causing bacteria. The SilverMat has been specifically engineered to reduce slippage during hot yoga and Pilates workouts. Make the yogi in your life happy with the SilverSport SilverMat. All SilverSport products are proudly made in the USA. You can find SilverSport exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods, both online and in-store.

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Massage Envy Gift Cards

Massage Envy gift cards are easy to give and great to receive

Description: Give the gift of wellness. Massage Envy gift cards are a great value and are greatly appreciated. Massage Envy is the largest provider of therapeutic massage and healthy skin facials in the U.S. with more than 650 locations in 43 states. Services start as low as $49 and are professional, affordable and convenient. Your Valentine will love it. Gift cards can be purchased online and e-mailed directly to the recipient. For more information and locations, go to

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C/D Sports Bra By ISIS

C/D Sports Bra by ISIS

Description: There's no need to crush your girls just to get high-impact support (C and D cup sizes). This stretchy fabric is woven in a seamless double layer that includes an inner compression shelf bra as well as cups, so you are caressed in support. Wide straps over your shoulders and around your ribs help to reduce bounce. Of course, it also wicks and manages moisture and lasts run after run, wash after wash. Available in sizes Sm, Med, Lg, XL. Great for running, aerobic, yoga, biking.

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Description: Celebrate mom on May 8th by giving the gift of a luxurious spa day in the comfort of your own home with OLEHENRIKSEN’s Three Step Body Indulgence. The Three Step Body Indulgence-$48.00 (value of $70.00): Rub n’ buff salt scrub with lemongrass oil for a zesty scent, uses sea salt to clarify, while lavender oil gives the ultimate spa relaxation feeling to calm and soothe. Body sleek lotion consisting of essential fatty acids and vitamins has a lightweight, non-greasy texture that creates soft smooth skin with a fresh scent and non-irritating formula. Lavender body oil’s anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, as well as its soothing and calming effects on the skin, contributes to the multi-purpose of this oil that is simple enough to use every day.

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Wai Hope Organic Skincare - Seawater Recharging Mist

Seawater Recharging Mist

Description: The WAI Restructured Water is the Biomarine Water that has been enhanced through our proprietary ozonation process. A proprietary water created from using Sea Water, Fijian, Hawaiian and Italian Alps waters to "steep" with our exclusive Red Fijian Seaweed and Biomarine Seaweed Complex along with organically grown White tea, Arnica, Grapes, Berries, Cherries, Sangre de Dragon, Saguaro Cactus and potent Amazonian fruits such as Acai, Mangosteen, Goji, Camu-Camu, Aguape`, Mandacaru Cactus, Acerola berries, Pequi and Gravata. WAI Organic Seawater Recharging Mist drenches the skin with restorative multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids, reveratrol, bioflavonoids, catechins and natural peptides. With the healing power of the sea, its water, salts, and vegetation, the rare, red Fijian seaweed is added to make this mist unlike anything you have ever hydrated your skin with before. Anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the skin, lighten pigmentation, and diminish broken capillaries. Highlighted Ingredients: Wai Restructured Water– is the specialized Biomarine WaterTM developed for us in the DermOxyZoneTM system and the Wai OrganicTM product line. Red Fijian Seaweed– Callophycus Serratus has clinically proven anti-cancer, anti-bacterial properties global patent pending for exclusive use in Wai Hope and DermOxyZone products developed by Vincene Parrinello. Wai IRC - is the specialized, proprietary ozonation process and delivery system used in Wai Hope products. Aguape' is a plant that acts as a natural water filter. Gravata is a fruit like a pineapple used to exfoliate the skin and inhibit facial discolorations caused by tyronase destruction. Recommended usage: For all skin types.

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Talbott Teas Luxe Gift Set

Talbott Teas Luxe Gift Set

Description: Talbott Teas, an exclusive line of teas available in Bloomingdales, The Oprah Store, select merchants & salons and, has the most tea-lightful gift for anyone, the Talbott Teas Luxe Gift Set. Steeped in style and packaged in sleekly sophisticated tins, the Ultimate Gift Set explores combinations of unexpected flavors, spices and aromas from the finest quality ingredients from around the world. The Luxe Gift Box is beautifully packaged in a sleek black keepsake gift box and contains 3 full-sized tins of blended loose leaf gourmet tea, 6 honey straws, 1 tea filter wallet, and a stainless steel gourmet tea scoop for the "perfect cup of tea." Includes: •Sleek black keepsake gift box with embossed Talbott Teas logo •Box dimensions: 9.5 in x 9.5 in x 3.5 in •3 tins of gourmet loose leaf tea •1 tea filter wallet (contains 35 natural paper filters) •1 stainless steel tea scoop with "1 Cup of Perfect Tea" engraved on the handle •6 all natural honey straws

