Holiday Health and Beauty Gifts 2013 Below $35 - Holiday Health and Beauty Gift Guide

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Crave Stop™

Crave Stop™

Description: Does your morning bowl of frosted flakes leave you hungry at 10am? Do you reach for something sweet to satisfy that craving, only to find yourself in the same situation soon after lunch? Do you eat a piece of candy or cookie when you’re feeling a little low? Munching on sugar-laden snacks or reaching for a brownie when you’re down only makes you crave more sugar. Eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar may quickly satisfy your hunger, or give you a rush of “feel-good” brain chemicals, but these results are short-lived and leave you wanting more. Crave-Stop™ is a blend of minerals and herbs that help you manage sugar cravings and support a healthy appetite. Key ingredients include Chromium and Vanadium, which promote the body’s healthy use of insulin.* Crave Stop addresses sugar cravings by: Supporting healthy sugar metabolism, promoting a healthy appetite, supporting healthy adrenal function, supporting a healthy stress response, consider taking IN•JOY™ by Redd Remedies with Crave- Stop to help with the emotions and moods related to sugar cravings!* *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Joy Mangano Ultimate Better Beauty Case Set

Joy Mangano Ultimate Better Beauty Case

Description: Looking for the ultimate way to keep everything together? This roll-up duo with bonus velvet pouches offers an ingenious approach to day-today organizing. Arrange any beauty item, straighten up your sewing, work or school supplies with the Joy Mangano Ultimate Better Beauty Case Set. This helps declutter countertops and closets and are perfect for travel! Simply roll them up and place in your desired location! It includes a large roll-up beauty case, medium roll-up beauty case, large velvet pouch and medium velvet pouch. Available colors: Black Champagne, Cheetah, Saddle, Plaid, Butterfly Floral, Purple Orchid, Lipstick Red, Zebra or Safari.

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Dolphin Organics Deluxe Travel Set

Fragrance Free Deluxe Travel Set

Description: Our Deluxe Travel Set is packaged in a certified Fair Trade mesh pouch which holds our SPF32 mineral sunscreen and four 2oz bottles of our shampoo & body wash, hair conditioner, lotion and bubble bath. This travel set is available in Fragrance Free or Simply Citrus. Save $2 by purchasing the deluxe travel kit vs our sunscreen and travel kit separately. These smaller sizes are perfect for carry-on luggage or as an introduction to our full range of organic and natural, hypoallergenic and tear free products.

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Rae Cosmetics Little Red Dress Set

Little Red Dress Set benefiting the American Heart Association

Description: This set includes a Lip Shade SPF15 Lipstick named Little Red Dress, a natural red hue with a hint of shimmer and a long-lasting non-drying lip liner in Scarlet. The lipstick and liner are packaged in a red Von Rae makeup bag. Fifty percent of all proceeds will benefit the Austin Go Red For Women Campaign, a vital initiative that raises awareness of cardiovascular disease among women.

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ProDermix Supreme High Potency Formula


Description: ProDermix is an all-natural, safe, effective and powerful probiotic supplement that addresses a wide spectrum of common ailments that frequently develop on the body, from the head to the foot. Symptoms are often relieved even before they appear. Among health benefits provided by ProDermix, this superior probiotic supplement: eradicates Athlete's Foot, diminishes dandruff, relieves yeast infections (Candida), eases UTIs. Instead of merely covering up the symptoms associated with these ailments with sprays, creams, and lotions, such as the itching, burning, and skin peeling of Athlete's Foot, ProDermix attacks the source of the underlying fungus, providing comfort and relief.

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Chella Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit (4 Pk)

Chella AF Eye Mask

Description: Give us your tired, dark-circled, sleepy eyes yearning to look like they once did. This collagen-matrix equals a good nights worth of pseudo-sleep. Activate this skin-identical collagen to lift, firm and smooth - right now. Collagen elevates and un-lines the entire eye contour while our special activator formula energizes, de-puffs, and un-circles for light, bright eyes. Ergothionine amino acid reanimates cells, supercharging clarity. Anti-irritant effect: Extraordinary soothing and cooling. Quickly diminishes skin redness and reduces swollen skin areas. The mask is easy to remove - no cleansing required, thus gentle to skin. Reduces skin redness by 27.5%. Hydrating effect: Soluble collagen molecules reinforce moisture binding capacity creating smoother skin and reducing fine lines. Increases the skin’s moisture level by 59%. Helps Stimulate collagen synthesis: Skin identical collagen peptides penetrate to help plump the skin to improve the youthful appearance of the under eye area. After just 20 minutes, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle depth around the eyes is reduced by 15%. Each 4 Pk Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit comes with 4 sets of Chella Anti-Fatigue Eye Masks and Chella Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Activator.

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Norbu Designs Handcrafted Statement Jewelry

Beautiful gold filigree

Description: Norbu Designs makes handcrafted statement jewelry from antique, reclaimed, found, precious and vintage items. Each item is meticulously made with exquisite artistry by designer Charlotte Reichman – who draws her inspiration from a wide range of places and people. Because each piece is handcrafted, all Norbu Designs are one-of-a-kind, making them the ideal gift or a piece for the fashion forward. Known for their stunning bib collection, Norbu Designs also makes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms. Prices range from the $30s to the $300s, making Norbu must have for any budget.

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Sam's Picks

Sam's Picks Holiday Exclusive Collection

Description: A collection of Sam’s favorite brushes. Whether adding to or just starting, Sam’s Picks is an essential for every collection. includes 6 full-size brushes - multi-task brush: for effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer - buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation - essential crease brush: soft, tapered design for effortless contouring - setting brush: complete any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter - pointed foundation brush: use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage - fine liner brush: ultimate tool for precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner

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Fitbug Air Bluetooth Smart Activity Tracker

Fitbug Air syncs wirelessly to latest Bluetooth smart devices

Description: Fitbug Air is the ideal gift for moms, dads, grads and anyone who want to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. This tiny activity tracking device monitors your daily activities and calories, and uses Bluetooth 4 to sync wirelessly to the latest generation of smartphones and tablets. Fitbug Air gives real-time access to your fitness data from anywhere, and runs on a simple watch battery that lasts about 6 months. Simply set your activity and nutrition goals, slip the Bug device in your pocket or clip it to your clothes, and Fitbug will track every step you take, calorie you burn, and more. Fitbug Air is the only device that lets you choose how and when you want to get your data: streaming mode to see your activity as it happens, beacon mode to see activity at preset intervals throughout the day, or on-demand with the push of a button. It's also the only device that tracks your pace so you can monitor your aerobic activity level, and will let you know if you need to quicken your pace to meet your goals! Almost any activity can be recorded to allow you to see the total impact of your efforts. Plus, Air users get online coaching service and support. stores and analyzes all your activity and nutritional data, providing texts and emails to keep you motivated and on track, with instant access to your data from your smart device and on the Bug’s LCD display.

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Koss Fit Series, Headphones Designed For Women, By Women

Dara Torres wearing Koss FitBuds

Description: Koss Fit Series, a new product line Designed for Women, By Women. Co-designed by five-time Olympian Dara Torres and Koss Corporation. Koss FitBuds and FitClips bring the Sound of Koss to listeners in the smallest earbuds Koss has ever created. The buds are only six millimeters in diameter, making them 33 percent smaller than the average Koss earbud. The elements are surrounded by a dual-injected, soft-rubberized housing intended to fit perfectly in the female ear. Like the FitClips, the FitBuds feature the same sweat-resistant coating, five vibrant color options and extra cushions.

