Holiday Health and Beauty Gifts 2012 - Holiday Health and Beauty Gift Guide

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Octane Fitness LateralX Elliptical Trainer

Octane Fitness LateralX trainer

Description: A unique variation of the traditional elliptical cross trainer, the LateralX from Octane Fitness offers smooth, 3D motion that goes from a vertical elliptical stepping motion to an active side-to-side motion that adjusts electronically – for invigorating workouts. Combining low-impact elliptical and lateral motion, the total-body workouts utilize movement in three planes (front to back, side to side and rotational) for customized, functional exercise that builds stamina, muscular endurance, coordination and balance. The LateralX offers 10 variable lateral width settings, and university research shows that LateralX users experience a 27% increase in caloric expenditure going from lateral width 1 to the maximum of lateral width 10. Also, studies indicate that the LateralX motion represents a 30% increase in hip abduction, hip adduction and knee extension over traditional ellipticals. With 30 resistance levels and new workouts such as QuadPower, ThighToner and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the LateralX helps everyone every level exerciser recruit more muscles, experience results and meet goals. Octane’s popular CROSS CiRCUIT combined cardio and strength routines, X-Mode virtual personal trainer and interactive heart rate program deliver additional variety. And the self-powered LateralX is equipped with MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars, digital contact heart rate sensors and a console fan.

Price: $6,999.00 Visit the Website

Spinner Blade

Spinner Blade

Description: The Spinner® Blade (MSRP: $1,995) kicks Spinning® workouts into high gear with the sleek, all aluminum bike combines user-focused features with a high degree of adjustability to deliver best-in-class performance for riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities. The Spinner Blade offers a precise fit and an amazing ride, year after year. The Spinner Blade is currently priced at $1,695 with free shipping and four Spinning DVDs for the perfect home workout package from

Price: $1,695.00 Visit the Website

Revolutionary Indoor Cycle - Evo Fitness Bike

Evo Fitness Bike

Description: Relay Fitness Group is revolutionizing the way people workout with the release of the Evo Fitness Bike, an innovative, indoor cycle designed to capture the natural feeling of a road bike while engaging the core in a full-body workout. Built on the foundation that fitness should be fun, the Evo Fitness Bike is easy to use for individuals of all fitness levels and delivers an authentic cycling experience. The Evo Fitness Bike utilizes a sway frame that articulates the body movement of a natural pedal, extending the reach of a cycling workout from the lower body to a complete body-pumping exercise. Innovation surfaces in the Orb™ Gear Drive, a gear drive system that utilizes no belts or chains. This type of planetary gear mechanism has never before been utilized in a fitness application. The internal flywheel and brake mechanism creates a true-to-life biking experience in a durable sleek product with less external moving parts, translating to substantially reduced maintenance needs and costs.

Price: $1,299.00 Visit the Website

Custom Sierra Club PUBLIC Bycicle

The PUBLIC V7 features a sloped diamond frame geometry, commonly found in many road and mountain bicycles.

Description: Getting around town fossil fuel-free is easier than ever! The special-edition Sierra Club bicycle, made by PUBLIC, combines stunning European-inspired design with comfort and performance. The steel frame, rear rack, chain guard, fenders, and inside rim will be painted in a custom, glossy green and finished with the Sierra Club logo in white on the head tube and rear fender. The slogan "Explore, enjoy and protect the planet" appears on both sides of the frame down tube. The Sierra Club bicycle is a lightweight, easy-shifting, seven-speed bike designed for stop-and-go riding. It's ideal for rides in any urban terrain, whether you want to zip around town or take the scenic route. Comfortable enough for everyday trips for casual riders and reliable enough to be your everyday, rain-or-shine, commuter workhorse. Available in two frame shapes, Step-Through and Diamond, the bicycles come in two sizes and include a rear rack with clip. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bike come back to the Sierra Club to support our efforts to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth.

Price: $500.00 to $595.00 Visit the Website

DNA EGF Renewal: The Collection

DNA EGF Renewal: The Collection

Description: This holiday season, repair the past and protect the future with the DNA EGF Renewal collection. Created by legendary board certified dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy, DNA EGF Renewal targets the sign of aging by diminishing wrinkles, brown spots and skin discoloration. This futuristic skin care reveals dramatic results delivering clear, firm, radiant healthy skin. The protocol contains five of the EGF Renewal products for a $38 discount.

Price: $480.00 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Dashing" Gift Set

For Someone Dashing Gift Set

Description: Sonya Dakar's handsome, specialized skincare gift set for men. Featuring 5 manly essentials to keep your dashing someone looking sharp, this set includes The Bergamot Wash for quick and effective daily cleansing, the Triple Action Organic Scrub to buff and polish rough and dull skin, the Hydrasoft Cream for a perfect non-irritating aftershave, the age reversing Oxygen Eye Cream, and the Aromasol Mist for on-the-go hydration and toning. For Someone Dashing Gift Set Includes: Bergamot Wash Triple Action Organic Scrub - Irritation Aromasol Mist - Irritation Hydrasoft Lotion - Irritation Hydrasoft Cream Oxygen Eye Cream Free Jet Set Omega Almond Body Oil

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Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Timeless" Gift Set

For Someone Timeless Gift Set

Description: This is Sonya Dakar Skincare’s ultimate gift for that always lovely, timeless someone in your life. Packed with 5 of our most captivating skin treatments, this age-defying set includes our luxurious UltraLuxe Nourishing Wash, Fresh Eyes to gently cleanse and protect the delicate skin around the eyes, Hydrasoft Lotion for lightweight hydration and instant glow, our Pore Minimizer to give skin a flawless, airbrushed finish, and our powerful Retinol Renewal for a nighttime solution that targets dead skin and hyperpigmentation. For Someone Timeless Gift Set Includes: Ultraluxe Nourishing Wash Retinol Renewal Hydrasoft Cream Pore Minimizer Fresh Eyes Free Jet Set Omega Almond Body Oil

Price: $327.00 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Flawless" Gift Set

For Someone Flawless Gift Set

Description: Give the gift that’s a perfect 10 for a flawless friend. Sonya Dakar Skincare’s ideal gift set for someone flawless includes the anti-oxidant rich Acai Wash, the deeply purifying Mud Lavender Mask, the skin-smoothing Deep Pore Clarifying Serum, the perfect touch of moisture with Hydrasoft Lotion, and full body sheen and nourishment with the Omega Hydrator. For Someone Flawless Gift Set Includes: Omega Hydrator – Verbena Cypress Acai Clarifying Wash Hydrasoft Lotion – Clear Deep Pore Clarifying Serum Mud Lavender Mask Free Jet Set Omega Almond Body Oil

Price: $314.00 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Radiant" Gift Set

For Someone Radiant Gift Set

Description: Know someone who lights up the room? Then you know someone radiant. This comprehensive gift set encourages head-to-toe glow with Red Grapefruit Wash to refine pores and deep clean, the nourishing, protecting, and time-released Seaweed Liposome Gel, the Hydrasoft Cream for intense moisture and softness, Bright Eyes to correct dark circles and puffiness, and Nourishing Oil with skin-smoothing Verbena for full body radiance. For Someone Radiant Gift Set Includes: Nourishing Body Oil – Verbena Cypress Red Grapefruit Wash Seaweed Liposome Gel – Maintenance Hydrasoft Cream Bright Eyes Free Jet Set Omega Almond Body Oil

Price: $314.00 Visit the Website

No!no! Hair

Holiday Red no!no! Hair

Description: no!no! Hair uses Thermicon™, a technology that uses heat, but not light, making it safe for everyone, no matter the skin type or hair color. no!no! Hair is safe for use on the face, legs and arms and with consistent use gives long-lasting results. The Red Holiday no!no! Hair is sold now for $270 at

Price: $270.00 Visit the Website

Transitions Lenses

With the widest variety of lens designs and materials to choose from, original Transitions lenses quickly adapt between indoor and outdoor conditions, offering a distinct advantage over ordinary clear lenses.

