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Transform Your Smile With Damon Clear For Insignia

An Insignia patient before and after treatment

Description: Smiles are a huge part of a person’s identity and Americans know that, with recent studies showing that more than one-third of them are interested in improving their smile. What’s stopping them from getting a better smile? For image-conscious adults, the thought of wearing a mouthful of metal can be unappealing. But now, with today’s advanced orthodontic treatment like Damon® Clear™ for Insignia™, adults have the opportunity to achieve a perfect smile discretely and fast! Damon Clear for Insignia combines sophisticated 3-D treatment planning software, customized clear appliances and the leading technology of the Damon System to provide faster and more predictable results compared with traditional braces. Using a high-resolution scan, Insignia creates a precise 3-D virtual model of each patient’s smile. With the digital rendering, doctors can provide the patient with a preview of what their new final smile will look like before starting treatment. And with the innovative technology of Insignia and the Damon System, adults can improve their smile in less time than traditional braces, and with less frequent visits to the orthodontist, making it ideal for professionals with limited free time. To learn more about Damon Clear for Insignia, visit

Price: $5,000.00 to $8,000.00 Visit the Website

Health Mate Infrared Sauna

Health Mate Bi-level sauna

Description: For 30 years, Health Mate has proudly served as the benchmark in the infrared sauna industry, innovating with the latest technology to provide quality infrared home saunas, ideal for deep relaxation and soothing comfort, as well as health and healing. Infrared saunas have been discussed and recommended by Dr. Oz and The Doctors for the many health benefits that they can offer. All of our saunas are completely free standing and can easily be implemented into your home.

Price: $3,650.00 to $7,200.00 Visit the Website

Spinner Blade

Spinner Blade

Description: The Spinner® Blade (MSRP: $1,995) kicks Spinning® workouts into high gear with the sleek, all aluminum bike combines user-focused features with a high degree of adjustability to deliver best-in-class performance for riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities. The Spinner Blade offers a precise fit and an amazing ride, year after year. The Spinner Blade is currently priced at $1,695 with free shipping and four Spinning DVDs for the perfect home workout package from

Price: $1,695.00 Visit the Website

Revolutionary Indoor Cycle - Evo Fitness Bike

Evo Fitness Bike

Description: Relay Fitness Group is revolutionizing the way people workout with the release of the Evo Fitness Bike, an innovative, indoor cycle designed to capture the natural feeling of a road bike while engaging the core in a full-body workout. Built on the foundation that fitness should be fun, the Evo Fitness Bike is easy to use for individuals of all fitness levels and delivers an authentic cycling experience. The Evo Fitness Bike utilizes a sway frame that articulates the body movement of a natural pedal, extending the reach of a cycling workout from the lower body to a complete body-pumping exercise. Innovation surfaces in the Orb™ Gear Drive, a gear drive system that utilizes no belts or chains. This type of planetary gear mechanism has never before been utilized in a fitness application. The internal flywheel and brake mechanism creates a true-to-life biking experience in a durable sleek product with less external moving parts, translating to substantially reduced maintenance needs and costs.

Price: $1,299.00 Visit the Website

DNA EGF Renewal Collection

DNA EGF Renewal Collection

Description: Created by leading researchers in molecular and biotechnology, DNAEGF Renewal targets the sign of aging by diminishing wrinkles, brown spots and skin discoloration. This futuristic skin care reveals dramatic results delivering clear, firm, radiant healthy skin. This collection includes DNA Intensive Renewal ($125), DNA Eye Renewal ($70), DNA Night Renewal ($130), Growth Factor Serum ($145), and DNA Defense SPF ($45). The protocol contains these five DNA EGF Renewal products for a $35 discount.

Price: $480.00 Visit the Website

A Radical Step Forward In The Indoor Air Experience

Blueair Sense in all available colors

Description: Blueair's recently released Sense was designed to blend seamlessly into the most modern home and office with a contemporary glass and steel design, as opposed to most other purifiers that are cased in plastic. The Sense uses second generation HEPASilentPlus filtration system to remove hazardous pollutants and allergens, which are increasingly being found indoors. The Sense brings even the healthiest of people the benefits of clean air, which leads to lessened allergies, better sleep, fewer headaches and a reduction in bad odors. Not only was the Blueair Sense engineered to remove 99.97% of impurities in the air while boasting an innovative design, it also was built with 100% recyclable materials and uses less energy than a light bulb.

Price: $479.00 Visit the Website

PSiO Mind Booster 1.1

Catch the Wave!!

Description: The PSiO is a pair of glasses equipped with small earphones and chock full of high-tech electronics that use MP3 files to play synchronized sounds and uses light stimulation programs to which music and voice guidance are sometimes added. The technology is based on a very simple principle: distracting attention which is the source of stress and rumination, to lead users on a kaleidoscopic journey at the edge of sleep. Users are gently propelled into a state of consciousness similar to dreaming which has been known for over a half-century for its benefits for rejuvenation, memorization and information processing. The technology used in the PSiO is a combination of colored stimulation and pulsating beats at very precise frequencies, sometimes combined with bin-aural beats and with relaxing music and suggestive voices. The PSiO will sooner or later, be found in every household, on the night stand. It can be used by adolescents who lack energy or have trouble concentrating, students looking for a tool to speed up learning, and adults who need need it all including preventive purposes to counter issues caused by stress related to work overload. PSiO is not a medical device and does not treat or cure any disease. Not intended for use if you are epileptic or are photosensitive.

Price: $399.00 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Dashing" Gift Set

For Someone Dashing Gift Set

Description: Sonya Dakar's handsome, specialized skincare gift set for men. Featuring 5 manly essentials to keep your dashing someone looking sharp, this set includes The Bergamot Wash for quick and effective daily cleansing, the Triple Action Organic Scrub to buff and polish rough and dull skin, the Hydrasoft Cream for a perfect non-irritating aftershave, the age reversing Oxygen Eye Cream, and the Aromasol Mist for on-the-go hydration and toning. For Someone Dashing Gift Set Includes: Bergamot Wash Triple Action Organic Scrub - Irritation Aromasol Mist - Irritation Hydrasoft Lotion - Irritation Hydrasoft Cream Oxygen Eye Cream Free Jet Set Omega Almond Body Oil

Price: $348.00 Visit the Website

Omega Vert Juicers

Omega Vert 350 in the Kitchen

Description: An Omega Juicer makes the perfect gift to give anyone special. It show's that you truly care about their health and well being. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends filling half your plate with fruit and vegetables at every meal. For women, the USDA recommends 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit daily and 2.5 to 3 cups of veggies. Men should aim for 2 to 2.5 cups of fruit daily and 3.5 to 4 cups of veggies. Most people do not even come close to this number! Juicing is a great way to up your daily intake of fruits and veggies, and therefore, help to maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. About Omega Juicers Since 1985, Omega has developed the most efficient and reliable juicers available, proudly offering all styles of juicing equipment from its "One Stop Shop for All Your Juicing Needs.” Founded by industry expert Robert Leo, who spent over twenty years developing his vision and experience by listening to consumer needs, Omega remains the only company to offer centrifuge, masticating, and pulp ejection style juicers, in addition to the more traditional citrus models. Omega products are stylish enough for the home and powerful enough for the workplace, and Omega’s track record of durability, coupled with its product confidence, allows the brand to offer up to 15-year warranties on its range of products, which includes juicers, blenders, food prep machines, drink dispensers and more.