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Shock Doctor Active Impact Insole

Shock Doctor Active Impact Insole

Description: Long runs and hikes can be a pain on feet and lower body joints. Constant standing can also create increased fatigue on these joints. In order for you to perform your best, your feet, ankles and knees need to be free from pain and joint fatigue. A properly supportive insole stabilizes the foot, absorbs impacts and can help prevent pain and joint fatigue. The Shock Doctor Active Impact Insole is specifically engineered for longer runs & hikes and harder surfaces so you can train and play with less stress on your joints. Designed to absorb harder impacts from long runs & hikes and constant standing. Increased comfort, Max shock absorption, stability and support. Can reduce wear and tear on joints. Weighs less than 2oz. 5mm thin.

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32 Effervescent Breath Treatment

32 Effervescent Treatment Multi-Pack

Description: Clinically proven to deliver fresh breath for up to four hours, 32 uses an innovative delivery system – think fireworks in your mouth – and the formulation of isoVoxy crystals to negate volatile sulfur compounds, effectively eliminating bad breath. The 32 Multi-Pack consists of Peppermint, Honey Mint, Spearmint, Lemon Mint and is available from The multi-pack includes 15 packets of each flavor (60 packets total), and retails for $29.50.

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Redefine Natural Skin Care With Painted Earth's Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Scrub

Redefine Natural Skin Care

Description: Redefine Natural Skin Care Infused with blueberries and cranberries, this all natural facial scrub exfoliates and restores skin back to its optimal, radiant state. Loading skin with a variety of natural supplements, including anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, this gentle scrub decongests pores, leaving skin smooth and supple after just one use. "This is an amazingly thick scrub that looks good and smells delicious."

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Heartbkr Bottles

Heartbkr 2014 Collection

Description: Presenting the 2014 Heartbkr collection from bkr. The glass bottles loved by supermodels and starlets alike have new silicone sleeves with giant heart graphics to spread the love! Let your heartbkr banish dry skin and keep you gorgeous and glowing year round! This chic little bottle is the perfect reminder to stay hydrated at the office, in your car, at the gym, at home, and everywhere in between. heartbkr combines fashion and function for the ultimate gift, and at only $34! Plus, bkr invests a portion of all proceeds in initiatives that combat the global water crisis and help in the fight against cancer. Treat yourself, give back, and spread the love this season with Heartbkr. Celebrity fans include: Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Kristen Bell, Jamie Chung, Amy Smart, Malin Akerman, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Greene, Amanda Seyfried, Alicia Silverstone, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Wilde.

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Effective Single-Step Acne Treatment: Repiderm By Bio-Scriptives

Bio-Scriptive Repiderm

Description: Repiderm is a powerful treatment for acne, pimples and other blemishes from Bio-Scriptives, makers of high quality skin care and topical pain relief products. Unlike other acne treatments that involve expensive, complicated multi-step processes, Repiderm is a single, standalone product that improves skin with a proprietary blend of 16 herbal extracts, essential oils and 4.4% benzoyl peroxide. Repiderm is effective for people with acne and dry skin. Busy adults with little time for multi-step systems will appreciate Repiderm's simplicity. Teens suffering from acne will benefit from Repiderm's potent therapy that, when applied consistently over time, can help significantly reduce breakouts.

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Hard Rock PINKTOBER Womens Tee

Hard Rock PINKTOBER Women's Tee

Description: One hundred percent cotton jersey V-neck in light grey with a soft retro-style screen print. The graphic features a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon surrounded by eastern and western themed elements. It is available for twenty-six dollars at select Hard Rock Café, Hotel and Casino properties worldwide and at This stylish tee would make a fabulous gift to any woman in your life.

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Rock 360 A Revolutionary New AB Workout Device That Your Smartphone Attaches Too So You Can Customize Your Workout!

Description: Revolutionary new AB workout that uses your own body weight to easily work every muscle. You can attach your smartphone to the Rock 360 to customize your workout and keep you on track. Rock 360 is the ideal workout for every person no matter your athletic abilities. Combine fitness with the latest technology. Multiple apps available. Multi-dimensional workout! DVD's available. The Rock 360 rolling core kinetics creates a comprehensive core workout like no other.

Price: $25.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Sumita Beauty's Must-Have Brow Kit

Sumita Beauty's Brow Must-Have Kit

Description: Flawless skin and perfectly defined brows are yours in three simple steps! Sumita Beauty's Brow Must Have kit contains our best selling Brow Pencil in your choice of color, Brow Set, as well as Purify Detoxifying Facial mask for Flawless Skin. This brow kit was developed by brow threading empire, Ziba Beauty's sister cosmetics company, Sumita Beauty. With the brow kit, anyone can keep their brows looking fabulous any time of year!

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Chella Water Resistant Black Mascara

Chella Water Resistant Mascara

Description: This black water resistant mascara has been formulated with Panthenol conditioners and cocoa butter to moisturize lashes, keeping them healthy and thick- application after application. We’ve kept an eye on creating a vegan, cruelty-free mascara that uses Certified Organic ingredients, is free from parabens and glutens and is non-cosmedogenic. When used with our Heated Lash Curler, expect to see lashes that keep a gorgeous curl all day long

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Gym Girl Fitness Gloves

Gym Girl Fitness Gloves

Description: Perfectly designed for a variety of uses including lifting, cycling/spinning, cross-training, yoga and Pilates, Gym Girl's fitness gloves protect your hands from germs, calluses and hand fatigue. The construction and fit makes for easy on/off, and they're also machine washable! •Spandex upper stretches with your hand, providing maximum flexibility and comfort •Padded non-slip palms in a "G" shape minimizes "bunching" •Velcro wrist closure with rubber Gym Girl tab •Helps protect hands from developing calluses, and prevents slippage due to perspiration •Padding helps to minimize pressure on delicate tendons •Machine washable

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CaliforniaSleeves UVA UVB Sun Protective Unisex Golf/Sport Sleeves Fashionable, Sexy

CaliforniaSleeves Sexy Fashionable unisex sun protection sport sleeves

Description: Protect your Birthday Suit! Fun, functional and fashionable! California Sleeves are your first line of protection from harmful UV rays. Pull on a pair anytime you're enjoying the outdoors...hiking, biking, golfing, driving with the top down to minimize sun damage without messy sunscreens. They're washable, durable, comfortable and come in sizes and designs to fit your lifestyle. Made of quality Designed patterns and long-lasting, stay-up elastic. You can tuck in your cell phone or mp3 player to keep your hands free. You'll want to order several pairs.

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The Multi-use Camiband

Lavish Leopard Camiband

Description: This is what you can do with one Camiband: EXTEND A SHIRT: Camiband replaces a full cami or tank to create a great multi-layered look! Remember those “too short” tops or low rise jeans you haven’t worn in a while? Well, pull them back out! Camiband hides hip, stomach, and back bulges without the bulk. CREATE A QUICK CAMI: Use your Camiband under plunging V-Necks, when you feel a bit too much is being revealed. No need to tape or attach anything! Just slip it on for the office, school, business meeting or conservative event. Then, slip off for that night out! This offers a great option to use more of your tops, blouses, and dresses for any occasion! CHIC COVERAGE: How many times did you not wear a swimsuit because the bottoms just showed too much? Use those bathing suits hiding in the bottom of your drawer, and hit the beach! Slip on over any of your swimsuit bottoms for that extra skirted coverage you wish it came with. A vacation “must- have!” Available in 8 Stretch lace colors, Spandex and fabulous neutral patterns. Made in USA.