Description: Transitions lenses ( are as clear as regular eyeglass lenses indoors and at night. Outdoors, they automatically darken as light conditions change to minimize glare, providing clear, quality vision while significantly reducing the discomfort of squinting, eye strain and eye fatigue. Transitions lenses also block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect the health and wellness of your eyes and the sensitive surrounding skin.

Price: $250.00 Visit the Website

Les Mills SMARTBAR™, A Cutting-edge Barbell Weight System


Description: Power Systems, the fitness and sports accessory equipment industry leader, has become the exclusive U.S. distributor of Les Mills SMARTBAR™, a cutting-edge barbell weight system with an ergonomic design that speeds up plate transitions and helps people maximize their workout – keeping exercise enthusiasts from spending a large part of a workout fastening and changing cumbersome weight plates. This product truly will change the way that Americans exercise. The design has a head with retractable teeth (called the ‘gator’) at each end of the SMARTBAR™ which holds up to three weight plates in place. The plates simply slide on the bar and lock into place on the gator. When the user needs to change plates, he or she may just pull the release lever and slide them off. Les Mills SMARTBAR™ has undergone rigorous testing at some of the busiest group exercise facilities in the world. Each Les Mills SMARTBAR™ comes with a two year warranty on manufacturing faults. The SMARTBAR™ system is available for purchase online at

Price: $249.00 Visit the Website


one step face wash

Description: This naturally exfoliating cleanser rejouvinates your skin without drying it out. It also imparts gentle, soft and smooth after feel to the skin. Witch hazel cleanses the skin, relieve tissue swelling and promote speedy cell regeneration Chamomile flower powder is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic. Almond and grape seed oils stimulate the production of collagen for smoother, more youthful looking skin. Merchant SKU: 353 Clean pores, remove dirt, oil & makeup, exfoliate without drying out skin. Cleanse, exfoliate and tone in just one step pH Balanced, Safe and Effective Made from plants not petro-chemicals All Natural Skin Care Fair-trade, cruelty free and vegan Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Cold pressed oils of Almond & Grape Seed, Extract of Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Candelilla Wax, Oat Meal, Vitamin C, Plant Glycerin, Fuller's Earth, Soy Lecithin, Extracts of Licorice, Lime, Chamomile, Pineapple, Tea Tree, Comfrey, Thyme, Lemongrass, Orange

Price: $240.00 Visit the Website

EmWave2 By HeartMath

The emWave2 looks for physiological changes to help users deal with stress more appropriately

Description: A handheld device that monitors your stress, the emWave2 also helps users train their bodies to have a more positive reaction to stress over time. emWave2 works by converting pulse data into real-time displays of coherence levels, as indicated by changing lights and/or audio cues. As users align breathing and heart rhythms, the device indicates when a physiological shift is occurring. The emWave2 can be tethered to a computer to see live graphs, download sessions and play games designed to help build emotional resilience.

Price: $229.00 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Alluring" Gift Set

For Someone Alluring Gift Set

Description: Captivate that alluring someone with this 3-step mini gift set. These Sonya Dakar Skincare eye-catching essentials are coincidentally some of our must alluring products as well! The alluring gift set includes Enzyme Peeling Cream for an instant boost in radiance, our lightweight Hydrasoft Lotion for deep nourishment and balance, and our Omega-3 Repair Complex for everlasting glow. For Someone Alluring Gift Set Includes: Enzyme Peeling Cream Hydrasoft Lotion - Maintenance Omega-3 Repair Complex - Maintenance

Price: $204.00 Visit the Website

Dominic Diselle™ Eyebrow Enhancer

Dominic Diselle™ Eyebrow Enhancer

Description: Dominic Diselle ™ eyebrow enhancer is a growth treatment that can produce better, stronger and fuller eyebrows in a matter of weeks. The Dominic Diselle™ eyebrow enhancer serum has been formulated to condition, while increasing the appearance of thicker, fuller, stronger, healthier looking eyebrows. Dominic Diselle™ eyebrow enhancer uses many natural ingredients such as, pumpkin seed extract, cucumber fruit extract, white tea leaf extract, as well as a vitamin B complex, vitamin A and Biotin. No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eyebrows are Dominic Diselle™ Eyebrow Enhancer will help repair, re-build the natural shape of your eyebrows and revitalize your eyebrows in as little as 4 weeks. Strengthens and conditions brittle brows Improves health of the follicle Reduces and protects eyebrow loss. Stimulates brow growth at the cellular level Increases penetration of actives to the follicle and provides essential nutrients for maximum growth Improve appearance, texture, and volume of brows. Contains NO Parabens, NO harmful dyes Quick and Easy to apply Thickens and restores eyebrow hair Helps bring back the natural shape of the brow, unlike the use of eyebrow pencils or tattoos. Our ingredients work together to boost eyebrow density, without using any drug-derived growth enhancers.

Price: $199.00 Visit the Website

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Cirrus 3x Starter Kit

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Cirrus 3X Starter Kit

Description: Give the smoker in your life a gift of Health and Productivity! White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, provides an alternative for tobacco smokers that allows for the nicotine fix and action of smoking without the dangerous cancer causing agents, unpleasant second-hand smoke and unsightly stain of tobacco. White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, a guilt-free alternative to smoking and a purely nicotine-delivery device, are available in five strengths and 14 flavors catering to a wide range of smokers, from heavy nicotine users, to social smokers, to the smoker who is trying to quit. The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit included 3 Batteries, Chargebolt USB charger, AC and DC Adapters, 5 Packs of SmoothDraw Cartridges and 2-Year Premium Warranty

Price: $184.95 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Stunning" Gift Set

For Someone Stunning Gift Set

Description: This show-stopping trio is just the gift for someone stunning. Give the gift of full body beauty with our exfoliating body scrub, Vitafoliant, our deeply nourishing and luxurious Omega Hydrator, and our Nourishing Body Oil for super sheen. For Someone Stunning Gift Set Includes: Vitafoliant – Cara Cara Scent [Unique exfoliating treatment which also nourishes and renews the skin; A fusion of crushed bamboo, walnut shell and flaxseed slough away impurities] Omega Hydrator – Cara Cara Scent [Ultra-rich, anti-aging Organic Omega-3 Complex promotes healthy skin; Papaya supports cell turnover; Restorative shea butter and vitamin E help protect and condition; Provides skin with essential vitamins and nutrients; other ingredients leave skin smooth and supple] Nourishing Body Oil – Cara Cara Scent [100% natural, antioxidant rich, moisture-sealing; Packed with Organic Omega-3 complex, recognized for its regenerative benefits; Sweet almond and vitamin E oil strengthens skin cells while increasing elasticity]

Price: $183.00 Visit the Website

Pilatesstick Basic Kit Package

Pilatessick Basic Kit Package

Description: For the Pilates enthusiast, Peak Pilates features the at-home Pilatesstick Basic Kit Package that allows anyone to do much of the work usually reserved for the tower in the comfort of their own home or on the go during the busy holiday travel season. The basic kit includes a wood original Pilatesstick, mat, pro foot straps, resistance tubing, door anchor, DVD and challenging poster.

Price: $149.95 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Delicate" Gift Set

For Someone Delicate Gift Set

Description: Try a little tenderness for that someone delicate. This gentle and nourishing mini gift set includes our soap-free Bergamot Wash for sensitive skin, our vitamin-rich and protective Seaweed Liposome Gel, and our refreshing Aromasol Mist for soothing tone and balance. For Someone Delicate Gift Set Includes: Seaweed Liposome Gel [Protects against environmental damage and free-radicals; Seaweed naturally detoxifies; Direct delivery of vitamins] Bergamot Wash [Washes away impurities while calming irritated and sensitive skin; Bergamot, tangerine and sweet almond extracts release help sooth skin while restoring elasticity; Leaves your skin feeling soft, pure and pacified] Aromosal Mist [Balances, tones and prepares skin for irritation relief; Promotes healthy cell renewal; Discourages acne, 100% natural & botanical]

Price: $129.00 Visit the Website

Purusa Naturals (Leaf, Root, Seed, Petalum)

Purusa Naturals

Description: Sebastian Signs newest launch--Purusa Naturals-- utilizes a patented green technology that transforms Argan oil into a smooth gel. We infused this unique base with botanical fragrances to make the truly unique and special line. The results are four elegantly luxurious fragrance gels, Leaf, Root, Seed, and Petalum. These can be used sparingly and last longer than traditional natural fragrances. Simply rub a small amount of gel directly into your skin, and enjoy a more subtle and personal experience than spraying a fragrance. Purusa Naturals are easy, portable, and longer lasting than traditional natural fragrances.