Price: $329.99 to $379.99 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Timeless" Gift Set

For Someone Timeless Gift Set

Description: This is Sonya Dakar Skincare’s ultimate gift for that always lovely, timeless someone in your life. Packed with 5 of our most captivating skin treatments, this age-defying set includes our luxurious UltraLuxe Nourishing Wash, Fresh Eyes to gently cleanse and protect the delicate skin around the eyes, Hydrasoft Lotion for lightweight hydration and instant glow, our Pore Minimizer to give skin a flawless, airbrushed finish, and our powerful Retinol Renewal for a nighttime solution that targets dead skin and hyperpigmentation. For Someone Timeless Gift Set Includes: Ultraluxe Nourishing Wash Retinol Renewal Hydrasoft Cream Pore Minimizer Fresh Eyes Free Jet Set Omega Almond Body Oil

Price: $327.00 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Flawless" Gift Set

For Someone Flawless Gift Set

Description: Give the gift that’s a perfect 10 for a flawless friend. Sonya Dakar Skincare’s ideal gift set for someone flawless includes the anti-oxidant rich Acai Wash, the deeply purifying Mud Lavender Mask, the skin-smoothing Deep Pore Clarifying Serum, the perfect touch of moisture with Hydrasoft Lotion, and full body sheen and nourishment with the Omega Hydrator. For Someone Flawless Gift Set Includes: Omega Hydrator – Verbena Cypress Acai Clarifying Wash Hydrasoft Lotion – Clear Deep Pore Clarifying Serum Mud Lavender Mask Free Jet Set Omega Almond Body Oil

Price: $314.00 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Radiant" Gift Set

For Someone Radiant Gift Set

Description: Know someone who lights up the room? Then you know someone radiant. This comprehensive gift set encourages head-to-toe glow with Red Grapefruit Wash to refine pores and deep clean, the nourishing, protecting, and time-released Seaweed Liposome Gel, the Hydrasoft Cream for intense moisture and softness, Bright Eyes to correct dark circles and puffiness, and Nourishing Oil with skin-smoothing Verbena for full body radiance. For Someone Radiant Gift Set Includes: Nourishing Body Oil – Verbena Cypress Red Grapefruit Wash Seaweed Liposome Gel – Maintenance Hydrasoft Cream Bright Eyes Free Jet Set Omega Almond Body Oil

Price: $314.00 Visit the Website

Silent Call Signature Series Receiver Watch

Silent Call Receiver Watch

Description: The Silent Call Receiver Watch is a digital alerting device that quickly notifies the wearer to visitors, calls, and emergencies. It’s portable and allows the wearer to be fully in-touch with what’s going on in their home without missing out on their receives a signal, then displays a digital icon and gives out distinct pulse vibrations, letting the wearer know which transmitter sent the signal. It can monitor phones, smoke detectors, doorbells, weather alert systems, sound monitors, and other Silent Call Signature Series 418MHz transmitters. Another great feature is that it signals when one of the transmitters isn’t working properly – for example if the fire alarm is out of batteries. Silent Call is the only company whose products self monitor in this way.

Price: $283.70 to $306.34 Visit the Website

Indigena Skin Fitness Kit

Indigena Products

Description: Indigena Skin Fitness Kit includes an array of face & body products for athletic lifestyles.It includes Sea Veggie Face & Body Treatment, a food grade, hand harvested seaweed by the owner herself. Muscle Recovery Balm, a food grade land & sea based botanical cream to sooth muscles and even skin tone. Post Workout Sea Soak, a food grade seaweed based post workout soak that soothes muscles Labrador Tea Creme, an anti aging botanical based cream using Labrador Tea Extract, a potent antioxidant Smooch, a beeswax and sweet orange oil based lip balm using all food grade ingredients Lemon and Rosehip Shampoo , an aloe based botanical shampoo Nourishing Multi Purpose Lotion, an aloe based lotion for hair, face, and body Sea Veggie Face Lotion, a rich seaweed based cream for day and night. Rooibos Tea Cleanser, hydrating creamy cleanser,

Price: $249.99 to $279.99 Visit the Website

Perfect Gift For The Foodie Dad!

T-fal ActiFry

Description: The new multi-cooker T-Fal ActiFry is a great items for health-conscious dads who aren’t too savy in the kitchen. It makes it so all you need to do is toss in the food, set the timer, step away and your entrée will be ready in minutes. Make french fries, wings, fried rice, risottos and more by putting your ingredients in and pressing “on.” It’s unique, hot air circulation technology and stirring paddle allow you to make delicious low fat meals using little or no oil. Oh! And it is so easy to clean…… All these parts come apart and go in the dishwasher. $249 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Price: $249.00 Visit the Website

Les Mills SMARTBAR™, A Cutting-edge Barbell Weight System


Description: Power Systems, the fitness and sports accessory equipment industry leader, has become the exclusive U.S. distributor of Les Mills SMARTBAR™, a cutting-edge barbell weight system with an ergonomic design that speeds up plate transitions and helps people maximize their workout – keeping exercise enthusiasts from spending a large part of a workout fastening and changing cumbersome weight plates. This product truly will change the way that Americans exercise. The design has a head with retractable teeth (called the ‘gator’) at each end of the SMARTBAR™ which holds up to three weight plates in place. The plates simply slide on the bar and lock into place on the gator. When the user needs to change plates, he or she may just pull the release lever and slide them off. Les Mills SMARTBAR™ has undergone rigorous testing at some of the busiest group exercise facilities in the world. Each Les Mills SMARTBAR™ comes with a two year warranty on manufacturing faults. The SMARTBAR™ system is available for purchase online at

Price: $249.00 Visit the Website


one step face wash

Description: This naturally exfoliating cleanser rejouvinates your skin without drying it out. It also imparts gentle, soft and smooth after feel to the skin. Witch hazel cleanses the skin, relieve tissue swelling and promote speedy cell regeneration Chamomile flower powder is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic. Almond and grape seed oils stimulate the production of collagen for smoother, more youthful looking skin. Merchant SKU: 353 Clean pores, remove dirt, oil & makeup, exfoliate without drying out skin. Cleanse, exfoliate and tone in just one step pH Balanced, Safe and Effective Made from plants not petro-chemicals All Natural Skin Care Fair-trade, cruelty free and vegan Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Cold pressed oils of Almond & Grape Seed, Extract of Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Candelilla Wax, Oat Meal, Vitamin C, Plant Glycerin, Fuller's Earth, Soy Lecithin, Extracts of Licorice, Lime, Chamomile, Pineapple, Tea Tree, Comfrey, Thyme, Lemongrass, Orange