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Purific Personal Purifying Sports Bottle

The Purific Personal comes in many color options

Description: This personal filter water purification with practical, innovative design features, can be used in any sport/activity. The filter element/cartridge is in the spout, providing pure water – anytime, anywhere. Developed for people who value practicality, style and quality of life in their day-to-day living Product Details: Single nozzle and refill, injected with Nano silver technology, avoiding contamination of any parts that touch the mouth and hands Capacity of the reservoir, 16.9oz Refill: filter life equal to 300 bottle fills Refill/filter cartridge is responsible for water filtration, reducing particulate matter, heavy metals, Trihalomethanes, Organochlorides, Ammonia, Chlorine residual, pathogenic microorganisms, eliminating unpleasant taste and odor, normalizing the PH leaving it slightly alkaline Colors: pink, blue and white spout/filter with crystal bottle Can be placed in the fridge Produced with non-toxic material, BPA free Product is refillable, with an indefinite useful lifetime, and should only change the element/refill every 300 bottle fills Best Cost Benefit Relationship in the market A Purific Personal filter bottle has the ability to filter through 300 bottle fills, equivalent to 300 bottles of mineral water (500ml) which cost around $2.00 each Environmentally Friendly A person who consumes 8 ½ cups of water per day, the equivalent of 4 bottles of mineral water 500ml, will dispose of more than 1000 bottles a year!

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Doonya 3 DVD Set

Doonya 3 DVD Set

Description: Co-founded by Priya Pandya and Kajal Desai, Doonya is a cardio, strength-building, dance-based workout program perfectly choreographed to the lasted high-energy songs from Bollywood. Doonya’s signature moves are connected in routines which target each major muscle group—allowing for an exciting and unique way to exercise and tone. The program is designed for every skill level, from accomplished fitness enthusiasts to workout novices, with the curriculum broken down into four styles of Bollywood dance. You can learn more about Doonya by visiting 3 DVD Set ($24.99): 2 hours of step-by-step dances, targeted routines, cardio, hips, glutes and thighs. Choose from over 2 hours of variety. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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LA Indulgence Shower Caps

LA Indulgence Multi-dot shower cap

Description: L.A. Indulgence shower caps make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, house warming, college dorms, gym locker rooms, thank you’s, or simply for the gal that has it all! Featuring 15 eye-catching designs each including their signature rose, these luxurious shower caps are great for the days you skip a hair wash, hang out by the pool or spend the day at the spa.

Price: $24.95 to $29.95 Visit the Website

Hot Cherry® Pillow

Hot Cherry® Pillow

Description: We all know someone who needs a little help relaxing. Whether their neck hurts from sitting at a computer all day or they over-did it at tennis or the gym, backaches, sore muscles and tired feet make life just a bit more challenging. The Hot Cherry® Pillow is the gift for them. The newest and most fabulous therapeutic aid uses moist heat to instantly relieve muscle and joint pain, increase circulation and dissolve stress. Made with real cherry pits inside a smooth and comfortable fabric cover, when heated the pillows emit the enticing and familiar aroma of warm cherry pie. The American-made pillows are 100% sustainable, so they offer relief to our environment as well as to those who use them. Simply place your pillow in the microwave for two minutes of heat or place it in your freezer for two hours to cool it and enjoy. Visit

Price: $20.00 to $55.00 Visit the Website

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

Description: Here’s a real eye opener for the girl who would love to have the curl but has had it up to here with the crimping, pinching, and breaking of traditional hinged lash curlers. Now you can warm your way up to lashes that really get noticed. This sleek, safe and gentle heating wand delivers maximum curl where you want it without damaging your eyelashes!

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100% Natural Soaps For The Body And Home

Your life only cleaner

Description: Providing soap that's good for you and the environment! We are a specialized soap manufacturer engaged in the formulation of 100% all natural pure olive oil soaps. From an ancient process to modern times. Our elegant and authentic liquid soaps are are composed of 100% freshly natural ingredients, we source the finest essential oils from organic farmers, formulated with a vegetal soap base and ultra pure water from the Provencal regions of France.

Price: $20.00 to $24.00 Visit the Website

Pure Illumination Natural Light Up Lip Gloss

Pure Illumination Light Up Lip Gloss - Persistant Pink

Description: Beautiful, conditioning lip gloss with light and mirror. Has fun LED light up applicator to be able to apply anywhere and in any light. Custom blended with natural oils including medical-grade Lanolin and Vitamin E that protects and soothes while adding shine and protection all day. Choose from over 20 eye-catching shades that will match any skin tone. Pair with one of the Pure Lip Stains, natural and non-drying, for a more dramatic look.

Price: $19.99 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Have Fun Strengthening Hands, Wrists And Forearms In Just A Munute A Day

NSD Power Lit Spinner (PB-188L Blue and PB-188ML Purple)

Description: NSD Spinner will give your hand, wrist and forearm a workout with resistance training. It can develop and shape your grip and forearm muscles to improve baseball, tennis, golf games and most sports. Burn fat and and get rid of flabby arms. It may help prevent and relieve repetitive stress induced injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome. NSD Spinner is a compact, simple way to isolation exercise without having to go to the gym. Track progress and results with digital counter. Lightweight, portable and perfect for traveling. A great gift for anyone with no time to work out.

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Spray Away The Pain With Muscle Mist

Muscle Mist will relieve your muscle aches from sports and other fitness activities!

Description: Muscle Mist spray is a top of the line holistic alternative that may alleviate ailments such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, menstrual cramps or headaches. Muscle Mist is the best solution to help alleviate your pain. Formulated by a Fibromyalgia sufferer, this business has become a go-to for anyone experiencing muscle aches or strains; from athletic injury or asthma to bronchitis and other chronic lingering aliments. The benefits of Muscle Mist are countless. Whether one is perfectly healthy or seriously ill, if you're experiencing any type of major or minor affliction, Muscle Mist is the answer to ease the hurt!

Price: $19.99 to $104.99 Visit the Website

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1

Description: Gail is a Reiki Master/ Master Teacher taught in both the traditional Japanese Usui and the Tibetan systems of this wonderful hands on healing technique. Gail is only 7 generations from the Grand Master as her teachers studied with direct descendents in Japan. Her emphasis is on connection with spirit and enhanced psychic communication. Gail teaches all levels of the Usui System and Advanced Integration of Reiki energy. There have been many Reiki books written. Gail wrote her own Reiki manuals as she wanted them to be the most encompassing. She has taken teachings from her own masters, her further learning as well as direct down loads from spirit. Each of these manuals have more than 100 pages (large format) and contains much more than the average Reiki certification manuals. Available directly through Gail. Reiki Level I Certification Manual, Usui & Tibetan Energy healing course for beginners. Learn how to use the Reiki energy for hands on sessions, both to heal yourselves and others. Develop your psychic senses and open up intuitively through the Reiki energy. Meet your Reiki guides in spirit and understand their communication. Learn the main chakras and how to see and read auras. Learn to use a pendulum to detect energy and answer questions. Specific treatments for many ailments. Becoming a Reiki Level I channel requires an attunement from a Reiki Master.

