Beauty with a Heart - “Sex and the City” star, Kristin Davis Saves Lions While Promoting AHAVA Skin Care


Brendan Hoffman, President and CEO of Lord and Taylor giving a check to Kristin Davis for Massai Trust

June 10th 2009, Wednesday was a rainy, dreary day in NYC, but over at Lord and Taylor on Fifth Avenue, life looked a whole lot brighter. Lord and Taylor’s flagship store was helping out during the recession by giving their shoppers a whopping 25% off already discounted prices and 10% off cosmetics, which is unheard of. Department store cosmetics never go on sale.

More than two hundred customers  flocked to buy AHAVA skin creams and to meet Kristin Davis and get her autograph. Kristin of course plays Charlotte, one of four single, martini-drinking, man-chasing, Manolo Blahnik-wearing Sex and the City stars. The actress wore Christian Louboutin pink peep-toed shoes and a Navy blue Prada dress to greet her avid fans.

Kristin is the spokesperson for AHAVA and was promoting their Mineral Botanic line. These are aromatic, skin softening cream washes that have a high concentration of oils and minerals from the Dead Sea. AHAVA SPF 50 Anti-Aging Moisturizer ($25) is what protected Kristin’s sensitive skin from the harsh rays of the sun while filming her upcoming comedy, Couples Retreat in breathtaking Bora Bora. Couples Retreat also stars the hilarious Vince Vaughn from Wedding Crashers.

Kristin grew up getting baked in the South Carolina sun. She claims, “I think younger women haven't totally grasped the importance of sunscreen and they'll regret that later.” Kristin’s friend is a melanoma survivor.

Eight years ago Kristin went on an African safari where she first found out about the sad situation of the dwindling lion population in Kenya. Lions, zebras, giraffes and other native wild life are in trouble. The lions’ numbers have dropped dramatically in the last 10 years: from an estimated population of 100,000 lions in Africa to 14,000 today. Experts in the field say that East Africa holds at least half of the world’s lions. The main threat to their survival is the sharing of their habitat with a growing human population.

Now Kristin is on the board of Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund. Their new Simba Preserve is doing terrific. Kristin exclaims, “They started with 15 lions and now have 60. Isn’t that wonderful?” She said that on a recent trip, she saw a mama lion feeding 3 adorable lion cubs.

Kristin Davis wore a big smile and a big heart. She beamed when she received a giant check for $5,000 from Lord and Taylor President and CEO Brandon Hoffman to Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund.

One day when the Emmy-nominated Kristin was in a spa getting a pedicure she felt a wonderful lotion being rubbed into her foot and had to know what it was. Kristin later discovered she had been treated to AHAVA Mineral’s reasonably priced $18 foot cream and a match was made in soft skin heaven. Kristin became the spokesperson for AHAVA.

The 44 year old star’s key to keeping her skin looking young is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. She says AHAVA holds on to your skin longer to keep it smooth and silky. Kristin admits to having dry sensitive skin and uses AHAVA hand cream all over her body.

Kristin states that she also does not eat salt. She admits it may sound a little “actory,” but she might eat a salad with no dressing when in a restaurant to keep her eyes from puffing up. She says some of her actor friends have no rules. It’s tough to stay away from NY city’s amazing Chinese delicacies.

When playing Charlotte, in Sex and the City, Kristin refuses to eat garlic. It can be very rude to have a mouthful of stinky garlic in a kissing scene. Kristin found it tough to adjust to kissing a different guy in every show without having the time to get to know him. The strangest thing that ever happened was when a fellow actor wanted his girlfriend to watch a love scene they were shooting. She said, “NO!”

The AHAVA spokesperson was thrilled to plunge into the waters of the great Dead Sea. Kristin acknowledges that the Dead Sea is 38% minerals. “It’s so thick you can’t swim, you just float.” Dead Sea minerals are the key to Ahava’s successful 20 year old skin care line. The region has been a source of fascination throughout the millennia, dating back to the time of Cleopatra who made this captivating oasis her own personal health spa.

The actress’s hair takes plenty of abuse when she’s working so on her off time she just puts it up in a simple bun. Her natural hair is wavy, not straight. Heating tools can be murder on your hair.

Next week Kristin will read the much anticipated script for the sequel to the Sex and the City movie, which starts shooting in August. There will be plenty of “Big”, Chris Noth’s character in the film despite some recent rumors. Kristin said as far as other surprises she is sworn to secrecy. We’ll just have to wait. In the meantime we can all catch up on Sex and the City reruns. After, why not light a couple candles and try some AHAVA bath salts and imagine floating in the rejuvinating Dead Sea? Sounds wonderfully relaxing.

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