Price: $240.00 Visit the Website

Sitram Pressure Cooker With Timer

Available in three sizes: 6.5 qt, 8.5 qt and 10.5 qt

Description: The Sitram Pressure Cooker with Timer removes the more daunting aspects of pressure cooking and introduces a quality piece of cookware to be used safely and effortlessly in kitchens everywhere. Product features include: - Smooth rim to allow the lid to snap securely in place in any direction - Easy opening and closing with a rotating mid-section of the handle - Five safety devices in place to ensure the cooker will not open when the internal pressure is too high - Removable timer allows users to keep a close eye on the food without being glued to the kitchen - 3-ply stainless steel bottom - Dishwasher safe for easy clean up The Sitram Pressure Cooker with Timer is available in three sizes: 6.5 qt. (MSRP $224), 8.5 qt. (MSRP $263) and 10.5 qt. (MSRP $280) online at

Price: $224.00 to $280.00 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Alluring" Gift Set

For Someone Alluring Gift Set

Description: Captivate that alluring someone with this 3-step mini gift set. These Sonya Dakar Skincare eye-catching essentials are coincidentally some of our must alluring products as well! The alluring gift set includes Enzyme Peeling Cream for an instant boost in radiance, our lightweight Hydrasoft Lotion for deep nourishment and balance, and our Omega-3 Repair Complex for everlasting glow. For Someone Alluring Gift Set Includes: Enzyme Peeling Cream Hydrasoft Lotion - Maintenance Omega-3 Repair Complex - Maintenance

Price: $204.00 Visit the Website



Description: Pro-athlete/celebrity chiropractor and sleep science expert Dr. Raymond Hall has created a dream solution with PILLO1. Not only is Dr. Hall’s PILLO1 the world’s first pillow to offer a neck pain relief 30 day money back guarantee, but it is also clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Using bell core technology and a patented design, Dr. Hall’s PILLO1 also addresses issues of snoring, headaches, migraines, alignment troubles, and insomnia, no matter your sleep position. Made in America from naturally-derived, non-toxic materials, Dr. Hall’s PILLO1 won’t only be the most luxurious and functional sleep product you’ve ever used, but it will also be the safest and most eco-friendly one too!

Price: $199.00 Visit the Website

The World's First Continuous Heart Rate Sport Watch Without A Chest Strap

MIO Alpha

Description: MIO Alpha is the world's first performance-level, continuous heart rate sport watch you can wear on your wrist-no chest strap! It has been tested accurate even while you are running at performance speeds of up to 14.4 mph. Alpha uses Bluetooth® Smart technology to connect with compatible smartphones and sport and fitness apps, which open the door to a wealth of personal and social training tools. The sport watch also features user settable heart rate zones with visual and audible alerts. The Alpha's cutting edge electro-optical sensor detect blood volume in the wrist as it pulsates with the rhythm of the heart. An onboard motion detector and built-in noise filtration software compensate for the natural arm movements that typically interfere with the signal in similar devices. The Alpha's performance-driven design and sensor engineering enable accurate heart rate recordings even during motion-intense activities.

Price: $199.00 Visit the Website

H20+ Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System

Brondell's H20+ Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System

Description: Delivering high-quality filtration usually found only in more complex under-sink systems, the H20+ Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System is elegantly designed to take up minimal space in the kitchen and dispense safer, better-tasting and more environmentally-friendly water at the push of a button. The 3-stage Cypress Water Filtration System utilizes three separate advanced water filters, dramatically reducing industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, turbidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), microorganisms, and bad tastes and odors. In about the same time and ease as changing a light bulb, you can have continuous refreshing filtered water at home without the hassle of waste water hookups or storage tank installations. The Cypress installs in under ten minutes with the provided faucet diverter and fits 99% of home faucets.The Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System eliminates wastewater, storage tanks and complex installation.

Price: $199.00 Visit the Website

Full Set Of Semipermanent Eyelash Extensions/ Body Sculpting Treatment

Eyelash Extensions

Description: Eyelash Extensions aren’t for celebrities and special occasions alone. Anyone can enjoy them. An esthetician can add a few lashes to the outer corners of the eyes for subtle sexiness or go all the way for totally full look. the full set of premium mink individual eyelash extensions last between 3 to 5 weeks, with regular touch ups you can maintain them indefinitely. forget about mascara & raccoon eyes.

Price: $195.00 to $250.00 Visit the Website

1st Ultrasonic Toothbrush - Whitens Teeth In Days, No Chemicals

Ultrasonic cleaning of your teeth - kill stains, bacteria, go far beyond where dental floss can reach

Description: Emmi-dent is the first ULTRASONIC toothbrush. Works motionlessly with its non-abrasive nano-bubble toothpaste to kill bacteria, reduce periodontal disease, and remove stains. As an ultrasonic rather than an electronic toothbrush, Emmi-dent dramatically reduces plaque and periodontal disease. By destroying bacteria, it removes stains from coffee, wine, nicotine and food, returning teeth to their natural white color within days. Teeth whitening involves bleaching, which can hurt sensitive gums and teeth, and costs typically range $100-$1,500, depending on whether you go to a dentist, a non-dentist, or buy strips at a pharmacy. It works under braces, cleaning and removing stains. Users have said that their gums are no longer inflamed, they have less plaque, their teeth are whiter, it is gentle and non-abrasive. After dental reconstruction or any kind of oral surgery, you can brush your teeth with Emmi-dent with no fear of pain, bleeding, abrasion or wear factors. Gentle for children. Emmi-dent cleans gingival pockets that even dental floss cannot reach. It is gentle enough to use immediately after oral surgery, including on implants, avoiding damage to teeth and gums, and is painless on sensitive teeth and gums. Retail price $189.00 at

Price: $189.00 Visit the Website

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Cirrus 3x Starter Kit

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Cirrus 3X Starter Kit

Description: Give the smoker in your life a gift of Health and Productivity! White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, provides an alternative for tobacco smokers that allows for the nicotine fix and action of smoking without the dangerous cancer causing agents, unpleasant second-hand smoke and unsightly stain of tobacco. White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, a guilt-free alternative to smoking and a purely nicotine-delivery device, are available in five strengths and 14 flavors catering to a wide range of smokers, from heavy nicotine users, to social smokers, to the smoker who is trying to quit. The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit included 3 Batteries, Chargebolt USB charger, AC and DC Adapters, 5 Packs of SmoothDraw Cartridges and 2-Year Premium Warranty

Price: $184.95 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Stunning" Gift Set

For Someone Stunning Gift Set

Description: This show-stopping trio is just the gift for someone stunning. Give the gift of full body beauty with our exfoliating body scrub, Vitafoliant, our deeply nourishing and luxurious Omega Hydrator, and our Nourishing Body Oil for super sheen. For Someone Stunning Gift Set Includes: Vitafoliant – Cara Cara Scent [Unique exfoliating treatment which also nourishes and renews the skin; A fusion of crushed bamboo, walnut shell and flaxseed slough away impurities] Omega Hydrator – Cara Cara Scent [Ultra-rich, anti-aging Organic Omega-3 Complex promotes healthy skin; Papaya supports cell turnover; Restorative shea butter and vitamin E help protect and condition; Provides skin with essential vitamins and nutrients; other ingredients leave skin smooth and supple] Nourishing Body Oil – Cara Cara Scent [100% natural, antioxidant rich, moisture-sealing; Packed with Organic Omega-3 complex, recognized for its regenerative benefits; Sweet almond and vitamin E oil strengthens skin cells while increasing elasticity]