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Reiki Level II

Reiki Level II Certification Manual

Description: Gail is a Reiki Master/ Master Teacher taught in both the traditional Japanese Usui and the Tibetan systems of this wonderful hands on healing technique. Gail is only 7 generations from the Grand Master as her teachers studied with direct descendents in Japan. Her emphasis is on connection with spirit and enhanced psychic communication. Gail teaches all levels of the Usui System and Advanced Integration of Reiki energy. There have been many Reiki books written. Gail wrote her own Reiki manuals as she wanted them to be the most encompassing. She has taken teachings from her own masters, her further learning as well as direct down loads from spirit. Each of these manuals have more than 100 pages (large format) and contains much more than the average Reiki certification manuals. Available directly through Gail. Reiki Level II Certification Manual Usui & Tibetan Practitioner level II course. Learn how to send your Reiki from a distance and to send Reiki to a future event or to heal a past trauma. Discover your past life issues and resolve karma. Develop a stronger connection to your spirit guides and advanced psychic senses. Learn sacred symbols and their uses to enhance your Reiki. Develop your career as a professional Reiki Practitioner and start earning money from your life’s path. Becoming a Reiki Level II practitioner requires an attunement from a Reiki Master.

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Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Level III Certification

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Level III Certification

Description: Gail is a Reiki Master/ Master Teacher taught in both the traditional Japanese Usui and the Tibetan systems of this wonderful hands on healing technique. Gail is only 7 generations from the Grand Master as her teachers studied with direct descendents in Japan. Her emphasis is on connection with spirit and enhanced psychic communication. Gail teaches all levels of the Usui System and Advanced Integration of Reiki energy. There have been many Reiki books written. Gail wrote her own Reiki manuals as she wanted them to be the most encompassing. She has taken teachings from her own masters, her further learning as well as direct down loads from spirit. Each of these manuals have more than 100 pages (large format) and contains much more than the average Reiki certification manuals. Available directly through Gail. Usui & Tibetan Advanced Practitioner level III course. Learn the most advanced Reiki training techniques in the Usui system. Learn how to remove psychic blocks and cut psychic cords. Perform miraculous psychic surgery and beam Reiki energy. Learn to use advanced Reiki to dissolve negative issues and clear earth bound spirits. Learn the Usui Master symbol and how to use this powerful symbol. Becoming a Reiki Level III practitioner requires an attunement from a Reiki Master.

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Klingg Earphone Magnet


Description: Klingg is a wearable magnetic earphone cord holder that solves the age-old problem of earphone cables getting in the way. Exceptionally powerful magnets keep the Klingg on your clothing while holding headphones cables out of your way. When your cables are not in use the earbuds can be magnetized to the sides of the Klingg. Match any 8 color combinations to your favorite outfit. The Klingg groove and soft side grips are colored to match each Klingg

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website


It IS possible to live a healthy and a happy life following a cancer diagnosis regardless of your stage or prognosis. This book will teach you how while making you smile.

Description: Can even CANCER have its perks? Ask cancer survivor, Florence Strang. Six months after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, Registered Psychologist Florence Strang found herself faced with a grim 50% prognosis of survival. She knew she could choose to face this journey by focusing on the harsh, ugly realities of cancer, or she could choose to confront it with a positive attitude. Being acutely aware of the mind-body connection, she chose the latter. While going through grueling chemotherapy, Florence challenged herself to find 100 Perks of Having Cancer, and to keep her committed to this goal, she decided to blog these perks. Florence then happened upon another feisty breast cancer survivor in the blogosphere, Susan Gonzalez, who blogged as The Savvy Sister. This Registered Nurse, award-winning health blogger, and stage 3 breast cancer survivor, was on her own mission to share the nuggets of truth she had uncovered about how to avoid cancer, how to increase the odds of surviving a cancer diagnosis and how to reduce the risk of recurrence, through simple lifestyle changes. 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving is a marriage of the two blogs that provides the ultimate “Survivorship Manual” for anyone who has ever had a cancer diagnosis.

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Sea Enzyme Cinnamon Apple Hand & Body Gift Set

Sea Enzyme Cinnamon Apple Hand & Body Gift Set

Description: Treat yourself or someone you love to this deliciously indulgent duo. The scent of warm cinnamon and freshly picked apples will bring back cheerful winter memories as your skin is pampered with natural and organic ingredients. This beautifully designed set contains: 1 Cinnamon Apple Hand & Body Wash, 8 fl. oz.: the luxurious lather contains ingredients like olive leaf extract and chamomile extract to calm and sooth your skin naturally as you cleanse. 1 Cinnamon Apple Hand & Body Lotion, 8 fl. oz.: ingredients like shea butter, olive leaf extract, and sweet almond oil help to hydrate and soften your skin naturally, leaving it feeling silky smooth and moisturized.

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Feed Your Skin With Michael Todd True Organics "You'll Love What's In It. You'll Love Even More What's Not."

KNU Anti-Aging Facelift Serum

Description: INTRODUCING KNU ANTI AGING FACE LIFT SERUM: $150.00 Defy age with this powerful formula of effective concentrations of these top anti-aging ingredients: Tri-peptides Matrixl 3000 and Syn-coll, Epidermal Growth Factor, DMAE, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Snail serum (a natural substance with clinically proven beneficial skin regeneration properties), Arbutin, L-Arginine and 70% organic ingredients. KNU serum is a concentrated anti-aging serum made from 70% organic ingredients, including healing aloe vera and anti-oxidant cranberries, green tea and seaweed combined with our advanced proprietary blend of powerful ingredients clinically shown to accelerate repair and heal the skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature skin aging while at the same time providing anti-oxidant protection against future damage. Directions: Apply 2-4 drops on targeted areas or all over face twice daily on cleansed skin. Who It’s For: Recommended for all skin types. JOJOBA CHARCOAL SCRUB: $18.00 Unique facial scrub formulated with Jojoba Wax Beads and Activated Charcoal to effectively remove dead skin, impurities and toxins. Jojoba Wax Beads provide gentle exfoliation without leaving micro-lacerations on delicate skin. Highly absorbent Activated Charcoal penetrates deeply into pores to draw out impurities and toxins. Refines texture and encourages skin renewal, leaving skin smooth and refreshed. Directions: After cleansing, apply to fingertips and lightly work in circular motions being careful not to over stimulate the skin. Follow with toner and moisturizer/serum. Who It’s for: All skin types. Gentle enough for sensitive and acne prone skin types.

Price: $18.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

ThermaSol - Essential Oils

ThermaSol - Essential Oils - Lavendar

Description: ThermaSol®, best known for its residential steam shower systems and accessories, offers a full line of certified organic essential and precious reserve oils. Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to achieve a beneficial effect on one’s health and state of mind. Many people believe infusing an array of natural scents into steam baths, massage oils, diffusers and more can assist with relaxation, detoxification and a host of chronic ailments. It’s the perfect way to elevate the home spa experience to new levels of bliss.

Price: $17.00 to $140.00 Visit the Website

Conquer Your Stress With Mind/Body Techniques

Cover, Conquer your Stress

Description: According to Kathy Gruver, PhD, health and wellness expert and award-winning author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, stress will always be a part of life. But we can control how we react to stress. In her new book, Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques, Gruver explains the stress response, its history, and how it affects us today. She gives practical tips for decreasing the body’s reaction to stress and how using simple mind/body techniques can increase health by lessening tension. Dr. Gruver offers a treasure trove of easy methods readers can do at home, in her down-to-earth style. She demystifies the multitude of available professional therapies that you can incorporate into your life. Fun, fit, and quick-witted, Gruver tells it like it is, in her balanced approach to combining Western and Alternative views. The book is liberally sprinkled with examples from Kathy’s own life, expert friends’ stories, and from her clients’ experiences. Topics include: Creative Visualization/Guided Imagery … Warning Signs of Stress: Physical, Behavioral, Emotional, Cognitive … BioDots … Affirmations … Meditation and Mindfulness … Herbs … Pain management … the “How to Stay Sick” list … the “How to Stay Healthy” list, and more – all offered with both scientific and anecdotal information, in Dr. Gruver’s down-to-earth style.

