Beauty Gifts 2013 $15 to $30 - Beauty Gift Guide

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Oil Of Oregano

Oil of Oreganol

Description: The miracle is Oreganol P73. North American Herb & Spice created the oregano revolution. P73 is a special blend of wild, edible oregano oils from the true, natural spice, unmatched in the world. this blend has immense cleansing power. It works. There's nothing like it in the world. North American Herb & Spice never uses genetically modified organisms, or inferior ingredients in our formulations.

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Total Beauty Beautygasm Collection

Total Beauty Beautygasm Collection

Description: The Total Beauty Collection is a package of deluxe beauty samples hand-picked by Total Beauty editors for gals to try at home. The expertly curated assortment this month gives you everything you need to pamper yourself from head to toe, delivered right to your door. For December, they're spicing it up a bit and inspiring women to indulge in themselves even just a little bit during this holiday season (which, let's face it, is usually all about what we do for others: gifting, baking, cooking, etc.)…so, included with the package, will be a Trojan Vibrations Interchange 5.3 vibrator (a $79 value alone). Talk about getting a winter glow from the inside out… …and a gift that keeps on giving! This is one sweet beauty package. The BEAUTYGASM COLLECTION features all of the below for $29.99, available for purchase on Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm - full size, 1.7 oz. NYZ Roll on Shimmer - full size, 1.5g Ferro Blush X3 - two pods, .75g each ALFAPARF Cristalli Liquid Hair Serum - 5ml Trojan Vibrations Interchange 5.3, a $79 Value $20 Sole Society Offer

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Lay-n-Go Cosmo

The Lay-n-Go Cosmo

Description: The Lay-n-Go COSMO is a smart 4-in-1 solution for cosmetics: providing a clean surface, effortless cleanup, carryall, and storage. Unlike others on the market, you don’t have to dump out items to find what you’re looking for… just open the COSMO to see make-up spread out flat and ready to use. The specially designed “lip” around the bag keeps items from rolling off the counter. When finished, pull the drawstring and the 18” flat surface is converted into a completely sealed off clutch. Plus, there is an added pocket inside for discrete jewelry storage.

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32 Effervescent Breath Treatment

32 Effervescent Treatment Multi-Pack

Description: Clinically proven to deliver fresh breath for up to four hours, 32 uses an innovative delivery system – think fireworks in your mouth – and the formulation of isoVoxy crystals to negate volatile sulfur compounds, effectively eliminating bad breath. The 32 Multi-Pack consists of Peppermint, Honey Mint, Spearmint, Lemon Mint and is available from The multi-pack includes 15 packets of each flavor (60 packets total), and retails for $29.50.

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Natura Culina - Anti-Bacterial Tea Tree And Lavender Hand Soap

Natura Culina Gift Basket with Hand Soap

Description: Natura Culina's luxurious hand soap contains a true liquid soap derived from Certified Organic Sunflower and Coconut oils. Clean, soothing scent of lavender and tea tree essential oils. Creamy lather that will leave your hands soft and clean. Active Ingredients: Water, Potassium Cocoate (Derived from Organic Coconut Oil), Potassium Oleate (Derived from Organic Sunflower Oil), Lauryl Betaine (Derived from a common constituent of vegetable fats especially coconut oil), Glycerin (Organic origin - by-product of soap manufacturing), Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative), Potassium Palm Kernelate (Potassium salt of Palm Kernel), Palm Kernel Acid (Fatty acid of palm kernel oil used as an opacifier, surfactant and emulsifier), Decyl Glucoside (skin softening agent), Potassium Citrate (regulates acidity pH) one 8.8 oz bottle …………… 29.00 buy two ……………………… $50.00 buy three …………………… $75.00

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Painted Earth Welcomes You To A Truly Inspired Skin Care Line.

Another Wrinkle Bites the dust. Nature's most potent restorative ingredients.

Description: Why settle for a basic skincare line? Painted Earth products are infused with advanced ingredients, making it easy to transform skin from blah to beautiful. When it comes to finding the perfect skincare products for any complexion needs, it all starts with the ingredients. Uncover your natural glow! Our Natural ingredients are nano formulated and are absorbed by the skin more effectively than any other anti-aging system on the market, to reveal healthy- looking, sensational skin. Experience the difference in your skin after only one use! Our products are pure, natural, organic, non-animal tested and safe with active ingredients.

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Cosmetic Bag Set

Personalized Cosmetic Bag Set

Description: Made of soft satin with a silk dupioni look,an engravable cosmetic bags will make an awesome gift for the holiday season! This bag duo is lined with water repellant vinyl and has a zipper closure. The large bag measures 9" x 6" with a 3" base while the small bag measures 6" x 4". Embroider with a single initial in choice of signature thread colors. Note: thread color and initial will be the same on both bags.