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OSEA's Salts Of The Earth Body Scrub

OSEA Salts of the Earth

Description: A weekend away with Mom not in the cards this Mother's Day? Travel the world with Salts of the Earth! We thought, "Does the world really need another salt scrub?" So we searched the farthest corners of the globe for the most mineral rich salt found on earth. The result? Our otherworldly body scrub is spiked with certified organic botanical oils and aromatic mineral salts from around the globe--The Dead Sea, Bolivian coast, Utah desert and Himalayas. This exotic blend of the purest salt on Earth contains 84 trace minerals and gets its unique pink color from the rich ores they contain. The ingredients in these salts plump up the skin, enticing it to soak up nutrients and look more youthful. Restore a healthy glow and gently scrub away dry, sun-damaged skin while discovering the healing and beauty benefits of salt with OSEA'S Salts of the Earth Scrub.

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SilverSport SilverShaper Pilates Roller Cover

SilverSport SilverShaper

Description: If you're looking for the perfect gift for a fitness buff, you can't beat the SilverSport SilverShaper Pilates Roller Cover. The latex-free gel polymer covering wraps around any standard Pilates foam roller – and one is included free with every SilverShaper purchase. SilverSport products feature Terra Silver nanosilver technology, which keeps your workouts cleaner by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. The SilverShaper is a massaging roller cover, so it temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite and helps increase circulation. All SilverSport products are proudly made in the USA. You can find SilverSport exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods, both online and in-store.

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Keratin Enhance

Keratin Enhance by ResVitale

Description: A must have for beautiful hair, nails and skin, Keratin Enhance is the latest innovation from ResVitale, a line of "beauty from within" supplements sold exclusively at GNC. Keratin is the key protein that comprises 97-98% of our hair, nails and the outer layer of our skin, and aids in nourishing and repairing damaged areas. Combining Resveratrol and Biotin with Cynatine® HNS Keratin, a patented form of keratin that is easily absorbed by the body, Keratin Enhance provides a nourishing blend of science-backed ingredients for supporting and maintaining healthy and youthful hair, nails and skin. Hair — A clinical study demonstrated that hair loss from washing was reduced by 30% over a 90-day period, and hair strength was improved by 12% with a marked improvement in the shine and brightness of hair. Nails — Capable of binding with the nails, provides improved nail strength and flexibility. Skin — Four-fold action in fighting the visible signs of aging in the skin: reduces fine lines and wrinkles, promotes firmness and elasticity, improves the radiance of the skin and reduces redness. Keratin Enhance is your new beauty secret to getting gorgeous hair, strong nails and firm skin. Available exclusively in GNC stores nationwide and at

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Henna Sports Bra By ISIS

Henna Bra

Description: The Henna Sports Bra provides high-impact support to A & B cups with it’s chafe-free and double layer seamless construction with an inner shelf bra. With Evaporator Technology, the Henna Sports Bra is lightweight, breathable and quick to dry with its heavy duty wicking abilities. The feminine pattern and bright colors leave women feeling supported but also sexy and flirty. Bra also provides gentle and low impact support for larger breasted women. Available in sizes Sm, Med, & Lg. Good for running, yoga, climbing, aerobic.

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Dazzle Dry's Jewel Effects Ruby Nail Polish Is Great For The Holidays!

Dazzle Dry Holiday gift set

Description: Fast drying! High shine! Dazzle Dry nail colors are nitrocellulose free, toluene free, formaldehyde free, phthalate free, plus they have UV protection for long lasting color. Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers, perfect for acrylic nails and natural nails. When used with the complete Dazzle Dry system the polish dries smudge and dent free in 5 minutes! Dazzle Dry Polishes should be used with the Dazzle Dry nail prep, Top coat & Base Coat and they are available in a special holiday gift pack with the Dazzle Dry Jewel Effects Ruby nail color.

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Hot Lashes 2 Pc Cult Favorite Makeup Artists Top 24K Gold Curler And Heater Base For A Curl That Lasts~