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Ever-moist Lip Balm From Eraclea

Ever-moist Lip Balm from eraclea

Description: Give the gift of healthier skin with long-lasting hydration through the patented HylaSponge® System. Ever-moist lip balm, a luxurious, elegant stocking stuffer idea is great for soothing and healing the season’s chapped lips like nothing else. It will replenish moisture where it has been lost. Rich in emollients, to give lips a satiny-smooth look and feel, while shea butter, jojoba, and antioxidants condition and revitalize lips.

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Define Bottle

Define Bottle Sport

Description: Fitness and health aficionados will delight in the new Define Bottle. Created by a 13 year old, this sustainably crafted, BPA-free plastic and bamboo 20-ounce bottle has a strainer separated compartment at the bottom for fresh fruit. The freezable base piece and lanyard assures a cooler, portable, fruit infused drink all day long. The possibilities are endless from fresh fruit and teas to herbs, the choice is up to you. This reusable define bottle will help reduce the amount of plastic thrown away into landfills every year. BPA-free, Phosphate-free, estrogenic-activity-free androgenic-activity-free AND it dissembles for easy cleaning.

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Handana Sweatbands


Description: Handana is a sweatband to wipe sweat away. The patented design allows you to wipe away sweat during any workout and slips on and off easily. The wick away fabric is both fashionable and high performance to make it a must have for every athlete this holiday season. Find your perfect color and size at or on Amazon!

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Maddyloo Ornaments

Maddyloo Small Ornament in Christmas, $15.00

Description: Maddyloo’s collection of holiday ornaments features chic, fashionable hair ties beautifully packaged as gift-ready ornaments to decorate your tree or fill your stockings. Colorful and bright, these adorable ornaments will put your tree on the best-dressed list this season. Available 11 different joyful color schemes that include bright neon, fluorescent, ombre and frosted glitter, rhinestone beads and holiday motif prints, they’ll add a burst of color to your winter wonderland. The Maddyloo Ornaments are available in both the large size, which contains 10 hair ties ($20) and the small size, which has 7 hair ties ($15) online at

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Gigi Hill Mileah Makeup Case From

Gigi Hill Mileah Makeup Case from

Description: Available in two outrageous patterns, the Mileah cosmetic bag is nice and small to carry in another bag, but quite roomy on the inside. A convenient twist-lock pocket adorns the exterior. Color options: Del Rio/Tan Logo, Snow Leopard/Tan Logo Style: Cosmetics bag Construction: Canvas Entry: Zipper Exterior pockets: Front twist-lock pocket Interior pockets: Inside compartments for small items Country of origin: Imported Dimensions: 7.25 inches high x 11.25 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep FROM:

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The Mane Choice

Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

Description: The Mane Choice™ is a natural and organic collection of treatment products and vitamins that give you healthy, shinny and strong hair. Courtney Adeleye, founder of The Mane Choice ™, established the company through an ardent love for healthy hair, thus scientifically formulated products infused with essential vitamins and minerals that transform hair with natural ingredients.  Three key products have taken the industry by storm: Green Tea and Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask: This deep conditioning treatment is enriched with biotin, green tea and carrot oil formulated to repair and restore damaged hair. The special blend of this mask promotes growth and maximizes retention. Used to enhance shine, prevent breakage, and grow healthy hair. $17.99 Doesn't Get Much BUTTER Than This™: This daily hair dressing brings the shine back into your beautiful mane by giving your hair the ultimate soft and rejuvenated feeling. The combination of mango butter, avocado butter, and shea butter adds luster to the hair without weighing it down. Formulated to fight shedding and breakage, while moisturizing and nourishing each strand. $13.99 Manetabolism™, is a power packed vitamin that’s specially formulated to stimulate healthy hair growth from the inside out, by providing vital nourishment to the body’s cells. This vitamin also supports the immune system and sustains healthy nails and skin. Manetabolism™ evokes the healthy mane on you because a healthy inside shows on the outside! $24.99

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SIMBI Bracelets/Hairties & Headbands

6PAK SIMBI's - Exotic Camo collection

Description: SIMBI's are a unique fashion forward aceesory to be worn on your wrist or in your hair. They are "cool" designer bracelets that double as hair ties for women. Each SIMBI sold purifies 1 gallon of water a day and provides jobs for the people of Haiti. By wearing and sharing your SIMBI's, you are helping us in our cause to eliminate water borne disease in Haiti. SIMBI is Haiti's water spirit and SIMBI Inc. is dedicated to bringing clean water to Haiti. Gift Paks: 6PAK of SIMBI's in a variety of choices 12PAK of SIMBI's with free hand-embroidered organic cotton Gift Bag 2 pak of SIMBI Headbands

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Air Curler

Voluminous and beautiful curls in seconds!

Description: For women looking to achieve a chic look in half the time, Air Curler™ is a revolutionary new styling tool that creates luscious curls in seconds. Ideal for most hair lengths and textures, Air Curler is a blow dryer and curling iron in one that replaces the need for multiple styling tools. Simply connect it to any standard hair dryer, place damp hair in Air Curler’s chamber and move it up and down and style-dry your hair! In just seconds, the spinning vortex creates voluminous and beautiful curls.

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PRISSY Mineral Make Up Giving Flawless Coverage And A Healthy Glow

PRISSY Minerals Round Blush

Description: PRISSY is a line of mineral make up designed to give flawless coverage and beautiful color for a fresh, healthy finished look. The minerals and ingredients used like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, green tea, grape seed extract as well as the minerals iron, Boron, and Mica give a natural and smooth glow that is truly good for your skin. PRISSY Mineral Powder Foundations have a SPF 26 level of protection and do not contain harmful talc, starch, dye, paraben or perfume that can clog pores or cause irritation. PRISSY now has a full line of make-up from eye shadows and cream concealers, to mascara, lip tints, mineral blushes and more!

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L'arganium Argan Oil Beauty Products

L'arganium Argan Oil and Cream

Description: L'arganium is a timeless Argan Oil and Creams products for hair, face, and various skin conditions created and developed by Dr. Joel Abergel. L'arganium is a 100% pure Certified USDA Organic skincare line. Unlike most argan oil products in the marketplace today, L'arganium is 100% PURE extract - not diluted with chemicals for visible results! “Experience our Argan Oil Skincare products... Let the magic begin!” - Dr. Joel Abergel Facebook: Twitter:

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Subscription To, Online Health And Fitness Site Providing Workouts For Every Fitness Personality - The future of Online Workouts

Description: is a leading online health and fitness brand delivering first-class video workout programs and personalized nutrition plans to ensure that members reach their fitness goals. DailyBurn brings fitness and nutrition to members, anytime, anywhere, by streaming HD-quality workouts in a variety of disciplines from dance and high-intensity cardio to yoga, kettlebells and strength training. DailyBurn's elite group of trainers were specifically selected to provide specialized expertise to members through a best-in class library of workouts ranging from beginner to advanced through a multitude of technology platforms. From your computer and TV to your tablet and phone, your workout experience and nutrition advice is only a click away. Launched in 2007, DailyBurn is an operating business of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI). DailyBurn has a number of options to help members get in shape ranging from fitness to nutrition plans all under $15 a month. For more information, visit

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Frankie Rose Cosmetics

Basics Perfected

Description: Just in time to give you that extra oomph and ohh-la-la for Fall, Frankie Rose Cosmetics officially launches their debut line. A perfect way to add some sparkle for the holidays, Frankie Rose introduces a complete collection of essential makeup and tools. Frankie Rose Cosmetics has truly perfected the basics. The glamorous line of beauty products are crafted by professional makeup artists, specifically formulated to offer flawless, long lasting beauty, unique color palettes, silky foundations, and kiss worthy lip sticks and glosses. This unique new brand of high quality makeup is designed to create a variety of crave worthy looks for women to look and feel their best, from dramatic and glam to naturally confident. From jojoba oil found in shadows and powders to moisturizing mineral oils found in its lip products, each Frankie Rose product is formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin. The line is carefully designed to look and feel luxurious and luminous!