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Organic Facial Toner - Organic Facial Cleanser - Organic Facial Rosewater Mist

Organic natural skin care by Zen Society

Description: Zen Society is a healthy supplier of Holistic, Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic skin care products. Zen Society has a simple mission: to provide affordable, effective, 100% natural, vegan & eco-friendly beauty solutions to the everyday woman. Starter Kit: Elder Berry Toner: This alcohol-free toner is made from a base of Lavender Water, which comes from the finest lavender fields in Bulgaria, and Witch Hazel, which is a natural astringent that shrinks the pores and reduces blackheads and pimples. Tea Tree Facial Cleanser: Gel-based cleanser that gently removes daily build up of debris without stripping away the skin's natural oils. It cools and brightens tired and dull skin and helps to control excess oil. Tea Tree oil helps to promote a clear and healthy complexion as it is effective in killing the bacteria that causes acne. Hydrating Rosewater Mist: Beautiful and luxurious rose aroma. The roses used in our USDA Certified Rosewater have been organically grown and distilled from the heart of the prestigious Bulgarian Rose Valley. This mist is infused with Witch Hazel which is an astringent produced from the leaves and bark of the North American Witch-Hazel shrub. Helps combat the drying effects of air-conditioning, sun, wind and travel. Also great as a makeup setting spray that creates a dewy, glowing look.

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Redefine Natural Skin Care With Painted Earth's Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Scrub

Redefine Natural Skin Care

Description: Redefine Natural Skin Care Infused with blueberries and cranberries, this all natural facial scrub exfoliates and restores skin back to its optimal, radiant state. Loading skin with a variety of natural supplements, including anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, this gentle scrub decongests pores, leaving skin smooth and supple after just one use. "This is an amazingly thick scrub that looks good and smells delicious."

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Francesca's Tuileries

Francesca's Tuileries

Description: A beautiful new fragrance from Francesca’s and Tru Fragrance is blooming just in time for spring and summer! Francesca’s Tuileries is an elegant floral fragrance that evokes a stroll through the famous Parisian gardens on a windy spring day! Featuring crisp top notes of sparkling citron and apple, the fragrance blossoms with soft white amber and musk, making it a light and airy scent that’s perfect for warmer weather. The fragrance is available in a 2.0 oz. bottle for $28 at Francesca’s stores and online at

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Heartbkr Bottles

Heartbkr 2014 Collection

Description: Presenting the 2014 Heartbkr collection from bkr. The glass bottles loved by supermodels and starlets alike have new silicone sleeves with giant heart graphics to spread the love! Let your heartbkr banish dry skin and keep you gorgeous and glowing year round! This chic little bottle is the perfect reminder to stay hydrated at the office, in your car, at the gym, at home, and everywhere in between. heartbkr combines fashion and function for the ultimate gift, and at only $34! Plus, bkr invests a portion of all proceeds in initiatives that combat the global water crisis and help in the fight against cancer. Treat yourself, give back, and spread the love this season with Heartbkr. Celebrity fans include: Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Kristen Bell, Jamie Chung, Amy Smart, Malin Akerman, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Greene, Amanda Seyfried, Alicia Silverstone, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Wilde.

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Effective Single-Step Acne Treatment: Repiderm By Bio-Scriptives

Bio-Scriptive Repiderm

Description: Repiderm is a powerful treatment for acne, pimples and other blemishes from Bio-Scriptives, makers of high quality skin care and topical pain relief products. Unlike other acne treatments that involve expensive, complicated multi-step processes, Repiderm is a single, standalone product that improves skin with a proprietary blend of 16 herbal extracts, essential oils and 4.4% benzoyl peroxide. Repiderm is effective for people with acne and dry skin. Busy adults with little time for multi-step systems will appreciate Repiderm's simplicity. Teens suffering from acne will benefit from Repiderm's potent therapy that, when applied consistently over time, can help significantly reduce breakouts.

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G.B. Proudfoot's Natural Body Care Products - CITRUS LOVERS Gift Basket


Description: Orange you glad you gave one! Maybe it's because we're from the Southwest but we sure do love our citrus out here. We know there are lots of other citrus lovers out there too so we decided to take all our citrus scented products and put them together in a beautiful and natural, raffia wrapped bamboo gift basket. We've included a 16 oz. bottle of our fresh scented Southwest Citrus Natural Liquid Soap, a 2.5 oz. stick of our moisturizing Calendula Stick Balm (scented with essential oils of sweet orange), and a lip tube of our very popular Ginger & Orange Lip Balm. This great basket is the perfect gift anytime but it's great for relieving the winter doldrums with some fresh and bright citrus zest! G.B.'s Citrus Lovers Gift Basket Includes: - Southwest Citrus Natural Liquid Soap 16 oz. - Calendula Stick Balm 2.5 oz. - Ginger & Orange Lip Balm 0.15 oz. - Bamboo Basket w/ Natural Wood Fill

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Sumita By Ziba Beauty - Brow Must Have Kit

Sumita by Ziba Beauty - Brow Must Have Kit

Description: Flawless skin and perfectly defined brows are yours in three simple steps! Our Brow Must Have kit contains our best selling Brow Pencil in your choice of three universal colors, Brow Set, as well as Purify Detoxifying Facial mask for Flawless Skin. Avaliable Colors: Chai Brow Must Have Kit - Light Imlee Brow Must Have Kit- Medium Koyla Brow Must Have Kit - Dark

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NightCare Heel Treatment Kit

A great gift for any event.