Hot Lashes 2 Pc curling system with 24K gold plated curler

Description: Lifechanger and Aesthetics Nurse Specialist Jamie Sherrill, puts a lid on the best eyelash curlers in this week's Beauty road test. Nurse Jamie said, without batting an eye, "Eyelash curlers makes the eyes look bigger and those sparse lashes fuller, and a good one will grab all the lashes at once." Nurse Jamie spotlights the eyelash curlers she likes the Most on EXTRA, from the least expensive to the Top of the line (Hot Lashes 2PC 24k Gold Heated Eyelash Curler for $35.99). Open your eyes wide and watch her tips on how to use them! The new Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler was selected and voted one of the top Eyelash Curling products in the marketplace, bar none by Top Makeup artists in Hollywood and has also reached the beautiful Stars who bat their eyelashes on the Award Winning red carpet. Makeup Artists have found that the combination of Hot Lashes system works like a dream with the new craze of Lash extensions. CNN Beauty newsmakers ran an On Air segment describing all the unique properties of the new Hot Lashes heated curling system, raving about the numerous advantages of setting mild heat to hold a beautiful and lasting curl. Best and most beautiful eyelashes can be created easily and safely for that wide eyed youthfull look. To order or call Toll Free 1 877 868 5274

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Body Products By Verabella Spa Of Beverly Hills

Verabella Herbal Beau Tea Skin Tonic

Description: Verabella Spa in Beverly Hills offers eco-friendly luxurious body products on-line for the star in you that wants and deserves to be pampered. Choose from an array of skin care products that are enjoyed at Verabella by some of their famous clients like Matt Damon, Brooke Shields, Madonna, Will Smith, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kelly Rutherford. For over 30 years, Spa owner, Vera Kantor has been responsible with creating some of the most beautiful skin in the world. Not everyone can visit Verabella but now you can shop on-line and bring Verabella home!

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EXTRA TV Raves About Hot Lashes Heated Lash Curler For Celebrities

Hot Lashes top rated heated eyelash curler with AC Adaptor attachment BEST SELLER~!

Description: "Extra TV" Lifechanger and Aesthetics Nurse Specialist Jamie Sherrill, puts a lid on the best eyelash curlers in this November 2010 week's beauty road test. Nurse Jamie said, without batting an eye, "Eyelash curlers makes the eyes look bigger and those sparse lashes fuller, and a good one will grab all the lashes at once without pinching or getting caught and breaking delicate lashes. You don't want to do that because it can take two months to grow back." Nurse Jamie spotlights the curlers she likes the most, from the least expensive to the Top of the Line (Hot Lashes Heated Eyelash Curler with AC Adaptor attachment). Open your eyes wide and watch her tips on how to use them!" The BEST heated eyelash curler ever bar none~! The new Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler was selected and voted one of the top Eyelash Curling products in the marketplace, bar none by Top Makeup artists in Hollywood and has also reached the beautiful Stars who bat their eyelashes on the Award Winning red carpet. Makeup Artists have found that the combination of Hot Lashes system works like a dream with the new craze of Lash extensions. Top Beauty magazines have stated emphatically that long lasting curled eyelashes are an Absolute Must have… And that having long beautifully curled eyelashes is the important step in making your eyes look bigger, brighter, more awake and beautiful. INStyle magazine also raves~!

Price: $35.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Neurofencine(TM) For Pain-free Nerve

Neurofencine(TM) For Pain-free Nerve

Description: Description: Neurofencine(TM) is a novel, first-of-its-kind nutraceutical supplement. NeurofencineTM will help you fulfill your unmet needs for a healthier, pain-free nerve functions so you can keep up a better quality of life. Neurofencine(TM) contains G-agmatine® - an exclusive brand of agmatine, as its functional ingredient. G-agmatine® is a natural amino acid metabolite, present in small amounts in plant, fish and meat foodstuffs. Research indicates, however, that fortifying your diet with G-agmatine® can help avoiding those "pins and needles", burning, or tingling sensations, numbness and motor weakness. G-agmatine® acts as a shotgun targeting multiple molecular mechanisms critical for healthy nervous system functions. Neurofencine(TM) is a high quality product, manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and regulations. For further information and special launch discounts please visit Gilad&Gilad website: For wholesale offers to practicing health professionals and health stores please call (toll free): 1-888-484-4523. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Cool Soles in Cool Sole Wrap

Description: Dr. Rosenberg's Cool Soles provide cold and hot therapy for your feet. So, kick off your shoes, relax and be soothed! These unique temperature - sensitive gel insoles provide instant relief. Take the heat off your feet after exercise or a long hot day using cool soles cold therapy. For those who complain of having cold feet day and night, place the cool soles in the microwave and instantly get warm and toasty feet. Cool soles can help reduce foot pain when having these common foot problems, Plantar Fasciitis, sore muscles in the arch, joint pain and stiffness, Bunion, toe and heel pain. Cool soles can also be used as a therapuetic aid in reducing pain and swelling in all areas of the body. It is great for sore backs and easily fits inside your slacks or pants. Apply to your feet using the Cool Soles wrap when indicated. So take them to your office or take them when traveling to keep yourself cool.

