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Fitness Gift Guide Holiday 2014 - Holiday Fitness Gift Guide

By Lawrence Davis

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Indo Yoga Board With Cork Deck

Indo Yoga Cork Board

Description: The Indo Yoga Board with Cork Deck simulates unstable yoga on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board. Cork is a great addition to the Indo Yoga Board as it is naturally hypo allergenic, and does not absorb water. Cork also grips more as perspiration occurs along with adding some cushioning that helps with arm and knee poses. The cost is more than the Original Indo Yoga Board with the natural wood finish but the convenience is worth it. We suggest clean feet before using the Cork Indo Yoga Boards as a deterrent to footprints occurring. The Cork Indo Yoga Board features an all wood board with a Natural Cork Deck. (Includes Indo Board Yoga Deck with Cork Surface and 3x IndoFLO Cushions)

Price: $375.00 to $450.00 Visit the Website

Magellan Cyclo GPS Cycling Computers

Lightweight, Easy-to-Use Cycling Computer Packed with Advanced Features

Description: The Magellan Cyclo 315 and 505 GPS cycling computers are designed to provide the most routing options, sensor support and connectivity for the bike riders. They will appeal to all bike riders from the hardcore triathlete to the body armored mountain biker, or even the weekend touring enthusiast. At 3" in size, both the Cyclo 315 and 505 have the largest touch screens in the GPS cycling computer category. The Cyclo units have all the right features needed to take cyclists to the next level: • They are compatible with over 130 ANT + sensors for monitoring heart rate, speed, cadence, power and more • They support wireless Shimano Di2 to be able to read and record shifting information • They come with highly detailed road network with cycling POI's, turn-by-turn directions, Open Street Map bike network for either the U.S. or Canada, • They provide Surprise Me™ that suggests up to three graded loops based on time or distance Cyclo 505 was the first bike head unit to have the following: • wireless Di2 ANT support • ANT+ trainer control support • direct Bluetooth Smart sensor support • WiFi capabilities • wireless music control (from your smartphone) • test message notifications/alerts

Price: $349.99 to $499.99 Visit the Website

Turnstone Buoy

The turnstone Buoy shown in Chili Red with a Tornado cap.

Description: Turnstone, a Steelcase brand, recently created a one-of-a-kind product called the Buoy. The Buoy is a new kind of seat that swivels, turns, tilts and moves up and down to adapt to whatever it is you’re doing; the technology allows it to move with your body as you work, exercise, eat, lounge, play video games or just watch TV. Plus at only 20 pounds, it’s easy to transport from room to room and pull up as needed. Unique in its technology, the Buoy also has a pretty sweet design. Some features: • 6 different colors to choose from – everything from sleek Black to Picasso Blue and Wasabi Green • 25 fabric cap colors and designs to further personalize your Buoy – including Maharam and British designer Paul Smith’s Exaggerated Plaid • Built in handle for transport (lightweight at only 20 pounds) • Adjustable height: 17” – 22.5” • A moving experience: 5 degree to 12 degree tilt. • Materials made for easy cleaning and maintenance Studies have shown that small movements throughout the day can have a big impact on your overall health and wellness. So check out the Buoy - a seat that's as active as you are. www.myturnstone.com/buoy

Price: $199.00 Visit the Website

Spree SmartCap Wearable Fitness Monitor Combines Comfort, Technology For Getting In Shape

The Spree SmartCap Wearable Fitness Monitor captures all the real-time data needed to optimize every workout and achieve ultimate performance, then streams the information to an easy-to-use smartphone app.

Description: The new Spree SmartCap Wearable Fitness Monitor, which addresses widespread complaints about chest-strap heart rate monitors, has been paired with an attractive and comfortable cap for those who prefer it to the look of the original headband unit. The new SmartCap retains all the groundbreaking advances of the Spree wearable headband and remains the first and only fitness device to track body temperature, movement and heart rate without using a chest strap. Developed by Dallas-based Spree Wearables, Spree is a cutting-edge device that stands apart from other fitness monitors by analyzing the three most important variables in every fitness routine – body temperature, movement and heart rate. Spree captures all the real-time data needed to optimize every workout and achieve ultimate performance, then streams the information to an easy-to-use smartphone app that charts exertion and provides visual indicators when each activity’s goal is reached. Armed with this information, you learn where your body is burning the most calories, when it is building the most muscle mass and at what pace you are achieving maximum endurance. For more information, and to order the new Spree smart cap today, visit SpreeWearables.com, Amazon.com. or at Brookstone stores nationwide.