Price: $115.00 to $125.00 Visit the Website

Street Saint Cosmetics “Beauty On The Go™” Make-Up Kit With Foundation

Street Saint Cosmetics “Beauty on the Go™” Make-Up Kit with Foundation

Description: Street Saint cosmetics, “Beauty on the Go™” Make-Up Kit with Foundation is eco-friendly and practical; includes dazzling earth tone hues, a classic black, contriving the perfect smokey eye, and take’s you from day to night with ease. The kit includes a mineral foundation, powder, eye primer, flared eyeshadow, mini precision crease, eyeliner, lip liner, along with seven talkon, pony, synthetic brushes presented in a beautifully crafted croc, travel size bag. The kit is versatile and compact and fits in the smallest of handbags and can double as a clutch. Only the most superior qualities and ingredients are used, fortifying the face: • Vitamins A, C, and E – provides excellent anti-oxidant and anti-aging factors • Gulf Stream Sea Waters ® – emulates a revitalizing and soothing effect on skin and is beneficial for hyper-sensitive skin, acting as an immunomodulator • Kalparaiane ® - an anti-aging, firming, re-plumping nutrient The Mineral Foundation bestows natural healing properties that beautify and protect skin with rich botanicals that nourish, fortify and restore; providing the utmost glamorous performance. product is rich in antibacterial properties, antioxidants, is paraben-free and at the same time absorbs oil. Provides a sheer to full-coverage oil-free base that feels light and is available in various shades.

Price: $102.00 to $132.00 Visit the Website

Bodyblade® Classic Kit

Bodyblade Classic

Description: Bodyblade® is a perfect holiday gift for workout enthusiasts as it is unlike any other piece of exercise equipment. With the scientific application of vibration and inertia, it is designed as an ideal workout tool aimed at increasing your metabolism and improving body function and muscle definition. There is a variety of Bodyblade models that can be found online at including the most popular Bodyblade® Classic Kit. The functional kit comes with a Bodyblade Classic, an instructional wall chart and DVD to get started. The Bodyblade is also a great gift for the busy holiday traveler or at-home fitness enthusiast.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Selona Deluxe Pamper & Relax Gift Tower

Selona Deluxe Pamper & Relax Gift Tower

Description: The Selona Deluxe Pamper & Relax Gift Tower (valued at $99) includes a memorable collection of products for the perfect pampering bath that will moisturize your body and soothe your soul. The Gift Tower is stacked in three levels and includes 100% Argan Oil, Pure Moisture Body Cream, Luxurious Bath Pillow, Six Floater Candles, Premium Fine Grain Dead-Sea Salts and Lavender Eye Mask. Available to Splash Magazine readers for only $49.95 was $99 for a limited time.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

30DYC - 30 Days To Fit & Fabulous Home Study Program

30DYC 30 Days to Fit & Fabulous

Description: 30DYC a transformative system that enables you to achieve the mind, body and spiritual fitness you need to get Clear, Healthy and Happy. It’s a proven, powerful and effective way to detach from anything that is no longer serving you in your life. This simple system will allow you to get in the best shape at your pace and in the privacy of your own home. The program combines the advice & guidance of our favorite health experts, like Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Oz and Dean Ornish, with proven diet & fitness techniques utilized by fit & fabulous folks like Christy Turlington, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Gisele, Russell Simmons and Matthew McConaughey. No stone is left unturned, from a yoga & fitness plan, to a customized diet, to practices for inner well being, to ongoing support, 30DYC Renew You! is the complete packaged plan for total self renewal and transformation. “It’s about developing healthy habits that benefit every dimension of your being.” ~Dashama Includes over 30 short video sessions to mix and match creating a new unique workout each day, 10 audio classes and meditations, green smoothie cleanse, 3 stage energy diet, daily health journal, journey to joyful book and yoga training manual + much more. Digital version + Hard copy version available. Members area + community forum + live weekly training calls with Dashama!

Price: $97.00 to $347.00 Visit the Website

Mother Glows Best Pedicure

Enjoy our organic Farm House Fresh products!

Description: Mother knows best, so this Mother’s Day make sure she glows best, too. Our Mother Glows Best experience includes two extremely relaxing and therapeutic treatments, both of which are sure to make Mom feel loved and appreciated. Spa Pedicure 60 minutes, $85.00 Soak your tired feet in a warmed vitamin rich honey magnolia sparkling bath soak. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing leg and foot scrub that will smooth away rough edges and reveal new skin. Next, we apply a leg mask and wrap the legs with honey, aloe leaf juice, papaya & pineapple extracts. The experience concludes with a light massage application of a sweet, creamy strawberry whip with fruit extracts to leave skin soft and dewy.

Price: $85.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Freedom Quit Smoking System -America's Nicotine Free & Natural Way To Quit Smoking!™

Freedom Quit Smoking System

Description: Benefits of System: All Natural and Contains Zero Nicotine! •Psychological tools to modify the behavioral patterns associated with smoking •Homeopathic spray with ingredients traditionally used to temporarily relieve cravings •Proprietary antioxidants to support the body's natural fight against toxins •Education on understanding nicotine addiction •Over the past decade thousands of smokers have used the same quitting principles to free themselves from cigarettes Package Includes: •Quit Smoking Therapy Audio CD •Nicotine Reduction Craving Control Spray (10 day supply) •Freedom Aversion Therapy Wristband & Stress ball •Freedom Relaxation Headset •User Manual & Commitment Calendar Card •Detox Supplement (10 day supply)optional •Antioxidant Supplement (30 day supply)optional •Lung Support Supplement (30 day supply)optional

Price: $79.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Gift For Mom: Continuous Results By Elayda

Continuous Results™ by Elayda™ Skincare Regimen

Description: To reward skin on her special day, Mother can clear away impurities, hydrate, and protect her skin with Continuous Results by Elayda. Continuous Results provides an innovative way to care for your skin to achieve a whole new level of anti-aging and skin upkeep. With this three step skin care system you “step up” levels of retinol in 2 month intervals, allowing your skin to adapt and see “continuous results” with every use. The HyTrate Foam (step 2) contains pure retinol that was only previously available by prescription. The kit also contains a gentle creamy cleanser (step 1), and moisturizing SPF (step 3). This elegant kit is a great way to help mothers take control of their skin, and to look and feel beautiful!

Price: $79.90 Visit the Website

The January Labs Glow & Go Power Peel Exfoliant

January Labs' Glow & Go Power Peel Exfoliant

Description: This one-step treatment detoxifies, rejuvenates, and oxygenates your skin. It is designed to actively treat and stimulate cellular turnover without harm or sensitivity and transforms the skin from the inside-out. It also has reparative, preventative, and restorative effects that are noticeable immediately after use. The Glow and Go Power Peel Exfoliant uses a unique cinnamon-based complex to exfoliate and increase circulation while reducing pore size. This wonder-product safely penetrates while causing a surge of heat that stimulates and activates the skin. It is also effective in dealing with uneven skin tone, oily, acneic, and dehydrated conditions. Hyperpigmentation and fine lines diminish within weeks! Featured as a 'hero product' in the NewBeauty store inside Fred Segal, Glow and Go is sure to impress any skincare critic. All January Labs products are formulated with the most advanced enzymes, antioxidants, and essential oils and do not contain any unnatural ingredients that may be harmful to skin -- sulfate-free, paraben-free, DEA/TEA-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, phthalate-free, mineral oil-free, and are packaged using recyclable material.

