Number 76 Review - Japanese style Hair Makeovers



In the vibrant, residential community of Mont Kiara, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia lies a popular hair salon known for it’s unique hair treatments and styles. Many a jubilant customer has stepped out of this salon thrilled with their unique , new hairdo. Pink highlights, green-tipped ombres, babydoll hairdos, funky haircuts, princess-styled wedding updos are all whipped out in a day’s busy work at the Hair Salon Number 76.

While the Number 76 Salon hails from Japan, it has firmly launched itself in Malaysia with branches in Mid Valley, Mont Kiara and Bangsar. The NALU Hair Salon and NALU Cafe which are affiliated with Hair Salon Number 76 is based in Tokyo, Japan. 



Despite it’s progressives styles and cutting edge techniques, Number 76 retains a sense of elegance and sophistication. The clientele that walks in its doors ranges from the well-to-do expatriate to the trendy, young professional. What do they have in common ? A desire for a savvy, new look that is sure to turn heads.




Enter its doors, and every staff members, cheerfully chimes  out “Irashaimas” ( The Japanese term for welcome ) out loud in greeting. This is the very first indication of the strong Japanese signature of this charming salon.  It’s range of hair-care products also derive from Japan. A line of the latest range from Shiseido pepper the shelves of the salon.


The salon also boasts unique hair treatments that are unavailable in any other salon in the world. The two hair treatments that I chose to experience were the Ultrasonic Hair Treatment and the Water Sparkling Scalp Hair Wash Experience (also known as Tansan in Japanese).



The Ultrasonic Hair Treatment is otherwise termed the “Ultrasonic hair iron”. Despite it’s name, the treatment is cooling to the hair and does not involve potential damage from heat. It produces an enhanced effect on the delivery of hair chemicals such as hair color, perming lotion and hair treatment that are applied to your hair. It allows the chemical or hair treatment to be deeply absorbed into the hair in a gentle, non-abrasive manner.


The Ultrasonic hair iron ( that is cool to the touch ), vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separating particles of protein, water and oil during the hair treatment and allows the mixture to penetrate deep within the hair. Ultrasonic Hair Iron uses vibration rather than heat to accomplish thisThe cells of your hair vibrate and open to allow the treatment travel deep into the hair shaft.

This treatment is highly recommended for those who are concerned about dry, messy and damaged hair due to frequent colorings and/or perms.


The Sparkling Scalp Hair Wash Experience or the Tansan treatment instantly removes all dirt & excessive oil from the scalp and hair pores. It’s not just a refreshing and revitalizing experience for the hair but also truly a must for the hair adventurer whose scalp is likely heavily-laden with all manner of toxins and chemicals.




It also happens to be extremely affordable at an additional RM25 on top of any treatment. This is a simple yet effective scalp and hair treatment, is performed during the washing of the hair, and literally takes just a few minutes time. Soda or Co2 is added into the water as the hair is cleansed. This removes the dirt and excessive oil from the scalp, and draws out silicon from the hair.


My hairstylist Hikky welcomes me with a warm smile and great care. A native of Japan, she has only been in Malaysia for a little over 2 years. Despite the language difference, she appears to innately understand what it is I am looking for, as well as recommending a look that would most suit me. Her sense of discernment when it comes to hair styling soon proved to be spot on.


My sojourn into my hair transformation began with a combination of hair treatments. The Sparkling Scalp Hair Wash Experience ( TANSAN ) was a quick procedure that took no more than 5-10 minutes including rinsing off my hair. Despite the speed of the treatment, it certainly did do it’s job in cleaning my scalp.




Sparkling soda water was poured through my hair into a basin, and the water was collected to be observed. In what seemed like a flash, the soda water pulled out a significant amount of oil, grime and chemicals from my scalp. The clear water frothed and bubbled up with grime. So much for the belief that shampooing hair regularly suffices as a cleanse, as our shampoos and water too are laden with chemicals that toxify our skin and scalp. It takes a cleanse with a clarifying shampoo and the tansan treatment to thoroughly cleanse both the scalp and hair follicles.


Next came the Ultrasonic Hair Treatment !




My hair was massaged and treated with a lavish, concoction that was sealed in via the high vibrational treatment of a very unsual “hair iron”. LED blue and red lights emit through this gadget that does it work of delivering much needed supplements deep into the hair follicle.


I was asked to touch my hair after the treatment. Despite it being wet, it was apparent that it was highly moisturized and sleeker as a result. Needless to say I was delighted !




My hairstylist then whisked me to her chair. After examining my hair, she chooses a warm chestnut color for my roots. As for the cut ? I give her full permission to cut off as much as she desires to keep my hair healthy and free of damaged roots.


That’s all the encouraged she needed, before whipping out her array of unique hair-cutting tools. An expression of deep focus came upon her and she swiftly displayed her unique hair-cutting skills. It was almost as if she was transported into another world as she deftly worked her way around my thick hair to weave it into a living artform.Truly a sign of an artist exhibiting mastery in her skills.




In a short period of time, the zig zag sounds of her scissors swished and splayed around my head, and I emerged to a brand new, polished look. I looked into the mirror before me pleasantly surprised by the doll-like cute she had given me. I had always wanted bangs, but the assymetrical bangs I was given added a fashion forward twist to the whole look. I loved it ! Somehow my stylist knew exactly what would suit me and what I would appreciate in a style.


The Japanese have always led the way in fashion combined with creativity. Not only did I enjoy the warmth and the impeccable service that I was privy to, I was pleased with the final result of the experience.  So if you’re looking for that extra oomph in your look whilst being catered to by true professionals, put yourself in the hands of one of these hair experts. My 76 salon hair makeover was a pleasing success!




number76 Mont' Kiara:
ADDRESS:E-0G-02, Block E, Plaza Mont' Kiara, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont' Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 6203 5111/4111
EMAIL: [email protected]
STORE HOURS: 9:30 - 19:00 (Closed on Monday)



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