Price: $199.00 Visit the Website

Magellan Echo, The Smart Sports Watch

Magellan Echo, The Smart Sports Watch

Description: Magellan Echo, a Smart Sports Watch that solves the biggest problem of doing sports with a smartphone -- viewing and controlling apps while the phone is tucked away. Echo is the first sports watch that utilizes smartphone sports apps to their full potential by wirelessly connecting them to your wrist. With real-time sports data streaming directly from your smartphone to the watch display and the ability to remotely control connected apps, Echo keeps you informed and in control during any sporting activity. Echo is an extension of your smartphone, simultaneously displaying sports data, notifications and achievements that display on your smartphone. Using Bluetooth Smart to wirelessly connect with smartphones, Echo shows relevant app information and metrics at a glance. Echo is brought to life by its apps. Whether the user is a runner, skier, golfer, or virtually any type of outdoor athlete, there is an app that keeps them informed and in control. It’s the first smartwatch built for sports with a ruggedized design and water-resistance that can withstand adverse conditions. When you’re not using your favorite sporting app, Echo is an everyday watch. A replaceable battery means there’s no charging. Echo is always ready to go.

Price: $149.99 to $199.99 Visit the Website

PUSH Armband

PUSH Armband

Description: The PUSH band is the first wearable fitness device to deliver real-time analytics on areas of strength training - reps and sets, force, power, balance, speed and a user’s one rep max. These metrics give valuable insight into weight-training routines and help reduce the likelihood of injury. Athletes can use their iPhone or Android devices to create or download routines and goals, while PUSH provides feedback. PUSH is also an ideal coaching tool, allowing coaches and trainers to easily build and deliver workout routines, track and measure progress remotely, and provide detailed feedback to their athletes and clients based on objective metrics.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

PACK6 Hiking Essentials Kit

Hiking Essentials Kit from PACK6

Description: For those who enjoy camping, hiking, and all other outdoor sports, be prepared with the essential tools from PACK6! The Hiking Essentials Kit contains quality essentials that no hiker or other outdoor enthusiast should ever leave home without. Ever. This compact kit comes with a long-distance safety whistle, lightweight signal mirror, fire starter or emergency bivvy, plus a quality compass, powerful headlamp, and Swiss Army Knife, all in a roll-top, waterproof fanny pack which can be carried alone or within a larger backpack. Kit also includes:two breakaway neck lanyards suitable for use with Starflash signal mirror and Windstorm Safety Whistle; water-resistant instruction booklet with hiking safety tips; protective plastic sleeves for compass (Hiking Essentials Kit only) and mirror. Even Superheroes Have Limited Powers. PACK6 Essentials Before Your Adventure Begins! PACK6 was started by Honor Boone after her brother disappeared while hiking in Yosemite in 2005. Ten percent of all net sales will be donated to search and rescue organizations.

Price: $129.95 Visit the Website

Utility Patented Super Sports Bra Designed By Professional Stuntwoman Natascha Hopkins

Capo-Nata Lean Body Sports Bra

Description: The Capo-Nata Lean Body Sports Bra is the perfect gift for women into health, fitness, and wants to look their best. It is one of a few garments that has been granted a United States Utility Patent. The Lean Body Sports Bra's secret lies in its high performance neoprene fabric that hugs your midsection to produce sweat while having a supportive corset design. In the sports bra region, actual bra cups and extra elastic provides necessary support and perfect for full figured women. With a secure front zip up closure, the Lean Body Sports Bra is the solution for women, who need extra bust and back support and want to contour their waist. It can be worn during casual activities like walking the dog, moderate exercises like swimming, or intense kickboxing training and even in the sauna. Because of its fashion forward look, ladies can wear the Lean Body Sports Bra before, during and after exercising. The designer, Natascha Hopkins is a professional stuntwoman and currently doubles for Halle Berry on the new series Extant. She's also worked on Spiderman 3, Transformers, Star Trek and more. Watch our video when we were featured on the TV Show Products In The News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lIoi1BWtQ4&feature=youtu.be See Natascha in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmxBTl7d-2A

Price: $125.00 Visit the Website

Hi-Tec Sports' Altitude V I WP: The Ultimate Hiking Boot For Women

Altitude V i WP

Description: The women’s Altitude V i WP is the ultimate hiking boot for all types of terrain and conditions, with a women’s specific fit for superior fit and comfort. It has ion-mask™ technology to repel water along with an OrthoLite® sockliner to deliver cushioning, and a rugged rubber outsole for all types of terrain. It's the perfect hiking boot for women living in all locations with different types of terrain.