Price: $183.00 Visit the Website

JayBird BlueBuds X

Blue Buds X - The Perfection of Wireless Sound

Description: BlueBuds X has been designed and developed with every ideal in mind. Wireless music and calls coupled with superior audio performance rivaling the very best in wired headphones, a revolutionary 8 hour battery play time, patented secure fit for sports, lifetime sweat proof guarantee locks moisture out, and with the all new X-Fit, you have the option of lifting the cord off your neck for the perfect workout headphones. As the Official Training Headphones of USA Triathlon, you know you are choosing a trusted and proven product. Available now - $169.99 -

Price: $169.99 Visit the Website

Vita Organic Foods A Simple Clean And Whole Approach To Lifestyle And Nutrition.

A Simple Clean and Whole approach to lifestyle and nutrition

Description: So we started with Chocolate. Raw, organic chocolate. Why? Because everyone loves chocolate. Keeping chocolate’s essential properties in, (candy = taking chocolate’s essential properties out) we kept our chocolate Simple Clean Whole. And, healthy. Made with three core ingredients we could also promote three core values. And that would define us! And so Vita was born, and packaged and made with such extreme joy and intention, that it made its way into people’s lives and onto store shelves. Soy free, vegan, low fat, low glycemic, its exceptional flavor and taste was best expressed in five words; Chocolate for your whole life.

Price: $160.99 Visit the Website

The Perfect Gift For Mom

The Gift of Sight

Description: Instead of the same old gadgets and gizmos, consider literally giving your mom the “gift of sight” through VSP® Vision Care, the nation’s largest not-for-profit vision care company. Through VSP’s Individual Plan, you can now purchase affordable vision care insurance for someone you care about for an annual cost of $153-$181 or as little as $13 a month. Coverage includes an eye exam with a low co-payment, allowance for glasses or contacts, fully covered lens options with 20-25 percent off any non-covered options, and access to the largest doctor network in the industry—all backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Taking care of your vision isn’t just about seeing well, it’s about being well. An eye exam can also potentially detect other hidden health conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure. Giving the gift of sight to friends and loved ones, who may otherwise go without, is a unique and thoughtful way to tell them ‘I’ve got you covered.’ Visit for more plan details.

Price: $153.00 to $181.00 Visit the Website

BREO INECK Neck Massager With Flexible Handles

Turn the beat around. Look left, sway right, tilt up, bob down. Relieve your neck & shoulders from pain and stiffness with the Breo iNeck.

Description: The Breo iNeck Neck Massager is a Breo patented product that relaxes the cervical vertebrae by kneading, pressing and massaging the pressure points on the neck. Using Shiatsu massage techniques, the iNeck helps ease tensed muscles, relieve stress, and fully relax the neck and shoulders. Its innovative design helps stimulate blood circulation and improve oxygen supply - to alleviate neck pain and stiffness, and improve sleep quality. MOTHER'S DAY ONLY PROMO PRICE - $149.99 FREE SHIPPING TOO!!! MSRP - $249.99 Features: •Shiatsu Massage ◦4 Massage Cycles to Choose From ◦High / Medium / Low Intensity Settings •Built-In Li-ion Battery Includes: •iNeck Unit •User Manual •Power Charger •Storage Case •Anti Hair-Clip Belt

Price: $149.99 Visit the Website

Pilatesstick Basic Kit Package

Pilatessick Basic Kit Package

Description: For the Pilates enthusiast, Peak Pilates features the at-home Pilatesstick Basic Kit Package that allows anyone to do much of the work usually reserved for the tower in the comfort of their own home or on the go during the busy holiday travel season. The basic kit includes a wood original Pilatesstick, mat, pro foot straps, resistance tubing, door anchor, DVD and challenging poster.

Price: $149.95 Visit the Website

Body Monitoring System

BodyMedia LINK armband

Description: The BodyMedia LINK is a body-monitoring device with patented multi-sensor armband. It provides continuous body monitoring tracking physical activity levels, calories and sleep patterns - and a built in "personal trainer" that will keep mom going to reach her physical activity goals. The armband records over 5,000 data points per minute and wraps the data up into a nice Smartphone app (available for iPhone or Android) that shows real-time activity levels.

Price: $149.00 to $149.99 Visit the Website

BREO IPALM520 Acupressure Hand Massager With Infrared Heat Compression

Comes with AC Adaptor & AA Batteries for convenience and portability.

Description: The first of its kind, iPalm520 adopts air pressure and hot compress massaging technology. It massages the full range of hands, relaxes them, and brings a meridian massage experience to users. The air pressure massage kneads and presses acupuncture points with gentle rhythm, and helps relieve tensed muscles on your hands and fingers. It is light and portable, essential in both workplace and home. Enjoy comfort and relaxation - anytime, anywhere. NOW AT $129.99 (MSRP - $169.99) FREE SHIPPING!!! (Continental USA Only) Features: -LCD Display -Air Pressure Massage -Pressure Point Massage -Infrared Heat Compression (Low 35C - 38C / High 39C - 42C)* -Battery or AC Adapter Powered -Maximum Hand Size: L 10in x W 4.5in x H 2in Includes: -iPalm520 Unit -User Manual (Download PDF) -Power Adapter -4xAA Batteries

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

Sonya Dakar's "For Someone Delicate" Gift Set

For Someone Delicate Gift Set

Description: Try a little tenderness for that someone delicate. This gentle and nourishing mini gift set includes our soap-free Bergamot Wash for sensitive skin, our vitamin-rich and protective Seaweed Liposome Gel, and our refreshing Aromasol Mist for soothing tone and balance. For Someone Delicate Gift Set Includes: Seaweed Liposome Gel [Protects against environmental damage and free-radicals; Seaweed naturally detoxifies; Direct delivery of vitamins] Bergamot Wash [Washes away impurities while calming irritated and sensitive skin; Bergamot, tangerine and sweet almond extracts release help sooth skin while restoring elasticity; Leaves your skin feeling soft, pure and pacified] Aromosal Mist [Balances, tones and prepares skin for irritation relief; Promotes healthy cell renewal; Discourages acne, 100% natural & botanical]

Price: $129.00 Visit the Website

Improve Your Bust With Triactol

Triactol All-Natural Bust Serum

Description: Triactol is an all-natural bust serum that, with continued regular use, helps firm, lift and dewrinkle breasts while helping them fill out to their full potential. This product is ideal for any woman who is looking to improve the look of their bust - whether it be to fill out that new bikini or a mom looking to get her pre-pregnancy perkiness back. Whatever the need, Triactol is an addition to their beauty bag that will bring women confidence when it comes to their busts.