Description: The NightCare Heel Treatment Kit is a convenient at-home skin care product that includes Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks and Intensive Healing Foot Cream to soften dry skin and moisturize with beneficial vitamins to help heal and prevent dry, cracked areas. Dermatologist tested, our heels socks deliver mineral oil to repair damaged skin. Its velvety, long-lasting formula nourishes feet with beneficial vitamins A, D & E and urea. Great for softening calluses too. With this easy to use product, you'll be able to see and feel a difference just after one use.

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Natura Culina - Skin Butters.

Natura Culina Skin Butter

Description: Natura Culina's Skin Butters all contain a unique blend of oils and organic cocoa butter, creating a smooth butter-like skin moisturizer that melts right in the palms of your hands. Excellent after shower or bath as daily body moisturizing treatment. Very effective for dry skin areas (elbows, feet, hands). Great use as a massage oil. Available in 4oz & 8oz: Blend of: Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Rosemary Blend of: Orange, Tangerine, and Lemon Blend of: Lavender and Chamomile-beautifully healing scent. Lavender, purely by itself Cherish - beautifully romantic blend of roses; Rose Absolute, Geranium Rose, Turkish Rose and a hint of Lemongrass. Blissful - Minty Lavender with Vanilla and a hint of Lemon. Created exclusively for Blissful Place spa in Solvang, CA. Blissful scent stands for spiritual joy.

Price: $25.00 to $45.00 Visit the Website

DaniPro - Nail Polish That Protects

daniPro Nail Polish

Description: daniPro nail polish is the only doctor-formulated polish infused with undecylenic acid, to help keep nails healthy and beautiful. •Infused with Undecylenic acid •Organic and 100% natural •Chip free formulation •4Free formulation: - no formaldehyde - no DBP - no toluene - no animal testing •Smooth application •Fast drying formula •Unique shaker ball ensures consistency Have beautiful and sexy nails with naturally infused daniPro

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NightCare Heel Treatment Kit

Leopard Print Gel Heel Socks that come as part of the kit

Description: The Nightcare Heel Treatment kit is a convenient, easy-to-use skin treatment that makes a difference after just one use. It can be used overnight (or whenever there's some time to put your feet up!) to smooth skin and heal cracked heels, especially important after cold winter weather. Combining two great dry skin eliminating products, this treatment kit includes the Moisturizing Gel Heel Sock and a 2 oz tube of Intensive Healing Foot Cream. The Gel Heel Socks have a unique moisture zone made of Visco-Gel that provides deep and continuous softening and moisturizing of hard, dry skin. Dermatologist-tested, the heel socks deliver mineral oil to repair damaged skin and come in a cute leopard print. The Intensive Healing Foot Cream instantly moisturizes skin to help heal and prevent dry, cracked areas. Its velvety, long-lasting formula nourishes feet with beneficial vitamins A, D & E.

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Sumita Beauty's Must-Have Brow Kit

Sumita Beauty's Brow Must-Have Kit

Description: Flawless skin and perfectly defined brows are yours in three simple steps! Sumita Beauty's Brow Must Have kit contains our best selling Brow Pencil in your choice of color, Brow Set, as well as Purify Detoxifying Facial mask for Flawless Skin. This brow kit was developed by brow threading empire, Ziba Beauty's sister cosmetics company, Sumita Beauty. With the brow kit, anyone can keep their brows looking fabulous any time of year!

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Tru Fragrance Men's Fragrances

BKE Sport

Description: Father’s Day will be here soon, so don’t forget to show dad just how much we love him! This year, encourage your readers to get dad something that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself. Surprise him with cologne from Tru Fragrance, so that he will remember your special gift every time he puts it on. No matter what kind of dad you have, Tru Fragrance has the scent you need to surprise dad on his special day! For Dad • For the all-American dad, give him Tru American this Father’s Day! This strong, masculine scent leaves the skin smelling fresh and clean with strong, distinctive notes of grapefruit, ginger, white musk and cashmere wood. • Buckle Sport is the perfect pick for the active, athletic dad. An energizing scent featuring top notes of mandarin and pear crossed with warm sandalwood, it delivers an instant adrenaline rush for an otherwise boring day at the office! • For the dad with a cunning sense of humor, gift him Sex Panther this Father’s Day. Deemed the most awesome cologne ever made in the history of the world, it features notes of fresh air accord, juniper, lavender and sensual musks.