Price: $100.00 Visit the Website

La Vie Boheme Yoga Mats

La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat

Description: la Vie Boheme Yoga is a SoCal based brand that sells high quality yoga mats, accessories and apparel. The mats are hand-woven from India, xxtra thick ¼” (6.2 mm), heavy duty, but lightweight at 3.6 pounds, and are latex-free and free of heavy metals. The collection encompasses the founders sense of style, love of different cultures, and quality yoga products. La Vie Boheme Yoga is available to purchase at Urban Outfitters, Planet Blue, Nasty Gal, Free People, along with their online website at www.laviebohemeyoga.com.

Price: $86.00 Visit the Website

SYNC Burn Fitness Band

SYNC Burn Fitness Band

Description: SYNC Burn ($99.99) (fitness band that tracks heart rate) • A heart rate powered, calorie-burn tracker in the form of a wristwatch that blends a person’s ECG accurate heart rate along with their intensity of motion to calculate a 24-hour read. This process enables SYNC to capture accurate caloric burn rates during various levels of physical activities as well as sedentary time periods • Tracks all-day data, including calories burned, distance traveled and steps taken • Showcases hourly, daily and weekly accomplishments in bar chart form on the band • Transfers data wirelessly to MapMyFitness via Bluetooth® Smart technology • Yearlong battery life and water resistant • Available at Best Buy, Walmart, Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Big 5

Price: $80.00 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Sensoria Fitness Smart Clothing Line: Tracks Steps Taken, Weight Distribution, Foot Impact, And More

Sensoria Fitness Sock and Anklet

Description: Sensoria Fitness is a new line of garments that come embedded with textile sensors that are soft, comfortable, durable, and machine-washable. Made of DryYarn (moisture-wicking) and other materials manufactured in the U.S.A. and Italy, Sensoria is powered by proprietary textile sensors and a flexible, light-weight, Bluetooth Smart-enabled anklet. Sensoria Fitness accurately tracks steps, speed, calories, altitude gain distance (like most trackers on the market today) but go well beyond that to also track cadence, foot landing technique, center of balance and weight distribution on the foot as you walk and run. The Sensoria Fitness smartphone app provides a virtual coach and can combine real-time biometric data coming from the socks to provide audio cues that may help the runner avoid gravitating back to bad habits (like heel striking). The Sensoria Software Development Kit is available and over 20 app developers are in process of creating additional applications for the technology (everything from a baseball coach, to salsa dancing lessons) The Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt and Sport Bra come with textile cardiac electrodes that allow you to simply snap your favorite heart rate monitor (Sensoria, Polar or Garmin) and get rid of uncomfortable plastic straps.

Price: $79.00 to $199.00 Visit the Website

Brilliant Swim PaceWatch - The Pace Clock For Your Wrist

The PaceWatch is slim, simple-to-use and easy to read.

Description: Whether you're a nearsighted swimmer who struggles to read the wall-mounted pace clock, a road warrior who never knows what conditions you'll find at the local pool, or an age-group coach, trying to keep your swimmers on their intervals, you'll wonder how you got along for so long without the PaceWatch. Designed by swimmers for swimmers, the PaceWatch is sleek, slim and easy to read.

Price: $74.99 Visit the Website

Affirmat Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Description: Not your standard yoga mat, Affirmats are form, function and inspiration wrapped in pure love. Whether just starting out, or years in practice, Affirmats messages (i am free, i am grateful, BELieve THEre is GOOD in the world, rise & shine on) make the receiver happy and let’s them know that they are special. Each Affirmat is made from biodegradable jute and non-toxic ECO-pvc, and has a non-slip base. All products are also latex and heavy metal free. An Affirmat and Affirtowel is the perfect gift this holiday season for the yoga enthusiast in your life.