Price: $75.00 Visit the Website

REVALÉSKIN® Illuminesse Brightening Complex: The Gift Of Even Skin Tones And Luminous Skin

REVALÉSKIN® Illuminesse Brightening Complex

Description: Ensure that Mom or Dad’s skin is looking bright, smooth and even-toned this spring! Perfect for gaining a much-envied glow, the REVALÉSKIN® Illuminesse Brightening Complex allows you to brighten up with a youthful new look. Containing 98% natural ingredients and a unique plant-based antioxidant complex, the REVALÉSKIN Illuminesse Brightening Complex allows you to balance uneven skin tones and restore radiance for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!

Price: $70.00 Visit the Website

Braun CruZer Face

Braun cruZer face

Description: The cruZer6face is a sleek 3-in-1 shaver, styler and trimmer that turns any facial hair into a uniquely groomed beard, accentuating your best features or balancing some less striking ones. The cutting-edge technology and performance of a Braun dry shaver, combined with a twistable trimmer for styling, make the cruZer a unique solution for all men to spruce up their image, while still reflecting their individuality. FOR FATHERS DAY SPECIFICALLY: Help Dad ditch that old razor and upgrade his morning routine with Braun! The Braun cruZer face is a sleek new 3-in-1 – shaver, styler and trimmer – that turns any facial hair into a stylish beard. This styling tool gives guys a clean shave, neat trim or defined edges. Braun cruZer face includes a twistable trimmer for styling and an adjustable attachment for cutting beards to four different lengths.

Price: $69.99 to $79.99 Visit the Website

Wahl Hot Cold Massager

Wahl Hot Cold Massager

Description: Wahl is a leader in personal care, but many don’t’ know that they recently introduced a new line of therapeutic massagers that, unlike many options today, are serious pain management tools. The latest is their new Hot Cold Massager, which provides relief by combining soothing massage with hot and cold therapy to offer a more holistic approach to muscle tension and soreness.

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Illuminating Eye Cream


Description: This luxurious, exceptionally rich eye cream transforms the look of the delicate eye area for a luminous, bright appearance. A highly effective blend of botanicals and antioxidants increases moisture, while visibly reducing the appearance of dark circles. This formulation combines Arbutin, beta-carotene and gluconic acid with various organic extracts including white tea, licorice root , and chamomile, which have been proven to lighten discolorations and brighten skin. Natural tea tannins help to reduce the appearance of puffiness. The eye cream also contains retinyl palmitate and vitamin E to help minimize fine lines. Does NOT Contain Hydroquinone

Price: $68.00 Visit the Website

Ski Or Snowboard Lessons In Beverly Hills

SkyTechSport ski and snowboard simulator

Description: Want to make an unforgettable impression on your family, friends or coworkers? How about ski or snowboard lessons... in Beverly Hills! With Gift Certificates starting from $65 for a one-to-one training session on our unique SkyTechSport Ski and Snowboard simulators, your loved one can ski in Beverly Hills! Sessions are perfect for all ages and levels of skiing and snowboarding. Lessons on the virtual mountain are a five-in-one gift: • A safe and easy way to learn how to ski or snowboard before ever going to the mountains • A route to amazing improvement in skiing and snowboarding technique and having more confidence on the slope • An incredible visual experience on virtual courses; • One-to-one training with lots of fun and joy • A brand new way to workout. Contact us at [email protected],(800)405-5025, or come over to the studio at 243 N. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Lessons start at $65 for a single one-to-one 30-minute training session.

Price: $65.00 to $329.00 Visit the Website

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Description: Enjoy a Smoke-Free Home for the Holidays with Electronic Cigarettes This holiday season, inspire the smokers on your gift list to make a change in the way they smoke while helping them to enjoy the holidays. By giving the gift of Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes, the smokers in your life can enjoy the feel of smoking without the social stigma and negative effects of traditional cigarettes, such as inhaling tar, producing messy ash or exhaling an unpleasant tobacco odor. Other holiday season benefits include: 1. E-smokers can join the party without having to go outside in the cold for a smoking experience. 2. E-smokers can be closer to their social groups, because they won’t smell like tobacco smoke. 4. E-cigarettes can be used in places where traditional cigarettes are not allowed, such as restaurants, airports and shopping malls, so smokers can fully participate in holiday season activities. 5. Green Smoke e-cigarettes provide robust flavors and a satisfying inhaled vapor that provides a familiar smoking sensation. Green Smoke e-cigarettes can be purchased online at or at selected convenience, drug and grocery stores.

Price: $59.99 to $129.99 Visit the Website

True Religion Love Hope Denim Fragrance

True Religion Love Hope Denim Fragrance

Description: Inspired by those who don’t follow trends but set them, True Religion Love Hope Denim conveys a lasting idealism. Unveiling hints of playfulness, Love Hope Denim reflects the sweetness in every woman while exuding a modernity that is both irresistible and addictive. Fruity top notes immediately shine as luxurious iris emerges with a delicate drizzle of caramel and hints of sugared almonds. Sweet to the core, brown sugar and Madagascar vanilla are wrapped in candied musk creating a softness and warmth.

Price: $59.00 to $79.00 Visit the Website

NEOVA Refining Eye Lift

NEOVA Refining Eye Lift

Description: Did you have too much merriment the night before? Revive eyes with NEOVA Refining Eye Lift, which delivers an instant lifting effect to the skin around the eye. Formulated with Copper Peptide Complex® and DNA repair technology, the serum tightens, tones and immediately minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Refining Eye Lift is sold for $56 at

Price: $56.00 Visit the Website

KD LUXE JEWELRY Performance Collection 2012

Focus Motivation Determination the FMD collection by KD LUXE Jewelry

Description: Give the gift that gives back. Jewelry that merges fashion and function! KD LUXE Jewelry is the first collection to license EFX holographic technology and incorporate it into its inspirational designs. Look good and feel good with KD LUXE’s versatile line of unique pieces for the fashion forward and the body minded. KD LUXE Jewelry has been seen on many celebrities and winning athletes, and has also been featured in the Stylist Handbook. KD LUXE offers a vast collection of exquisite accessories that showcase the technology in .925 silver pieces with pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, in addition to the newest collections in stainless steel and leather. Choose from various styles for women, men and children of all ages and experience the benefits of performance jewelry. The FMD bracelet comes in 7",8" and 9". Call: 310 200-3632 to place your orders.

Price: $50.00 to $550.00 Visit the Website


all in onr anti aging cream

Description: No need to use different products for day time and night time, for age spots, for wrinkles, for dark circles, for puffiness etc... It is time to simplify your life with this all-in-one anti-aging regimen. Get a younger looking blemish free skin Reduced lines and wrinkles. Improved skin firmness. Reduce age spots. Get brigher more even skin tone Reduce dark circles and puffiness around eyes Use twice daily for a glowing and youthfull skin Merchant SKU: 360 pH Balanced, Safe and Effective Made from plants not petro-chemicals All Natural Skin Care Fair-trade, cruelty free and vegan Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Witch Hazel, Cold pressed oils of Almond, Jojoba & Avocado, Kokum Butter, Plant Glycerin, Candellila Wax, Extracts of Gotu Kola, Okra, Green Tea, Comfrey, Micro Algae, Vitamin B3,C&E, Acacia Senegal, Sake Kasu, Phyto Peptide Complex, Holy Basil, Soy Lecithin, Zinc Oxide, Lavender oil.

