Stick With It Review - More Than Just a Cosmetic Case


I never know when or where I’ll discover exciting new products. While waiting in the checkout line on my weekly trip to Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood California, I started a conversation with the person behind me.


She was charming, witty, and very pleasant to talk to. Her name is Monetta Plassmeyer, founder of Mettano Designs of San Diego.

As our chit-chat developed, she introduced me to one of her products, the Stick With It® palette.

My first impression was Stick With It® is just another cosmetic case. Upon opening the Stick With It® it became clear, it is anything but ordinary. This remarkable product does not use magnets. It uses Clingfinity® technology to secure ANY refillable makeup pans from slipping and sliding around. This technology allows it to hold any smooth, flat items made of metal, wood, tin, aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. The case lays flat on the table when open, making both the top and bottom easily accessible. I really like the fact that I can arrange the makeup pans exactly the way I want without them sliding around after I close it.

As many of my readers know, I have worked on many major productions and tours. One tour in particular required I do the hair and makeup for 18 people for every concert during those two months. My makeup cases were packed with all the makeup for every individual. Because of time constraints in getting these people on stage, my work area often looked like this:

I had to spend my valuable time digging around for a particular brush makeup pan or pencil.

I would have loved to have had the Stick With It® palette during that tour. Having the Stick With It® would have saved me from the frustration I endured. I could have had each individual person’s makeup in their own labeled Stick With It®. This would have kept the area clutter free while condensing the amount of storage space needed in my cases for the makeup, brushes, pencils and accessories.

Clean up is a breeze. Just wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to clean and rejuvenate the grip. Amazing!

Without any doubt, the Stick With It® palette is a “MUST HAVE” for anyone; particularly if you are in the “Industry”. The Stick With It® can even be used as a portable mixing palette when a custom blend of makeup is needed. One of the best things about the Stick With It® palette if used for mixing, it cleans up easily with soap and water or 71% or 90% rubbing alcohol without destroying the grip.

My profession is hair and makeup. Stick With It® palette is one of those products that everyone will find a use for. The Stick With It® palette is multipurpose. You can use it for basically anything you want; hair accessories, makeup pencils, makeup pans, arts & craft supplies, you name it.




Stick With It® is truly a, “Let Your Imagination Run Free” product.

Stick With It® is made of durable ABS plastic so it is impact resistant, and will not chip or crack if accidently dropped. I did accident drop it, and the contents did not slide. Absolutely AMAZING!

The Stick With It® palette is one of those products that I cannot find anything negative to report. Everything about the Stick With It® is quality.



Stick With It Contact information:

Mettano Designs 5694 Mission Center Rd. #191 San Diego, CA 92108

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