Beauty Addix in Salt Lake City, Utah Review – The hCG Diet

In the middle of an unexpected corner of Salt Lake City, Utah sits an outwardly unassuming door with the name Beauty Addix. Being a lover of beauty and beauty treatments I was very attracted to their name - Beauty Addix. It seemed like a perfect fit for me and one I wanted to explore.



My reaction on walking through that modest door was “wow, how beautiful”. I was met by warm tones, luxurious surrounds, crystal chandeliers, comfy sofas and a little boutique. It was a pleasant surprise and I wanted to lounge on a sofa and bask in the ambiance. 


As I’ve said I’m a lover of beauty and beauty treatments. Anytime someone mentions the name Plastic Surgeon or a specific medical or beauty treatment my ears perk up and I’m on alert hoping to learn of something new and intriguing.


Beauty Addix is a Med Spa. The concept of a medical spa is not a new one it’s been around for decades. What is new over the last decade is how this concept has changed. These days a med spa is a hybrid of a traditional spa where once one might have found beauty treatments such as facials, massages, and body wraps. Now you can find doctor supervised laser or soundwave treatments, injections and diets.



Beauty Addix brings this concept of a traditional spa and medically supervised treatments to Salt Lake City. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Self is the newest addition to the Beauty Addix staff. Dr. Self brings over 25 years of medical experience and is on staff to offer clients treatments such as Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, corrective Liposuction and more.  In addition to Dr. Self there’s Rhonda Swant a medical assistant and aesthetic consultant,  R.N.s Jennifer K. Cline and Bonnie Steffens, Esthetican Katherine Ragsdale and a former patient Taunya Perry who loves Beauty Addix so much she began working for them.


You can expect to find all the latest in beauty and technology at Beauty Addix. They offer innovative services such as the Body Slimming System, and Formula 82M for hair loss treatments. They have medically supervised diets which include the Ideal Protein Diet and the popular HCG Diet. Other well known treatments they offer are IPL Facial and Laser Hair removal, Juvederm, Perlane, Botox, Dysport, Microdermabrasion and even an Oxygen Bar.


I found Beauty Addix while I was researching the HCG Diet.  For the past few years I have been coming to Utah and hearing a lot of commercials about the HCG Diet. I hadn’t payed much attention until I began getting press releases about HCG and then of course Dr. Oz had one of his shows on it. So I jumped on the HCG band wagon and wanted to know more.



I’ve found myself spending the summer in Utah and so I decided it was a great opportunity to drop some of those annoying pounds. I contacted Beauty Addix and asked for their help with the HCG Diet.


For those of you reading this who are wondering exactly what is the hCG Diet let me tell you. hCG - human chorionic gonadotrophin is a hormone that women make naturally when they are pregnant. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons back in the 50’s discovered it worked for weight loss. He set up a diet protocol which includes a calorie restricted diet of 500 calories a day coupled with injections of hCG and women lost weight; a lot of weight, some up to a half a pound to a  pound a day. Sounds good to me.


As I am writing this I had been on the diet for about three weeks. I gave myself daily shots of hCG and attempted to stay on the 500 calorie Dr’ Simons diet protocol.  During those three weeks according to the scale at Beauty Addix, I lost 5 pounds. I lost weight on the diet but it definitely wasn’t a half a pound to a pound a day.  I have to admit I cheated on the diet. It’s a stressful summer and for various reasons during the first week and a half I was on the diet I reverted back to old habits of comfort eating. Once I cheated it was downhill from there. The second week and a half I had such major cravings I felt like I couldn’t control them and finally I gave up.



At the two week mark I had a weigh in appointment with Rhonda at Beauty Addix. We decided since I was dizzy on the 500 calories it might be easier for me if I tried going up to 700 – 750 calories. It made the diet much easier to stay on but did nothing to help with the cravings. I want to point out that the start of the diet is when I lost my weight and I did see results like those advertised everywhere. So I feel like it was more my cheating that the diet didn’t work for me than the diets fault. It was very strict, restrictive and the minute I cheated weight came back on. When I controlled some of the foods I was eating it went right back off so I assume it was water weight. I have kept the weight off which is also good news. At this time I am taking a two week break and deciding if I want to give the diet another go. All in all I am disappointed. I chose a hard time to be going on a diet but truthfully it never feels like to me like a good time to go on a diet. I can always find excuses as to why it is to hard. I had hoped that by going into a medically supervised weight loss program I would have support I needed to lose weight. Unfortunately I did not. I did have a weigh in at the two week mark where I was able to ask questions but in all honesty I needed much more support than I received. I never met the doctor and at the weigh in felt rushed in and out. I began doing research on my own reading forums and finding out what other people were doing in relation to helping with staying on the diet and cravings. I reached out with the information I received asking if an appetite suppressant might help me stave off the cravings. I didn’t have as much problem with feeling hungry as I did with cravings but some people on forums said it had helped them. I spoke to Rhonda and she was reluctant and said she would talk to the doctor for me. It’s been over a week and I never heard back from her. I got frustrated and quite altogether. I sincerely wish I had something more positive to report.



The environment and décor of Beauty Addix is beautiful. It is warm and luxurious. They seem to be on top of the latest trends and technologies in the world of beauty definitely catering to those of us who are beauty addicts.


Beauty Addix

5664 South 900 East Suite #3

Salt Lake City,Utah

801 747 2273

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