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Custom Embroidered Yoga Mats

Description: MyCustomYogaMat creates personalized, embroidered yoga mats. Choose from 20 colors of mats, 18 thread colors, 5 font styles and personalize the mat with a name, monogram, initial or inspiration word. The mats arrived beautifully packaged in a clear bag tied with coordinating satin ribbons. The yoga mats retail for $35.00 plus shipping. Custom embroidered yoga mat bags complete the gift. Whether you choose to match or coordinate, the gift recipient will have a truly personalized gift to love and use. MyCustomYogaMat was included in the 2010 Oprah Magazine Holiday gift guide. Everyone should have an "Om of their Own."

Price: $35.00 Visit the Website

Ben Bridge Jewelers Signature Scent -- Flawless

Flawless Perfume

Description: In the tradition of other fine jewelers such as Tiffany and Cartier, Ben Bridge will offer a sparkling new fragrance this Mother’s Day, perfect as an add-on to a spectacular piece of jewelry or as a gift that will build memories in the years to come. Aptly named Flawless, the scent comes in a distinctive bottle that sparkles as brightly as the jewels in the store. The fifth-generation jeweler’s signature scent is a blend of cucumber, pear and citrus along with magnolia and verbena, finished with rich saffron and cocoa. The Flawless bottle looks like an upside-down diamond and is capped with a top shaped like a Ben Bridge Signature Diamond. The eco-friendly packaging opens like a ring box. Flawless can be found in Ben Bridge stores located in regional shopping centers in 12 western states, including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington. The fragrance can also be purchased at

Price: $35.00 to $85.00 Visit the Website

Show Mom Some Love With Nike LIVESTRONG Gear


Description: Mothers deserve a new twist on a classic holiday this year. For all the time they spend giving to the people around them, it’s time to turn the spotlight back on them. Whether a fitness buff or someone with a closet full of “favorites,” the summer 2011 collection of LIVESTRONG apparel, footwear, and accessories will help her stand out. Here’s how: •Bold, not boring: She can enjoy the practicality of Dri-FIT fabrics, handy storage pockets, and versatile baselayers, but she’ll also love how the collection’s bright colors help inject energy and fun into every wear •She wouldn’t buy it for herself: She’ll be thrilled to learn how tapered designs and Nike+ readiness can help promote agility and strength as she works to achieve her fitness goals •A gift that keeps on giving: Since 2004, Nike has helped the Lance Armstrong Foundation raise more than $80 million to benefit the 28 million people in the world living with cancer Shown here is the LIVESTRONG Miler SS Top, a short-sleeve lightweight base layer. Soft, Dri-FIT fabric provides the comfort and moisture management needed to help log the extra miles, while mesh side panels provide maximum ventilation.

Price: $35.00 Visit the Website

La Maison Clayton Shagal Skin Care

Selected for the Madison & Mulholland 9th Annual Ultimate Nominee Gift Bag!

Description: If you think your Mom is a star...give her a gift that will help to keep her glowing.... Stars as in 'Hollywood' have got a secret for attaining and maintaining beautiful skin. Clayton Shagal Skin Care. These products were selected by Madison & Mulholland and included in the 9th Annual Ultimate Nominee gift bags, given to actresses in honor of their outstanding work in film and TV during the 2011 Awards Season. La Maison Clayton Shagal's emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness. Clayton Shagal developed its fine product line with a focus on the natural regenerating process. Products address skin care needs of both younger and mature skin, and men and women. Mom will appreciate the easy (time-saving) and effective regime. Clayton Shagal skin care...Keeping Moms and stars alike "ready for their close ups!"

Price: $35.00 to $260.00 Visit the Website

Dermalogica Body Therapy Skin Care Kit

Take your favorite Body Therapy products with you in this convenient, travel-friendly kit.

Description: Skin health is important for your entire body, which is why Dermalogica® — a skin care system researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, — has Body Therapy products, designed with the same philosophy that looking good is a product of skin health from head to toe. Correct care of the skin on your body is vital to proper health maintenance, as well as the avoidance of the signs of premature aging. The Dermalogica Body Therapy system helps clients create aromatherapeutic, completely customized and healthy spa experiences in-between visits to your skin treatment center, salon or spa. The Body Therapy Kit contains Conditioning Body Wash, Body Hydrating Cream, Exfoliating Body Scrub and Climate Control Lip Treatment. The travel-friendly bag and TSA-approved product sizes will help ensure you maintain skin health wherever you go!

