Adam Broderick Spa Review - A Delightful Experience

The Adam Broderick experience was amazing. The experience from start to finish was delightful. For my Spa day Karsys and I had a 6:15pm appointment for a distress massage and a facial.  The atmosphere was inviting, welcoming and peaceful. The setting of glass walls, pink lighting and the front desk staff in matching pink accented scarf's spoke for itself. As we were guided to the locker room the staff was very courteous and informative.

Adam Broderick Reception

The locker room was very clean and well kept. Everything we needed was within arm's reach making it very accessible. After changing into our plush robes and soft slippers we were officially ready for our massage. Upon exiting the locker room we were both greeted by our masseuse.

Adam Broderick Spa

I had the pleasure of paring up with Linda, while Karsys met with Starla for her massage and facial. Once in the room Linda introduced herself and made the experience very comfortable and relaxing. She asked appropriate questions to accommodate all my needs.  At first I wasn't sure what to expect.  

Adam Broderick Relaxation Room


Linda began the massage and it was absolutely amazing. She massaged all my pressure points. It felt great! I didn't want it to be over. I would definitely recommend Linda to others. After the massage I was sent to a relaxing room as I prepared for my facial. Back in the relaxation room Karsys and I discussed our massages. Karsys is expecting and took advantage of the, ‘‘Mother to be massage" with Starla.     

Adam Broderick Southbury Salon

Starla was very enthusiastic about massaging the mother to be. Karsys'  'Mother to be Massage’ table has extra padding to elevate her stomach. The massage was very gentle, effective, and conversation took place between the two. As Starla conversed with the expecting mother she began to build a strong connection which made the experience even more delightful.

Adam Broderick Makeup Counter

Following our distress massage it was time for our facial. We were both facial virgins. Anna took me into the room to begin my facial. She asked questions in regards to my skin care, if my skin is sensitive and what products I use to moisturize my skin.

Adam Broderick Boutique

Anna educated me throughout the process and I felt safe. Anna informed me she has been doing facials for 30 plus years-and I was sold. I had no questions thereafter. My face was steamed, cleansed, masked and moisturized. After the facial, Karsys and I were finished with our Adam Broderick experience. We felt the same, our face felt clean, healthy, and soft and looked great. Sloan, Anna, Linda and Starla did a phenomenal job.

Adam Broderick Ridgefield Spa

The overall the experience was amazing! The staff is very, polite, professional, knowledgeable, and this resulted in us both having an enjoyable experience.

Learn more about Adam Broderick Spa and give them a call today to set up your appointment. 

Adam Broderick Spa

Ridgefield: 203-431-3994

Southbury: 203-267-7000


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