Price: $128.85 Visit the Website


Encouraging "Never Give Up" Necklace

Description: Sterling Silver Never Give Up Inspirational Dog Tag on Rainbow Tourmaline and Silver Necklace with Pink Crystal Ball and Angel Wing. Customize it: add a colorful crystal to the dog tag if you want to make it even more stylish! Dog Tag is 1 Inch. No longer just for military men, dog tags have become very popular as a necklace choice. Much more than just beautiful accessory, this inspirational jewelry is very meaningful. While other jewelry genres may be used just for fashion or fun, inspirational jewelry can also hold special meaning for the wearer. This NEVER GIVE UP Necklace will keep you going through difficult times in life in Style. Silver Wire Wrapped Tourmaline Necklace with Inspirational Never Give Up Dog Tag. Gogh Jewelry Design's new wire wrapped multicolor watermelon tourmaline stone chain necklace is magnificent. Sterling silver chain is embellished with a perfect semi-precious stones. Get one of today's hottest accessories with our collection of inspirational dog tag necklaces! Tourmalines are gems with an incomparable variety of colours. The reason, according to an old Egyptian legend, is that the tourmaline, on its long journey up from the centre of the Earth, passed over a rainbow. In doing so, it assumed all the colours of the rainbow. And that is why it is still referred to as the 'gemstone of the rainbow' today.

Price: $120.00 to $129.00 Visit the Website

Purusa Naturals (Leaf, Root, Seed, Petalum)

Purusa Naturals

Description: Sebastian Signs newest launch--Purusa Naturals-- utilizes a patented green technology that transforms Argan oil into a smooth gel. We infused this unique base with botanical fragrances to make the truly unique and special line. The results are four elegantly luxurious fragrance gels, Leaf, Root, Seed, and Petalum. These can be used sparingly and last longer than traditional natural fragrances. Simply rub a small amount of gel directly into your skin, and enjoy a more subtle and personal experience than spraying a fragrance. Purusa Naturals are easy, portable, and longer lasting than traditional natural fragrances.

Price: $115.00 to $125.00 Visit the Website

Bull Barbecue Invitation

Bull BBQ Invite

Description: These Bull Barbecue Invitations will gather the herds to your next barbecue event! Make your next outdoor smoke out an exclusive one by personally handing these invites out to friends and family this season. This card is printed on kraft card stock. The design on this card will print in the same color as your text. This card includes a cream envelope. Order 25 to 1000 cards! Card measures 5" x 7" Features & Options: 1 Ink Colors 35 Type Styles Paper Weight(s): 80# cover Manufacturer: Checkerboard ›

Price: $108.00 to $900.00 Visit the Website

Kahuna Creations Longboard & Big Stick

The Kahuna Longboard and Big Stick in action!

Description: Kahuna Creations, designers of superior-quality longboard skateboards and surfboards, has changed the face of longboarding with their invention of the patent-pending Land Paddle, called the Kahuna Big Stick. Designed to enhance the longboard experience on pavement, the Kahuna Big Stick is much like a stand-up paddle (SUP) used by paddle boarders in the ocean. Providing control and braking capabilities while offering an unparalleled upper-body workout and the sweetest ride on land, Kahuna Creations has taken board riding to a whole new plateau by making it accessible to the masses. Almost anyone can learn how to Land Paddle. Since Land Paddling with the Kahuna Big Stick eliminates the need for riders to push with their feet and helps maintain balance while turning and carving, people of all ages and skill levels can now enjoy riding a longboard. Riders merely pull themselves forward with strokes of the paddle. The most advanced riders love the thrill of riding the beautifully-designed Kahuna boards, reaching top speeds and maneuvering tricks, while beginners are equally stoked to start riding a Kahuna board with ease. Newcomers can quickly enjoy cruising on the longboard while simultaneously engaging in a fun upper body and core workout.

Price: $99.00 to $300.00 Visit the Website

Bodyblade® Classic Kit

Bodyblade Classic

Description: Bodyblade® is a perfect holiday gift for workout enthusiasts as it is unlike any other piece of exercise equipment. With the scientific application of vibration and inertia, it is designed as an ideal workout tool aimed at increasing your metabolism and improving body function and muscle definition. There is a variety of Bodyblade models that can be found online at including the most popular Bodyblade® Classic Kit. The functional kit comes with a Bodyblade Classic, an instructional wall chart and DVD to get started. The Bodyblade is also a great gift for the busy holiday traveler or at-home fitness enthusiast.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Freedom Quit Smoking System -America's Nicotine Free & Natural Way To Quit Smoking!™

Freedom Quit Smoking System

Description: Benefits of System: All Natural and Contains Zero Nicotine! •Psychological tools to modify the behavioral patterns associated with smoking •Homeopathic spray with ingredients traditionally used to temporarily relieve cravings •Proprietary antioxidants to support the body's natural fight against toxins •Education on understanding nicotine addiction •Over the past decade thousands of smokers have used the same quitting principles to free themselves from cigarettes Package Includes: •Quit Smoking Therapy Audio CD •Nicotine Reduction Craving Control Spray (10 day supply) •Freedom Aversion Therapy Wristband & Stress ball •Freedom Relaxation Headset •User Manual & Commitment Calendar Card •Detox Supplement (10 day supply)optional •Antioxidant Supplement (30 day supply)optional •Lung Support Supplement (30 day supply)optional

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

CareSync Family Health Record

Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

Description: You know that you should have access to your family's complete medical information, but it's cumbersome and overwhelming to collect and store. Not anymore! With CareSync, our trained medical records specialists gather, enter, and organize your medical records from all of your providers, and summarize important information such as health conditions, medications, and allergies, from each of the appointments, making it useful and shareable with other providers, your family, and care teams. You access your information from easy-to-use web, iPhone, and Android applications that include collaborative tools such as Visit Manager to get more from each of your doctor visits, task lists, and the ability to record your providers instructions. Complete access to your family's medical information. Forever.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Anti-Aging: The Mega Trend In Beauti

The Extreme Instant Face Lift Results in 30 minutes

Description: America's Best Brand Brings You the Extreme Instant Face Lift 4 steps to a younger-looking, tighter, firmer you. 100% of women said their skin felt softer* 97% of women said the skin around their eyes was more hydrated and moisturized* 93% of women said their skin felt firmer* 100% of women said their lips felt more moisturized* 93% of women would recommend this regimen to a friend* 90% of women said their skin looked softer, brighter and more radiant within 30 minutes.* *based on a 30 minute independent clinical study

Price: $95.00 to $226.00 Visit the Website

Transitions Lenses

With the widest variety of lens designs and materials to choose from, original Transitions lenses quickly adapt between indoor and outdoor conditions, offering a distinct advantage over ordinary clear lenses.

Description: Transitions lenses ( are as clear as regular eyeglass lenses indoors and at night. Outdoors, they automatically darken as light conditions change to minimize glare, providing clear, quality vision while significantly reducing the discomfort of squinting, eye strain and eye fatigue. Transitions lenses also block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect the health and wellness of your eyes and the sensitive surrounding skin.