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Chella Water Resistant Black Mascara

Chella Water Resistant Mascara

Description: This black water resistant mascara has been formulated with Panthenol conditioners and cocoa butter to moisturize lashes, keeping them healthy and thick- application after application. We’ve kept an eye on creating a vegan, cruelty-free mascara that uses Certified Organic ingredients, is free from parabens and glutens and is non-cosmedogenic. When used with our Heated Lash Curler, expect to see lashes that keep a gorgeous curl all day long

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FLEXFLOP The "emergency" Flip Flop


Description: Flexflop is the first "emergency" flip-flop that folds in half and comes packaged in a matching travel pouch. Thrown them on after pedicures, during a trip to the spa, when you are travelling, or when your feet get tired! Every fashionista needs a back-up plan for those unexpected emergencies. They make a fabulous gift for travel, spa, pedicures, bridal, maternity, tired feet, and other emergencies ... even broken heels. These plush lines of Flexflops are in a soft terry fabric with the Flexflop logo on bottom sole and extra memory foam for added comfort. This makes the perfect accessory for your next travel get-away or a day at the spa. A fabulous gift for a baby shower or a new mom, with customized expressions on the carry pouch such as new mommy, bride, bridesmaid, pedi, etc! Get yours today! Go to Enter code "SIN20" for 20% off your purchase plus free shipping.

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Description: You can have visibly whiter teeth in just two hours! REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® 2-Hour Whitening Kit whitens teeth 3 shades in just two hours. The professionally-inspired COMFYTRAY® applicators designed for customized whitening experience and the kit uses the same enamel-safe whitening ingredient dentists use. Nothing gets your teeth white, faster than REMBRANDT®*. Brighten your smile today, in just one 2-hour treatment! *among non-UV whitening products

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The January Labs Resorative Tonic Mist

January Labs' Restorative Tonic Mist

Description: An alcohol-free toner that minimizes the appearance of pores and prevents breakouts. Designed to tone, rehydrate, and balance all skin types. All January Labs products are formulated with the most advanced enzymes, antioxidants, and essential oils and do not contain any unnatural ingredients that may be harmful to skin -- sulfate-free, paraben-free, DEA/TEA-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, phthalate-free, mineral oil-free, and are packaged using recyclable material.

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Curve Appeal Fragrances

curve appeal Fragrances for Men and Women

Description: Fast-paced, confident, and sexy, the curve appeal fragrances for men and women intrigue with striking notes to guide a new generation of Curve users. curve appeal for women: Captivating. Seductive. Confident. A sensual cocktail of forbidden apple and exotic jasmine blended with warm amber and vanilla, this scent is undeniably sexy and deliciously chic. For the woman who knows what she wants and gets it. Women can enjoy the modern sensuality of an oriental gourmand fragrance with hints of apple, jasmine, vanilla, and sexy amber. curve appeal for men Magnetic. Sexy. Confident. A pulse-pounding blend of cool citrus and sensual spice with tempting hints of suede and musk, this fragrance is incredibly sexy, effortlessly cool...just like the man who wears it. curve appeal for men is a modern fougère that reveals a distinctly sensual masculinity and exudes a cool confidence through a perfect blend of lavender, coumarin and oak moss.

Price: $23.00 to $48.00 Visit the Website

Organic Skin Care

Organic Olive Essence DMAE

Description: Organic Olive Essence is a simple and easy-to- use, certified organic natural, skin care line that is formulated around the age-old medicinal benefits of olive oil combined with newly discovered ingredients and nature’s most precious minerals. Olive Essence products have been formulated to help the skin fight its daily battle against wrinkles and aging. In addition, these products help protect the skin from free-radicals by providing a rich moisture barrier against environmental stress, bacteria and harsh pollutants.

Price: $21.99 to $32.99 Visit the Website

Shop Design Spark- Perfect Gift Item For Her

Shop Design Spark

Description: Shop Design Spark Shop Design Spark offers an eclectic variety of jewelry and accessories at price points that will suit any budget. The pieces are playful, yet classic, and radiate a boho-chic style that is both timeless and contemporary. With designs inspired by trends throughout the world, Design Spark’s accessories possess the ability to transform every outfit into a unique statement. Their fun and trendy pieces are perfect for the her. Looking for simplicity, elegance, or bold statement pieces Shop Design Spark has fabulous pieces for every gal. Many more options available at: 

Price: $20.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Promescent - Ultimate Relationship Enhancer


Description: Promescent is the only FDA-approved topical treatment used to prolong sexual encounters allowing a longer, more intimate session. Promescent works by calming the inner nerves that cause climaxes in men. Both parties can appreciate a more intense session with each other. Fighting away “early release,” which affects approximately 25% of men, Promescent is available in a trial size, individual, and three pack. Promescent is available over-the-counter, at, through select doctors’ offices, and in pharmacies across the country.

Price: $20.00 to $209.00 Visit the Website


Skin soft moisturizer

Description: With its light, non-greasy texture, this exceptional lotion moisturizes intensively, gives skin a subtle glow, and helps to prevent signs of aging. Natural emollients and humectants nourish your skin all day. Get smooth, healthy-looking and evenly soft skin. Continuous water replenishment throughout the day. Our unique combination of ingredients helps reduce moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. Merchant SKU: 355 Nourish your skin all day with this naturally soothing moisturizer. pH Balanced, Safe and Effective Made from plants not petro-chemicals All Natural Skin Care Fair-trade, cruelty free and vegan Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Cold pressed oils of Coconut, Jojoba & Sesame, Cetyl & Cetearyl Alcohol (from Palm Oil), Plant Glycerin, Algae Protein, Poly sorbate 60 (from Palm Oil), Lemongrass, Orange & Sandal wood oil.

