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When I go to a conference it’s tough for me to figure out where I should go first.  I have to get my bearings, find a schedule, obtain a press pass and then make choices.


Right next to the press office was a new Digital Hollywood lecture starting up.  The panel was made up of Film Critics.  I heard discussions about critics being flown off to a tropical island resort by a studio, then being force-fed a movie.  Then the critic would be be whisked away and sworn to secrecy to not talk about the film they saw.


Ritz Carlton Pool

Doesn’t sound so bad a life, right?  More of the discussion was how social media is affecting their jobs.  Any Joe Shmoe can write a blog and be a movie critic now.   Joe Shmoe can tweet and be retweeted 2,000 times.  These tweets carry a lot of power and once changed a studio’s mind so they released the movie they were planning to throw on a dusty shelf and use as a tax write off. The movie critic who writes for a paper is required to follow the rules and sometimes won’t review a bad movie for fear of pissing off the wrong people.  Yet, they aren’t invited to see Horror movies in advance because they are trashed so badly by critics.


I started  I use my vast experience in Television writing and production to interview celebrities. 


After that I ventured out and found the large, main room where the Advertising talks were.  I learned more about how the Internet changed everything around.  Now, clients would bring in a tech expert to explain how an ad can be inserted into a video game.  The ad men would be stumped by the Tech questions, the digital specs, ROI and entertainment options for the client.


Lots more talk about mobile phones being the future and TV screens being left behind.


It was crazy.   So many people who wanted to go back to the old ways when all people did was sit and watch TV.


The Advertising agencies speaking got so upset when I asked, "Aren't you really Marketing not Advertising now?"


Speakers Media Summit

A J Walter Thompson executive replied, "I would like to tear the word Agency right off my door."


Wow.  Strong reaction.  They have to get over it.

 It's a different world now with digital media.



Think of that when you're writing.  Remember that people may read your blog on a mobile screen.  Make sure you're optimized for a Smart Phone.


I was the most enthralled in the conversation on Branded Entertainment. Car brands are inserting themselves in video games to interact with the consumer.


I heard about the fun of creating the Geiko Gecko. An Amazing branding for Geico.  He is such a celebrity now.  Characters bring in customers.  One advertising man watched the Geiko Gecko getting makeup, adlibbing and forgot he wasn’t real or was he?  That’s been their best advertising yet.


Dos Equiss The Most Interesting Man in the World

Another conversation was about the Most Interesting Man in the World for Dos Equis beer.  Everybody has heard of him.  Facebook followers write lines for him.  He’s so hot, his thermometer reads 110 and that’s normal.

The most interesting man is so rich that he makes toilet paper out of thousand dollar bills.


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Their next event is in beautiful Marina Del Rey, CA on Oct 21st.


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