InYourPaceFitness Bootycamp New York City Review – The Bootcamp That Lovingly Kicks Your Booty

Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow. The past couple weeks have seen 50 degree weather. All of the previous storm’s snow has melted away. And although there are still several more cold days to come, there is no denying that – to modify an oft repeated saying from a recent popular cable program – Spring is coming! And with Spring comes stores filled with bikini clad mannequins, sporting the most recent garb featured in February’s magazine issues.

Spring never looked so good.

Now is the season of discontent as hundreds of magazines claim to have the newest and most effective trend to achieve the necessary curves (or lack there of) to wear the perfect $200 flap of cloth with strings. And so, we tend to reacquaint ourselves with our waistlines.


After weeks and weeks of over indulging, from sneakily stealing sweets from trick-or-trick buckets, to forgetting when to stop eating during Thanksgiving, to mounds of Christmas ham – ‘cause honestly, what’s the celebration of a deity without a big fat leg of pig? –,

"Mmmm. Hammm..."

to plowing through our New Year’s resolutions, claiming that Valentine’s is just around the corner and candy will be at a limited all-time-post-holiday-low price, the lowest it’s been since Halloween – and hell, then there’s President’s Day, the perfect nice long weekend to gobble up all the discounted candy –

"This is healthy... right?"

and then! – maybe you might start to listen to that itching voice from New Year’s Eve. That one that asks you to look down and see if you can see your feet. And if you can’t, that wave of depression that over takes you, telling you to get off your ass and do something about it!


Well, if you are like me, you enjoy walking around in Central Park any day the sun peaks out from his winter hiding place. And if this year is anything like last year (or the year before that, and before that, and before that), then you will start to see the many exercise bootcamps emerge from their winter hibernation burrows.

"Keep it fast and fluid."

By summer they will be dotting every park across New York City, as if all Winter long they had been procreating, waiting for Spring to warm up the air and bring the sunlight.


So, as you start to notice that the only pair of pants left in your closet that fit are starting to feel uncomfortably tight, I recommend that you start to notice all the exercise options that are sweeping your neighborhood. And as you start to notice, I’d like to guide your eye and mind toward a program that offers not only a hellva workout, but also some of the most enthusiastic, yet compassionate trainers running a bootcamp in Central Park: InYourPaceFitness’s Bootycamp.

Every workout brings you closer to a healthier you.


Now don’t let the cute name fool you. This is no simplistic workout for over indulgent housewives who only want to be seen in public in a pair of designer sweats, one size too small (yet I’m sure they’d be welcome). This is a grueling hour of intense cardio and plyometrics, designed to get you into great shape, feel healthy, feel sexy, but, most importantly, feel confident about your body and its potential.

"Come get fit with me!"


The owner and head trainer, Becca Pace, promises that her “classes are unlike your typical ‘bootcamp.’ You never get the same workout twice; you get hands-on attention so that you can learn about the exercises; and you get a friendly, low-pressure environment where you are free to be yourself without fear of any judgment. [Her] method is an equipment-free workout that gets back to the basics. Using your own body as your tool to growing strength, endurance, and getting fit.”

"And hold..."


Whether it’s cross-jump-alternating-lunge-squats, or burpees with a push-up in the middle and a jump at the end, or running backwards on your toes, or walking to and fro like a grizzly bear, Becca’s Bootycamp kicks your body out of its rut and onto a path towards health and happiness.

"And... with me. One, two, three..."


Each class is designed to target your whole body, never belaboring a specific area for too long, nor endlessly practicing any long, boring, repetitive actions. The point is to cause your body to burn as much fat as possible in the shortest amount of time, while you develop balance and endurance, and build strong, lean muscles. But if for some reason you are not yet up to the full powered version of any exercise, Becca offers alternate positions to help you gain the confidence and strength needed to eventually ramp up your movements, and yet these alterations don’t decrease the effectiveness of your workout.

"Keep your head low and don't strain your neck."


Becca started her fitness enthusiasm first as a dancer, then as a fitness model, and now as an instructor (gaining training from and teaching in the Equinox Fitness Center system). She has been highly involved in the fitness world for the past three years and founded InYourPaceFitness “to provide a service to those who may have needed a kind boost toward finding their own motivation and fitness routine.” She claims that in designing Bootycamp she wanted her classes to focus on how she would want to be trained.

The tensile strength of a tiger.


“Everyone is an equal in my classes, and we are all there to help support one another.” But mind you, although Becca desires her clients to be and feel safe, these classes are far from coddling.

"OK! Just five more! You can do it!"


Becca is enthusiastically encouraging and won’t let you “wimp out.” Her classes don’t end with you wanting more. A happy, healthy fatigue follows you home as you wipe sweat from your face – your constant companion: a feeling of true accomplishment and a desire to return for the following workout.


So, as you start to hunt around for the next best way to burn off Winter’s overeating, seriously consider InYourPaceFitness’s Bootycamp. The workout is intense; the trainers are fit, knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful; and you don’t get a better gym than the beauty of Central Park; plus, you don’t need any equipment other than the extra 10-20 pounds you gained from the holidays. So check it out today. Your body with thank you and you’ll be glad you made Becca Pace a friend in your life.


Contact Becca and learn more about the upcoming March schedule here at her website.

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