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Introducing The Fun, Fuctional, Fashion-Forward Switch Sticks

Switch Sticks, the Fun, Functional, Fashionable Walking Sticks

Description: Switch Sticks has turned walking sticks into colorful, fun and fashionable accessories. According to consumer research, 38 percent of Switch Sticks users are first-time walking stick users, likely because of the lack of stylish walking sticks available. The research also showed that Switch Sticks users were 32 percent more likely to purchase a walking stick if it has a more appealing design. Switch Sticks takes the stigma out of using a stick, providing a fashion-forward solution for people who need a walking aid but hesitate to buy one due to their appearance. Switch Sticks are available in 20 bold and contemporary styles, each an original design by an established artist. They are easily foldable and come with a Velcro strap and water-resistant carry bag. Here are some additional Switch Sticks features: • Adjustable in height from 32” – 37” in 1” increments. • Light unit weight of 13.5 oz. and are suitable for most adults up to 260 lbs. • Packaged in an elegant gift box that showcases the product and its artistic design. • Additional accessories include an ice grip and table rest. Switch Sticks make great gifts for anyone of any age who may need a walking aid.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Omron Tri-Axis USB Pedometer (HJ-323U)

Omron Tri-Axis USB Pedometer (HJ-323U)

Description: Combining all the activity-enhancing features of 3D smart sensor technology pedometers with web connectivity at, Omron’s new USB pedometer (HJ-323U) provides an engaging and information-driven way to improve one’s health. Features: • Tri-Axis Technology—Counts steps accurately and quietly whether positioned flat, vertically or horizontally • – Connect the USB pedometer at to track results, set goals and share victories, Mac & PC compatible • Five Activity Modes—The HJ-323U tracks both regular and aerobic (i.e., brisk) steps separately, distance and calories burned and pitch “average number of aerobic steps per minute” • Weekly Log—Store up to 7 days of information on the display; resets to zero at midnight so you’re ready to go every morning • 22-Day Memory—Download up to 22 days of information; a transfer indicator light blinks if data has not been downloaded

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Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Ethereal" Gift Set

For Someone Ethereal Gift Set

Description: For Someone Ethereal Gift Set Includes: Peppymint Lip Juice Fresh Eyes Give a natural beauty a whimsical treat with this sweet mini gift. A fresh duo for someone ethereal, this gift set includes our shine enhancing and deeply hydrating Lip Juice and Fresh Eyes, our refreshing and nourishing eye area purifier. Fresh Eyes is specially formulated to remove dehydrating make-up and protect your delicate skin from irritation. Sweet almond and protein-rich wheat germ oil help replenish lost moisture, carrot seed oil adds a beta-carotene boost, and chamomile and lavender oils calm and soothe. Benefits: • Non-irritating • 100% natural

Price: $45.00 Visit the Website

The Scent Of Departure

The Scent of Departure Collection

Description: The Scent of Departure is the traveling perfume with over 20 cities scents! This is a great gift, for a college student or the everyday globetrotter. Give the gift of location: imagine the home sick traveler longing for the scent of what they are use to, the comfort of their own city, now its captured in a bottle! This collection was created by Gerald Ghislain, creator of niche brand Histoires de Parfums.

Price: $45.00 Visit the Website

Natura Culina - Nourishing Bath Salts.

Natura Culina Nourishing Bath Salts

Description: Bathing in high quality sea salt can replenish the minerals critical to our skin metabolism. This sensual bath is a blend of Dead Sea and Epsom Salts enriched with certified organic essential oils. Hydrate, Detox, Nourish, Regenerate your body, mind and spirit! Available in 32 oz: Blend of: Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Rosemary Blend of: Orange, Tangerine, and Lemon Blend of: Lavender and Chamomile-beautifully healing scent. Lavender, purely by itself Cherish - beautifully romantic blend of roses; Rose Absolute, Geranium Rose, Turkish Rose and a hint of Lemongrass. Blissful - Minty Lavender with Vanilla and a hint of Lemon. Created exclusively for Blissful Place spa in Solvang, CA. Blissful scent stands for spiritual joy. Unscented, for those who prefer scent-free products.

Price: $45.00 Visit the Website

Curve For Men Fragrance

Curve for Men Fragrance

Description: A scent that’s cool, sensuous. Freshly masculine. Smooth around the edges. The first scent to capture the cool of cactus, and the exotic warmth of mahogany. A complex blend of exhilarating green notes, smooth spices and woods, Curve is beyond compare. It features top notes of Green Leaf, Douglas Fir and Lavender, middle notes of Ginseng, Cactus, Bergamot and Cardamom, with a drydown of Mahogany, Pepper, Amber and Sandalwood.

Price: $45.00 to $52.00 Visit the Website

Omron Tri-Axis USB Pedometer (HJ-322U)

Omron Tri-Axis USB Pedometer (HJ-323U)

Description: Combining all the activity-enhancing features of 3D smart sensor technology pedometers with web connectivity at, Omron’s new USB pedometer (HJ-322U) provides an engaging and information-driven way to improve one’s health. Features: • Tri-Axis Technology—Counts steps accurately and quietly whether positioned flat, vertically or horizontally • – Connect the USB pedometer at to track results, set goals and share victories, Mac & PC compatible • Four Activity Modes—The HJ-322U tracks both regular and aerobic (i.e., brisk) steps separately, distance and calories burned • Weekly Log—Store up to 7 days of information on the display; resets to zero at midnight so you’re ready to go every morning • 22-Day Memory—Download up to 22 days of information; a transfer indicator light blinks if data has not been downloaded • Includes holder Visit us on Facebook at

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G.B. Proudfoot's Natural Body Care Products - FAVORITE Products Gift Basket

G.B.'s FAVORITES Gift Basket

Description: We've taken some of our best selling products and bundled them up in an attractive natural gift basket. This overstuffed gift basket includes a 16 oz. Rosemary & Mint Natural Liquid Soap, a 4 oz. jar of our Calendula Super Salve, a 4 oz. Lavender Essential Oil Fragrance Spray and an assortment of four of our best selling lip balms. It not only looks great, it's attractively priced too with over 10% savings over buying the products by themselves. With something for everyone, this gift basket is sure to delight its lucky recipient! G.B.'s Favorite's Gift Basket Includes: - Rosemary & Mint Natural Liquid Soap 16 oz. - Calendula Super Salve 4 oz. - Lavender Essential Oil Fragrance Spray 4 oz. - Ginger & Orange Lip Balm 0.15 oz. - Key Lime Lip Balm 0.15 oz. - Cinnamon & Mint Lip Balm 0.15 oz. - Coffee Bean Lip Balm 0.15 oz. - Bamboo Basket w/ Natural Wood Fill

Price: $44.00 Visit the Website

OSEA Malibu Travel Set

OSEA Malibu Travel Set

Description: Escape to your favorite destinations spots and bring the healing powers of the ocean with you! OSEA’s Normal Skin Travel Set cleanses, tones, moisturizes and protects your skin with naturally derived, vegan ingredients and USDA certified organic seaweed. For gorgeous, glowing, rejuvenated skin OSEA’s Normal Skin Travel Set includes: Ocean Cleanser, Sea Vitamin Boost, Essential Hydrating Oil and Advanced Protection Cream. OSEA skin and body care products restore skin to its highest level of health and appearance with natural marine-based, technically advanced formulations that bring together the abundant vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids derived from earth and sea.

Price: $44.00 Visit the Website

Ring In The Holiday With Healthy Fitness Recovery

The Muscle Kneader

Description: This holiday season make your gift stand out from the rest of the families’ gifts! The Foam Motion Fitness Muscle Kneader is a gift that men and women alike will enjoy and find extremely useful! Foam rollers have become a very popular exercise and rehabilitation tool in the recent years, but the Foam Motion Fitness Muscle Kneader stands out from all the rest. The Muscle Kneader is a two and one product acting as a foam roller and stretching device. The Muscle Kneader ranges in various sizes of 8, 12, or 16 inches allowing the product to glide over multiple muscle segments and is unique to different body types! This foam roller is also very convenient for travel, making recovery and exercise possible anywhere. A travel protective case is also available from Foam Motion Fitness. Let your body be rejuvenated and relieved of muscle tension with the Foam Motion Fitness Muscle Kneader today!