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Schick Hydro 5 Disposable - Upgrade Your Shave On The Go

Schick Hydro® 5 Disposable Razor

Description: Never again do men need to sacrifice personal care while they’re on the go. Schick Hydro has released their best disposable shave for your skin - the Schick Hydro 5 Disposable razor. It’s the ultimate disposable razor with five blades, packed with hydration to keep your skin feeling great no matter where you are, and on your terms. It’s a shave so good, it will feel like a new razor every time, and it comes with a full money back guarantee if you don’t agree.

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The Klitch A FOOTWEAR CLIP That Allows You To Hang Extra Footwear To The Outside Of Your Bag

Check your Kicks!

Description: The Klitch is a footwear clip that allows you to hang extra footwear to the outside of your bag. This avoids getting the inside of your bag dirty, smelly, and full. The Klitch is very simple to use and comes in 10 colors to match any type of footwear. Klitch Lifestyle: Great for travel Frees up your hands Saves space in your backpack or gym bag Airs out your shoes between wear Prevents dirt on shoes from getting inside of your bag Enables you to wear other shoes before and after your workout Great for organizing and storing footwear at home or on the road

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Coconut Oil Skin Care Stick

Coconut Oil Skin Care Sticks

Description: SkinFare's coconut oil skin care sticks are packaged in biodegradable push-pop style tubes for easy and mess-free application. The collection from SkinFare includes five different formulas packed with only USDA certified organic botanical ingredients that work to target common skin issues such as dryness, blemishes, rashes, insect stings/bites, abrasions, chafing, and more! Uses for a tube of SkinFare include facial moisturizer, hand moisturizer, anywhere you have skin moisturizer, makeup primer, diaper irritation soother or for treating any kind of chapped/chafed skin.

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Bed Buddy At Home Comfort Wrap, Relaxation Mask & Foot Warmers

Bed Buddy At Home Relaxation Mask

Description: The new Bed Buddy At Home lineup from Carex Health Brands includes a Comfort Wrap, Foot Warmers and a Relaxation Mask. Each are filled with 100% natural grains, providing hot and cold therapy, fragranced with natural herbs, and infused with the aromatherapy of Lavender, Lavender Rose and Lavender Mint to soothe your senses. All three products feature the company’s proprietary, doctor-recommended Moist Heat ThermaTherapy® to relax sore joints and restore tired muscles. The Comfort Wrap features a flexible, form-fitting design that easily molds to the body to target a wide array of chronic pain areas such as the neck, shoulders and back, for example. The Foot Warmers provide natural, cozy warmth in the cool winter months, while the Relaxation Mask provides relief from sinus, tension and migraine headache pain, in addition to offering calming relaxation. It should be used cold to treat tired, puffy eyes and warm for headaches and tension. The Bed Buddy® At Home items can be warmed in the microwave to provide alleviating moist heat or chilled to be a cooling compress. Each is reusable, easy and safe to use as directed, and a natural alternative or compliment to over-the-counter drug treatments.

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Unmarx For Clothing

Instantly Wipe Off Your Unwanted Clothing Marks!

Description: Unmarx is a reusable cleaning pad that easily erases a variety of unexpected clothing marks people get throughout the day. Marks are dried residues, hairs, fibers, fragments and more left behind on your clothes. Something we all deal with on a daily basis. Unlike stains, these substances brush right off. Unmarx's chemical-free mesh cleaning surface wipes off deodorant marks, dried food, dandruff, makeup powders, baby/body powders, lint, pet hair & many more! Unmarx is made in the USA and 5% of the proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer organizations. Ultimate all-in-one product you can take on the go!

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Zuzka ZCUT Power Yoga Volume 2 DVD

Zuzka ZCUT Power Yoga Vol 2 DVD

Description: The Zuzka ZCUT Power Yoga Volume 2 DVD combines yoga-inspired poses for increased flexibility and improved balance with basic body weight exercises that strengthen and tone your entire body. In ZCUT Power Yoga Volume 2, Zuzka leads you through a challenging, body-changing workout series that is unlike any yoga routine you’ve experienced before. This non-traditional yoga workout improves your endurance and motivates you for real results! Enjoy the freedom of being barefoot in the comfort of your own home as you chaturanga your way to a better body. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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7 Cream, 7 Soap And 7 Balm With Manuka Honey

7 Cream and 7 Balm

Description: Three high quality natural skin products containing Manuka Honey and a unique combination of oils including Shea butter, Avocado Oil, Neem Oil, Coconut Oil, Manuka Oil, Calendula and Aloe vera. Gentle and non toxic , 7 Cream healing ointment was originally a practitioner only product, but is now available to the general public. 7 Balm is the best lip balm in the world with no cheap fillers and 9 healing oils. 7 Soap Manuka Honey French triple milled fragrance free soap complements the line. All three products are fragrance free and contain no parabens or mineral oil.

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Water Bobble

18.5 oz. water bobble

Description: A thoughtful gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your holiday shopping list, bobble filters as you drink and comes in an array of sizes and colors. Beyond a hip looking water bottle, bobble will help your friends and family have a healthy New Year as well as do their part to aid in protecting the environment—one bobble filter is equivalent to saving 300 plastic water bottles from the landfill.

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Lock Laces Elastic Shoelace And Fastening System

Lock Laces Catalog

Description: LOCK LACES is the elastic shoelace and fastening system that you truly have to try to believe! With your very first step, you will feel the difference with LOCK LACES. Made for competition, LOCK LACES is the only patented performance lacing system engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, triathletes, marathoners, walkers, and other sports and fitness activities like hiking, gym class, biking, aerobics, and dancing. Unlike other products, wearing LOCK LACES sustains simple compression across the top of the foot increasing the amount of oxygen available to the muscles to help manage fatigue. LOCK LACES are perfectly designed to eliminate any tight spots, banding, and pressure points. The lightweight locking system and elastic laces are the perfect combination of strength, stretch and stability. LOCK LACES are fast, convenient and secure, so you can--Win. Never tie.

