Metamorphosis Day Spa Review – Three Hours of Head to Toe Delights

Metamorphosis Day Spa in Manhattan is an unassuming spa hidden away on the eastside of Midtown Manhattan.  It was a girl’s spa day, a much needed treat for me and a friend.



As is the story of so many of us in the Manhattan we arrived at the spa extremely stressed and in need of some TLC.  I’d just come off of a few frantic nonstop weeks of work and deadlines. My friend had a spree of family tragedies which left her exhausted and down. As the elevator doors open into the spa we were warmly greeted. Our coats were whisked away and we were offered fresh lemon water. We were then led into a relaxation room where our spa specialist came in to collect us for our afternoon of bliss.


We had signed up for the “Head to Toe Package”  - three hours of body polishing, muscle kneading and facial glowing delights.




“Sweet Escape” body scrub - a soothing and creamy brown raw sugar mixture which is rubbed into your skin as it gently and thoroughly scrubs away dead skin cells. Body scrubs open up pores allowing for a deep cleanse, while improving circulation and aide in your skins detox. Both our spa specialist had feathery light touches and we drifted away into a relaxed and nurtured zone.  After the scrub we were given a fresh robe & brought to a shower to rinse off & then gently slathered in moisturizer. The results of the “Sweet Escape" was days of silky soft skin.


“European Facial” a gentle relaxing pampering facial. We caught ourselves drifting in and out of consciousness, drifting off and then aware of warm steam vapors whispering softly and caressing our face in a unique juxtaposition with the sounds of the city fading in the background. Drifting away, being brought back to the room with the exfoliation and extractions. Only to drift off again as the fragrant organic masks, (which were specially designed for our unique skin types), were applied to our faces. While these organic ingredients were penetrating into our skin, a very soothing massage of the face neck and shoulders brought us into a Zen like state.


“Head Trip” scalp massage designed to improve circulation and ease tension, in an often overlooked area. It was here that I felt my body finally offer up its complete resistance to relaxation as layers of tension began melting away. I found this to be a bliss inducing service as my body responded to a release in areas, I didn’t even know were tense. My companion did not receive the benefit of this service.


“Playing Footsie” foot massage is designed to relax your entire body through stimulating acupressure points on your feet. My spa companion and I had differing reactions to this service. For her this was one of her favored services. She felt that the pressure was ideal and it left her extremely relaxed and happy. For me not so much.



“ 50-minute Swedish massage” - Swedish massage is known for its benefits of oxygenating the blood, moving out muscle toxins, easing tensions and improving circulation. The unique style is a precise blending of Swedish massage along with a technique of myofascial release, (a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain). This is was my personal favorite service. The spa specialist David is an expert at this incorporating his intuitive wisdom of areas which were knotted with tension and expertly untying those knots. His knowing of exactly where my body was holding onto tension and pain coupled with his abilities to release this tension; left me in a puddle of content relaxation.


As an interesting side note, both my spa friend and I shared a favorite frame that had to do with our hands. Mine was during my Swedish massage, when it came time to massage my hands. As David opened up my palms to massage, I was very aware of how I seem to walk around with my fists clenched. I felt David uncurling my fingers around some imaginary object and a visceral out breath as I relaxed deeply into the tension being eased out of my hands. My friend commented to me at how she began to tear up when David was holding her hand open and supporting it during the massage. This act of her hands being literally supported was just what she needed to realize that she was always the one whose hands supported others. It allowed her to let herself go and be given the gift of support from someone else.



My spa companion and I both enjoyed our afternoon of a “Head to Toe” sampling of services offered at Metamorphosis Day Spa. Their menu of service is extensive and there is much to explore on future visits.


We left Metamorphosis Day Spa completely in that blissed out relaxation zone from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes, with our skin soft and polished, our muscles relaxed and our minds quiet.


Metamorphosis Day Spa

127 E 56th St  New York, NY 10022

(212) 751-6051

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