Price: $40.00 Visit the Website

Eye-radiance K'reme Reduces Shadows And Puffiness Under Your Eyes

eye-radiance K'reme - no more shadows or puffiness

Description: Are dark circles and under eye bags making you look older than your years? DermaMed Solutions’ eye-radiance K’reme with grape seed extract helps give you a youthful look. Part of the dmSkincare line, eye-radiance K’reme is a breakthrough biotechnology that combines proven peptides, botanical ingredients and anti-inflammatories to attack dark circles by boosting the elasticity of the blood vessels and increasing blood flow. The result? Reduced puffiness and lightened dark pigment deposits under the eyes. Decreased blood flow beneath the eyes causes puffiness and the pooling of blood in the vessels, which creates dark circles and redness. Eye-radiance K’reme illuminates the under-eye area with light diffusing, natural pigments including Haloxyl™, a revolutionary new anti-aging ingredient which reduces discoloration of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes and fortifies delicate skin. Apply it either in the morning or before bedtime. In a clinical study by Sederma, users saw more than a 60% reduction in under eye dark circles in two months, with 72% seeing results in three weeks. No harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes are used. eye radiance K’reme is $40 and is available at ( or by calling 610-358-4447.

Price: $40.00 Visit the Website


Skin Glow

Description: Our all natural ingredients work in synergy to reduce age spots & melanin formation as well as provide a powerful anti-stress and anti-aging protection Visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots. Skin is hydrated, nourished and brightened The complexion becomes lighter and uniform Our ingredients provide clinically proven efficacy on brightening skin color and age spots, decrease tyrosinase activity and reduce melanin content in ex vivo skin. Merchant SKU: 359 Minimize age spots and skin pigmentation without harsh chemicals Free of bleach or hydroquinone pH Balanced, Safe and Effective Made from plants not petro-chemicals Natural skin treatment Fair-trade, cruelty free and vegan Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Plant Derived Glycerin, Sake Kasu, Vitamin B3, C & E, Soy Lecithin, Extracts of Rape Seed, Emblica, Bearberry, Turmeric, Lemongrass, Comfrey, Licorice, Orange, Sesame and Lime.

Price: $40.00 Visit the Website

Body Bar FLEX

Kids, fitness and sports enthusiasts, and seniors all benefit from the award-winning Body Bar FLEX

Description: The award-winning Body Bar FLEX is a great gift for any age. It’s approved by the Alliances for a Healthier Generation for kids, and also has an exercise program for the very fit, office workers, and seniors. It’s also great for golfers and other sports enthusiasts. The award-winning Body Bar FLEX is a flexible composite rod with easy-grip durable rubber casing and end caps. Weighing approximately one pound, the 4-foot Body Bar FLEX can be used for balance and stretching when straight, but offers resistance ranging from 0 to 20 pounds when bent into an arc. It’s ergonomically tailored flexibility allows full joint range of motion and works the entire body in simple or compound movements to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. According to Sherry Catlin, award-winning trainer, it is “just possibly the single most versatile, user-friendly, piece of exercise equipment you will own.” The Original Body Bar FLEX 4' supplies a maximum of 20 lbs of resistance when flexed - $39.99 Includes a Fitness Tips and Exercise chart.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Charleston Girl Perfume

Charleston Girl Perfume

Description: Charleston Girl eau de parfum is a sultry, enticing fragrance that opens with a burst of sparkling-fruity top-notes, weaves a delicate and sensuous floral middle and finishes with a soft, amber and sandalwood dry-down. While including ingredients native to Charleston, this luminous fragrance captures the spirit of a true southern belle. The simple and elegant bottle design is inspired by the graceful and natural beauty that distinguishes Charleston Girls. Adorning the neck of the bottle is a stylish red bow that serves as a subtle and sexy accessory. Charleston Girl, written in beautiful cursive on the bottle adds a touch of sophistication and charm.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Sara Haley Expecting More DVD

Sara Haley Expecting More

Description: Expecting More™ is a unique prenatal program designed for the fit and healthy mom-to-be who is looking to stay active and energized during her pregnancy. Join Sara Haley as she leads the workouts that she developed and practiced during her own pregnancy. Expecting More™ will keep you feeling sexy and strong and give you the maintenance you need to bounce back to your pre-baby body. With six workouts that will suit your every mood, Sara’s DVD is perfect to use during each stage of pregnancy. (Released March 2012 now available online $39.95)

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Canfo Natural Products BeautifyMe

Canfo Natural Products BeautifyMe

Description: Canfo Natural Products BeautifyMe® is the “secret beautifying formula” that will help mom achieve glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong nails by replenishing and enhancing the reproductive system and its ability to absorb and maintain nutrients. * Canfo Natural Products, blending state-of-the-art science and eco-friendly manufacturing processes with proven, centuries-old formulas, offers a line of 100 percent natural herbal supplements that enhance your state of well-being. Canfo products are comprised of the finest quality, pesticide-free, wild-crafted, hand-picked herbs. All the products are safe, fast acting, effective, and time-tested herbal formulas. Canfo believes in products that are Non-GMO Project Verified, organic, vegan** and naturally gluten-free.

Price: $33.00 Visit the Website


ProDermix Supreme High Potency Formula

Description: ProDermix® is an all-natural, safe, effective and powerful probiotic supplement that addresses a wide spectrum of common ailments that frequently develop on the body, from the head to the foot. Symptoms are often relieved even before they appear. Among the health benefits provided by ProDermix®, this superior probiotic supplement: · Eradicates Athlete's Foot · Diminishes Dandruff · Relieves Yeast Infections (Candida) · Eases UTIs Instead of merely covering up the symptoms associated with these ailments with sprays, creams and lotions, such as the itching, burning, and skin peeling of athlete’s foot, ProDermix® attacks the source of the underlying fungus, providing comfort and relief.

Price: $32.95 Visit the Website

Anti-Aging Concealer With BioFirm 7 Complex

Anti-Aging Concealer with BioFirm 7 Complex

Description: Preserve and improve your skin with TimeSeal! Our all-in-one makeup-skincare formula combats the visible effects of aging through a powerful blend of 7 anti-aging ingredients. This hydration and nourishment process results in a healthy, glowing complexion. The smooth cream texture flawlessly conceals imperfections while giving your eye area a lifting effect. Looks natural and does not crease or cake either! • Natural Looking • Suitable for all skin types • Oil-Free, Non-Comodegenic • Long Wearing • 4 color shades

Price: $32.00 Visit the Website

Shenandoah By Terri Michele Fragrances

Shenandoah by Terri Michele Fragrances

Description: Terri Michele Fragrances understands that a scent should compliment, not overpower the wearer, which is why their signature fragrance Shenandoah has become a favorite among women. Featuring an alluring blend of white lilies, lotus flowers, bergamot and white musk, Shenandoah’s light, clean and ultra femme scent “draws you in as though it were a part of the wearer rather than a spritz from the bottle.” Light enough for days, yet sensuous and prominent enough for nights, the Shenandoah fragrance has a classic appeal and though subtle, has a superb staying power, making it the perfect signature scent women of all ages can wear and enjoy year around. The Shenandoah scent is available in a variety of forms: Eau de Parfum ($68/1.7oz), Roll-On Perfume Oil-the perfect travel companion ($30/.29oz), Luxe Body Lotion ($30/7.27oz), Indulgent Body Wash ($30/6.8oz) and a Scented [soy] Candle ($40/8.5oz).

Price: $30.00 to $68.00 Visit the Website

Calling All Athletes...or Not!