Price: $35.00 Visit the Website

Spascape Kit - The Ultimate Relaxation Experience For Home And Travel

The Spascape Kit

Description: "The Spascape Kit "- For the girl or woman who truly deserves to be pampered, includes a deep relaxation CD comprised of 10 "chill out" music tracks, organic "Vanilla Vixen" bubble bath, a Spa towel, and a trio of mystic tea light candles. The kit, packaged in a stylized "Spa Girl" box, is being sold for $ 34.95.'Spascape' offers the perfect ambient music to be played while taking time to de-compress, draw a warm bath, light some candles, and gently drift-off into a world of quiet sensation. Produced by downtempo music artist Porkpie, the "Spascape" ambient "chill" album presents a warm and sensual journey into fresh new age terrain.The music pulses with a calm, reflective glow, perfect for bath, meditation or massage time, taking the listener on a gentle ride with soothing piano melodies and introspective tones. "Spascape" delivers a lovely relaxed environment -minimalist "space music," with classical, downtempo and pop music undertones. Featured tracks within "Spascape" include the ultimate chill track "Buddha Time," and the meditative track "Fragments of Memories," a collaboration with new-age recording artist Brenda Warren and electronic composer/producerDamien Heartwell.

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M.I.L.F. Cosmetics= Moms Intent On Looking Fabulous

M.I.L.F. Cosmetics= Moms Intent on Looking Fabulous

Description: MILF Cosmetics has created Nutri-Cosmeceutical Skin Care that creates spectacular and noticeable results for all women. We use organic ingredients along with Nutri-Cosmeceuticals that are naturally derived and nourish your skin and body. Nutri-cosmeceuticals are ingredients, such as Peptides, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vit C and CoQ10. These ingredients work on repairing skin, healing blemishes and improve your skin's overall appearance, reduce wrinkles and aid in re-building the elastin and collagen fibroblasts. All of our products are free from: · Parabens · Phthalates · Synthetic Fragrances · Harsh Surfactants · TEA & PEG · Petroleum Derivatives Proven Science with Chiral Technology MILF Cosmetics are formulated to maximize your skin's ability to absorb these amazing nutrients and use their receptors to repair and maintain healthy skin. We are changing the way Moms feel about the Skin they're in...

Price: $34.00 to $95.00 Visit the Website

Andis 1" Tourmaline Nano Ceramic Flat Iron

Andis 1" Tourmaline Nano Ceramic Flat Iron

Description: The Andis 1" Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic Flat Iron has 20 heat settings to provide precise temperature control for styling any thickness, any texture of hair. It heats up in just 60 seconds with a maximum heat setting of 400º F. Tourmaline and Nano-Ceramic plates deliver smoother, shinier and healthier hair. The flat iron is equipped with a swivel cord for maneuvering without tangles and auto shut off for safety. It comes with a five year warranty.

Price: $33.98 Visit the Website

Beauty Makeover At Style Bar Beverly Hills

Get fabulous hair, makeup and nails done at Style Bar BH

Description: 1-2-3 Get ready and go, Style Bar Beverly Hills offers blowouts, makeup application, and manicures & pedicures for under $100 and they get guests in and out in under one hour. Created by owners Sharona Rahimian and Ramona Molayem, Style Bar BH is coining a new phrase, “beauty express bar.” Guests experience luxury, high quality, affordable services that can be performed two at a time, catering to time constraints and a desire to get all beauty services under one roof. Stop by or call us and we will send your mom a gift certificate for a beauty makeover from Style Bar BH 310.858.2400

Price: $33.00 to $99.00 Visit the Website

Stay Healthy & Well TLC Bundle

A Sample Soul Basket/Bundle -- Larger Size than the TLC Bundle for Mom

Description: This is a Japanese style gift basket that includes a guided meditation or relaxation music CD and a bottle of my special blend called "Healing Blend" -- a combination of two Young Living Essential Oils. It's wonderful for the skin, for relaxation, and the immune system. The bundle also includes: information sheets on simple ways to relax, some ideas on how to alkalize your body, and how to use essential oils. It is a basket/bundle that any woman who loves to pamper herself will appreciate. Consider it as a Mothers Day gift -- or a gift anytime, just to love and appreciate that special woman in your life!

Price: $33.00 Visit the Website

Number 4 Hydrate GIft Collection

Number 4 Hair Care Hydrating Shampoo

Description: Number 4 Hydrate collection includes L’eau de Mer Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Condition designed to moisturize and color protect while replenishing hair’s splendor. Number 4 High Performance Hair Care combines nature’s greatest ingredients, forward-edge technology and innovation, we make your hair be as it should be - the ultimate look that defines new stylistic territories. We exclude all ingredients potentially toxic to humans, rare vintage couture, and our dear environment; 100% Vegan, Sulfate, Gluten, Bad Taste and Paraben Free formulas are never ever tested on any animal. For more info visit .