Price: $90.00 to $110.00 Visit the Website

The Lizard Electronic Cigarette Kit

The Lizard Kit in black.Also available in red, and silver.

Description: The Lizard Kit includes: (2)E-Cigarette Batteries,(2)E-Cigarette Tank, 5 Atomizers, Wall Adaptor(for home use), USB Cable/Charger,(5)A-Type Cartidges, and The Lizard E-Cig User Manual. The Lizard Kit has 2 batteries, so you will never be without a e-cigarette charged up and ready to go. The tank tips are easy to fill with with your favorite e-liquid, e-juice flavors. Charge your batteries with the wall adaptor, or plug into your computer with the USB adaptor. The replacement atomizers are included in order to ensure that your e-cigarette is always fully operational. Use the replacements as needed. The batteries are good for approximately 300 charges before they need replacing.

Price: $89.99 Visit the Website

Rock 360

Get the abs you've been dreaming about

Description: Get those abs you always dreamed of with ROCK 360 – Rolling Core Kinetics! When you order this awesome package, you receive a 60-day complete in-home system with custom workouts for the ultimate core experience. All the workouts are available on the FREE ROCK 360 app for Android and iOS users. Whether you are a beginner or a professional gym rat, the ROCK 360 is your go-to workout machine! Get ready for abdominal-ripping workouts combined with the latest technology. ROCK 360 is the new and easy way to stay fit anywhere and anytime. Reinvent yourself and do a 180 with the ROCK 360 degree movement. Get moving!

Price: $89.95 Visit the Website

C-Zen Pillow Will Deeply Relax You As Your Tensions And Worries Slowly Fade Away.

C-Zen Pillow could deeply relax you in many ways.

Description: In today’s busy and hectic world, we all face many comfort related issues, such as uneasy sleep, head, neck and shoulder pains, muscle tension, and a lack of deserved relaxation. During travel, especially on airplanes, the only right type of pillow can make the difference between arriving at your destination happy and rested or tired and worn out. We, C-Zen, Inc., located in Santa Monica, California, USA, have designed a high quality neck pillow with the top material, one that genuinely supports head and neck in their neutral position. It increases your sense of well-being tremendously. This soft pillow also can relax many other parts of your body, and thereby relaxing you. Our customers, including many celebrities, have found their original ways to relax themselves. ‘Liked’ by many, the therapeutic C-Zen Pillow is stylish, thus giving due consideration to both, your comfort and image in today's visible world. You can easily remove the pillow’s Satin Cover and hand wash it so you can enjoy your soft pillow for many years to come. This memory foam pillow is also so light at 6.4 oz. and small. It becomes even smaller as it’s compressed, so it can fit in your bag easily, much easier than many other pillows. The convenient carrying pouch is included. We promise you a super comfortable experience with C-Zen for your enjoyment and convenience.

Price: $89.00 Visit the Website

Fashion Jewelry, Powered By Shuzi (NVT) Technology

Shuzi Jewelry

Description: Explore Shuzi's large selection of fashionable pendants, bracelets, rings, attractive sportswear and pet products. What makes Shuzi products so special is that each Shuzi product utilizes Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT); a breakthrough advancement in electro-migration and scalar induction techniques. Shuzi's (NVT) emits a subtle vibrational energy that resonates throughout the body on the cellular level to enhance and rejuvenate cells that have been compromised by the effects of physical, emotional and environmental stress. Simply put, Shuzi technology may help you reach your highest potential of energetic coherence and boosts your entire system for greater overall well-being. People who wear Shuzi products report experiencing one or more of these benefits: clearer thinking, increased energy, enhanced awareness, a sense of calmness, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, stamina, vitality and more. Results may vary with each person as the benefits are unique to that individual.

Price: $89.00 to $420.00 Visit the Website

Shuzi Pet - Wellness Collars, Charms And Tags

Shuzi Pets

Description: Shuzi Pet utilizes Nano-Vibrational Technology, designed to emit a subtle energy that resonates on a cellular level. This scalar energy strengthens and synchronizes your pet’s own natural energy frequencies, and has been shown to help your pet resist the harmful effects of most stressful situations encountered on a daily basis. Shuzi Pet has been shown to: Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Increase Joint and Muscle Strength, Reduce Allergies, and Improve Overall Health and Well-Being. Available in Nylon Collars, Charms and Tags for cats and dogs and a stylish medallion for horses. They are waterproof, environmentally safe & non-toxic.

Price: $89.00 to $189.99 Visit the Website

Shuzi Sports Wear

Shuzi Sports Wear

Description: Explore Shuzi's large selection of fashionable pendants, bracelets, rings, attractive sportswear and pet products. What makes Shuzi products so special is that each Shuzi product utilizes Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT); a breakthrough advancement in electro-migration and scalar induction techniques. Shuzi's (NVT) emits a subtle vibrational energy that resonates throughout the body on the cellular level to enhance and rejuvenate cells that have been compromised by the effects of physical, emotional and environmental stress. Simply put, Shuzi technology may help you reach your highest potential of energetic coherence and boosts your entire system for greater overall well-being. People who wear Shuzi products report experiencing one or more of these benefits: clearer thinking, increased energy, enhanced awareness, a sense of calmness, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, stamina, vitality and more. Results may vary with each person as the benefits are unique to that individual.

Price: $89.00 Visit the Website

Activewear By Miami Fashion Designer Denise Cronwall

Activewear Collections by Denise Cronwall

Description: Guided by a feminine aesthetic and a love for elegant curves, textures and accentuating details, I design for gracious women that like to express their elegance and style at all times. Given my Swedish and Argentine origin my design aesthetic tends to naturally combine a unique minimalistic Scandinavian influence with a touch of Latin warmth. In pursuit of creating truly unique and special garments, great effort is put into making sure that each one is crafted out of the finest textiles and by excellently skilled hands. The limited availability of the fabrics and prints selected add an element of exclusivity to all designs. All pieces are manufactured in the United States and are evidence of the quality of American Craftsmanship. Check out our newly launched Finch (Holiday) Collection!

Price: $88.00 to $136.00 Visit the Website

Bystrictin- Advanced Weight Loss Liquid Beverage


Description: Bystrictin Advanced Hunger Control is a liquid beverage that uses Gastric Fill Technology that helps restrict calories. Bystrictin contains a unique formula that expands in the gut that provides a feeling of fullness and acts on the brain to release cholecystokinin, the hormone that sends satiety signals to the brain. So both your brain and your body are telling you that you are full. The Bystrictin formula, which comes in two delicious flavors, can be mixed or blended with water, skim milk, soymilk or almond milk and should complement at least one balanced meal per day while you reach your goal weight. This awesome new product can now be found at GNC! Bystrictin comes in two creamy flavors: Swiss Chocolate & Vanilla Bean.