Tri-Body Collection Travel Set

Description: Got Skin In The Game? Skin Care for Athletes, the only organic and natural skin care line designed specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts or anyone who’s ‘got skin’. Our P.A.R. (Prepare Achieve Recover) and Tri-Body Collections are designed to assist athletes in the preparation and recovery of their events and workouts. Both lines include our 3-in-1 Tri-Body Washes, Tri-Body Moisturizers, Tri-Body Therapeutic Soaking Salts and Tri-Body Massage Oil and offers total body care that will condition, recondition, tone and hydrate your skin, muscles and joints. Give the Gift of Healthy Skin! All have anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties; offers light UVA/UVB protections, all are sulfate, petrochemical, paraben and phthalate-free and never tested on animals. Our Tri-Body Gift Collections will enhance circulation; relieve muscular aches and inflammation from your most determined athletes to your favorite couch potatoes! They will enjoy the added accessories, such as exfoliating gloves, foot brush, pumice stone and skin softening socks. The perfect way to please those fitness enthusiasts that have everything but...! These gifts are also great for the weekend warrior, the age-grouper or the young athlete suffering from teen acne. Our products are endorsed and loved by fitness enthusiasts, amateur and Olympic level athletes.

Price: $30.00 to $115.00 Visit the Website

Hyland's DEFEND Cough & Cold

Hyland's DEFEND Cough & Cold

Description: Unlike most traditional over-the-counter cold and sinus medicines, Hyland’s Defend products relieve symptoms rather than suppressing them. Formulated to stimulate the body’s own defense mechanisms, the Defend line can be used to safely and effectively alleviate common cold and sinus related symptoms without diphenhydramine, dextromethorphan or phenylephrine. Defend Cold & Cough soothes symptoms including nasal congestion, cough, sore throat and sneezing in a non-drowsy liquid formula that is ideal for daytime relief.

Price: $30.00 Visit the Website

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Description: The Mediflow® Waterbase® water pillow has been ranked the top bed pillow over all others for improving the quality of your sleep. This state-of-the-art therapeutic pillow has been clinically tested, and it was proven to be the best neck support pillow to reduce neck pain! This innovative sleep pillow has been clinically shown to improve the quality of your sleep. Other orthopedic pillows that have never been clinically shown effective make huge claims about increasing comfort and rest, but the Mediflow® Waterbase® is an orthopedic pillow that has been clinically shown to improve quality of sleep unlike any other bed pillow on the market. The Mediflow® Waterbase® pillow has a soft, hypoallergenic fiber filling supported by an easy-to-fill water pouch. This water base pillow provides you with the most luxurious, rejuvenating sleep of your life. If you are searching for a neck pain pillow that has been clinically shown to greatly reduce tossing and turning, Mediflow® has the answer. By simply adding water, you can adjust the support level of this better sleep pillow and find the setting that's right for you. Whether you prefer soft, medium or firm comfort, the Mediflow® Waterbase® can be customized to fit your needs.

Price: $30.00 to $40.00 Visit the Website

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit

Description: Although not your typical sweater, jewelry, perfume bottle, flowers or a day at the spa that mom’s are used to getting for Mother’s Day, why not be creative this year and show your mom how much you really care by helping to kick her bad habit and make the switch to South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes.So its time to say goodbye to stained yellow teeth and that tobacco smell lingering in the house or car.South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are smokeless cigarettes that look just like the real thing and alleviate your nicotine fix, while simultaneously allowing smoker’s to enjoy the same sensation and flavor of exhaling a puff of smoke, but through pure water vapor instead of harmful tobacco. So now whenever or wherever you want to "light-up", your not exposing your friends, family or anyone else to any of the unhealthy components found in traditional cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide, carcinogens, tobacco, tar or ash. Get started today with the Premium Electric Cigarette Starter Kit. South Beach Smoke's 3 component electronic cigarette kit comes with everything you need. Kit includes: 1 Premium E-Cigarette Lithium Ion Battery, 1 Atomizer (creates the vapor), 1 Portable Wall Charger and 6 Large Nicotine Cartridges (Variety Pack/Assorted Flavors).

Price: $29.99 to $159.99 Visit the Website

Oil Of Oregano

Oil of Oreganol

Description: The miracle is Oreganol P73. North American Herb & Spice created the oregano revolution. P73 is a special blend of wild, edible oregano oils from the true, natural spice, unmatched in the world. this blend has immense cleansing power. It works. There's nothing like it in the world. North American Herb & Spice never uses genetically modified organisms, or inferior ingredients in our formulations.

Price: $29.99 to $69.99 Visit the Website

MOVband: The Wrist-Worn Activity Monitor That Tracks Movement For The Entire Family

MOVband activity monitors come in 20 different colors

Description: MOVband by MOVABLE is a simple, affordable and stylish wrist-worn product that tracks your movement and tells time. Whether you are walking, jumping, running or dancing, MOVband converts all of your movements into mileage. It's the only product on the market that focuses on inspiring and measuring group movement. One in three children and teens in the United States is overweight or obese. MOVABLE is combating this problem by giving them the tools they need to make healthy decisions to move more. Great for adults as well as kids, MOVABLE encourages the entire family to get involved, become more active and challenge each other through daily movement goals. MOVband easily connects to a computer to upload activity data online. Users can login to access their activity statistics and track their progress. The wristbands are available in 20 different colors, including five neon and three glow-in-the-dark models and the rechargeable battery lasts approximately 30 days between charges.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Total Beauty Beautygasm Collection

Total Beauty Beautygasm Collection

Description: The Total Beauty Collection is a package of deluxe beauty samples hand-picked by Total Beauty editors for gals to try at home. The expertly curated assortment this month gives you everything you need to pamper yourself from head to toe, delivered right to your door. For December, they're spicing it up a bit and inspiring women to indulge in themselves even just a little bit during this holiday season (which, let's face it, is usually all about what we do for others: gifting, baking, cooking, etc.)…so, included with the package, will be a Trojan Vibrations Interchange 5.3 vibrator (a $79 value alone). Talk about getting a winter glow from the inside out… …and a gift that keeps on giving! This is one sweet beauty package. The BEAUTYGASM COLLECTION features all of the below for $29.99, available for purchase on Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm - full size, 1.7 oz. NYZ Roll on Shimmer - full size, 1.5g Ferro Blush X3 - two pods, .75g each ALFAPARF Cristalli Liquid Hair Serum - 5ml Trojan Vibrations Interchange 5.3, a $79 Value $20 Sole Society Offer

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website


Naila MD SKINGEAR for Men Gel Cleanser and Smoothing Gel

Description: This two step multitasking skin system is specifically formulated for skincare needs of men. The first step is the non drying, soothing, re-mineralizing Gel Cleanser formulated to minimize inflammation and to condition skin for fewer shave bumps. The second step is a feather-light skin Smoothing Gel with oil absorbing nanospheres to minimize fine lines and large pores and educe shine for hours. Contains advanced peptides, potent antioxidants and anti inflammatory ingredients to regulate skin's natural balance.

Price: $29.95 to $66.90 Visit the Website

Lay-n-Go Cosmo

The Lay-n-Go Cosmo

Description: The Lay-n-Go COSMO is a smart 4-in-1 solution for cosmetics: providing a clean surface, effortless cleanup, carryall, and storage. Unlike others on the market, you don’t have to dump out items to find what you’re looking for… just open the COSMO to see make-up spread out flat and ready to use. The specially designed “lip” around the bag keeps items from rolling off the counter. When finished, pull the drawstring and the 18” flat surface is converted into a completely sealed off clutch. Plus, there is an added pocket inside for discrete jewelry storage.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

Natura Culina - Anti-Bacterial Tea Tree And Lavender Hand Soap

Natura Culina Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

Description: Natura Culina's luxurious hand soap contains a true liquid soap derived from Certified Organic Sunflower and Coconut oils. Clean, soothing scent of lavender and tea tree essential oils. Creamy lather that will leave your hands soft and clean. Active Ingredients: Water, Potassium Cocoate (Derived from Organic Coconut Oil), Potassium Oleate (Derived from Organic Sunflower Oil), Lauryl Betaine (Derived from a common constituent of vegetable fats especially coconut oil), Glycerin (Organic origin - by-product of soap manufacturing), Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative), Potassium Palm Kernelate (Potassium salt of Palm Kernel), Palm Kernel Acid (Fatty acid of palm kernel oil used as an opacifier, surfactant and emulsifier), Decyl Glucoside (skin softening agent), Potassium Citrate (regulates acidity pH) one 8.8 oz bottle …………… 29.00 buy two ……………………… $50.00 buy three …………………… $75.00