Price: $32.00 to $70.00 Visit the Website

BED OF NAILS - Acupressure Treatment Mat And Pillow For Home Use

Bed of Nails - mat and pillow in green

Description: Bed of Nails not only helps the body rid itself of toxins by stimulating energy and therefore triggers the body's innate way of healing itself but also releases oxytocin and endorphins to relieve pain and induce a state of well being. The 6000 acupressure points make the Bed of Nails a very effective tool as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system to inducing a state of deep relaxation. While revitalizing and rejuvenating, it may: - Relieve chronic neck and back pain - Reduce stress and anxiety - Improve sleep and relieve insomnia - Increase energy level - Reduce blood pressure - Improve Heart Rate Variability - Improve circulation - Improve skin complexion - Relieve constipation - Cellulite treatment Bed of Nails is used by people who are interested in their wellbeing and want to feel better and more relaxed in their every day life. It may be used to warm up muscles and joints before a workout, or after exercise to wind down/meditate/relax, or anytime during the day in order to alleviate stress, back pains, tensions, sleeping problems or increase energy and focus. Due to its circulation benefits it is also widely used by people who sit on the job.

Price: $32.00 to $65.00 Visit the Website

RepHresh Pro-B

RepHresh Pro-B

Description: RepHresh® Pro-B is a once-daily capsule that contains the first strains of probiotics that specifically promote vaginal health and are clinically shown to balance yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health. Lactobacillus, yeast, and other bacteria are all naturally present in your body, and optimum vaginal health occurs when there is a healthy balance of these elements. RepHresh Pro-B is clinically shown to provide healthy probiotic lactobacillus that works with your body to balance yeast and bacteria. Just 1 capsule of RepHresh® Pro-B per day helps maintain vaginal flora in a normal, healthy range. For more information please visit

Price: $31.00 Visit the Website

Tummy Butter For Stretch Marks Made With Organic And Toxin-Free Ingredients

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks

Description: The Spoiled Mama offers TOXIN-FREE and ORGANIC essentials for Pregnant, Postpartum, Breastfeeding Moms and their Babes. Specialized Treatments in preventing and eliminating Stretch Marks, nausea, eczema, diaper rash and dry cracked nipples. Each Collection is beautifully packaged without compromising Safety and Quality. Used and Recommended by Hospitals and OB’s. Our Tummy Butter is made with the finest ingredients available. We start with pure cocoa butter and then added organic Rosehip oil, organic Tamanu, and Kukui Nut oils which contain Vitamin A and E, and high amounts of essential fatty acids. Together they promote collagen and elastin levels to increase cell regeneration. This results in firmer skin with greater elasticity. Mama's Tummy Butter stretch marks lotion penetrates into the deepest skin layers, while creating a protective shield that locks in moisture and nourishes your growing belly. Our Special stretch marks Butter blend will help fade scars and stretch marks and prevent new ones from appearing. Works wonders on C-Section scars too! For Maximum Stretch Mark Prevention our Tummy Butter and Bump Gloss are recommended to be used together (each contain oils proven to help aid in stretch mark prevention and the fading of existing scars and stretch marks).

Price: $31.00 Visit the Website

Philosophy Welcome Baby

philosophy welcome baby

Description: featuring philosophy’s best-selling facial cleanser and moisturizer for all skin types as well as our soap and water clean fragrance, welcome baby was created to help a new mom care for her skin and her well-being. the set features purity made simple one-step facial cleanser (2 oz.); hope in a jar original formula moisturizer (1 oz.); pure grace foaming bath and shower cream (2 oz.); and pure grace body lotion (2 oz.).

Price: $30.00 Visit the Website

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand

Description: Remington presents a revolutionary new styling tool collection – T-Studio Pearl Ceramic merges the long revered beauty secret of pearls, with exclusive Remington Pearl Ceramic technology. Created with real fresh water pearls infused into each tool, the line features best-in-class performance for both heat-up and heat recovery time. The constant temperature during each use combined with five times more durability (versus conventional ceramic coating), gives the smoothest glide and shiniest results ever. This 1” to ½” styling wand creates tight & loose curls in seconds, and comes with a heat-resistant glove for easy styling.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Townley Inc's Sanrio (R) Hello Kitty (R) Acrylic Cosmetic Train Case

Townley Inc. Sanrio (R) Hello Kitty (R) Acrylic Cosmetic Case

Description: Hello Perfect Cosmetic Case! Never leave for vacation, family get-away or even the gym without this adorable novelty three-tiered cosmetic case! This is the perfect "mommy & me" item! Mini-divas can learn all the right make-up tips from mom by using the make-up included in the case, and mom can keep her love of Hello Kitty & glam all in the same place! The kit Includes: o Four Nail Polishes: Pink Sheen, Blue Glitz, Peachy Sheen&Clear Shine o One set of Press-on Nails (No glue necessary) o Two flavored lip gloss palettes in 24 colors o Two cotton candy flavored lip jelly balms Available at select Toys "R" Us Stores.