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Enzyme-Based Hair Removal For Naturally Smooth Skin - Depilar System

Depilar System

Description: The Norlab USA Depilar System™ is the latest in enzyme-based hair removal, employing advanced scientific research for a safe and affordable alternative to laser treatments. Developed by Danish scientists, the Depilar System™ combines the natural enzymes, Trypsin and Chymotrypsin, for the most effective and affordable body hair solution on the market. Made with the finest natural ingredients, the Depilar System is appropriate for all skin types and hair colors. Application is performed in-salon or in-spa by a professional directly after a traditional waxing, sugaring, threading or tweezing in order to break down hair producing cells at the bottom of the follicles. The Depilar System consists of two gels – the Inhibitor and the Activator – which are both applied to the target area. When the Depilar System reaches the papillar cells at the bottom of follicles left open and empty after waxing or tweezing, an organic, targeted cellular process breaks down the structure of hair-producing cells. The unique combined activation of Trypsin and Chymotrypsin destroys the cells, effectively, preventing further hair growth and ridding the body of unwanted hair. A treatment with the Depilar System takes approximately 1-10 minutes, depending on the target area. Regularity of treatments every 4-6 weeks over a 12-24 month period is necessary to effectively destroy all hair cells during their growth cycle. The timeline for individual results will vary.

Price: $20.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Ford Warriors In Pink Apparel

Ford Warriors in Pink

Description: The Ford Warriors in Pink clothing line has the perfect gift for your loved one. And these gifts "give back." Items such as yoga pants, scarves, ties,and t-shirts are available for sale at (, with 100% of the net proceeds going towards one of four charities that consumers can chose from: Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF), The Pink Fund and the Young Survivor’s Coalition (YSC).

Price: $20.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

Hot Cherry® Pillow

Hot Cherry® Pillow

Description: We all know someone who needs a little help relaxing. Whether their neck hurts from sitting at a computer all day or they over-did it at tennis or the gym, backaches, sore muscles and tired feet make life just a bit more challenging. The Hot Cherry® Pillow is the gift for them. The newest and most fabulous therapeutic aid uses moist heat to instantly relieve muscle and joint pain, increase circulation and dissolve stress. Made with real cherry pits inside a smooth and comfortable fabric cover, when heated the pillows emit the enticing and familiar aroma of warm cherry pie. The American-made pillows are 100% sustainable, so they offer relief to our environment as well as to those who use them. Simply place your pillow in the microwave for two minutes of heat or place it in your freezer for two hours to cool it and enjoy. Visit

Price: $20.00 to $55.00 Visit the Website

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

Description: Here’s a real eye opener for the girl who would love to have the curl but has had it up to here with the crimping, pinching, and breaking of traditional hinged lash curlers. Now you can warm your way up to lashes that really get noticed. This sleek, safe and gentle heating wand delivers maximum curl where you want it without damaging your eyelashes!

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

100% Natural Soaps For The Body And Home

Your life only cleaner

Description: Providing soap that's good for you and the environment! We are a specialized soap manufacturer engaged in the formulation of 100% all natural pure olive oil soaps. From an ancient process to modern times. Our elegant and authentic liquid soaps are are composed of 100% freshly natural ingredients, we source the finest essential oils from organic farmers, formulated with a vegetal soap base and ultra pure water from the Provencal regions of France.

Price: $20.00 to $24.00 Visit the Website


Description: BladeBuddy™ is a groundbreaking, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, shaving device whose uniquely designed silicone pad can extend the sharpness of any disposable blade for months. Quickly dubbed the Vitamin C for razors, BladeBuddy™ restores razor blades to their original sharpness, resulting in a closer, cleaner, more comfortable shave. Each year, over 2 billion disposable razors end up in landfills, contributing to the 2 million pounds of plastic waste that is produced annually.The BladeBuddy™ combats the ingrained notion that razors must be disposed of after only a few uses, shifting consumer expectations of a blade from ‘disposable’ to ‘reusable.’ The Perfect Gift Idea: This is definitely a MUST HAVE grooming essential for men and women and the perfect product to include in any green/eco-friendly stories. Priced at only $19.99, BladeBuddy™ saves consumers hundreds of dollars a year on expensive razor purchases

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

All-Natural Fast-Acting Pain Relief - Jadience Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream

All-Natural Fast-Acting Pain Relief

Description: Based on centuries-proven Traditional Martial Arts “Hit Medicine,” this exclusive formula improves circulation while removing toxins and internal bruising. This rare blend of herbs, including Clematidis, Achyranthis, and Puerariae, relaxes sore and tight muscles, alleviates symptoms of pain, strengthens muscles and joints, and aids in the relief of swelling and inflammation. Used by world-class athletes, highly acclaimed by therapists in massage treatments and doctors in the treatment of arthritis, sciatica and all muscle, joint and nerve pain, no pain relievers act faster or penetrate deeper without harsh chemicals or side-effects.