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

Hand Speed Trainer

The Hand Speed Trainer Set

Description: The Hand Speed Trainer™ is specifically designed for athletes in virtually every sports arena to functionally train for maximum increases in Speed, Power and Performance. Functional training involves work against resistance so that improvements in strength directly enhance the performance of the athlete’s sport specific required movements. Made of top grade, anti-bacterial neoprene the HST™ sleeve has two built-in performance slots holding streamlined weights of 4 and 8 ounces. The resistance can be adjusted from 4oz to 24oz in 4oz adjustments. The ability to increase the resistance of each HST™ insures consistent and safe training environments. The HST™ slides easily over the hand and fits securely onto the forearm providing a snug and comfortable fit, 2 inches above the wrist and 2 inches below the elbow. The HST™ allows you to move at your own pace against resistance that is functional for you, allowing you to challenge your muscles as your training routine becomes easier to perform. Functional training involves small increases in resistance to sport specific muscle groups. Start small, increase slow and watch your game reach new levels!

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

Is The Caffeine As We Wake And Start Our Day Our Friend?

Mangoxan Juice

Description: Most of the people consume caffeine to start their day. A cup of tea or coffee may make it easier for you to feel energetic and alert for most of the time after consuming it. But do you know the negative effects of consuming caffeine? Especially if you are a heavy caffeine drinker you should consider the negative effects it can have on your body. Caffeine has an addictive nature. Once your body grows accustomed to having caffeine, without this addictive agent your body will not function properly. But is it really necessary to make your body loose out to such an addictive agent merely for the need of increase energy level and stamina? Think for once, is consuming caffeine as we wake and start our day our friend? Probably not is the answer most of you will come up with. Our offered juice supplement is a perfect blended formulation of exotic super fruits and other nutrient-dense fruits. Our fruit juice supplement helps boost energy naturally and also help improve your stamina. Furthermore, our juice is GMO free and do not contain any additives or preservatives making it a good choice as health drink that is Safe for the whole family.

Price: $79.00 to $260.00 Visit the Website


CerumWORX by DermWORX

Description: Traditional Vitamin C serums can be oily, messy, and lose potency after a while. CerumWORX is a silky cream delivered in single-use capsules that ensure you get fresh Vitamin C every time. Nourish, restore, and rejuvenate your skin with this advanced antioxidant therapy. The single-dose, biodegradable capsules make certain that your skin receives a fresh dose of Vitamin C for every application.

Price: $73.00 Visit the Website

Eclectic Healing Crystal Quartz Necklace

Eclectic Healing Crystal Quartz Necklace

Description: Eclectic Sterling Silver Healing Necklace with a Clear Crystal Quartz. Necklace 30 Inch long, Crystal 1.1 Inch. While you are wearing your crystals as jewelry, the crystal vibrations work continuously on your imbalances. Clear quartz is a traditional healing crystal that is believed to be capable of drawing out pain while amplifying energy for healing. Our spiritual jewelry is also wearable for your day-to-day events. Each piece of yoga jewelry is designed with traditional methods of minding chakras and gemstone healing. This one-of-a-kind powerful yet feminine sterling silver piece withstand the changes of fashion with timeless beauty and design. Pairing silver with crystal quartz results in eco-friendly luxury accessories that won’t break the bank. 

Price: $70.00 to $79.00 Visit the Website

Harklinikken Hair Restoration

Harklinikken Extract

Description: Harklinikken is a series of hair restoration clinics located in Denmark, Germany, Dubai and now also in USA. The clinics offer individualized treatment for hair loss, based on proprietary products, pioneering techniques and unique treatment systems. The first Harklinikken was opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1992. The cornerstone in Harklinikken product treatment is a special customized liquid called an ‘extract’. Extracts are mainly plant-based and also contain specific combinations of food source ingredients such as plant proteins and unique complexes of amino acids, minerals and fatty acids. All products are of the highest quality and are free from perfume, color and problematic preservatives.

Price: $70.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Wahl Hot Cold Massager

Wahl Hot Cold Massager

Description: Wahl is a leader in personal care, but many don’t’ know that they recently introduced a new line of therapeutic massagers that, unlike many options today, are serious pain management tools. The latest is their new Hot Cold Massager, which provides relief by combining soothing massage with hot and cold therapy to offer a more holistic approach to muscle tension and soreness.

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

Yes You Can! Diet Plan Protein Shake Kit

Yes You Can! Diet Plan Protein Shakes

Description: The Yes You Can! Diet Plan Protein Shakes are natural, delicious and nutritious and are the perfect on-the-go snack or replacement to any meal. Available in four flavors (Choco Brownie, Vanilla, Kiwi Berry and Cappuccino), these diet protein shakes will not make you gain weight; they speed up your metabolism to help you burn fat and lose weight. The Yes You Can! Diet Plan Protein Shakes are each under 100 calories with no sugar added and controls cravings and helps reduce fatty deposits. Take the plastic bottles anywhere and everywhere—just add water, shake to mix and enjoy! The Protein Shake Kit has a one-month supply of the delicious shakes.

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website


BALLASOX Frazzle by CC Corso Como

Description: As seen on the likes of Paris Hilton and Reese Witherspoon, BALLASOX are the comfortable yet chic alternative to painful high heels. Fun, trendy and made with only the finest materials, BALLASOX ballet flats offer long-lasting modern style. These flats are foldable and can fit perfectly in your purse or travel bag when you are on the go! With equal parts hardcore rocker and girly-girl, the Frazzle will surely enhance your outfit and become a staple in your closet.

Price: $65.00 Visit the Website

Organic Cheese Basket - All Natural Bamboo Hamper Filled With Organic Cheese, Fruit, And Snacks.

Organic Cheese Basket

Description: This all-organic cheese basket features a half-pound wedge of award-winning Vermont alpine cheese; the grassy, nutty-flavored Tarentaise from Thistle Hill Farm. Your gift recipients will enjoy this organic cheese along with organic fresh fruits and flatbread while also nibbling on organic dried apricots and maple glazed nuts. Cheese knife included. Manhattan Fruitier has been an environmentally conscious company since its inception in 1987. Our fruit baskets are never wrapped in cellophane and never shipped in boxes with Styrofoam for padding. Our gifts are made in all natural willow, bamboo, jute, or wood containers that can be easily re-purposed to extend their life and reduce waste.We cushion the fruit in a shred made from 100% recycled paper manufactured in the USA. We use recycled craft paper to surround the gift and keep it from moving in its shipping box. Our gifts have been delivered locally and across the nation on behalf of, and for presidents and senators, actors and movie moguls, fashion designers and CEOs, but anyone who values giving and receiving a gift of organic fruit and appreciates the sophisticated elegance & Eco-friendliness of our gift basket designs is a happy customer and recipient of Manhattan Fruitier.

Price: $65.00 Visit the Website

SHREDZ Maximum Fat Burner

SHREDZ Maximum Strength Fat Burner is the culmination of extensive research conducted to create the perfect formulation of ingredients to get you maximum results. Beyond Genetics Supplements created SHREDZ with one thing in mind: helping you lose weight!

Description: BENEFITS OF SHREDZ Thermogenic supplements can help you drop body fat and get lean. SHREDZ incorporates ingredients like green tea extract and and caffeine to give you clean, smooth energy. Take it in the morning to help give you the energy to get through the day or take before a workout to give you the energy you need to burn fat at a high rate! HOW IT WORKS SHREDZ can help get you maximum results by increasing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and boost your ability to burn calories while working out and throughout your entire day. Your daily dosage includes dendrobrium, the innovative mental-focus and nervous system stimulant.