Price: $29.98 to $29.99 Visit the Website

Stylish & Discreet Personal Massager

Natural Contours BonBon..better than chocolate!

Description: The Natural Contours® BonBon™ is a stylish and discreet personal massager that's perfect for solo or couples play. Uniquely curved for a perfect fit, it has three powerful speeds and a pulsating feature. Perfect for travel, it comes with an elegant storage pouch. Designed in Europe, it's made of bacteria-resistant ABS plastic and is completely non-toxic and Phtalate-free. Two AAA bateries included.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

NewBeauty: The World's Most Unique Beauty Magazine

NewBeauty cover

Description: NewBeauty is the first publication devoted exclusively to providing a comprehensive guide to the latest advances in plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetic dentistry, as well as revealing the best beauty secrets, must-have products and expert advice. New Beauty redefines the traditional beauty magazine. Each issue uncovers age-defying solutions, miracel makeovers, celebrity beauty secreats and the latest product innovations. Subscribe for one year with this special offer and save 25% off the cover price.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

New Beauty - Test Tube

Test Tube

Description: Try exclusive beauty products without the splurge! The NewBeauty Test Tube is a guilt-free way to discover anti-aging, skin care, haircare and makeup products. Four times a year, you will receive the latest and greatest must-have beauty products, along with NewBeauty, the world's most unique beauty magazine. Brands that have appeared in the Test Tube include Dr. Brandt, Supersmile, Philosophy and many more.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

Face Refrain™ - Train To Refrain!

Face Refrain™

Description: Created through a unique partnership between a cosmetologist and a chemist, this at-home alternative to BOTOX is safe, easy to use and effective in controlling and inhibiting facial lines. The beauty of Face Refrain™ is in its simplicity. Face Refrain™ is a unique, patent-pending product to fight the visible signs of aging. Our non-invasive, topical system is not an anti-aging or wrinkle cream, but a true line expression prevention! Face Refrain™ instantly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevents expression lines from forming. Using Face Refrain™ as a complement to any skin care regime will provide amazing results as you train to refrain. It has an immediate wrinkle-smoothing effect formulated with a powerful cocktail of peptides designed to improve the appearance of skin over time with continued use. Learn more and order Face Refrain™ at

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

Fashion Wrist Guard Cover

SLEEX Couture Jammies Blues

Description: The designers of SLEEX have developed a fun line of fashion wrist guard covers to encourage people suffering from wrist/hand injuries to wear their wrist guards. The various SLEEX designs provide for a fun and expressive way to heal while promoting wellness. Simply slide over your existing wrist brace for a fashionable way to heal! Designed to fit - Slimfit design fits over most wrist braces Provides Fashion and comfort while healing Machine washable and wrinkle free Ideal for use at the computer, while sleeping or for active sport usage Keeps brace clean Lightweight, breathable materials Doctor Recommended Features utility pocket for: Cash, credit card, key, ipod, phone Directions: Slide glove over brace. Put thumb through hole and attach Velcro. Care: Hand or machine wash in cold water. Gentle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low or Hang dry. Dry cleaning recommended. “Patent Pending” [email protected]

Price: $28.99 to $32.99 Visit the Website


Armpocket Sport 20

Description: Under $30 - If you’ve ever had issues trying to switch Playlists on your iPod without breaking your stride during a tough run in the park , or on the treadmill — the new Armpocket Sport 20 is your new must-have. The adjustable, no-slip carryall has room to holster an MP3 or cell phone as well as a separate compartment to store keys, cash and a driver’s license. The touch-through window let’s you toggle or text while you workout. Armpocket’s eco-friendly design is made of bamboo and recycled plastic water bottles and comes in three sizes and six colors including night-friendly fluorescent yellow. Available for $29.95 at Best Buy stores and via the web site

Price: $28.95 to $29.95 Visit the Website

L'BRI's Smooth N' Firm Eye Repair Gel

L'BRI's Smooth n' Firm Eye Repair Gel

Description: L’BRI’s Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel is an all-natural facial care product designed to restore elasticity to the eye area. Created for all skin types, L’BRI’s Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel diminishes the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles by using stabilized aloe vera as the primary ingredient, in addition to Cucumber, Coneflower extract, White Lily, Elderflower, Meadowsweet, Vitamins A, C, E and more. L’BRI’s products are never tested on animals and are free of pore-clogging ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oil, lanolins, waxes, artificial colors and fragrances. All products meet or exceed FDA requirements – L’BRI even offers free samples and a satisfaction guarantee to all consumers!

