Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc NYC and Forever Young BBL™ Review – Broadband Light Rejuvenating Your Skin

Modern technology and the fountain of youth, could we be getting closer?

Sciton’s Broadband Light Treatments (Forever Young BBL™) makes me think we just might be. Sciton has developed an aesthetic light therapy which uses a broad range of wavelengths allowing targeted treatment for many skin conditions. Their Forever Young BBL™delivers a broad light therapy which targets the signs of aging and sun damage leaving a refreshed, rejuvenated and youthful appearance.



BBL™ is a new technology that utilizes pulsed light to deliver photorejuvenation therapy. The light energy from BBL™ heats up the outer layers of skin and can target melanin and surface vessels. BBL™ is great for treatment of dyschromias (sun spots), hyperpigmentation, melasma, freckles. It has also been shown to improve the overall skin tone of tissue treated The infrared light energy from BBL™ for skin tightening heats the collagen within the skin causing the skin to contract. Pigmented lesions will turn a darker color after treatment with BBL™, but will eventually flake off after approximately 2 weeks. There is little to no downtime with this treatment, but it can require multiple treatments to produce the desired effects.   

Sciton conducted studies on their Forever Young BBL™ technology which yielded amazing results. Results that just might have us one step closer to that mythic youthful fountain. The studies were published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. In the studies over 1,000 gene expressions became “rejuvenated” to be more like youthful skin resulting in decreased elastosis and more uniform collagen deposition; leading to improvements in fine wrinkles and pigmentation. Or as I understand it, in laymen’s terms, the results of this study indicated actual genes changed their behavior and started operating as they did when they were younger. Oh, yeah!



Forever Young BBL™ you had me at gene expression changing and appearing younger.  When I heard that I immediately wanted to know more and to experience it for myself. I made a call and got myself hooked up with one of NYC’s top plastic surgeons. Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc.



Dr. Lorenc is a prominent Park Avenue plastic surgeon. He is well known worldwide as a recognized authority in facial anatomy as well as for his skills, and expertise as an aesthetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Lorenc is a leader in research, development and advancement of new aesthetic surgical and non-surgical techniques and procedures. He is internationally recognized for creating endoscopic techniques, most notably the endoscopic forehead lift. Dr. Lorenc holds numerous patents and is a pioneer in the development of the latest generation of dermal fillers and neurotoxins.

I ventured into his Park Avenue offices on one of our New York City - Polar Vortex days. Once safely tucked inside I was greeted with a cup of coffee to warm myself and introduced to Dr. Lorenc’s medical aesthetician Carissa MCCormack who was set to be my BBL™ technician. Carissa has been a licensed medical aesthetician for over a decade; she specializes in cosmetic laser and customized medical aesthetic skincare treatments. She is an international clinical trainer for a laser company and has trained physicians in North, Central and South America on the uses of lasers. Like Dr. Lorenc, Carissa is at the top of her field. Both she and the Dr. have been featured quite regularly in the media as experts in their fields.



After our hellos Carissa whisked me away to an intimidating machine which took several pictures of what my skin really looked. Showing how much sun damage I had incurred, (a lot less than I thought). How much bacteria was present etc. This helped her to know what to target during my treatment.

After finishing we went into the treatment room. We took before pictures and then I was instructed to make myself comfortable under warm blankets on a plush memory foam treatment bed. The actual treatment for my part was easy I just closed my eyes and set about being a good patient. Carissa applied a topical anesthetic to my face and while it was taking effect ran the Forever Young BBL™ over my hands and décolletage. After she finished the hands and décolletage she moved onto the face.



Using the same machine, she did two different procedures. The first was a resurfacing procedure which she followed by a toning procedure. At every step Carissa kept me informed as to what she was doing, giving me a play by play of exactly what was happening as she went along. Warning me with a count of 1,2,3, and then zapping me with the laser. This part was for the resurfacing procedure used to improve brown spots, red veins and fine wrinkles and it felt like a slight zing or snapping sensation. It didn’t hurt and felt like a mild zing to my skin, an interesting note when she passed the wand over my right check I could feel the zing in my dental fillings. It felt like when I was a kid and would get a piece of the aluminum wrapping from my chewing gum caught in my teeth. Remember that shock and zap when you bit down on the aluminum wrapping?  



For the toning setting she warned me that I might feel a slight burning, like a sunburn feeling and to let her know if I was uncomfortable. The toning portion did feel quite warm, which I noticed the most on my hands. I guess there is less fat and muscle to buffer the heat. It got quite hot but never painful. I really liked the toning portion on my face which felt like a warm massage. Another surprise was how bright the light was. My eyes were closed and protected. And I still saw flashes of light like from the flash of a camera. There was red light, white light and even fractal’s of light which looked like a kaleidoscope of lights. It was pretty.

I had a lovely time at Dr. Lorenc’s office. The staff took great care of me and it was fun visiting with Carissa as she expertly light beamed my skin back into shape. The technology and procedures felt like a page out of a science fiction book, only better, because the results are real and not sci-fi.



As for the aftercare and downtime from the treatment, there really wasn’t any. I could have put on makeup immediately, I choose not to. As I walked out of the treatment room into the lobby of the office, I looked a little red/blotchy, kind of like you do after a facial when all the blood is circulating in your face.  It went away within the hour. I was warned I might feel like I had a sunburn immediately after and that some patients noticed a sun burning sensation a day or two later. Carissa said if I did get any kind of burning sensation and it was uncomfortable, I could use ice. I didn’t have any burning sensations. I did walk outside into the Polar Vortex and walking to the subway, I felt like I had ice on my face. And I seriously wonder if the weather cooled my face for me. I never did need any actual ice. There was no extra aftercare. I did have one freckle on my hand feel itchy on and off for a couple of days, but that was it.

I am waiting to see the results kick in fully from the treatment. I think I see a slight lifting effect and an improvement in the overall texture of my skin. I will post back with results as more time goes by.



 Are you curious to know a little more about that study, I mentioned earlier? Here’s something I found exciting. During the study participants were given initial treatments and then maintenance treatments over the course of 9 years. At the end they appeared to look 10 years younger. And, I just have to mention again, that gene expression changed. I love that part.

You know what else? That’s not all that BBL™ does. Besides skin rejuvenation, targeting and removing age spots, freckles, redness, and small vessels. BBL™ also can be used for hair removal and to control acne. Yes, Forever Young BBL™ is getting us closer to the fountain of youth.



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