Price: $60.00 Visit the Website

SHREDZ Formulated For Women

SHREDZ Formulated for Women has the perfect formulation of ingredients to get you maximum results. Beyond Genetics Supplements created SHREDZ for Her with one thing in mind: helping women lose weight! When you step foot on the beach or the pool we want pe

Description: BENEFITS OF SHREDZ FOR HER Weight loss is not the only benefit that SHREDZ Formulated For Women offers. It can give you increased clean, smooth energy that gives you an extra boost to handle whatever life throws at you. SHREDZ includes Alpha Lipoic Acid, an ingredient that promotes anti-aging and fights cell damage. This product packs Green Tea antioxidants that have been found to improve overall health and wellbeing. Yohimbine and L-Carnitine help break down fats and carbohydrates, which make your exercise routine more effective. SHREDZ For Her is a natural thermogenic formula that melts fat away. Sexy, skinny, and toned are just a few words that people will use to describe your new look. SHREDZ combines proven ingredients to boost up your metabolism and helps you to look and feel great. Shredz For Her even breaks down fats and carbohydrates, which make your exercise routine, even more effective.

Price: $60.00 Visit the Website

Sacred Sleep Eucalyptus-Blend Luxury Bedding

Sacred Sleep Bedding

Description: Sleep is sacred, so are you. These luxury bed linens feel sacred—to the touch, but also to the spirit. Sacred Sleep eco-friendly, eucalyptus-blend bedding is not only beautiful, but also sustainable, durable, naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. Made with an innovative blend of eucalyptus fibers and cotton, this fabric not only features luxurious softness but also provides health and sustainability benefits not present in other bedding fabrics, saving water, reducing pesticide use, and lasting longer than 100% cotton sheets. These 350 thread count sheets are made from a USDA certified bio-based fabric that is a blend of eucalyptus fibers using the Lyocell process (48 percent) and cotton (52 percent). The sheets are crisp white with a double baratta embroidered satin stitch in a choice of four colors: Harvest Moon, Lavender Moon, Pearl Moon and Sapphire Moon. King sets are priced at $220 and queen sets are $200. The Botanical Bed Collection also includes white eucalyptus blend mattress covers: king size are $65 and queen are $60. Products can be purchased at

Price: $60.00 to $220.00 Visit the Website

Reshape Your Figure And Accentuate Beautiful Curves

Lose Weight & Define Curves with the Moriche Palm Diet System.

Description: Traditionally women in Brazil refer to the exotic Moriche Palm Fruit as the “curvy fruit” because of its superior weight loss and unique figure enhancing benefits. The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet Herbal Supplements utilize the main nutrient found in the fruit and combine it with the nutrients found in super Acai Berry, Jamaican Plantains, and Alfalfa Leaf. The result is like no other diet because it truly transforms the body through the natural process of binding up stubborn belly fats while flushing out toxins and waste. It’s 100% natural – stimulant and caffeine free. The fruity diet formula provides the highest source of fiber, antioxidants, and naturally occurring estrogen found in fruit. Additionally, The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet Herbal Cream remarkably lifts, shapes, and defines the natural curvature of the hips and buttocks while helping you effortlessly achieve more envious curves in just 30-days. With ambassadors like Dominica Westling, Claudia Jordan, Rosa Acosta, Chanta Patton, and playmate Tanyka Renee, The Moriche Palm™Brazilian Diet is revolutionizing not just a look, but a lifestyle

Price: $59.99 to $79.98 Visit the Website

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit Offers The Perfect Solution To Quit Smoking

South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

Description: South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are one of the top electronic cigarette companies in the world that has been improving the science and technology behind electronic cigarettes since its early days. South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes are easy to transport, lightweight and do not create ash or smoke with will bother any non-smokers around you. They also offer a variety of products including deluxe starter kits, reusable express kits in classic tobacco and menthol, deluxe flavored cartridges (menthol, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, peppermint, pina colada, peach) and also disposable battery operated electronic cigarettes that can offer 200 puffs in one use. Deluxe Starter Kit: Our Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits are our best options for those ready to make the switch to Electronic Cigarettes. The Deluxe is a 2-component kit that combines your atomizer and electronic cigarette cartridges into one solid piece... giving you a better, cleaner draw. Your kit includes: • 1 Standard Battery - NEW SuperMAX TM Battery • 1 Extra-Capacity Battery - NEW SuperMAX TM Battery • 1 Deluxe USB Charger • 1 Portable Wall Charger • 10 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers - Equals 14-16 Packs of Cigarettes (Choice of Flavor & Strength) Deluxe Starter Kit Manual Future cartridge purchases will be equivalent to paying approximately $1.41/pack for traditional cigarettes. Retail Value: $59.99

Price: $59.99 Visit the Website

Orthaheel Gemma Slipper

Orthaheel Gemma Mule Slipper in Leopard

Description: Orthaheel's Gemma is the ultimate slippers whether you’re treating yourself to a little luxury or gifting to a loved one. Invented by leading Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, it features built-in orthotic technology, providing your aching feet with arch support, breathability and pain relief in your feet/knees/legs/lower back. They’re almost like walking on clouds. Available in women’s sizes 5-11 and offered in 7 patterns and colors.

Price: $59.95 to $60.00 Visit the Website

NamaSTAY Yoga Towels

NamaSTAY Yoga Towels

Description: This innovative non slip yoga towel has “sleeves” to hug your mat. Soft, absorbent, slip-proof fabric provides extra comfort. Always stays in place during your yoga practice, while protecting your mat. Provides a firm grip for hands and feet. Made of light weight, recyclable 80% Polyester / 20% Nylon microfiber towel fabric. Machine washable. Available in 2 sizes: SMALL(fits mats 68" X 24")or MEDIUM (fits mats 72" x 26" or smaller).

Price: $54.00 Visit the Website


all in onr anti aging cream

Description: No need to use different products for day time and night time, for age spots, for wrinkles, for dark circles, for puffiness etc... It is time to simplify your life with this all-in-one anti-aging regimen. Get a younger looking blemish free skin Reduced lines and wrinkles. Improved skin firmness. Reduce age spots. Get brigher more even skin tone Reduce dark circles and puffiness around eyes Use twice daily for a glowing and youthfull skin Merchant SKU: 360 pH Balanced, Safe and Effective Made from plants not petro-chemicals All Natural Skin Care Fair-trade, cruelty free and vegan Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Witch Hazel, Cold pressed oils of Almond, Jojoba & Avocado, Kokum Butter, Plant Glycerin, Candellila Wax, Extracts of Gotu Kola, Okra, Green Tea, Comfrey, Micro Algae, Vitamin B3,C&E, Acacia Senegal, Sake Kasu, Phyto Peptide Complex, Holy Basil, Soy Lecithin, Zinc Oxide, Lavender oil.

Price: $50.00 Visit the Website

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