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Elemis Day Spa in London

By Paula Jessop

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Elemis Day Spa is a warm and inviting spa, located in Lancashire Court, a small charming and secluded courtyard, in the heart of London.


At Elemis they believe that inner and outer health are part of the same vital force. Time spent there is a ritual of ancient understanding to inner peace, restoration and enlightenment.

All rooms are designed as individual sensory suites with your own wardrobe and private shower. With no communal changing areas, your suite is your personal private retreat, with the same feeling at home of warmth and security.

The Elemis line of products contain the riches of the natural world with advanced scientific medicinal and active therapeutic plant extracts, absolutes and essential oils. Their spa therapy menu combines unique facial and body treatments influenced by rituals, traditions, and exotic blends of therapies from around the world ' Bali, Tibet, Polynesia, Japan, Morocco and Thailand.


Elemis offers twenty four rituals of celebration that capture the essence of sensuality, simplicity and vibrancy. Many of which are unique and mysterious such as'


A traditional Arabian cleansing ritual, applying colored, medicinal, chakra muds to specific areas of the body, revitalizing your Chi energy. A gentle warm steam envelops the room, infused with pure herbs to purify and revitalise the entire being. Completing the ritual, a warm tropical rain pours down from the dome of the Rasul, and as the muds are gently washed away, so is every last drop of tension.

Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap or Float

A traditional Balinese recipe of Coconut, Mungbean, Spices and Lavender is combined with their 'Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt', polishing the skin and stimulating the senses. Warmed 'Skin Nourishing Milk Bath' is then poured over your entire body before being cocooned in either a comforting foil wrap or held weightless in a unique dry float. The 'Dry Float' is a unique treatment, where you literally relax cocooned in a weightless, warm undulating waterbed! Reportedly 20 minutes is the equivalent of three hours sleep!

If you are in the mood for a therapy that is a little more modern than it is ancient. How about an adventure into one of the color rooms? All of their color rooms are decorated individually, with luxurious hand woven Thai Silk window dressings commissioned in specific colors to bring the benefits of color therapy to the client.

The Emerald Green Room

With a natural, sedating, soothing and healing effect, emerald green creates a sense of harmony and peace and also represents growth and a new beginning, removing anxiety, frustration and tension. One of the therapies to be found in this room is the 'Nurturing Massage for Mother-to-Be', a wonderfully unique treatment carried out on a supportive beanbag on the floor. For some Rituals a secret doorway reveals a pathway to the 'Sensory Slipper Bath Garden'!


The Purple Room

Decorated in regal and mystical mauves and purples conveying elegance, value and excellence, the color has been shown to have comforting effects on people who suffer from claustrophobia and asthma and allows for an expanded sense of meditative calm and sensuality. One of the mystical therapies to be found in this room, is the 'Aroma Stone Therapy' where smooth, round Basalt stones are used to massage the body, combined with our 'Exotic Island Flower Body Oil'.

The Earth Room

Found at the top of the building this room is a natural blend of chocolate, cocoa and taupe that interacts with the timeless elements of wood used in the spa. Creating a personal and caring touch with strength and integrity, depth and equilibrium, this color conveys a sense of solidity, enduring elegance and character.

Sensory Slipper Bath Garden

In the Sensory Slipper Bath Garden, you experience the hypnotic effect of the gentle merging of the colours of the rainbow glowing on the ceiling, whilst soaking in the delights of the Slipper Bath.

My experience at Elemis began in the private, quaint, courtyard as the door bell chimed. I waited outside of the door for just a moment before someone came to warmly welcome me. I was escorted into the reception room where they took my coat, suggested I take a seat, and offered me a beverage while I filled out a questionnaire. With this information my therapist, Sarah was able to determine my needs, current health and expectations.


I chose the 'Jasmine Lular Ritual'. An ancient ritual given to Balinese princesses before their wedding day. This traditional cleansing ceremony, has been practiced by the royal princesses in the palaces of Java since the 17th century, to smooth and nourish the skin, prior to their wedding day. Using an authentic polish of Turmeric, Red Rice, Fenugreek, Jasmine, Cempak and Ylang Ylang, this ritual involves a Well-Being Massage, and yogurt cleanse.Balinesian princesses would experience this ritual for several consecutive days before their weddings. The bride and groom finally meet in the sun on their wedding day and the vivid aroma of Jasmine blossom would be released from her skin symbolizing love and purity of heart.


I was lead by Sarah, upstairs to a Balinese suite and upon entering I was welcomed by a gentle florally/musky scent dancing in the air. The room was warm, earthy and inviting. With furniture that had been tailor-made and hand crafted in cherry wood and designed with hidden fixtures that mask the therapy equipment and keeping the room uncluttered. Wooden trolleys gently slide under large cupboards, and small cupboards above reveal a selection of trial Elemis Products you get to experience before purchasing. There was also a private shower which was incorporated into the Lulur Ritual as a part of the cleansing. A hand-built wardrobe stood in the corner for my belongings and a Natural wooden therapy table imported from the U.S. was dressed with fleece under-blankets, warm heated pads, hand-made pillows, luxury towels, authentic Indonesian sarongs, silk bolsters and a Tibetan chime which is rang at the end of the session to clear the released energies from the room and indicated the ritual is finished.


The aroma I was greeted with was of pure essential oils infused into the room through stone burner/diffusers. The massage oils are gently warmed in beautiful metallic oil cans, and the powders blended in authentic Balinese coconut bowls.

My Lular Ritual was scrumptious, a beautiful lavish experience.  I was cleansed, scrubbed, polished, and tenderly cared for, as my body was massaged and fragrantly oiled. There were points in the ritual where I was cocooned in blankets and it was so lovely. I not only felt like a princess but I also felt like a baby being gently swaddled. It was the ultimate in pampering being able to give myself over fully to another person and just be. My therapist Sarah, was intuitive, kind, gentle, and very nurturing. She took great care of me and made the experience safe, tranquil, and very pleasurable. At the end of my delicious treatments, she gave me recommendations of products from the Elemis line which were based on her observations of my body and energy states. These products have allowed me to continue with my Elemis Spa experiences in my own home.


The next time you are in London and find yourself desiring to spend some time outside of the chaotic energy of the city. Enter into the Elemis Day Spa, a world of harmony and rejuvenation, an experience that will be a delightful reawakening of all your senses.

Elemis Day Spa
2-3 Lancashire Court (formerly known as Horseshoe Yard)

T: +44 (0) 870 410 4210
E: [email protected]
W: www.elemis.com

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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