Price: $19.99 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Pure Illumination Natural Light Up Lip Gloss

Pure Illumination Light Up Lip Gloss - Persistant Pink

Description: Beautiful, conditioning lip gloss with light and mirror. Has fun LED light up applicator to be able to apply anywhere and in any light. Custom blended with natural oils including medical-grade Lanolin and Vitamin E that protects and soothes while adding shine and protection all day. Choose from over 20 eye-catching shades that will match any skin tone. Pair with one of the Pure Lip Stains, natural and non-drying, for a more dramatic look.

Price: $19.99 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Reiki Level II

Reiki Level II Certification Manual

Description: Gail is a Reiki Master/ Master Teacher taught in both the traditional Japanese Usui and the Tibetan systems of this wonderful hands on healing technique. Gail is only 7 generations from the Grand Master as her teachers studied with direct descendents in Japan. Her emphasis is on connection with spirit and enhanced psychic communication. Gail teaches all levels of the Usui System and Advanced Integration of Reiki energy. There have been many Reiki books written. Gail wrote her own Reiki manuals as she wanted them to be the most encompassing. She has taken teachings from her own masters, her further learning as well as direct down loads from spirit. Each of these manuals have more than 100 pages (large format) and contains much more than the average Reiki certification manuals. Available directly through Gail. Reiki Level II Certification Manual Usui & Tibetan Practitioner level II course. Learn how to send your Reiki from a distance and to send Reiki to a future event or to heal a past trauma. Discover your past life issues and resolve karma. Develop a stronger connection to your spirit guides and advanced psychic senses. Learn sacred symbols and their uses to enhance your Reiki. Develop your career as a professional Reiki Practitioner and start earning money from your life’s path. Becoming a Reiki Level II practitioner requires an attunement from a Reiki Master.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Level III Certification

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Level III Certification

Description: Gail is a Reiki Master/ Master Teacher taught in both the traditional Japanese Usui and the Tibetan systems of this wonderful hands on healing technique. Gail is only 7 generations from the Grand Master as her teachers studied with direct descendents in Japan. Her emphasis is on connection with spirit and enhanced psychic communication. Gail teaches all levels of the Usui System and Advanced Integration of Reiki energy. There have been many Reiki books written. Gail wrote her own Reiki manuals as she wanted them to be the most encompassing. She has taken teachings from her own masters, her further learning as well as direct down loads from spirit. Each of these manuals have more than 100 pages (large format) and contains much more than the average Reiki certification manuals. Available directly through Gail. Usui & Tibetan Advanced Practitioner level III course. Learn the most advanced Reiki training techniques in the Usui system. Learn how to remove psychic blocks and cut psychic cords. Perform miraculous psychic surgery and beam Reiki energy. Learn to use advanced Reiki to dissolve negative issues and clear earth bound spirits. Learn the Usui Master symbol and how to use this powerful symbol. Becoming a Reiki Level III practitioner requires an attunement from a Reiki Master.

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Refresh. Recover. Renew To A New You.

For Beauty or Health

Description: Nuvo Visage recently launched a unique product that offers both beauty and health benefits. The Rejuvenating gel mask was designed large enough to fit both men and women and offer cooling benefits. The product comes in a special zip lock bag so that the gel mask may be stored in the refrigerator at all times so that when you are ready for the gel mask, the gel mask is ready to offer you all the cooling benefits, which includes: Tightens skin, reduces late night puffiness, reduces swelling common with surgery for faster healing, alleviates discomfort with menopause and migraines and cools the body during hot summer days or after sports. Hot Ice is our instant heat instant heat relief mask and alleviates discomfort with congestion, sinus, colds, headaches, flu and adds moisture to dry skin not to mention promotes blissful relaxation. Both products are affordable, re-usable and part of the proceeds go towards helping homeless animals.

Price: $19.95 to $29.99 Visit the Website

Briogeo Hair Care Products

Briogeo Hair Care Products

Description: Exhale. Release. Cleanse. Richly cleanse and refresh your scalp and hair with Be Gentle, Be Kind™ sulfate-free shampoo. Fortified with green tea antioxidants, nourishing and shine-enhancing bamboo & palm extracts, soothing aloe, and vitamins B5 & E to give your hair the healthy boost needed to look its best. Naturally-derived cleansers leave your hair soft, clean, and manageable. Cleanse your hair with love -- Be Gentle, Be Kind. Repair and treat dry, damaged and/or breaking hair with Don't Despair, Repair!™ deep conditioning mask. Fortified with ultra-hydrating avocado, sweet almond & argan oils, strengthening keratin protein, power-conditioning rosehip oil, soothing aloe, and super hair-essential vitamins B5, D, A, E and biotin. This unique complex of targeted ingredients helps increase hair elasticity and moisture to prevent breakage, promotes healthy shine and luster, and replenishes strength. From hot tools to chemical treatments, we can all use some hair TLC, so Don't Despair, Repair!