Price: $66.00 Visit the Website

BackJoy: Women's PostureWear

PostureWear™ Elite Sports Bra

Description: Improve the way you move with optimal posture. PostureWear™ Elite and Elite Sports Bra’s integrated system adjusts the shoulders and correctly aligns the spine to promote optimal neutral posture and comfort. Designed with integrated Active Stabilization™ that enhance your posture, comfort and relief. The dynamic radial panels gently pull the shoulders back to encourage proper posture throughout the upper body. This anatomical, form-fit design is made with performance fabric that wicks for temperature control. See EASY, EFFECTIVE, REAL, RESULTS. Perfect for Running, Yoga, Gym Training, and everyday use.

Price: $64.99 to $89.99 Visit the Website



Description: SYNC GPS Watch[syncactive.com] ($79.99) (newest product, amazing GPS watch with a more affordable price than any product on the market) • Wirelessly transmits GPS data from your smart phone to the GPS watch • Tracks speed, distance and pace all while monitoring the calories you're burning • If you already run with your smartphone, the watch syncs to the MapMyFitness apps via Bluetooth and makes it easy for you to glance at your wrist to check your pace and to see how far you’ve gone on a run or walk. • Also handy if you’re phone’s in your pocket or your purse and you’d like to measure how far you’re going, say if you want to take a walk across town or in the park • Adjustable strap • No charging – yearlong battery life

Price: $60.00 to $79.99 Visit the Website

Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly Full-On Nutrition

Description: While ordinary is just waking up, your shirt’s already soaked with sweat. While ordinary is getting into bed at night, you’re finishing pull-ups. Ordinary’s not going to see you when it’s raining and you have another six miles to run. We are built and fueled on passion. Runners, rock climbers, swimmers, mountaineers, skiers, gym rats, cyclists and cross fitters in short we are doers NOT talkers. Gnarly isn’t for the ordinary. Gnarly is a clean and natural brand and it shows in our ingredients. No bull.

Price: $51.00 Visit the Website

You Saw Me: Washable LED Safety Vest With One-Mile Visibility

The Verve

Description: You Saw Me invented the Verve, a retroreflective safety vest embedded with waterproof custom-color LEDs for runners, bicyclists, and ANYONE wanting to be bright. The Verve is a fun, functional way that aims to change the way we perceive visibility safety. The patented product is the first in its industry to feature an ANSI certified retroreflective outer layer embedded with 60 custom color waterproof LEDs. Each fully waterproof and machine washable vest has on-off-dimming-blinking capabilities, and our premiere RGB product has 20 steady-state color options and 19 color-changing functions. The Verve is a one-size-fits-all safety vest that has a front and back visibility of over one-mile away. It is powered by a 9V battery for over 30 hours of continued use. Visibility safety meets cool; customizability meets versatility; brighter is better; you saw me.

Price: $50.00 to $500.00 Visit the Website

Bowflex Boost™ Smart Activity Tracker

Bowflex Boost

Description: The Bowflex Boost™ smart activity tracker band was designed for persons of all fitness levels. It's a 24-hour monitoring band that tracks activities (calories, steps and distance) throughout the day and into the night. It lets you personalize your daily goals, and offers insights that empower you to make positive change. Designed with Bluetooth® Smart technology for wireless syncing, it provides extended battery life of up to 11 days. Bowflex Boost™ is currently available for iOS devices 4s and higher. The free software is available through the iTunes® App StoreSM and automatically syncs with mobile devices, allowing the user to set and monitor progress toward daily fitness goals. Boost is priced at $49.95. Check out the Bowflex Insider blog: http://www.bowflexinsider.com/, which provides tips on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Breathe In Love Hot Yoga AffirTowel


Description: Love is all around us! Take a deep breath…relax and smile. We breathe in all day long, might as well make it full of love; only brightens the day ahead. Spread the love with this foxy hot yoga towel. AffirTowels made from eco-friendly recycled polyester and nylon. All products are also latex and heavy metal free. These towels would make great gifts for your favorite fitness lovers!

