Sienna Charles Travel Agency - An Elite Boutique Travel Agency

Sienna Charles Travel Agency takes tourism to a new level of extrordinary.  Sienna Charles is a boutique travel agency that focuses on individuals, celebrities and the wealthy elite.  It's an agency that's built on principles of exceptional customer service and ensure service of travel does not disappear.

Sienna Charles was founded by Jaclyn Sienna India and Freddy Charles Reinert.  Since it's launch in 2008, Sienna Charles has become one of the world’s most exclusive travel agency.  "Jaclyn and I founded Sienna Charles on our shared love of life's finest indulgences, but our appreciation for the little things is what separates Sienna Charles from the standard travel agency. After traveling to over sixty countries, I've learned that it's the people you meet and the relationships you make that truly create a memorable trip, not the elegance of the resort or the rating of the hotel." explains Freddy.   Sienna Charles is now recognized as the world’s leading travel authority, with recommended accommodations around the globe.

Sienna Charles Travel Agency defines luxury and excellence in todays tourism industry.  They're unrivaled with their attention to detail and originality.  Jaclyn and Freddy give clients recommendations guided by personal experience and insight.  They personally visit every destination that they recommend, eat at every restaurant clients will visit, and know the guides who accompany travelers on their journey.  Jaclyn explains, "We want to make sure no detail is overlooked.  We are very consistent with our brand. We want everything to be very special and have a great feel to it."  To ensure the best service Jaclyn and Freddy have traveled to over 70 countries, are on-site visiting destinations for their clients, and travel more than 200 days out of the year.  Sienna Charles prides themselves on it's individuality and excellence.  They go the extra hundreds of miles to ensure their clients have a memorable, unique vacation.  Sienna Charles provides exceptional luxuries and services for their clients.  From helicoptering clients into exotic destinations to having a liaison there to translate and lead; Siena Charles provides an exceptional and unprecedented vacation.  Furthermore, all travel itineraries Sienna Charles sends to clients are hand woven, leather-bound books.  They want each journey to begin with the Sienna Charles prestige and originality.


Sienna Charles has award winning photographers who accompany clients on their journey.  As a token, Sienna Charles sends a custom photography book to each individual, a book full of professional pictures taken through out their trip.  These are the details that make Sienna Charles exceptional and the world's leading travel agency.  Jaclyn and Freddy believe,  "Sienna Charles embodies the modern traveler. We've built our company around exceptional service, style and sophistication to ensure that the glamor and charm of travel doesn't disappear from our increasingly internet-driven industry."

Sienna Charles is New York based, but has a travel boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida and a second agency in Manhattan, New York City.  Jaclyn and Freddy are about making each journey exceptional and memorable.  Sienna Charles has a philosophy and vision of their brand, "We believe the trip designing process is a personal matter and we are a progressive agency offering you our amazing first-hand knowledge while bringing back the old-school in person luxury of having someone handle your travel. Whether online, over the phone, or in person- we are dedicated to giving you the best service possible."

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