Price: $29.00 Visit the Website

Natura Culina - Shea Butters

Shea Butter Gift Set for Happy Feet

Description: Natura Culina's richly textured certified organic African Shea butter enriched with organic coconut oil, anti-aging rosehip seed oil and vitamin E. This butter leaves your skin silky smooth, hydrated and nourished. Excellent after shower or bath as daily body moisturizing treatment. Very effective for dry skin areas (elbows, feet, hands). Great for massage. Available in 4oz & 8oz: Blend of: Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Rosemary Blend of: Orange, Tangerine, and Lemon Blend of: Lavender and Chamomile-beautifully healing scent. Lavender, purely by itself Cherish - beautifully romantic blend of roses; Rose Absolute, Geranium Rose, Turkish Rose and a hint of Lemongrass. Blissful - Minty Lavender with Vanilla and a hint of Lemon. Created exclusively for Blissful Place spa in Solvang, CA. Blissful scent stands for spiritual joy. Unscented, for those who prefer scent-free products.

Price: $28.00 to $45.00 Visit the Website Gift Sets Gift Sets

Description: Treat your BFF to Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers 5-Piece Mini Variety Perfume Giftset. Baby, Lil Angel, G, and Love and Music have been transformed into parfum solid minis. Conveniently-sized so she can tote them everywhere when she needs a quick scent swipe. SRP: $27.19 at Equally as gift-worthy is Delicious Cotton Candy by Gale Hayman EDT Spray, which is a sweet, fun fragrance that is perfect for casual everyday wear. Features notes of cotton candy, lily of the valley, brown sugar, strawberry, vanilla and caramel making it a suitable scent for both the office and lunch dates out with friends. SRP: $25.19.

Price: $27.19 Visit the Website

Bed Buddy’s Herbal Naturals All-Over Comfort Pack

Bed Buddy Herbal Naturals All Over Comfort Pack

Description: Infused with aromatherapy and lined with luxurious real lavender and chamomile, this plush wrap contains only 100% all-natural ingredients and features moist heat ThermaTherapy®, shown to be better for treating muscle pain, chronic aches and pains, and arthritis than “dry heat” because it allows quicker, deeper heat penetration into the joints. The All-Over Comfort Pack targets a wide array of chronic pain areas such as the back, hip flexor, shoulders and abdomen with a large, universal shape that easily molds to the body for indulgent comfort. Fully reusable with a machine washable cover, it warms quickly in the microwave and remains heated for up to an hour. The Bed Buddy Herbal Naturals line (also including a Neck Pillow and Neck and Hand Wrap) is available online and at select retailers, independent pharmacies and drug stores across the country. You can find the Bed Buddy brand on Facebook: For more information, visit:

Price: $25.99 Visit the Website

G.B. Proudfoot's Natural Body Care Products - CITRUS LOVERS Gift Basket


Description: Orange you glad you gave one! Maybe it's because we're from the Southwest but we sure do love our citrus out here. We know there are lots of other citrus lovers out there too so we decided to take all our citrus scented products and put them together in a beautiful and natural, raffia wrapped bamboo gift basket. We've included a 16 oz. bottle of our fresh scented Southwest Citrus Natural Liquid Soap, a 2.5 oz. stick of our moisturizing Calendula Stick Balm (scented with essential oils of sweet orange), and a lip tube of our very popular Ginger & Orange Lip Balm. This great basket is the perfect gift anytime but it's great for relieving the winter doldrums with some fresh and bright citrus zest! G.B.'s Citrus Lovers Gift Basket Includes: - Southwest Citrus Natural Liquid Soap 16 oz. - Calendula Stick Balm 2.5 oz. - Ginger & Orange Lip Balm 0.15 oz. - Bamboo Basket w/ Natural Wood Fill

Price: $25.99 Visit the Website

Rainbow Kit By Today I Ate A Rainbow

Eating Rainbows is Fun!

Description: Setting healthy eating habits just got a little easier! “Today I Ate A Rainbow!™” is an interactive nutritional chart that makes eating fruits and vegetables fun for your children! Consisting of a colourful rainbow chart and bright cartoon magnets this tool will allow your children to easily track the fruits and vegetables they eat throughout the day. This package contains the complete Today I Ate A Rainbow!™ chart and The Rainbow Bunch book. These tools turn healthy eating into a fun challenge! *** Please note, magnets to not adhere well to stainless steel fridges. The package contains the following: • Complete "Today I Ate A Rainbow!™" Chart • 1 Today I Ate A Rainbow!™ chart (not magnetic) • 4 sets of coloured magnets • 4 achievement magnets • 2 fridge magnets • 1 colour-coded shopping list • The Rainbow Bunch Book • BONUS! Rainbow Bookmark

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Spirit Earth: Spa Quality Organic Skincare – 100% Pure Mineral Makeup

Spirit Earth: Spa Quality Organic Skincare – 100% Pure Mineral Makeup

Description: Spirit Earth is committed to providing you with organic daily skincare for healthy natural skin, revolutionary pure mineral makeup, and professional organic spa-quality treatment products. Our products are all vegan and most of them are pure organic, derived from only the most effective organic natural ingredients. They contain no chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrances and are cruelty free, sulfur free and paraben free. Our products are made from a collection of recipes handed down through the generations blended with new formulas derived from modern scientific research. We bring together holistic and herbal remedies from all over the world to help you and your skin look and feel happier and healthier. Visit to learn more about our full line of spa quality products, from our line of Pure Skin Organic Solutions, a natural and effective daily skin maintenance program loaded with powerful, natural antioxidants, to our 100% Pure Mineral Makeup, A revolutionary natural foundation, powder, concealer, and sun block all in one. Spirit Earth – the evolution of healthy natural skin for life!

Price: $25.00 to $65.00 Visit the Website

Sumita By Ziba Beauty - Brow Must Have Kit

Sumita by Ziba Beauty - Brow Must Have Kit

Description: Flawless skin and perfectly defined brows are yours in three simple steps! Our Brow Must Have kit contains our best selling Brow Pencil in your choice of three universal colors, Brow Set, as well as Purify Detoxifying Facial mask for Flawless Skin. Avaliable Colors: Chai Brow Must Have Kit - Light Imlee Brow Must Have Kit- Medium Koyla Brow Must Have Kit - Dark

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

NightCare Heel Treatment Kit

A great gift for any event.

Description: The NightCare Heel Treatment Kit is a convenient at-home skin care product that includes Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks and Intensive Healing Foot Cream to soften dry skin and moisturize with beneficial vitamins to help heal and prevent dry, cracked areas. Dermatologist tested, our heels socks deliver mineral oil to repair damaged skin. Its velvety, long-lasting formula nourishes feet with beneficial vitamins A, D & E and urea. Great for softening calluses too. With this easy to use product, you'll be able to see and feel a difference just after one use.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Natura Culina - Skin Butters.

Natura Culina Skin Butter

Description: Natura Culina's Skin Butters all contain a unique blend of oils and organic cocoa butter, creating a smooth butter-like skin moisturizer that melts right in the palms of your hands. Excellent after shower or bath as daily body moisturizing treatment. Very effective for dry skin areas (elbows, feet, hands). Great use as a massage oil. Available in 4oz & 8oz: Blend of: Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Rosemary Blend of: Orange, Tangerine, and Lemon Blend of: Lavender and Chamomile-beautifully healing scent. Lavender, purely by itself Cherish - beautifully romantic blend of roses; Rose Absolute, Geranium Rose, Turkish Rose and a hint of Lemongrass. Blissful - Minty Lavender with Vanilla and a hint of Lemon. Created exclusively for Blissful Place spa in Solvang, CA. Blissful scent stands for spiritual joy.

Price: $25.00 to $45.00 Visit the Website

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