Price: $42.00 Visit the Website

RunPhones® Performance Headphones

RunPhones® HeadPhones - available in different sizes and colors

Description: Everyone knows listening to music while exercising outside helps to make working out more enjoyable. However, ear buds can be uncomfortable and can drown out other important sounds such as traffic and other people. RunPhones, a new washable, comfortable headphones designed specifically for exercise, provide the perfect compromise of music, comfort, convenience, and safety. RunPhones are manufactured by AcousticSheep LLC, the creators of SleepPhones. Like SleepPhones, they have an innovative design that features small, removable speakers inside a soft headband that rests on the user’s ears. This makes the RunPhones washable, secure, and comfortable. They are compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and most other portable music devices. They are wireless now too! Pair our RunPhones® Wireless to any Bluetooth® enabled device. RunPhones are the best new thing in exercise!

Price: $40.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

3D Printed Marathon Keychain By Seriaforma

Marathon Keychain by seriaforma

Description: Yes, that's 26.2 miles. Without wheels below you! Months of training. Buckets of sweat. Road hogging cars. The keychain is printed in stainless steel using the latest 3D printing technology. It is approximately 2 inches long. A split ring is attached to each end of the keychain for full versatility. You went the distance. Don't you deserve more than a car sticker? Available at www.etsy.com/shop/seriaforma

Price: $35.00 Visit the Website

NuMetrex- Wearable Technology: Heart Rate Monitor Workout Clothes And Gear

Adidas MiCoach Seamless Sports Bra

Description: NuMetrex is the newest wearable technology that offers workout clothing and gear to help monitor the athletes heart rate and improve sports performance. Combining style and sport, NuMetrex apparel is laced with sensing fiber electrodes that are woven through the smart fabric which creates a wireless way for users to monitor their workouts instantly by synching with a compatible heart rate monitor, sports watch, smart phone, or cardio equipment. NuMetrex offers fashionable workout apparel for both men and women with an attachable transmitter helping them reach maximum fitness progress and performance.

Price: $30.00 to $75.00 Visit the Website

The Saddle Forearm Mount For IPhone

The Saddle contours to a user's lower forearm for the most convenient position to view and interact with a phone during any activity.

Description: The Saddle from Digifit is a unique forearm sport case for the iPhone which contours to the user’s lower arm for the best position to view, access and interact with phone apps and functions during any activity. Before now, mobile users were limited to armbands that attach to the bicep, which is an awkward position to view and access a phone while exercising, or left to carry the device in hand or shove it in a pocket. With the new and unique Saddle forearm sport case, users don't have to pause a workout or break a running stride to check timely exercise stats, record laps or change music. The Saddle is available for $29.99 at www.Digifit.com/saddle/.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Welcome To BollyFit® DVD

Join us for heart-pumping dance!

Description: The Welcome to BollyFit® DVD offers a holistic experience of fitness, fun and illumination. We encourage people to bring out the self, the way they are in the core - active, alive and perfectly unique through the journey of life - without having to compare with or be anyone else. The DVD provides an intense cardio workout with guided meditation and mindfulness seamlessly woven in. BollyFit® promotes holistic wellness and fitness through dance with a Bollywood twist while embracing all backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. Order your copy, and some for only your favorite friends! Enjoy beautiful infusions of yoga, mindfulness, meditation....and heart pumping dance.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

PACK6 Bare Essentials Kit

Bare Essentials Kit from PACK6

Description: For those who enjoy camping, hiking, and all other outdoor sports, be prepared with the essential tools from PACK6! The "Bare Essentials" Kit contains quality essentials that no hiker or other outdoor enthusiast should ever leave home without. Ever. This compact kit comes with a long-distance safety whistle, lightweight signal mirror, and durable emergency blanket (plus lanyards and protective sleeve) for only $24.95. Kit also includes:two breakaway neck lanyards suitable for use with Starflash signal mirror and Windstorm Safety Whistle, plus water-resistant instruction booklet with hiking safety tips. Even Superheroes Have Limited Powers. PACK6 Essentials Before Your Adventure Begins! PACK6 was started by Honor Boone after her brother disappeared while hiking in Yosemite in 2005. Ten percent of all net sales will be donated to search and rescue organizations.