Price: $19.00 to $26.00 Visit the Website

The Luminous Portrait: Capture The Beauty Of Natural Light For Glowing, Flattering Photographs

The Luminous Portrait by Elizabeth Messina

Description: Infuse your images with glowing, luminous light. From high-profile wedding and portrait photographer Elizabeth Messina comes this beautiful guide to shooting lush, romantic portraits exclusively in natural light. Whether you’re photographing children, weddings, maternity and boudoir, or portraits of any kind, The Luminous Portrait will inspire you with Elizabeth’s personal approach and award-wining images, sharing the art to making flattering portraits that appear “lit from within.” About the Author ELIZABETH MESSINA ( was named one of the top ten wedding photographers of 2010 by Adorama, one of the top ten wedding photographers of 2008 by Pop Photo and American PHOTO, and one of the twenty-five trendsetters of 2008 by Modern Bride. Her images have graced the covers of Us Weekly, OK, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and Professional Photographer magazines. For more about Elizabeth, visit her award-winning blog, JACQUELINE TOBIN is the executive editor of Rangefinder magazine and the former deputy editor of Photo District News. She is also the author of Wedding Photography Unveiled: Inspiration and Insight from 20 Top Photographers. ULRICA WIHLBORG (Foreword) is the West Coast weddings editor at People magazine.

Price: $18.99 to $29.99 Visit the Website

Gentlest Baby Wash And Shampoo Lavender Vanilla

Gentlest Baby Wash and Shampoo Lavender Vanilla

Description: Gentlest Baby Wash and Shampoo is a beautiful low lather creamy wash and shampoo that you’re going to love for your baby, and for yourself! Perfect for gently washing away bacteria without drying or irritating babies delicate skin. Gorgeous ingredients like Evening Primrose, Calendula and Chaomomile provide anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal support to babies (and your) delicate skin. 1. USDA Organic Food Grade Certified 2. Doctor Recommended. 2. Perfect for Sensitive to Normal skin. 4. Gluten Free 5. Never Animal Tested 6. 100% contests biodegradable. 7. 100% Vegan

Price: $18.99 Visit the Website

Feed Your Skin With Michael Todd True Organics "You'll Love What's In It. You'll Love Even More What's Not."

KNU Anti-Aging Facelift Serum

Description: INTRODUCING KNU ANTI AGING FACE LIFT SERUM: $150.00 Defy age with this powerful formula of effective concentrations of these top anti-aging ingredients: Tri-peptides Matrixl 3000 and Syn-coll, Epidermal Growth Factor, DMAE, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Snail serum (a natural substance with clinically proven beneficial skin regeneration properties), Arbutin, L-Arginine and 70% organic ingredients. KNU serum is a concentrated anti-aging serum made from 70% organic ingredients, including healing aloe vera and anti-oxidant cranberries, green tea and seaweed combined with our advanced proprietary blend of powerful ingredients clinically shown to accelerate repair and heal the skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature skin aging while at the same time providing anti-oxidant protection against future damage. Directions: Apply 2-4 drops on targeted areas or all over face twice daily on cleansed skin. Who It’s For: Recommended for all skin types. JOJOBA CHARCOAL SCRUB: $18.00 Unique facial scrub formulated with Jojoba Wax Beads and Activated Charcoal to effectively remove dead skin, impurities and toxins. Jojoba Wax Beads provide gentle exfoliation without leaving micro-lacerations on delicate skin. Highly absorbent Activated Charcoal penetrates deeply into pores to draw out impurities and toxins. Refines texture and encourages skin renewal, leaving skin smooth and refreshed. Directions: After cleansing, apply to fingertips and lightly work in circular motions being careful not to over stimulate the skin. Follow with toner and moisturizer/serum. Who It’s for: All skin types. Gentle enough for sensitive and acne prone skin types.

Price: $18.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Badger SPF 30 Daily Sunscreen Lotion

Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion with Aloe

Description: This easy-to-apply, non-greasy zinc oxide sunscreen lotion is perfect for everyday use on your face and body. You can even wear it under makeup! •Safe, chemical-free, broad spectrum protection from UVA & UVB using the mineral zinc oxide. •100% certified natural and 87% certified organic sunscreen lotion. •Soothing Aloe Vera base. No added scent. •Dermatologist approved non-comedogenic (won't clog pores). •Hypoallergenic - safe for the most sensitive skin. •BPA & phthalate-free tube from >50% PCR recycled #2 plastic. •No animal testing. •Biodegradable and safe for coral reefs and other ecosystems.

Price: $17.99 Visit the Website


baudelaire 1

Description: Are you on the hunt for the latest beauty launches for your site? If so, I thought might interest. Founded by Australian designer and entrepreneur, Kimberley Baudelaire, to fix her own skin problems after a 20 year search for a product which would actually treat the cause of greasy skin and clogged pores by reducing excess oil production. Passionate about design, style and beauty, Kimberley is dedicated to helping others with problem skin get their skin looking and feeling amazing! The product can be used 3 ways: As a Mask: Three times per week keeps the oil level balanced leaving skin feeling grease free yet not dehydrated. As a Primer: Once a week. As an Acne Treatment: Everyday as an overnight spot treatment till the blemish clears.