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Bob Harper The Skinny Rules Workout Rule #5

Bob Harper: The Skinny Rules Workout Rule #5 Yoga

Description: When it comes to weight loss, you don't get results if you don't follow the rules! Inspired by Bob Harper's New York Times Bestseller, "The Skinny Rules," comes The Skinny rules series. The fifth DVD, Workout Rule #5 is YOGA. Get ready to slim and tone your entire body! Bob designed these DVDs to improve your strength, endurance and flexibility, combining some of the most effective exercises into circuit routines that can be done anywhere and fit into any schedule. These workouts are fit for beginners as well as athletes, and will give you the energy AND body you have always wanted. The Skinny Rules: Yoga contains TWO 30 minute yoga workouts which incorporate yoga moves and strength training to get your heart rate up, improve your flexibility and trim you down. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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Description: The PROFOOT Pedi-Rock is an innovative, flexible foot file that contours to the shape of the foot for super-effective removal of rough, dry skin. This easy-grip rock-shaped file is made of silicon-carbide crystals, which easily eliminates the toughest calluses, without leaving any dust behind. The best part of the Pedi-Rock is how it fits in your hand just-right. Whether used wet or dry, you’ll see results after just sixty seconds! This one of a kind, fast and effective product will have you ditching your old flat pumice file immediately.

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Carmex Healing Ointment

Carmex Healing Ointment

Description: •First ointment product from Carma Laboratories, Inc., and the first expansion to the company’s new skin care line, which also includes Carmex Healing Lotion and Carmex Healing Cream •Thick and concentrated to moisturize and help promote intensive healing, especially problem areas such as dry skin on feet and hands •Formulated for overnight repair and restoration using only a small amount •Anhydrous (waterless) formula uses petrolatum to create a thick barrier on skin, aiding moisturization as it soothes skin •Key ingredients include cocoa butter to relieve dry and irritated skin; mineral oil to prevent skin from drying and cracking; petrolatum, one of the most effective moisturizing agents available; and beeswax, a hydrating agent with antibacterial properties to help keep skin healthy. •Active ingredients are menthol, which kills germs and helps soothe the discomfort of dry, chapped and irritated skin; and camphor, which helps relieve the burning, itching and pain associated with dry and irritated skin.

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Schick® Xtreme 3® Hawaiian Tropic® Scented Razors

Schick® Xtreme 3® Hawaiian Tropic® Scented Razor

Description: Immerse yourself in a warm, sensual shave with Schick Xtreme3 Hawaiian Tropic and take your skin on a Hawaiian holiday every time you step in the shower. Bursting with tropical scents, Schick Xtreme3 Hawaiian Tropic has a scented handle spiked with exotic botanicals and three blades that flex and pivot with Aloe, Vitamin E and Jojoba to deliver a close, comfortable and convenient shave.

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Herban Body Care

The Herban Fusion Gift Basket gives the largest sampling of the Herban products.

Description: Herban Body Care products are 100% organic and vegan, giving your skin everything it needs, nothing it doesn't. Herban provides a wide variety of gift sets for everyone on your list - men and women. Herban Body Care has three different lines - Face, Body and Feet. Don't see a gift set with your favorite product? All products can be purchased separately.

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Destroy Shoe Odor Fast: Sweet Feet Spray

Shoe Perfume! Sweet Feet Spray

Description: You no longer need to throw away your favorite pair of shoes because they smell. Sweet Feet Spray is a Shoe Perfume that will leave your shoes smelling fresh all day. Our Sweet scent(Pink Label) projects a Jamaican Plum & Cherry scent while our Fresh Scent(Black Label) projects a Cool Water type aroma. The invisible vapor barrier works continually to attack the odor causing germs and refresh your shoes. Great to use before you start your day or to freshen up those already stinky shoes. Simply spray the inside of the shoe and let dry. Perfect for athletic shoes, sandals, boots, heels, dress shoes, and more! Refreshes and deodorizes all types of shoes. Made in U

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The Lovely Candy Company™ Creates Consciously-crafted, Certified Gluten-free Candies That Are Non-GMO, Certified Kosher And Contain No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Company Logo

Description: The Lovely Candy Company™ creates consciously-crafted, certified gluten-free candies for consumers who have food sensitivities or celiac disease. The line also serves health-conscious consumers who want to indulge in premium candies that offer the best ingredients available. The candies are non-GMO, certified kosher and contain no high fructose corn syrup. Varieties include Original Chewy Caramels, Chocolate Swirl Caramels, Super Fruit Chews with real fruit pieces and Organic Cherry Licorice. The Super Fruit Chews are also vegan.

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Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Permanent Liquid Haircolor

AGEbeautiful Permanent Liquid Haircolor

Description: AGEbeautiful anti-aging hair color invites you to give the gift of strong, shiny, vibrant, gray-free, healthy hair with Permanent Liquid Haircolor - professional-quality color that lasts for 3 months. AGEbeautiful hair color fights the five signs of aging hair (wiriness, gray hair, loss of volume, thinning, and dullness) so maturing hair is stronger, shinier, and more touchable. Don't let your hair give away your age! Permanent Liquid Haircolor is available in 44 natural looking shades.

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Carmex Healing Cream

Carmex Healing Cream

Description: •First skin care products from the Carmex brand •Use a patent-pending process, and rich healing ingredients to heal, moisturize and help repair dry skin without leaving a greasy feel •Thicker, more concentrated formula that penetrates deep into the skin to help repair extremely dry, cracked skin •Features nine concentrated healing and moisturizing ingredients that combine to provide a fresh, clean scent •Fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula •Particularly effective on hands, feet, elbows and knees

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Carmex Hydrating Lotion

Carmex Hydrating Lotion

Description: •First skin care products from the Carmex brand •Use a patent-pending process, and rich healing ingredients to heal, moisturize and help repair dry skin without leaving a greasy feel •Features aloe, Vitamin E, and allantoin to heal dry skin and replenish moisture for soft, smooth skin •Soothing, long-lasting formula for daily use, with a fresh, clean scent •Carmex skin care products are available at national chain drug and retail stores, including: Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Meijer, Dollar General, and

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Carmex Fragrance Free Healing Cream

Carmex Fragrance Free Healing Cream

Description: Carma Laboratories, Inc., the maker of Carmex® lip balms and skin care products, introduces fragrance-free healing cream, an alternative to the company’s popular fragranced Everyday Healing Cream product. The new fragrance-free cream employs the same ultra-moisturizing, non-greasy formulation as the existing product to provide fast-absorbing, long-lasting relief for dry skin using effective ingredients like rich lanolin and petrolatum to soften, moisturize and heal the skin. The fragrance-free Everyday Healing Cream is available now in four-ounce tubes at Walgreens and other stores across the U.S.

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Organic, Vegan, Healthy

Description: OH BAR, a product of Four Hands Healing Foods, is an Organic Health bar that is quite possibly the most vibrant, delicious, and nutritious energy bar ever! All ingredients are organic, raw, sourced from local providers, and loaded with protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and other healthy and tasty stuff. OH BARs are available in two flavors, Original and Cacao/Goji Berry, made in small batches entirely by hand as gently as possible so the seeds remain in their most natural and nutritious state. No chopping or smashing allowed! The bars are dehydrated at low temperatures, never baked, so they are chock full of the living enzymes your body craves. All seeds are pre-soaked in filtered water, which enhances their nutrient value, makes them easy to digest and absorb, and cuts the fat content in half. OH BARs are packaged in BPA-free, biodegradable, non-polluting cellophane bags made from cottonwood trees. The cellophane provides an oxygen barrier that is 100 times greater than plastic. Passionate about awakening the body’s own healing potential via a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating, Four Hands Healing Foods' mission is to create the most delicious raw food imaginable.

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Colorful & Clean: Van Der Hagen's Gentle Glycerin Soaps

Suds for the whole family with a selection of four invigorating scents—Free (unscented) for the picky fathers, Fresh for teens, Floral for mothers and Fruity for the kids!