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

PACK6 Hiking Essentials And Bare Essentials Kits

Hiking Essentials Kit

Description: if you and your family like to hike or camp, make sure you are prepared for the outdoors, whether you prefers a simple day hike or back country adventure. Get the gear you needs from PACK6! The Hiking Essentials Kit and Bare Essentials Kit from PACK6 contain quality essential tools that no hiker should ever leave home without. Ever. The Bare Essentials Kit comes with long-distance safety whistle, lightweight signal mirror, and durable emergency blanket (plus lanyards and protective sleeve) for only $24.95. The Hiking Essentials kit comes with a fire starter or emergency bivvy in place of the blanket, plus a quality compass, headlamp, and Swiss Army Knife, all in a roll-top, waterproof fanny pack which can be carried alone or within a larger backpack, all for $129.95. Both are available at www.pack6.biz. Even Superheroes Have Limited Powers. PACK6 Essentials Before Your Adventure Begins! PACK6 was started by Honor Boone after her brother disappeared while hiking in Yosemite in 2005. Ten percent of all net sales will be donated to search and rescue organizations. Honor Boone www.pack6.biz [email protected] 855-PACK6-NOW

Price: $24.95 to $129.95 Visit the Website

SYNC Elite Fitness Tracker

SYNC Elite Fitness Tracker

Description: SYNC Elite ($39.99) (small tracker that can clip on to your shirt, belt loop, running sneakers, etc) • Activity tracker that captures all day motion data • Tracks core metrics such as distance, steps, speed, and calories burned • Tracks fat grams burned • Captures 30 days of memory • Transmits data to MapMyWalk with an innovative, easy-to-use syncing method via your iPhone’s earphone jack • Yearlong battery life

Price: $24.00 to $39.99 Visit the Website

The Perfect Gift For Your Favorite Athlete

A Box of Fitness Goodness

Description: Want to feel like it’s your Birthday every other month? Order a Runnerbox! A package of fitness goodness will arrive at your doorstep throughout the year with products to enhance your sport. We offer three different boxes: Runnerbox, Tribox and Cyclebox. Our boxes have everything from gels, chews, protein shakes/supplements, nutrition bars, energy boosters, healthy snacks, to fitness gear and gadgets. Many products will be brand new to the market while others will be tried and true favorites. With so many new products claiming to be the next best thing – leave the trials and testing to us – we’ll search out the finest and send them right to your doorstep!

Price: $20.00 to $30.00 Visit the Website

Cyclebox - Prodcuts To Enhance Your Endurance Lifestyle

Cyclebox is full of products to keep you riding strong

Description: Want to feel like it’s your Birthday every other month? Order a Cyclebox! It's the perfect gift for yourself or someone else! When you subscribe to Cyclebox, a package of cycling goodness will arrive at your doorstep every other month. Cycleboxes contain everything from gels, chews, protein shakes/supplements, nutrition bars, energy boosters and healthy snacks to cycling gear and gadgets. Many products will be brand new to the market while others will be tried and true favorites. With so many new products claiming to be the next best thing – leave the trials and testing to us – we’ll search out the finest and send them right to your doorstep!

Price: $20.00 to $30.00 Visit the Website

GOQii Band

GOQii Band (1)

Description: Fusing education, tech and health, the GOQii Band is the most unique development in wearable fitness technology. GOQii a game-changer in that it integrates a wrist-worn device with a day-to-day personal lifestyle coach who will track data, set goals, identify challenges and motivate users to reach permanent and healthy changes. The GOQii Band is free and at only $19 a month, the coaching from GOQii is an affordable alternative to paying for and spending time meeting with a personal trainer. GOQii’s advanced fitness tracker also comes with a bevy of features including a full touch display, a vibrating alarm, automatic wireless syncing via the GOQii app and much more. There’s also a system of Karma points that users earn for “good work”, usable as donations from GOQii to charities around the world.

Price: $19.00 Visit the Website

Uberlube: The Revolutionary Lubricant With Many Uses

Uberlube 50ml Bottle

Description: Überlube is a high performing, long-lasting lubricant that is used for a variety of activities ranging from anti-chafing during sports to anti-frizz for your hair! Including style, sex and sport, Uberlube is a revolutionary lubricant with many uses. For sports training, Überlube helps eliminate chafing and conditions skin during running, swimming, and biking. The versatile lubricant is designed to transfer sensation and reduce friction while using a very small amount of product. Überlube can even be used as a weightless, oiless finishing product to tame, de-frizz, and add a perfect understated sheen to your hair! This high-grade silicone lubricant is manufactured in the US. Please visit Überlube.com for more information.