Price: $17.00 to $18.00 Visit the Website

ThermaSol - Essential Oils

ThermaSol - Essential Oils - Lavendar

Description: ThermaSol®, best known for its residential steam shower systems and accessories, offers a full line of certified organic essential and precious reserve oils. Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to achieve a beneficial effect on one’s health and state of mind. Many people believe infusing an array of natural scents into steam baths, massage oils, diffusers and more can assist with relaxation, detoxification and a host of chronic ailments. It’s the perfect way to elevate the home spa experience to new levels of bliss.

Price: $17.00 to $140.00 Visit the Website

JUST IN CASE Compacts - The Chic Way To Carry Your Protection -and Now Introducing JIC Confidential - With A Yummy LipGloss Duo!

JUST IN CASE Confidential Compact- Beauty with a Twist!

Description: JUST IN CASE mirrored compacts are the only compacts designed with your privacy and requirement for style in mind. Now you can "carry your confidence" beautifully - your condoms...mad money...meds...whatever you want to keep private! This is your "Must Have" accessory and the perfect girlfriend gift! Or your recently divorcee friend who is re-entering the dating scene! What's in YOUR purse? Love Well. Love Wisely.

Price: $16.95 to $199.00 Visit the Website

Earthly Delight Shampoo And Conditioner By Lafes

Earthly Delight Tropical Rain Shampoo

Description: Lafes recently added Earthly Delight shampoos and conditioners to their product line. Earthly Delight hair care products are formulated to provide hairs of all types with a deep cleaning that will remove the hair scalp of any excess build-up of dirt and oil, renewing it with real, natural botanicals that will leave hair of all types soft and shiny. Earthly Delights shampoo and conditioner will strengthen hair by fortifying the hair fiber and aiding in the oxygenation of the follicles. Its mixture of herbal botanicals will penetrate deep into the hair to moisturize and protect hair shafts. These protein-rich infusions are perfect for even the coarsest hair types, and guaranteed to be free of dyes or artificial scents.

Price: $15.99 Visit the Website

Listen To Your Baby's Heartbeat With Fetal Beats

Giving You Peace Of Mind One Heartbeat At A Time

Description: Imagine being able to hear your baby’s heartbeat anytime, anywhere and share the heart beat with all your friends and family. The Fetal Beats heart rate monitor kit allows expecting parents to be able to listen and share their unborn child’s heartbeat through their FREE companion App (available on iOS and Android). More convenient and cheaper than renting a fetal monitor, the Fetal Beats heart rate monitor is extremely portable and easy to use. Fetal Beats is making waves in its market and was recently featured on Canada's version of ABC's The Shark Tank – Dragons Den - as an innovative product of the smartphone age. So the next time you throw a baby shower or are searching for that perfect gift, give the gift that any mom will truly cherish, the sound of a healthy baby on the way. Fetal Beats is giving people the chance to listen to, record and share your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your own home.

Price: $15.99 to $139.00 Visit the Website

Sense Beautiful Science By USANA

Sense beautiful science by USANA

Description: Sense beautiful science is a complete line of skin care without added chemical preservatives for healthy looking skin and a healthier you. Using patented Self-Preserving Technology that combines purifying botanicals in protective liquid crystals, each product stays fresh naturally. With Anti Aging Technologies and exclusive topical nutrition complexes, the products are designed to revitalize skin cells. Skin looks younger, healthier. Capture the glow of health in your skin with Sense.

Price: $15.00 to $179.94 Visit the Website

Improve Mom's Mood: Smooth Seas: Aromatherapy For A Stress Free Life

Smooth Seas: Aromatherapy for a Stress Free Life Combo

Description: Pampering yourself isn't a luxury-it's a necessity for achieve optimum health & wellness. Let's face it, when we feel great, we feel more beautiful. And we look more beautiful when we are calm & relaxed! Need I say more? Take the Tranquility & Rejuvenation of the Spa Experience Wherever You Go! Inspired by the tranquil waters of Bermudian paradise, our aromatic fusion is crafted with organic French, Bulgarian and Kashmiri Lavender, Bergamot, and Geranium essential oils. The Combo includes both the Bath & Body Oil and the Room & Linen Spray. The versatile Room & Linen Spray is great for any room of the house, makes an excellent skin toner, and is perfect when chilled in the summer for after sun care. The Bath & Body Oil is in a base of organic jojoba, which is excellent for daily skin care and leaves skin soft and glowing.

Price: $15.00 to $30.00 Visit the Website

Bare Faced And Fabulous Face Wash And Toner

Meet Your New BFF

Description: M3K Beauty’s Bare Faced and Fabulous Face Wash/ Toner is absolutely amazing! This two-in-one face wash/ toner removes ALL make-up, is gentle on skin, and has been reported by numerous consumers to stabilize the skin and clear up pesky breakouts (whether hormonal or menopausal). The easy-to-use pump bottle makes it ideal for throwing in your suitcase or beach bag when traveling. It uses natural ingredients like acai, aloe vera, goji berry, and grape seed extract for a minty foam wash that leaves your face feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Price: $15.00 Visit the Website


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