Price: $28.00 Visit the Website

Massage Therapy Kit

Massage Therapy Kit by Kama Sutra

Description: This is the perfect sampler set for restoring mind, body and spirit. The Massage Therapy Kit includes all five of Kama Sutra's Aromatic Massage Oils in travel sizes. Whether you're soothing sore muscles, relaxing the body, setting a romantic mood or rejuvenating the soul, this kit offer five ways to help you share your loving touch. Each massage oil artfully blends pure essential oils with fortified, skin-nourishing Vitamin E for the perfect aroma-therapeutic experience.

Price: $27.99 Visit the Website

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On

Vichy Aqualia Eye Roll-On

Description: Daily life stresses can leave you feeling and looking exhausted, with the most noticeable signs affecting the delicate under-eye area. Vichy Laboratoires’ newest under-eye innovation, Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On, banishes dark circles and dehydration lines. If left untreated, puffiness and under-eye bags tend to worsen as skin loses elasticity and weakens. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eyes Roll-On addresses the root of the problem with a unique combination of highly effective ingredients including *Escin: derived from the plant extract *Horse Chestnut: promotes micro-circulation *Dextran Sulphate: decongestant properties fade the intensity of dark circles *Hyaluronic Acid: retains up to 1,000 times its water volume Upon application, the metal roll-on ball provides an instant cooling effect and reduced puffiness. The contour around the eye area is instantly revitalized as the appearance of dark circles is faded. The hydrogel texture is ultra light, fresh and paraben- and fragrance-free—perfect for sensitive eyes and delicate skin. In a clinical study* conducted by Vichy Laboratoires, the following results were reported after using Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On: • A 20 percent increase in hydration after just four hours • 62 percent of visible bags diminish in only one hour • After one month of use, 67 percent of users noticed softened dark circles

Price: $26.50 Visit the Website

Brush-On Mineral Sunscreen Powder

Brush-On Mineral Sunscreen Powder

Description: Making daily sun protection fun and easy for the whole family! GO!screen’s original PowderBlock formula with Zinc provides safe and powerful protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The power comes from Zinc’s natural protective and healing properties. It works instantly and won’t breakdown in the sun. It is free of water and oils, which means no harsh parabens or other preservatives baking on your skin and … oh yeah, it feels oh so luxurious! Kids love GO!screen because there's no greasy skin or burning eyes. Parents love that it's all natural, highly effective and can be applied quickly without any sticky mess. The self-dispensing, super soft powder brush makes this sheer formula easy to apply and reapply throughout the day. You’ll be surprised that this SPF 30 with high UVA/UVB protection in a tiny bottle will last a long time, over 300 applications worth. It's easy to carry, so keep one in your purse, in your kid’s backpack and in the car. It provides ultimate protection while being light and gentle.

Price: $26.00 Visit the Website

The Guru In You

THE GURU IN YOU by Yogi Cameron Alborzian

Description: UNLOCK THE POWER WITHIN TO DE-STRESS, EAT BETTER, SLEEP SOUNDER, LIVE HEALTHIER & LOOK FANTASTIC. DISCOVER THE GURU IN YOU. Considered by the fashion world to be the first male supermodel, Cameron Alborzian had a life that many dream of: traveling the globe, working with the most prestigious designers in the world, partying with celebrities, and appearing in major ad campaigns and cultural landmarks like Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video. But his greatest achievement came when he decided to leave the material world of high fashion at the height of his popularity and investigate the world of yoga, meditation, and the ancient art of Ayurvedic healing. What he learned changed his life, and after years of study, he now works with Hollywood celebrities and executives of international companies to bring balance, improved health, and serenity to their lives. The program, practices, and tools he provides for his high-paying clients are now yours with THE GURU IN YOU: A Personalized Program for Rejuvenating Your Body and Soul (HarperOne; January 2011; Hardcover; $25.99; ISBN 9780061898037).

Price: $25.99 Visit the Website

DaniPRO-The First True Anti-fungal Nail Polish

DaniPRO Nail Polish

Description: DaniPRO is a brand new nail polish that not only looks beautiful but protects against nail fungus. DaniPRO nail polish has a patent-pending formula that was created by New York City Podiatrist, Dr. Gary Evans. DanniPRO is made with undecylenic acid, a safe, natural, FDA-approved fungicide proven effective against the organisms that cause fungus infections. This exclusive nail polish is free of harmful chemical and toxins found in many other polishes and comes in six beautiful colors.

Price: $25.00 to $28.00 Visit the Website

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