Price: $18.00 to $28.00 Visit the Website

Make Fitness Fun With LaBlast!

LaBlast® is designed for everyone from the absolute beginner to the already experienced dancer. It is a multi-level program at which students can progress at their own rate.

Description: Have a blast while gaining a banging body! LaBlast is an innovative partner-free dance fitness program created by world-renowned dancer, television fan favorite, and fitness expert Louis Van Amstel (as seen on “Dancing with the Stars"). The LaBlast program is a 5-DVD series designed to help you burn serious calories while refining your dance skills. It features genres such as pop, rock, hip-hop, country, disco, and everything in between. Whether you want to tone your body, build muscle, lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn to dance, or just have a great time, LaBlast is for you!

Price: $14.99 to $49.95 Visit the Website

BlenderBottle ProStak

BlenderBottle ProStak

Description: The BlenderBottle ProStak™ is the ultimate all-in-one shaker cup, combining multiple storage compartments for supplements, with the unparalleled mixing of the BlenderBall® wire whisk. The leak-proof, eight-piece system is unlike any other on the market, delivering smooth protein shakes and unlimited storage expandability. The BlenderBottle ProStak is available in eight colors and retails for $13.99. Available in nationwide retailers and at blenderbottle.com.

Price: $13.99 Visit the Website

Eco-friendly And BPA-free Water Bottle

FLEXR Sports

Description: FLEXR Sports has created a water bottle that is eco-friendly and BPA-free! The FLEXR bottle uses a biodegradable liner to keep your water fresh while eliminating plastic bottle waste. For active people, from hobbyists to pro athletes, the FLEXR Sports bottle will provide clean, fresh water for you and your family. Unlike disposable bottles, the FLEXR bottle has green, biodegradable liners with no BPA or toxins; and unlike reusable bottles, FLEXR stays “day one fresh” for years! The FLEXR bottle can even be used with your favorite sports drink or protein. Try one today and see the difference!

Price: $10.95 Visit the Website

MoveMeFit - The Convenience Of Online Workouts

Discover the convenience of online workouts

Description: Give the gift of fit with MoveMeFit gift cards. MoveMeFit gives you the freedom to simply get and stay fit. We take the hassle out and make it as easy as possible to get a quick, worthwhile workout. No more wondering when you will find time to workout or trying to squeeze in a trip to the gym. MoveMeFit is your new gym Get and stay fit to hundreds of premium workout videos from over 30 of the best fitness instructors –including pilates, toning, cardio, dance, yoga workouts and more. Once a week, we recommend workouts to you that meet your fitness goals. We help you create a new more effective fitness routine, or simply enhance your current routine. Whether you have a closet full of equipment, or just some floor space, we’ll serve up workouts that use what you’ve got. Stream workouts on any device – computer, tablet, phone or connected TV. For extra motivation, you can workout with a friend virtually. On a split screen, you follow the same workout while hanging out on a video call with your friend. Then track your progress and watch your fitness improve! It's time to say goodbye to excuses, and hello to living fit!

Price: $9.00 Visit the Website

Hands Free Active Wear-FlipBelt

His and Hers FlipBelt

Description: Gone are the days of baggy sweats with bulky pockets. Active wear is sleeker and more stylish than ever before. FlipBelt is a singular tubular waistband that has officially solved one of the biggest nuisances that every individual faces when exercising, traveling or just out and about. FlipBelt is a flattering and well-designed piece of athletic wear, ideal to carry your on-the-go essentials without tying up your hands. Made of moisture wicking, spandex-lycra blend, FlipBelt slides right on and sits on your hip perfect to secure your cell phone, music, and keys all in a FLIP!

Price: $7.89 to $28.99 Visit the Website



Description: Energems are great tasting, 15-calorie, bite-sized gems made with a special blend of real chocolate, caffeine and b-vitamins. Three gems gives you as much energy as a cup of coffee. And since there are nine gems in each box, it's like having three cups of coffee in one, small portable box! Energems come in three delicious flavors- milk chocolate, mint chocolate, and peanut butter chocolate. Energems also give you the power of portion control. You decide when, where, and how much caffeine you need. Finally- the energy you need with the taste you deserve!

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website

Published on Nov 21, 2014

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