Description: Commonplace bar soaps lack the ingredients essential to have the healthiest, cleanest skin, but not for long: Introducing van der Hagen’s new line of Gentle Glycerin Soaps that are sure to raise the bar. A few soaper powers of Glycerin: · Hydrates skin through the moisturizing process of pulling water from the air and the surface of your skin · Immediate, long-lasting skin softening benefits · Promotes elasticity for more supple skin · Protects skin and aids in healing wounds With a selection of four invigorating scents—Fruity, Floral, Fresh and Free (clear/unscented)—you’ll smell like heaven from head to toe. And for just $2.99 you can lather in luxury with handmade, all-natural soaps that leave your skin glowing.

Price: $2.99 to $11.96 Visit the Website

PIT Fitness

Choose Your Tool

Description: PIT Fitness is full-body interval training that blasts your metabolism and builds functional strength. PIT Fitness is the only iPhone & Android app that puts you through a 30-day workout program consisting of 15-30 minute workouts that seamlessly allows you to change your workouts based on the tools available to you. The PIT Fitness program has four interchangeable 15-30-minute workout styles where you choose the tools you want to use: bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, or sandbags. PIT Fitness has 315 workouts incorporating 147 different exercises that are 100% video guided, giving you your own inspirational personal trainer that demonstrates the workout for you- another first of its kind. PIT- Performance Interval Training- incorporates styles designed to shock the body to get you working like a pro athlete with explosive, full-body, fat-blasting movements that get men and women leaner, stronger and more athletic. No two workouts are ever the same.

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website

Carmex Moisture Plus

Original Carmex Moisture Plus

Description: •Most advanced moisturizing formula from the Carmex® brand •Clear gloss finish •Includes Vitamin E, aloe butter, shea butter and avocado butter to aid moisturization of dry lips, helping to soften and heal them •Contains Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen (UVA/UVB) •Unique, stylish and slim-stick with sleek slant tip for precise application •Keeps lips soft, smooth and beautiful •Use under or over color or alone •Non-addictive and not tested on animals

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website

Essence Of Beauty Limited Edition Holiday Body & Hand Creams

Essence of Beauty Limited Edition Holiday Hand & Body Creams

Description: Bring a touch of indulgence to the holiday season with the new Limited Edition Body & Hand Cream collection from Essence of Beauty. Featuring fine ingredients, including revitalizing passion flower seed and rice bran oil, nourishing Vitamin A and E, and soothing aloe vera. The ultra-rich Limited Edition Holiday Body & Hand Cream restores moisture and conditions skin, and is available in three new luxurious scents. Sugar Frosted Mint – Sparkling scent features notes of iced peppermint, spearmint, warm milk, jasmine and a touch of spice. Vanilla Wishes – Comforting fragrance features top notes of red plum, spun sugar, pomegranate, vanilla bean and sweet toffee. Snowy Apple – Enchanting scent features notes of apple, orange, pineapple, florals and pear.

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Alrite - GABA Rice Brain Power Energy Drink (EQ Plus Energy)

Alrite - GABA Rice Brain Power Energy Drink (EQ plus Energy)

Description: Boost your brain power with Alrite Up – GABA Rice Brain Power Energy Drink. New and innovative drink from Whole Grain Germinated Thai Jasmine Rice + Gotu Kola & Guarana Extract + GABA. Germinated Thai Jasmine Rice that passes sprouting and complicated extraction process gives single molecule glucose and other nutrients which allow the body to easily absorb them and gain energy right away without digestion. Thai Jasmine Rice is also a source of Gamma Oryzanol antioxidant and multiple nutrients necessary for your active lifestyle: Carbohydrates, Amino Acid, Peptide, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Dietary Fiber, Folate, Niacine, Lysine, Inositols, Ferulic Acid, Phytic Acid, Tocotrienols, Prolylendopeptidase Inhibitor, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc. Gotu Kola Extract (Centella asiatica) boosts brain capacity. It is a brain food that helps improving intelligence and reflexes. Guarana Extract infuses energy and fights against fatigue in a healthy way. GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) stabilizes brain by keeping your brainwaves in balance and promotes a healthy nervous system. It keeps you away from stress, resulting in higher EQ. It’s 100% natural, no sweetener added. Have a toast to your brain power! Now available online at

Price: $1.79 Visit the Website

Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex Lip Balm

Description: Original Carmex® Jar •Original lip tingling formula •Relieves symptoms of chapped lips and cold sores •Formulated with camphor and menthol to soothe severely dry lips and reduce pain from cold sores •Available in .25 jar Original Carmex Tube •Original lip tingling formula •Moisturizing lip balm •Squeezable applicator allows users to control how much or how little they apply to their lips •The same menthol and camphor found in the Carmex jar provide cooling pain relief. This product also includes cocoa butter for smooth, velvety feel plus a touch of mineral oil to help soften and hydrate skin •Available in .35-ounce tube Flavored Carmex Tube (strawberry and cherry) •Moisturizing lip balm •Squeezable applicator allows users to control how much or how little they apply to their lips •The same menthol and camphor found in the Carmex jar provide cooling pain relief. This product also includes cocoa butter for smooth, velvety feel plus a touch of mineral oil to help soften and hydrate skin •Contains Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen (UVA/UVB) •Available in .35-ounce tube Carmex Stick (available in original, cherry, and strawberry) •Original and flavored formulas in solid .15-ounce stick •Moisturizing and protecting lip balm •Formulated with meadowfoam seed oil to aid moisturization, rejuvenate lips and retain softness •Offers up to 80 minutes of water resistance. In fact, our formulation meets the government’s highest standard for water resistance •Contains Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen (UVA/UVB)

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Carmex Ultra Smooth Stick

Carmex Stick in Pomegranate, Vanilla and Lime Twist

Description: •Flavored formulas in a solid .15-ounce stick •Provide superior moisturization and improved glide (smoothness) •Ingredients include the highest quality of Vitamin E and Aloe available. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps prevent premature aging by preventing the forming of free radicals. Aloe helps heal and soothe sensitive lips. •Formulated with meadowfoam seed oil to aid moisturization, rejuvenate lips and retain softness. •Available at national chain drug and retail stores, including: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Meijer, SUPERVALU, Shopko •Not tested on animals •Contain Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen (UVA/UVB)

Price: $1.59 Visit the Website

Action Wipes - Full Body Wet Wipes For When You Can't Shower

30 Sheet Soft Pack

Description: Action Wipes, also referred to as a "shower in a pocket" by world travelers and fitness enthusiasts, are eucalyptus and tea tree oil infused, full body, natural wet wipes that provide an instant shower whenever & wherever you need one! The proprietary wipe potion creates mild suds that don't require rinsing and are quick to dry - leaving your skin clean & refreshed, not sticky, after gym workouts, long runs, and intrepid adventures. The pure essential oils that Action Wipes are made with are known for their naturally antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so they're good for cleaning minor cuts, scrapes and road-rash. The gentle formula is also safe for every inch of your body, sensitive skin, kids, pets, seniors, and our planet. Another bonus - the cloth material is durable enough to be repurposed for gear "cleanup," among countless other uses. Action Wipes are easy to stash in a backpack, gym bag, or carry on, and currently come in three varieties: Large Singles, 30 Large Singles Pack, and 30 Sheet Soft Pack.

Price: $1.49 to $29.97 Visit the Website

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